Health Data Processing

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Health Data Processing: Systemic Approaches focuses on the design of health information systems and touches on the main themes of medical informatics and public health.

This book is written for all health professionals in practice or in training and especially for decision-makers or future decision-makers in the field of health information systems. It aims to foster understanding of the determinants of health information systems and the main principles of information processing.

It deals with the question of the reuse of data for purposes other than those which have presided over their collection. The data collected for the care must be available to enrich the knowledge, to make the health watch, to study the evolution of the health taking into account data of the environment, social factors, ... In addition to the questions of protection of the Individual liberties that these data and technologies make more acute, the irruption of the large masses of genetic data in particular, and more generally heterogeneous "big data", pose problems peculiar to this data but join the problems of interoperability and data integration. The book develops the methodological and conceptual aspects related to these issues.

  • Proposes a methodology and an approach to the development of health information systems for a better use of digital technologies integrated in interoperable, coherent and evolving systems that make it possible to counter the counterproductive juxtaposition of multiple applications
  • Illustrates a systemic, transversal conceptual vision that supports the complex reality of the healthcare world, where the interoperability of agents (professionals and software) is central
  • It also aims to reuse the resources of data for knowledge improvement, health security and public health
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  1. Understanding the Fundamental Nature of Information and its Processing
  2. A Few Questions on Information Sharing
  3. The Place of Healthcare Delivery Processes in Information Systems
  4. The Quality of the Urbanization of the Information System is Central to its Performance
  5. Reference Terminologies in Healthcare Information Systems
  6. Patient Identification in Healthcare Information Systems
  7. Information System Security and Data Protection
  8. Knowledge Management and Medical Decision Support
  9. Managing and Integrating Clinical Data: Health Records
  10. Managing and Integrating Laboratory Data and Functional Investigations
  11. Managing and Integrating Medical Images
  12. Managing and Integrating Telemedicine and Telehealth
  13. Integrating Extra-hospital Care Data
  14. Reusing Data in Healthcare
  15. Integrating Data for Management and Decision Analysis
  16. Data for Epidemiology and Public Health, and Big Data
  17. Integrating Bioinformatics Data
  18. Clinical Research Data
  19. Evaluating Information Systems
  20. The Governance of Healthcare Information Systems, the Hospital, Outpatient and Industrial Contexts
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Fieschi, Marius
Marius Fieschi MD PhD, is Honorary Professor of Public Health (Medical Informatics) at the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille.
He created and directed, in this same faculty, the teaching and research laboratory on the treatment of medical information (LERTIM) and was vice-president of the Université de la Méditerranée (2008-2011)
Author or co-author of books on the treatment of medical information and of numerous scientific publications indexed in Medline.
Head of the public health and medical information department at the Timone hospital in Marseille, he was the first head of a public health unit at the Assitance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille.
Consultant to the Ministry of Health (Hospital Direction) from 1989 to 1994, he is the author of several reports to ministers of health.
His research work has addressed the topics of medical decision support, medical expert systems, applications of artificial intelligence to medicine and health information systems: representation of medical concepts, semantic references and management of knowledge, computerized good practice guides, computerized patient record.
Prof. Marius Fieschi has held positions in various national and international scholarly societies and in editorial committees of international scientific journals.
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