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This Database Provides Current and Forecast Figures for the Global Transmission and Distribution Market

Market Intelligence

T&D networks are continuously evolving in both size and nature. They must grow in order to cope with ever rising demand. In the past where it was a matter of adding more lines, transformers and ancillary equipment, today the technology of the systems is often able to substitute increased sophistication for physical growth, or to reduce the additions required by making the system more efficient.

This Database allows you to make key business decisions based on the publihser's forecasts and analysis of the Electricity T&D Market. A team of analysts, backed by the vast data the researchers have collected, have created this industry analysis and forecasted data to 2022 for key sectors of the industry.

The Database

The database is the main focus of the product and as such contains the important forecast information and current figures. The database consists of 1 Global Data Summary and 9 individual Region Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) files.

Global Data Summary

The Global Data Summary file contains three tabs:

  • Annual Demand
  • Line Lengths
  • Capex

The Annual Demand tab shows a regional and by-country overview of the annual demand 2017 actual figures and forecasts for 2018-2022 in 2017 United States Dollars (USD) as broken down into the 9 sectors defined by : Transformers, Power Systems, Utility Automation, Cables, Switchgear, Sub-Stations, Towers, Insulators, and Meters. Scroll right in the spreadsheet to access all sectors.

The Line Lengths tab gives a global overview of the total installed line lengths in both the Transmission and Distribution categories separately. The year 2017 shows actual figures with forecasts from 20182022.

The Capex tab follows a similar format as the Annual Demand tab and shows Capital Expenditure in the T&D industry by region and by country presenting 2017 actual and 2018-2022 forecast figures in 2017 USD.

Region Files

Each region file contains a tab with T&D Company Listings for that country, a breakdown of the Annual Demand and Capex figures of countries of that region (mirroring the data contained in the Global Data Summary) followed by individual tabs for each country in the region. 

Country Profiles has compiled data in the T&D Sector for 180 countries broken down into 9 regions.

The country profiles contain:

  • Transmission2 and Distribution line-length (installed KMs) data:
  • Capex (2017 actuals forecast to 2022 in 2017 USD)data:
  • Annual Demand (2017 actuals forecast to 2022 in 2017 USD) data:
  • Generation Capacity (Installed MW Capacity) data:
  • Voltage Breakdown and Overhead Underground Analysis
  • Network Maps
  • Listings of Grid Interconnections
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