Modern Approaches in Drug Discovery, Vol 610. Methods in Enzymology

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Modern Approaches in Drug Discovery, Volume 611, the latest release in the Methods in Enzymology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on topics such as Target Identification and Validation, Cell Painting/High Content Imaging, Target ID using chemical probes, Mining the microbiome for targets, Data driven approaches for diversity and drug-likeness, Affinity-based screening, Fragment screening (X-ray), Array-based approaches, Hit-to-lead: assessment and improvement of drug-like properties, Hit assessment and prioritization, Lead Optimization: fine tuning and risk mitigation, and more.

  • Provides the authority and expertise of leading contributors from an international board of authors
  • Presents the latest release in the Methods in Enzymology series
  • Updated release includes the latest information on the Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

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- Risk Management in Early Discovery Medicinal Chemistry

Gurpreet Singh, Jayme L. Dahlin and Michael A. Walters

- Target Identification Using Chemical Probes

Moses Moustakim, Suet Ling Felce, Nancy Zaarour, Gillian Farnie, Fiona E. McCann and Paul E. Brennan

- Mining the Microbiome for Drug Targets

Qi Wang, Fangming Yang and Huijue Jia

- Screening Library Design

Stephanie Kay Ashenden

- Design of a Fragment Screening Library

Ashley Taylor, Bradley C. Doak and Martin J. Scanlon

- Genetically Encoded Cyclic Peptide Libraries: From Hit to Lead and Beyond

Jacob Valentine and Ali Tavassoli

- A Guide to Run Affinity Screens Using Differential Scanning Fluorimetry and Surface Plasmon Resonance Assays

Christian Bergsdorf and Kirk Wright

- Second-Harmonic Generation (SHG) for Conformational Measurements: Assay Development, Optimization, and Screening

Tracy A. Young, Ben Moree, Margaret T. Butko, Bason Clancy, Mary Geck Do, Tarun Gheyi, John Strelow, Juan J. Carrillo and Joshua Salafsky

- An Array-Based Ligand Discovery Platform for Proteins With Short Half-Lives

Becky S. Leifer, Shelby K. Doyle, André Richters, Helen L. Evans and Angela N. Koehler

- High Content, Phenotypic Assays and Screens for Compounds Modulating Cellular Processes in Primary Neurons

Miklos Kepiro, Boglarka H. Varkuti and Ronald L. Davis

- Achieving a Good Crystal System for Crystallographic X-Ray Fragment Screening

Patrick M. Collins, Alice Douangamath, Romain Talon, Alexandre Dias, Jose Brandao-Neto, Tobias Krojer and Frank von Delft

- Hit-to-Lead: Hit Validation and Assessment

Kirk E. Hevener, JinHong Ren, Russell Pesavento, Kiira Ratia, Hyun Lee and Michael E. Johnson

- Knowledge-Based Approaches to Off-Target Screening

Daniel R. McMasters
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