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Ready Meals Packaging in Hong Kong, China

  • ID: 4606369
  • Report
  • May 2021
  • Region: China, Hong Kong
  • 11 Pages
  • Euromonitor International
COVID-19 had a mixed effect on ready meals packaging. There was a significant acceleration in demand growth for frozen pizza and frozen ready meals and a modest acceleration for dried ready meals, shelf stable ready meals and shelf stable soup, while demand for chilled ready meals declined. This reflects the fact that frozen and shelf stable offerings have a longer shelf life than chilled products. Longevity became more important to consumers during 2020 due to fears of supply-chain disruption.

The publisher's Ready Meals Packaging in Hong Kong, China report offers insight into key trends and developments driving packaging across the category. The report also examines trends and prospect for various pack types and closures: metal packaging, rigid plastic, glass, liquid cartons, paper-based containers; flexible packaging.

Product coverage: Chilled Lunch Kits, Chilled 牐瓩昢뫷椵Ꝏ匌瘝ḉ硧감셭땿剜叹䟸捃曖ᑸﱍꔥ攟Ⳃ菂 伸鵽媈읪钲၇䋅詭ﯪ벐嶓堪謹藺죀꤀⸥쥫琑斐쪝ί껎ሻ뫓鶆廇몝䍆ཏ럮鸭뛷꽭瞹㞁Ꮫ嵩轏䋾論늷嘵║쒡옚똆獳埳ٌ᥇繯𝸛ᐲ翿몠㊷瘐퍰ౕḻ杮뛸貱仸꺶䡫獎걫덩菂箄譅喎Ҩ䥗⫰뢼̡햟噕퐏㖐❒훔絴䄗ꌚുᶆ񑩡谏㈐羬碯財ᢕ퀻᷃᷾ⰾ㒆땈蟚⦧뉽㦱嵝鑁劜탶ᢛ쐉띷ᵛﬤ㐔刉㥸搇✕ꭂ쇭쌝䙩⛤륻헒뙘홇믆㳇駘㤖ꀅ򗋥道뒇Ʀḧ螬ˆघ潗沥嵤欗ꮧ厓⑃㤁驑築횑벬벶ꌎ􁯗늊ɽ瀢핎澜킼僾ﺬ䑫辌룅꺌琾믶ݘࢤ୨聩ᶶ瓱㷑䐞꘬꿽᡿㰊損缲뭉೎ﭮ馘勧磌ฌᏠ떋ڒ챚购쿿⠕̿혴慡赉㡅󙄀뜩錍Ω͆䒎핍깡ꘊ괥㻯怖⃪ᜏֶ夔弶ᅩꮉ踽ഠ벓叢谄䶪鰭絛ạ폊Ẍ萓硠㓞觞뵹한㯩⨼䙔ڑ꾮ﵗ⎕⮗ꯢ隞鎖谄◑꟡뺤򮴓꼵⧘湌桊⽤싶뛿﫹Ჳ玭湭꘥틯󘞑굄紁怒鬗薩།롴記崉驹㉖떣瓎쫆ꦙ쑰ᔨ팵䌟냁蛘轠耧䵰仾踫줢딤굧㲳𲶭흨闪≜聗菏往쌶瓆ꧥ氜탭㏸䗘糉擉뽳즫鱳稔琾䎐츍񺃼㘀䆶ꆢ澷欅妈龐됥䖛줫蘟煄㥣꺇᫄䂕儺锄누뻙䉅啤ꂶ㤣리憨㰋爁㪄ᜪ쏩䚐阰Ɓୠ띞⁤﴿瓯ፘ兾쥫򖈛ႜֺ㌠튓탍쉀쪉ⓠ喺⢙젼앻皖ᰎ셉煏전喎矫聨剢蠞㡍ଝ폻ⷓ믘䂰㙠㐦휺譃ⱋꖨ繭⶿훫鍜뾑댭頌元闤ꌞꇯ濯毉秜종褵顈䄭ო㦷聃ퟆ鐝秓戻뼈쭇߯⽀濄뮸蠷䰼忳旷ꧾ𓂮肼砑䑙䋔ꔫ𩐀梊룢귺𠃳녤d٭✴㪪넡缒푩쾱킛﬋莭ﶰ앍ᵧ耥쟿쩸曡ꂓ乐ᆵ慁孃嬋魦媛砲쿔惺⦮엎ൃ᩠𞙦虊섯神⋕ꚴ蚟༙⼰򣝻ᘖ찋沒阈恛Ȉ獝ᣃ᫩튬㵎񛊅剋ꅁ聮ꑌ㼏풜충䞄걜趧ó氮垴㽺Ԍ㎋䱌॓뿚񏄺彐㲻ºrket research reports, business reference books and online information systems. With offices in London, Chicago, Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Cape Town, Santiago, Sydney, Tokyo and Bangalore and a network of over 800 analysts worldwide, the publisher has a unique capability to develop reliable information resources to help drive informed strategic planning.
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  • Pandemic has a mixed impact on ready meals, with frozen ready meals and pizza the main beneficiaries
  • Frozen food manufacturers incorporate fully transparent areas into their packaging
  • Manufacturers leverage attractive visuals to drive impulse purchases

  • Demand will shift from frozen to chilled ready meals during 2021, as shelf life becomes less important to consumers
  • Folding cartons will continue to grow in popularity, as manufacturers seek to create stronger visual branding
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown