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AIOps Market

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  • 68 Pages
  • April 2019
  • Region: Global
  • IHR Insights
  • ID: 4770601
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Several industries are adopting AIOps technology for improving their business processes, thereby increasing their revenue as well as reducing operational cost. Some of the major industries where AIOps could be deployed are BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, and IT and Telecom. With its implementation, the industries can effectively manage their capacity, resources, storage as well as identify any anomaly in the business process by leveraging technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will help the organizations in automation and improve business processes, thus resulting in enhanced customers experience.

Global AIOps market is categorized based on the presence of diversified small and large vendors. BMC Software, IBM, and Splunk are some of the key vendors and are increasing their footprint, however, small vendors are competing with them in the global market by maintaining competitive pricing and customized product offering. By entering into alliances and strategic partnerships with other players in the market, global vendors are expected to grow further during the forecast period.

According to the author, the global AIOps market will grow at a CAGR of 33.08% during the forecast period 2018–2024. The growth in the market during the forecast period is attributed to the hybrid readiness of the AIOps technology and its convergence with RPA, helping organizations improve operations and reduce downtime.

The aim of this report is to define, describe, and forecast the AIOps market on the basis of segments, which includes application, component, enterprise, end-user, and regions. In addition, it helps the venture capitalists in understanding the companies better and make well-informed decisions. It is primarily designed to provide the company’s executives with substantial competitor information, data analysis, and insights about the market, development, and implementation for an effective marketing plan.

The global AIOps market is categorized based on segments – Application, enterprise, component, end-user, and regions.

  • By Application includes Real-Time Analytics, Application Performance Management, and Infrastructure and Network Management
  • By Enterprise includes Large Enterprises and SMEs
  • By Component includes Platform and Service
  • By End-User includes BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Telecom & IT, and Others (Others includes Education, Manufacturing, Government, Media and Entertainment)
  • Regions include North Americas, Europe, APAC and RoW (RoW includes Middle East, Latin America and Africa; APAC include East Asia, South Asia, South–East Asia, and Oceania)
  • The report comprises an analysis of vendor profile, which includes financial status, business units, key business priorities, SWOT, business strategies, and views.
  • The report covers the competitive landscape, which includes M&A, joint ventures & collaborations, and competitor comparison analysis.
  • In the vendor profile section, for companies that are privately held, the financial information and revenue of segments will be limited.

The key players offering AIOps solutions across the globe include:

  • BMC Software
  • FixStream
  • GAVS Technologies
  • IBM Corporation
  • Loom Systems
  • MicroFocus
  • Splunk

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
2 Industry Outlook
2.1 Industry Snapshot
2.1.1 Industry Overview
2.1.2 Industry Trends
3 Market Snapshot
3.1 Total Addressable Market
3.2 Segmented Addressable Market
3.2.1 PEST Analysis
3.2.2 Porter’s Five Force Analysis
3.3 Related Markets
4 Market Characteristics
4.1 Market Segmentation
4.2 Market Dynamics
4.2.1 Drivers Hybrid readiness of AIOps technology Safeguarding next-gen infrastructure through predictive maintenance Cloud migration bringing organizations closer to digital transformation
4.2.2 Restraints Affordability and lack of awareness holding back SMEs from adoption Inability of the workforce to respond to AIOps outcomes in time for effective measures
4.2.3 Opportunities Development of self-healing IT operations management Convergence of RPA and AIOps to provide full-scale digital transformation
4.2.4 DRO – Impact Analysis
5 AIOps Market, By Application
5.1 Overview
5.2 Real-Time Analytics
5.3 Application Performance Management
5.4 Infrastructure and Network Management
6 AIOps Market, By Enterprise
6.1 Overview
6.2 Large Enterprise
6.3 SME
7 AIOps Market, By Component
7.1 Overview
7.2 Platform
7.3 Service
8 AIOps Market, By End User
8.1 Overview
8.2 BFSI
8.3 Healthcare
8.4 Retail
8.5 IT and Telecom
8.6 Others
9 AIOps Market, By Geography
9.1 Overview
9.2 North America
9.3 Europe
9.4 APAC
9.5 ROW
10 Competitive Landscape
10.1 Competitor Analysis
10.2 Product/Offerings Portfolio Analysis
10.3 Market Developments
10.3.1 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
10.3.2 Business Restructuring
10.3.3 Product Launches & Exhibitions
11 Vendors Profile
11.1 BMC Software
11.1.1 Overview
11.1.2 Product Profile
11.1.3 Recent Developments
11.1.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.1.5 SWOT Analysis
11.2 FixStream
11.2.1 Overview
11.2.2 Product Profile
11.2.3 Recent Developments
11.2.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.2.5 SWOT Analysis
11.3 GAVS Technologies
11.3.1 Overview
11.3.2 Product Profile
11.3.3 Recent Developments
11.3.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.4 IBM Corporation
11.4.1 Overview
11.4.2 Product Profile
11.4.3 Recent Developments
11.4.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.4.5 SWOT Analysis
11.5 Loom Systems
11.5.1 Overview
11.5.2 Product Profile
11.5.3 Recent Developments
11.5.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.6 Micro Focus
11.6.1 Overview
11.6.2 Product Profile
11.6.3 Recent Developments
11.6.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.6.5 SWOT Analysis
11.7 Splunk Inc.
11.7.1 Overview
11.7.2 Product Profile
11.7.3 Recent Developments
11.7.4 Business Focus & Strategies
11.7.5 SWOT Analysis
12 Annexure
12.1 Report Scope
12.2 Research Methodology
12.2.1 Data Collation & In-house Estimation
12.2.2 Market Triangulation
12.2.3 Forecasting
12.3 Study Declarations
12.4 Report Assumptions
12.5 Abbreviations
List of Tables
Table 1 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Application, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Table 2 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Enterprise, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Table 3 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Component, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Table 4 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By End User, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Table 5 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Geography, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Table 6 Product/Offerings Portfolio Analysis: AIOps Market
Table 7 Merger & Acquisition
Table 8 Business Restructuring
Table 9 Product Launches & Exhibitions
Table 10 BMC Software: Product Profile
Table 11 BMC Software: Recent Developments
Table 12 BMC Software: SWOT Analysis
Table 13 Fixstream: Product Profile
Table 14 Fixstream: Recent Developments
Table 15 Fixstream: SWOT Analysis
Table 16 GAVS Technologies: Product Profile
Table 17 GAVS Technologies: Recent Developments
Table 18 IBM: Corporation: Product Profile
Table 19 IBM: Recent Developments
Table 20 IBM: Corporation: SWOT Analysis
Table 21 Loom Systems: Product Profile
Table 22 Loom Systems: Recent Developments
Table 23 Micro Focus: Product Profile
Table 24 Micro Focus: Recent Developments
Table 25 Micro Focus: SWOT Analysis
Table 26 Splunk Inc: Product Profile
Table 27 Splunk Inc.: Recent Developments
Table 28 Splunk Inc: SWOT Analysis
List of Charts
Chart 1 AIOps Market Size and Growth Rate 2018–2024
Chart 2 AIOps Market Share By Region, 2018
Chart 3 Vendors Landscape of AIOps Market
Chart 4 Global AIOps Market Revenue, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 5 Pest Analysis: Global AIOps Market
Chart 6 Porter’s 5 Force Analysis: Global AIOps Market
Chart 7 Segmentation: Global AIOps Market
Chart 8 Market Dynamics – Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities
Chart 9 DRO – Impact Analysis: Global AIOps Market
Chart 10 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Application, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 11 Global AIOps Application Market Revenue, By Real-Time Analytics, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 12 Global AIOps Application Market Revenue, By Application Performance Management, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 13 Global AIOps Application Market Revenue, By Infrastructure and Network Management, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 14 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Enterprise, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 15 Global AIOps Enterprise Market Revenue, By Large Enterprise, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 16 Global AIOps Enterprise Market Revenue, By SME, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 17 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Component, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 18 Global AIOps Component Market Revenue, By Platform, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 19 Global AIOps Component Market Revenue, By Service, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 20 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By End User, 2017–2020 ($Billion)
Chart 21 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By End User, 2021–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 22 Global AIOps End User Market Revenue, By BFSI, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 23 Global AIOps End User Market Revenue, By Healthcare, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 24 Global AIOps End User Market Revenue, By Retail, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 25 Global AIOps End User Market Revenue, By It and Telecom, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 26 Global AIOps End User Market Revenue, By Others, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 27 Global AIOps Market Revenue, By Geography, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 28 AIOps Market Revenue In North America, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 29 AIOps Market Revenue In Europe, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 30 AIOps Market Revenue In APAC, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 31 AIOps Market Revenue In ROW, 2017–2024 ($Billion)
Chart 32 Research Methodology of Global AIOps Market: Triangulation

Companies Mentioned

  • BMC Software
  • FixStream
  • GAVS Technologies
  • IBM Corporation
  • Loom Systems
  • Micro Focus
  • Splunk Inc.