Chemistry of Silica and Zeolite-Based Materials

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Chemistry of Silica and Zeolite-Based Materials covers a wide range of topics related to silica-based materials from design and synthesis to applications in different fields of science and technology. Since silica is transparent and inert to the light, it is a very attractive host material for constructing artificial photosynthesis systems. As an earth-abundant oxide, silica is an ideal and basic material for application of various oxides, and the science and technology of silica-based materials are fundamentally important for understanding other oxide-based materials. The book examines nanosolvation and confined molecules in silica hosts, catalysis and photocatalysis, photonics, photosensors, photovoltaics, energy, environmental sciences, drug delivery, and health.

Written by a highly experienced and internationally renowned team from around the world, Chemistry of Silica and Zeolite-Based Materials is ideal for chemists, material scientists, chemical engineers, physicists, biologists, biomedical sciences, environmental scientists, toxicologists, and pharma scientists.

- Discusses the most important advances in various fields using silica materials, including nanosolvation and confined molecules in silica hosts, catalysis and photocatalysis, and other topics- Written by a global team of experts, from a variety of science and technology disciplines- Ideal resource for chemists, material scientists and chemical engineers working with oxide-based materials
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1. Photocatalytic Reactions on Transition Metal-oxide Single Site Heterogeneous Catalysts Constructed within Silica-Networks of MCM-41 2. Photoactive metal-containing zeolitic materials for sensing and light-to-chemical energy conversion 3. Dye encapsulation into one-dimensional zeolitic materials for optical applications 4. Electron transfers under confinement in channel type zeolites 5. Nanosolvation and confined molecules in silica hosts 6. Mesostructured silica-based materials as host for optically active semiconductors 7. Dyes encapsulated within porous aluminosilicates as photocatalysts 8. Electronic and Molecular Motions in Silica-material Hosts 9. Electronic confinement of dyes in silica materials 10. Focal Treatment in Prostate Cancer with Anti-PSMA Labeled Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles 11. Silica hosts for organosilanes
preparation, characterization and catalytic application 12. Location and re-location of guest species in nano porous solids 13. Silica-based catalysts for fuel applications 14. The use of SiO2-based amines for CO2 capture 15. Advanced Silica-Based Materials and Their Recent Applications in Catalysis 16. Catalytic interconversion of sugars with zeolite and zeotype materials 17. Silica-Based Materials for Photocatalysis 18. Controlling Photoreactions with Confined Spaces and Cations: Zeolites as the reaction media 19. The microwave assisted synthesis of silica-based materials and their photocatalysis 20. Synthesis and application of periodic mesoporous organosilicas 21. Zeolites and Mesoporous Silica 22. Smart Mesoporous Silica for Drug Targeting of Chemotherapeutic Agents 23. Characterization of amorphous Silica Based Materials Using DFT Computational Methods

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Douhal, Abderrazzak
Prof. A. Douhal has been studying the photochemistry and photophysics of composites using silica-based materials for many years. He published around 170 articles, and co-edited 3 books. He recently (2017) published a Chemical Reviews articles in the field.
Anpo, Masakazu
Dr. Masakazu Anpo is Professor Emeritus at Osaka Prefecture University. He is also a Special Honor Professor & International Advisor at Fuzhou University. He is a pioneer in the research study of photochemical reactions on solid surfaces including catalysts, having published many books including Photochemistry on Solid Surfaces (Elsevier). Dr. Anpo has received various awards and has served on editorial boards for numerous international journals. His current research interests include the design of highly efficient visible-light-responsive TiO2 thin film photocatalysts, g-C3N4 and h-BCN photocatalysts, and their applications and the design of highly active single-site transition metal oxide catalysts constructed within the framework of zeolites and meso-porous materials as photocatalysts for safer environments and clean energy.
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