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Vision 2025 - Healthcare in the Smart Home

  • ID: 4591035
  • Report
  • June 2018
  • Region: Global
  • 149 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan
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Opportunities Lie in the Integration of Big Data, AI, Aging-in-Place, Disease Management, and Wellness to Optimize a Single Consumer Health Platform


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Smart homes are no longer an emerging concept. Consumers are not only warming up to the idea but also buying home automation products. Smart speakers seem to be the favorite, with sales jumping from a meager 6 million units in 2016 to a whopping 33.2 million units in 2017. The developing ecosystem of home automation products that each of these current smart speakers provides is encouraging the sale of related lighting, energy and home security products.

Growing alongside this trend is the potential for healthcare services to be provided in a smart home. In fact, several health services being can be integrated with existing smart home infrastructure: telehealth, remote patient monitoring, simple medication reminders, or answers to health information queries. But the true potential of a smart home that offers care lies in identifying the unique health needs of each individual residing in a home-from infants or the elderly-and serving those unique needs simultaneously.

In the future, the true smart home (which will evolve from the current ‘connected home’), and the further evolved ‘intelligent homes’ will be able to do this with ease, and monitor the entire health and wellness of all residents enabling a proactive approach to care, instead of reactive. For now, the homes can serve the needs of aging-in-place, chronic disease management and post-acute care. Naturally, the current ecosystem is somewhat fragmented, operating in silos. However, a platform integration of multiple health-related services with other non-health, consumer related services will be the next step for most vendors serving this space; for example, motion sensors can automatically turn up the lights for senior grandmother in an aging-in-place scenario.

Research Highlights

This study covers the concept of a smart home delivering healthcare, including the services, framework and the technology stack. It also delineates all of the resident profiles and their individual health needs that a smart home must cater to. For each of the application segments mentioned earlier, it covers the features a smart home must have to provide services for those segments. In addition, regional trends and statistics on current connected home penetration across the world have been included. Revenue forecasts for the overall smart home, as well as for the health and wellness ecosystem are provided. In addition to the ecosystem for a care delivering smart home, a spotlight on the key companies to watch in this space has been included. Finally, analyst commentary on business models, future evolution and a glimpse of the smart home providing care has been covered.

Key Issues Addressed

  • Are we really in the age of smart homes? What is the level of consumer interest in the concept? What should a Smart Home Tech Stack comprise for enabling healthcare services?
  • Which healthcare services can be delivered in the smart home, and how will they evolve? What trends are affecting these developments?
  • What are the resident profiles, and their unique health needs in a smart home, that the care delivery services must cater to?
  • Which care delivery segments can be served by a smart home healthcare service, and what features must smart homes have to enable such services?
  • What is the level of regional readiness for smart homes healthcare services? How does that compare to the existing smart home penetration across the world?
  • Who are the players in this ecosystem, which are the key companies to watch? What business models can be leveraged in this space? What does an ideal smart home delivering care look like?
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1. Executive Summary

  • Key Findings
  • Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • CEO’s Perspective
  • Key Companies to Watch
  • Executive Summary - 3 Big Predictions

2. Market Overview

  • Market Background
  • Healthcare Industry Focusing on Prevention and Wellness
  • Care Delivery Moving to the Home Environment
  • Interest in Tracking Health Information is High
  • Health-Related Smart Home Devices
  • Interest in Home Automation for Health Varies with the Age Group
  • Demand for Connected Home Automation Products Exists
  • Demand for Intelligent Assistants is High
  • Smart Speaker Sales are Soaring, Pointing to Higher Adoption for Home Automation Solutions
  • Homes Evolving to the Smart Home and Beyond
  • Connected and Smart Home Layout
  • Smart Home Technology Stack

3. Smart Homes for Healthcare

  • Discussion
  • Smart Home for Health and Wellness Framework
  • Smart Home Healthcare Experience - Consumers
  • Smart Home Healthcare Services
  • Evolution of Healthcare Services for the Smart Home
  • Healthcare Services in the Smart Home - Definitions
  • Trends for the Smart Home Healthcare Market

4. Smart Home User Profiles

  • Note on Persona Profiles
  • Smart Homes Must Cater to Care Needs of All Resident Profiles
  • Providing Healthcare for Smart Home Residents
  • Smart Home User Profiles - Key Takeaways

5. Smart Home Healthcare Application Segments

  • Healthcare Applications in a Smart Home

6. Aging-in-Place Segment

  • Aging in Smart Homes
  • Demand for Aging-in-Place
  • Aspects of Aging in Smart Home
  • Smart Home Features for Aging-in-Place

7. Chronic Disease Management Segment

  • Chronic Disease Management in the Smart Home
  • Challenges with Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
  • Requirements for Chronic Disease Management in the Smart Home
  • Smart Home Features for Chronic Disease Management

8. Post-Acute Care Segment

  • Post-Acute Care in the Smart Home
  • The Importance of Post-Acute Care
  • Requirements for Post-Acute Care in the Smart Home
  • Smart Home Features for Post-Acute Care

9. Maternal and Infant Health Segment

  • Maternal and Infant Health Care in the Smart Home
  • Challenges in Maternal and Infant Health Management
  • Requirements for Maternal and Infant Health Management in the Smart Home
  • Smart Home Features for Maternal and Infant Health Management

10. Care for Physically and Intellectually Disabled Segment

  • Smart Homes for the Physically and Intellectually Disabled
  • Challenges for the Physically and Intellectually Disabled
  • Smart Home Requirements for the Physically and Intellectually Disabled
  • Smart Home Features for the Disabled

11. General Health and Wellness Segment

  • Health and Wellness in Smart Homes
  • Growing Importance of Health and Wellness
  • Exploring Health and Wellness Areas
  • Smart Home Features for Health and Wellness

12. Health and the Smart Home - Future Concept Scenario

  • Glimpse of the Healthcare Delivering Smart Home
  • Aging-in-Place, Chronic Disease Management Scenario
  • Post-Acute Care, Health and Wellness Scenario
  • Maternal and Infant Health, Health and Wellness Scenario

13. Regional Trends

  • Regional Readiness Assessment
  • Global Connected Home Penetration

14. Revenue Forecasts

  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Segment Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Health and Wellness Segment Revenue Forecast

15. Smart Home Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Smart Homes - Detailed Solution Segmentation
  • The Smart Home Healthcare Ecosystem
  • The Smart Home Healthcare Application Ecosystem
  • Key Companies to Watch - Alphabet (nee Google)
  • Key Companies to Watch - Apple
  • Key Companies to Watch - Amazon
  • Key Companies to Watch - Samsung
  • Key Companies to Watch - Philips
  • Key Companies to Watch - Microsoft
  • Key Companies to Watch - Deutsche Telekom
  • Key Companies to Watch - Xfinity by Comcast
  • Key Companies to Watch - AT&T

16. Business Models for Delivering Care in Smart Homes

  • Industry Value Chain and Business Models
  • Prevalent Business Models - Smart Homes
  • Emerging Business Models - Smart Homes
  • Prevalent and Emerging Business Models - Healthcare
  • Convergence of Industry Business Models
  • Strategies To Improve Consumer Adoption
  • Healthcare Consumer Purchase Decision Influencers
  • Advantages for Stakeholders in the Smart Home Healthcare Market
  • Business Models Leveraging Data from Smart Homes

17. The Future of Smart Homes and Healthcare - Growth Opportunities

  • Envisioning the Future with Smart Homes
  • Smart Home Healthcare Products Evolution
  • Product Evolution to Support Smart Homes
  • Smart Homes Healthcare Ecosystem Evolution
  • Smart Homes Integrating in Larger Healthcare Ecosystems

18. The Last Word

  • The Last Word - 3 Big Predictions
  • Legal Disclaimer

19. Appendix

  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • Learn More - Next Steps
  • List of Exhibits
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  • AT&T
  • Alphabet
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Comcast
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Microsoft
  • Philips
  • Samsung
  • Xfinity by Comcast
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown