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Data Monetization, Forecast 2018 - 2022

  • Report

  • 98 Pages
  • July 2019
  • Region: Global
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • ID: 4825158

Powering Innovation Through Data Monetization

An increasing number of companies are starting to build data-driven strategies to fuel growth in the upcoming data economy. Though in its nascent stages, data monetization is having a huge effect on many industry verticals. Every company will, at some stage, transform into a data company through direct or indirect approaches. However, there is a lack of strategic direction and standardization in business processes among companies for building a successful data monetization model.

The success of a data monetization strategy lies in extending the frontiers of digital innovation. This study aims to identify the potential routes for monetizing data assets that would help companies transform digitally and have sustainable growth in the data economy. These routes are designed to provide a clear understanding of the business processes and the evolution of data across the value chain.

Data Bartering:

  • Data bartering model refers to a transaction where data sets are exchanged between two parties without any monetary assets being involved.

Data Brokering:

  • It is a process of collecting and aggregating data from various data sources, such as public records, scrapping online activity, and purchase history, or from third-party data providers, and selling it to data consumers.

Insights Bartering:

  • The insight bartering model refers to a transaction in which data insights are exchanged for business intelligence solutions between two parties.

Business Intelligence (BI):

  • In this model, companies build predictive insights through BI tools in order to develop actionable insights using historical and current data.

Along with the above monetization models, the study also identifies 7 actionable framework plays that are plugged into various case studies on high-performing data monetization companies. These framework plays are designed to get a 360-degree view on data to use cases by ranking them in terms of providing potential growth opportunities and innovativeness. The foundation of a successful data monetization model is identifying the right strategy, design, and architecture for building a compliant and secure data ecosystem, and, most importantly, having the right pricing framework in place that aligns with the expected business outcome.

The study provides insights on the key implications of data monetization on a company’s operating models and business functions. Finally, the study also offers insights on growth opportunities in the space of data monetization along with a brief future prospect of how data monetization will evolve and disrupt traditional industries, such as automotive and healthcare, and what potential new opportunities will be created in the future by data monetization.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  • Key Findings of the Study

Data Monetization-Best Practices in Monetizing Data Assets
  • Scope of the Study
  • List of Definitions

Data Monetization Overview
  • Introduction
  • Data Monetization Overview-Routes to Data Monetization
  • Data Monetization-Increasing Levels of Data Generation
  • Routes to Data Monetization-Data Brokering Model
  • Data Brokering
  • Routes to Data Monetization-Data Bartering Model
  • Data Bartering
  • Routes to Data Monetization-Insights Bartering Model
  • Insights Bartering
  • Routes to Data Monetization-Business Intelligence Model
  • Business Intelligence

Framework Plays
  • Data Monetization Framework Plays
  • Process Optimization-Key Areas
  • Product Optimization-Key Areas
  • Risk Prevention and Future Proofing-Key Area
  • Marketing Solutions-Key Areas
  • Sales Optimization-Key Areas
  • Create New Market-Key Areas
  • Create New Customers-Key Areas

Data Monetization Case Studies
  • Data Monetization Case Studies-Main Profiles
  • Data Monetization Case Studies-Acxiom Overview
  • Acxiom-Data Monetization Model
  • Acxiom-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • Acxiom-Technology and Partnerships
  • Acxiom-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • Quandl-Overview
  • Quandl-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • Quandl-Technology and Partnerships
  • Quandl-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • John Deere-Overview
  • John Deere-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • John Deere-Technology and Partnerships
  • John Deere-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • Uber-Overview
  • Uber-Data Monetization Model
  • Uber-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • Uber-Technology and Partnerships
  • Uber-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • Amex Advance-Overview
  • Amex Advance-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • Amex advance-Technology and Partnerships
  • Amex Advance-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • Nexar-Overview
  • Nexar-Route to Monetization and Data Product
  • Nexar-Technology and Partnerships
  • Nexar-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • TomTom-Overview
  • TomTom-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • TomTom-Data Monetization Model
  • TomTom-Technology and Partnerships
  • TomTom-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • AGERO-Overview
  • AGERO-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • AGERO-Technology and Partnerships
  • AGERO-Data Consumers and Pricing Model
  • Barclays-Overview
  • Barclays-Route to Monetization and Data Products
  • Barclays-Technology and Partnerships
  • Barclays-Data Consumers and Pricing Model

Pricing Rationale and Approaches
  • Pricing Rational-Two Approaches
  • Pricing Rational-Known Use Case Pricing
  • Pricing Rational-Unknown Use Case Pricing
  • Examples of Pricing Models
  • Service Offerings, Data Types, and Pricing Matrix

Data Privacy and Protection
  • Data Regulations and Protection Laws
  • US Laws Governing Data Handling
  • Steps to Ensure Data Security-US/EU

  • How to Start?
  • Key Implementation Steps
  • Data Monetization Future Prospects-Automobile
  • Data Monetization Future Prospects-Healthcare
  • Legal Disclaimer

  • List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Key Questions Addressed in the Study
  • Data Monetization Service Architecture-Delivery Models
  • Potential Use Cases for Your Industry
  • List of Exhibits

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acxiom
  • Amex Advance
  • Barclays
  • John Deere
  • Nexar
  • Quandl
  • TomTom
  • Uber