Nano-sized Multifunctional Materials. Micro and Nano Technologies

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Nano-sized Multifunctional Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications explores how materials can be down-scaled to nanometer-size in order to tailor and control properties. These advanced, low-dimensional materials, ranging from quantum dots and nanoparticles, to ultra-thin films develop multifunctional properties. As well as demonstrating how down-scaling to nano-size can make materials multifunctional, chapters also show how this technology can be applied in electronics, medicine, energy and in the environment. This fresh approach in materials research will provide a valuable resource for materials scientists, materials engineers, chemists, physicists and bioengineers who want to learn more on the special properties of nano-sized materials.

  • Outlines the major synthesis chemical process and problems of advanced nanomaterials
  • Shows how multifunctional nanomaterials can be practically used in biomedical area, nanomedicine, and in the treatment of pollutants
  • Demonstrates how the properties of a variety of materials can be engineered by downscaling them to nano size
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1. Properties of quantum dots and their biological applications
2. Quantum Dots-Dendrite System
3. Applications of silica-based nanostructures in nanomedicine
4. Metal organic frameworks (MOFS): Novel materials in biomedical applications
5. Magnetic nanoparticles for the harvest of pollutants
6. Nanoscaled magnetic oxides: remarkable properties and potential for applications
7. Oxygen vacancies in diluted ferromagnetic oxides detected by XAFS
8. How to make zinc ferrites become ferromagnetic?
9. Harvesting solar energy with organic molecules
10. Ionic Liquid in synthesis of low dimensional functional carbon materials for energy application
11. Modeling and simulation of nanostructures for spintronics
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