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Global Solar Power Industry 2018

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  • 200 Pages
  • December 2018
  • Region: Global
  • Aruvian Research
  • ID: 4702120

The year 2017 was a record year for solar power. Dominated primarily by China, the industry installed 98.9 gigawatts of new capacity in 2017. The total global solar power additions in 2017 went up by nearly 30 percent. While the market still fell short of analysts’ expectations that it will finally reach 100 GW. Nevertheless, the rapidly falling prices of solar power have continued to boost this energy source's competitiveness as compared to others. This growing competitiveness of solar power is, in fact, one of the biggest factors driving the success story of solar power within the energy sector. It is surprising to know that in 2016, the 800 MW Sheikh Maktoum Solar Park Phase 3 in the United Arab Emirates became the world's lowest solar supply contract, priced at 2.44 US Cents per kWh.

China has already connected over 35 GW to the grid as of 2016. This was a steep 128 percent increase over the 15.1 GW the country added in 2015. This strong growth has made China emerge as a leader in the global solar power industry, followed by the United States. In 2017, China installed 52.8 GW, an increase of over 50 percent again from 2016. In 2016, the US installed around 15 GW of solar power, as compared to only 7.5 GW in 2015. In 2017, the US installed capacity went down slightly to reach 11.8GW. The US market declined by 20 percent from 2016.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, the global solar power capacity would reach 871 GW. It is also expected that Asian markets, especially China, Japan, and India, will account for more than 20 percent of the market by 2022. Europe and North America are also expected to together account for 28 percent by 2022.

This research analyzes the Global Solar Power Industry 2018 in this in-depth offering. The report begins with an overview of solar power and the technologies associated with solar power such as parabolic trough, central receiver/solar tower, parabolic dish, passive and active technologies are discussed in the report as well as the associated costs of solar power technology. The impact of solar power on the consumer energy industry is also analyzed in the report.

We analyze the global solar photovoltaic industry through an industry overview, benefits of photovoltaics, market profile, market size, regulatory impacts as well as concerns over silicon supply and how it impacts the global solar PV industry.

Marketing and economizing solar power by connecting to the grid is analyzed.

Key solar power markets analyzed in this report include Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, development of solar power in the European Union, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, UK, and the US. We also give an overview of solar power in Africa. A total of over 20 markets are analyzed in the report.

The growth of concentrated solar power has been phenomenal in recent years and we analyze the global market for concentrated solar power in the report. We include an industry overview, industry size, power generation statistics from CSP, key markets and their installed capacities as well as industry investments.

Moving on to the analysis of the major industry players, we analyze 30 players in the industry through a business segment profile, financial analysis, and a SWOT analysis. Companies analyzed include players such as First Solar, Aleo Solar, SunPower Corporation, SolarWorld AG, China Sunergy, and many others.

Table of Contents

A. Executive Summary
B. Solar Power
B.1 What is Solar Power?
B.2 Pros & Cons of Solar Power
B.3 Technologies Associated with Solar Power
B.3.1 Parabolic Trough
B.3.2 Central Receiver or Solar Tower
B.3.3 Parabolic Dish
B.3.4 Direct and Indirect Technology
B.4 Concentrating and Non-Concentrating Technology
B.5 Passive and Active Technology
C. Costs and Advances in Solar Power Technology
C.1 Parabolic Trough Systems
C.1.1 Present Projects
C.1.2 Economics
C.2 Central Receiver/Solar Tower Systems
C.2.1 Present Projects
C.2.2 Economics
C.3 Parabolic Dish Engines
C.3.1 Present Projects
C.3.2 Economics
C.4 Future of Electricity Production Using Solar Power
D. Effect of Solar Power on Consumer Energy Industry
E. Solar Power and the Global Photovoltaic Industry
E.1 Overview
E.2 Benefits of PV
E.3 Market Profile
E.4 Market Size
E.5 Regulatory Drivers
E.6 Concerns over Silicon Supply
F. Marketing and Economizing Solar Power
F.1 Connecting to the Grid
F.2 Selling Electricity
F.3 Western Governors Association Solar Task Force
F.4 California’s Solar Initiative
G. Development and Applications of Renewable Solar Power Systems
G.1 Introduction
G.2 Solar RFC Power System
G.3 Applications
G.4 Conclusion
H. Using Solar Energy Effectively in Agriculture
H.1 Solar Electric Systems
H.2 Water Pumps
H.3 Lighting
H.4 Small Motors
H.5 Ventilation
H.6 Heating Greenhouses
H.7 Generating Heat for Farmland Purposes
I. Research and Development
J. Analyzing the Key Markets for Solar Power
J.1 Africa
J.2 Australia
J.3 Canada
J.4 China
J.5 Denmark
J.6 European Union
J.7 France
J.8 Germany
J.9 India
J.10 Israel
J.11 Italy
J.12 Japan
J.13 Mexico
J.14 New Zealand
J.15 Portugal
J.16 Saudi Arabia
J.17 Spain
J.18 Turkey
J.19 United Kingdom
J.20 United States
K. Global Market for Concentrated Solar Power
K.1 Industry Overview
K.2 Industry Size
K.3 Power Generation from Concentrated Solar Power
K.4 CSP Installed Capacity – Key Markets
K.5 Industry Investments
L. Leading Companies
L.1 Aleo Solar
L.1.1 Business Profile
L.1.2 SWOT Analysis
L.2 Amonix
L.2.1 Business Profile
L.2.2 SWOT Analysis
L.3 Andalay Solar
L.3.1 Business Profile
L.3.2 SWOT Analysis
L.4 Canadian Solar Inc
L.4.1 Business Profile
L.4.2 SWOT Analysis
L.5 First Solar, Inc.
L.5.1 Business Profile
L.5.2 SWOT Analysis
L.6 JA Solar
L.6.1 Business Profile
L.6.2 SWOT Analysis
L.7 PV Crystalox Solar PLC
L.7.1 Business Profile
L.7.2 SWOT Analysis
L.8 SolarCity Corporation
L.8.1 Business Profile
L.8.2 SWOT Analysis
L.9 SolarWorld AG
L.9.1 Business Profile
L.9.2 SWOT Analysis
L.10 SunEdison Inc
L.10.1 Business Profile
L.10.2 SWOT Analysis
L.11 SunPower Corporation
L.11.1 Business Profile
L.11.2 SWOT Analysis
L.12 Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd
L.12.1 Business Profile
L.12.2 SWOT Analysis
L.13 Trina Solar Ltd.
L.13.1 Business Profile
L.13.2 SWOT Analysis
L.14 Yingli
L.14.1 Business Profile
L.14.2 SWOT Analysis
L.15 Abengoa
L.16 Acciona SA
L.17 China Sunergy
L.18 Conergy
L.19 Cool Earth Solar
L.20 Gd Solar Co.,Ltd.
L.21 Global PVQ SE
L.22 Hareon Solar Technology Company Ltd
L.23 Konca Solar Cell Co., Ltd.
L.24 LDK Solar Company Ltd
L.25 Neo Solar Power Corporation
L.26 Photowatt
L.27 SMA Solar Technology AG
L.28 Solar Turbines Incorporated
L.29 Spire Solar
L.30 Sunrun Inc
L.31 Terra Sola Ventures
L.32 Uni Solar Inc.
L.33 Vivint Solar Inc
L.34 Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd
L.35 Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd. (Renesola Zhejiang Ltd.)
M. AppendixN. Glossary of Terms
List of Figures
Figure 1: Parabolic Trough
Figure 2: Central Receiver or Solar Tower
Figure 3: Parabolic Dish
Figure 4: Active Open Loop System
Figure 5: Closed Loop, Freeze-Protection System
Figure 6: Batch Collector Passive System
Figure 7: Active Indirect System
Figure 8: Photovoltaic Roof System
Figure 9: Annual Market (MW) and Annual Growth Rate (%)
Figure 10: Solar RFC Power System
Figure 11: Space Application of RFC Power System
Figure 12: Solar Resource in Africa
Figure 13: Solar Map of Europe
Figure 14: Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Solarishi
Figure 15: Solar Troughs in the Negev Desert of Israel
Figure 16: Solar Resources in Italy
Figure 17: Solar Resources in Portugal
Figure 18: Solar Resources in Turkey
Figure 19: Solar Resources in the US
Figure 20: Global Market for CSP (DNI) (kWh/m2 Per Day), 2017
Figure 21: Global CSP Market in Terms of Installed Capacity (in MW), 2006-2022
Figure 22: Global Market for CSP Industry Size (in USD Billion), 2006-2022
Figure 23: Global Power Generation from CSP (in GWh), 2006-2022
Figure 24: Installed Capacity of CSP by Country (%), 2017
Figure 25: Global Investments in the CSP Market, (in USD Million), 2013-2017
Figure 26: Investments in the Global CSP Market by Country (%), 2017
Figure 27: Type of Investments in the Global CSP Market (%), 2017
Figure 28: A Schematic Arrangement of a PV Cell
Figure 29: Solar Parabolic Trough System Combined with Fossil Fuel Firing to Generate Electrical Power
Figure 30: Arrangement of a Central Receiver Solar Thermal System
Figure 31: A Solar Pond Arrangement
Figure 32: Integrated Solar/Combined Cycle System (ISCC)
List of Tables
Table 1: Annual Market (MW) and Annual Growth Rate (%)
Table 2: Public Budgets for R&D, Demonstration/field Trials, and Market Stimulation in 2017
Table 3: PV Capacity in China (in MW), 2007-2017
Table 4: Installed PV Capacity in Denmark (in MWp), 2007-2017
Table 5: PV per Capita by Countries in the European Union, 2015-2017
Table 6: CSP in Europe (MWpeak), 2010-2017
Table 7: Largest PV Power Plants in India
Table 8: PV Capacity in Israel (in MW), 2010-2017
Table 9: PV on-grid installed capacity and generation by year in Italy, 2010-2017
Table 10: Largest PV Plants in Italy
Table 11: PV Capacity in Mexico (in MW), 2007-2017
Table 12: Total PV Capacity Installed & Generation Capacity in Portugal, 2007-2017
Table 13: Solar Power in the United Kingdom, 2013-2017
Table 14: Global CSP Market in Terms of Installed Capacity (in MW), 2007-2022
Table 15: Global Market for CSP Industry Size (in USD Billion), 2007-2022
Table 16: Global Power Generation from CSP (in GWh), 2007-2022
Table 17: Global Investments in the CSP Market, (in USD Million), 2013-2017
Table 18: Early Solar Thermal Power Plants
Table 19: Comparison of Solar Thermal Power Technologies
Table 20: Cost Reductions in Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Power Plants

Companies Mentioned

  • Abengoa
  • Acciona SA
  • Aleo Solar
  • Amonix
  • Andalay Solar
  • Canadian Solar Inc
  • China Sunergy
  • Conergy
  • Cool Earth Solar
  • First Solar, Inc.
  • Gd Solar Co.,Ltd.
  • Global PVQ SE
  • Hareon Solar Technology Company Ltd
  • JA Solar
  • Konca Solar Cell Co., Ltd.
  • LDK Solar Company Ltd
  • Neo Solar Power Corporation
  • Photowatt
  • PV Crystalox Solar PLC
  • SMA Solar Technology AG
  • Solar Turbines Incorporated
  • SolarCity Corporation
  • SolarWorld AG
  • Spire Solar
  • SunEdison Inc
  • SunPower Corporation
  • Sunrun Inc
  • Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd
  • Terra Sola Ventures
  • Trina Solar Ltd.
  • Uni Solar Inc.
  • Vivint Solar Inc
  • Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd
  • Yingli
  • Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd. (Renesola Zhejiang Ltd.)