Nanomaterials for Magnetic and Optical Hyperthermia Applications. Micro and Nano Technologies

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Nanomaterials for Magnetic and Optical Hyperthermia Applications focuses on the design, fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials (magnetic, gold and hybrid magnetic-gold nanoparticles) for in vitro and in vivo hyperthermia applications, both as standalone and adjuvant therapy in combination with chemotherapy. The book explores the potential for more effective cancer therapy solutions through the synergistic use of nanostructured materials as magnetic and optical hyperthermia agents and targeted drug delivery vehicles, while also discussing the challenges related to their toxicity, regulatory and translational aspects. In particular, the book focuses on the design, synthesis, biofunctionalization and characterization of nanomaterials employed for magnetic and optical hyperthermia.

This book will be an important reference resource for scientists working in the areas of biomaterials and biomedicine seeking to learn about the potential of nanomaterials to provide hyperthermia solutions.

  • Explores the design of efficient nanomaterials for hyperthermia applications, allowing readers to make informed materials selection decisions
  • Discusses the biofunctionalization of a range of nanomaterials and their interaction with living systems
  • Provides an overview of the current clinical applications of nanomaterials in hyperthermia treatment
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Part 1. Introduction to hyperthermia 1. Basic concepts of hyperthermia 2. Cellular response to heat stress 3. Hyperthermia for combined cancer therapy 4. Current status of clinical trials in hyperthermia 5. Hyperthermia at the nanoscale
why nanomaterials? 6. Fundamentals of magnetic and optical hyperthermia

Part 2. Magnetic hyperthermia 1. Interaction of magnetic nanoparticles with alternating magnetic fields (Q. Pankhurst) 2. Mechanisms of magnetic heat generation (Q. Pankhurst, T. Pellegrino) 3. Design and synthesis of MNPs for hyperthermia applications 4. In vitro magnetic hyperthermia: influence of subcellular localization of magnetic nanoparticles on their heating efficiency 5. Sub-lethal magnetic hyperthermia: cellular response to mild heat stress 6. Current status of in vivo application of magnetic hyperthermia for cancer treatment

Part 3. Optical hyperthermia 1. Principles of optical hyperthermia (J. C. Bischof) 2. Gold plasmonic nanoparticles as photothermal therapy agents 3. Graphene
based nanomaterials for optical hyperthermia applications 4. Novel nanomaterials for photothermal therapy 5. In vitro applications: mechanism of cell death induced by optical hyperthermia 6. Current status of in vivo photothermal therapy applications

Part 4. Synergistic modalities 1. Synergistic effect of dual magnetic/optical heating 2. Hybrid magnetic-plasmonic nanomaterials for bimodal hyperthermia 3. Smart multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for combined drug delivery and magnetic hyperthermia

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