Geothermal Well Test Analysis

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An introduction to the different types of geothermal systems both conventional and non-conventional (EGS) is given, with reference to the relevant well design. The book provides a comprehensive review of geothermal pressure transient analysis methodology, and the similarities and differences with petroleum and ground water well test analysis. Also discussed are the different tests undertaken in geothermal wells during completion testing, output/production testing and the interpretation of the data. Attention is given to the practical aspects of undertaking testing in geothermal wells, some of the common problems encountered and possible solutions. The major content and most novel part of the book focuses on pressure transient analysis by numerical simulation and inverse methods, coupled with the use of the familiar pressure derivative plot. Non-standard geothermal pressure transient behaviors are analysed and interpreted by numerical techniques for cases beyond the limit of existing analytical techniques. Throughout the book, well testing concepts are illustrated with field data from real geothermal wells.
  • A guide to analysis of well test data in geothermal wells, including pressure transient analysis, completion testing and output testing.
  • Provides practical information on how to avoid common issues with data collection in geothermal wells.
  • Uses SI units, converting existing equations and models found in literature to this unit system, instead of oilfield units.
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1. Introduction 2. Geothermal Systems and Types of Wells 3. Pressure transient analysis 4. Advanced analytical models relevant to geothermal 5. Completion testing and down hole measurements 6. Practical considerations 7. Numerical modelling framework (Numerical PTA) 8. Field Case Studies

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Zarrouk, Sadiq J.
Dr. Sadiq J. Zarrouk is a Senior Lecturer of Geothermal Engineering. He is the course coordinator for the Postgraduate Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology programme at the Department of Engineering Science, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Sadiq is also involved in professional geothermal energy training and research. In 2007, he was instrumental in the restart of the geothermal training programme at the University of Auckland. Dr. Zarrouk has an applied approach to geothermal research with on-going collaboration with several universities and research institutions worldwide. He has more than 120 publications in journals and conference proceedings and one book. Dr. Zarrouk has also been a member of the organising committee of the New Zealand Geothermal Workshop since 2006. He has passion for geothermal energy with an extensive 20 years commercial field experience in geothermal and reservoir engineering. He has worked on more than 35 geothermal fields in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and North America. His roles involved the assessment of the resource, well targeting, well test analysis and reservoir modelling. He also participated in several due diligence projects, his role also included all the engineering aspects of the field development (steam field equipment, flow measurements, two-phase flow, power stations design, scaling, corrosion and direct use). Dr. Zarrouk has also provided expert evidence on several occasions. He was elected into the boards of directors of the New Zealand Geothermal Association in 2011 and the International Geothermal Association (IGA) in 2013, and continues to be an active board member of both organisations.
Mclean, Katie
Katie has been a Geothermal Reservoir Engineer at Contact Energy Ltd. in Taupo, New Zealand, since 2010. She is also currently completing a PhD in geothermal well testing at the University of Auckland and holds a prestigious New Zealand scholarship, the Todd Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship in Energy Research. Ms. McLean's work has included geothermal exploration, well and reservoir characterisation, well test analysis and numerical modelling. In the field of geothermal reservoir engineering, McLean has published 8 journal articles and conference proceedings. She has a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science (Geology) degrees from the Australian National University, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Geothermal Energy Technology from the Geothermal Institute, at the University of Auckland. Prior to moving to New Zealand, McLean worked for four years as a Project Geologist in diamond and gold exploration in Canada's Northwest Territories.
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