Metabolic Disorders and Shen in Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine

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Metabolic Disorders and Shen in Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine is the seventh volume in the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine Series. This important reference presents the connection between metabolic diseases that affect the cardiovascular system and mental health through both Chinese and Western medicine explanations. The reference is organized systematically into three sections. Section 1 discusses the etiology of metabolic disorders of blood sugar disorders, lipid disorders, inflammatory disorders and shen. This section examines shen disorders as a product of metabolic disorders experienced by patients with cardiovascular diseases because of genetics, physiological dynamics associated with disease, or environmental factors. Section 2 covers the clinical presentations significance and differentiations in both Western and Chinese medicine. Section 3 examines prescriptions and the medicated diet including main acupoints, remedies and medicines used in Western and Chinese medicine as well as combining medicinal herbs and food for Chinese medicine diet therapy. This important reference will aid cardiovascular researchers in the study of integrative Chinese and Western medicine as well as provide a clear, structured base to guide clinical practice and encourage collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine practitioners.

  • Gives basic medical science and TCM theory background on lipids, blood sugar, inflammation and shen with clinical significance and diagnosis
  • Provides treatment methods and advice, including nutritional therapy and the Chinese medicine dietary plan
  • Prepares readers for advanced study within Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine
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Section I: Etiology of Metabolic Disorders 1. Etiology of Lipid Disorders 2. Etiology of Blood Sugar Disorders 3. Etiology of Inflammatory Disorders 4. Etiology of Shen Disorders

Section II: Clinical Presentations 5. Evidence of Lipid Disorders in Cardiac Patients 6. Evidence of Blood Sugar Disorders in Cardiac Patients 7. Evidence of Inflammatory Disorders in Cardiac Patients 8. Evidence of Shen Disorders in Cardiac Patients

Section III: Prescriptions and the Medicated Diet 9. Prescriptions 10. Medicated Diet

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Al-Shura, Anika
Anika Niambi Al-Shura, MSOM, PhD is originally from Louisville, KY and founded Niambi Wellness Institute, LLC in 1994. Since that time Dr. Anika has been transitioning practice perspectives from alternative healthcare in medical massage therapy to integrative Chinese medicine. In 2004, Dr. Anika earned her bachelors in Professional Health Sciences and masters degree in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine, travelled to China and continued her 10 year medical study and a career in teaching until 2014.

Dr. Anika studied at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Jujiiang Medical University Hospital and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. She earned study certificates in Chinese internal medicine, internal medicine and general surgery, and a specialty in Chinese medicine cardiology.

During her teaching career, Dr. Anika taught medical subjects and research at Shandong Medical University, Jiujiang Medical College and Tianjin Medical University. While teaching, she completed her dissertation on Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine, and received her doctorate in medical education in 2014.

Since 2014, Dr. Anika has been living in Florida, where she is developing the Integrative Cardiovascular Chinese Medicine (ICCM) study program at Niambi Wellness. There are 8 courses in the program which were approved by NCCAOM and Florida Medical Board of Acupuncture for awarding CE credits to licensed practitioners. The course textbooks for the program were published by Elsevier Academic Press. Eligibility and registration information can be found at

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