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World OTT Markets - Dataset & Report & Forecasts up to 2023

  • Report
  • November 2019
  • Region: Global
  • ID: 4856341

This yearly observatory - report and dataset - provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2013 to 2023.

Markets covered:

  • Internet access and usage: Search - social - mobile - video - OTT communication - cloud - digital contents - E-commerce - online gaming

These markets are also dissected from a business model angle, to include both paid revenues and advertising revenues from search and display formats.
The total telco services market is also provided as a means of comparison with the OTT services market

7 regions and 10 countries covered:

  • World, Europe, EU5, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, North America, Latin America
  • China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, USA

Focus on the principal Internet players: Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Tencent, including their revenues and platform strategies.

Main OTT market trends and dynamics are also provided, including the key players, competition levels and author's perspectives and outlook.

Dataset Scope

Indicators by country

Access indicators

  • Internet subscribers (millions)
  • Fixed Internet users (millions)
  • Mobile subscribers (millions)
  • Mobile Internet users (millions)

Online advertising revenues

  • Online advertising revenues (million EUR)
  • Display revenues (million EUR) of which programmatic revenues (million EUR)
  • Search revenues (million EUR)
  • Other online advertising revenues (million EUR)

Social Networks

  • Total social networks revenues (million EUR)
  • Social networks paid revenues (million EUR)
  • Social networks advertising revenues (million EUR)


  • Total mobile revenues (million EUR)
  • Paid mobile application revenues (million EUR)
  • Mobile advertising revenues (million EUR)

OTT on-demand video

  • Total OTT on-demand video revenues (million EUR)
  • OTT video paid revenues (million EUR)
  • OTT video advertising revenues (million EUR)

OTT communication

  • OTT communication revenues (million EUR)


  • Cloud revenues (million EUR)


  • E-commerce revenues (million EUR)of which M-commerce revenues (million EUR)

Online gaming

  • Online gaming revenues (million EUR)


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1. World OTT market to surpass 1 trillion EUR by 2023
1.2. Mobile and public cloud have become to the OTT market’s main growth drivers
1.3. Diversification of major OTTs (GAFAM version)
1.4. Major OTTs’ diversification (BAT version)
1.5. Some OTT services are more reliant on personal data than others
2. Market Analysis and Key Internet Trends
2.1. Per-user Internet service revenues strongly linked to the advertising market
2.2. Overall shift to revenues from mobile; Facebook taking the lead
2.3. Advertising duopoly: Google & Facebook
2.4. GAFAM and BAT are the world’s largest OTT companies
2.5. Internet giants commonly use mergers & acquisitions to diversify
3. Focus on Internet players: GAFAM & BAT
4. Focus on Internet players: GAFAM & BAT
4.1. Facebook, Google & Baidu - Dependence on advertising evolving differently
4.2. Apple & Microsoft - Majority of sales through their core business
4.3. Facebook & Tencent- Social media leaders with different revenue patterns
4.4. Amazon & Alibaba - E-commerce giants in a potential cloud war
5. Online search
5.1. Online search will maintain steady growth and drive advertising revenues
5.2. Google dominates the global search market, but not all regions
6. Cloud
6.1. Cloud market enjoys robust and continuous growth and is the main OTT revenue driver
6.2. Some big names battling for the top spot, leaving the rest behind
7. Communication
7.1. Communication services will grow, but revenue generation moderate
7.2. Most leading messaging apps becoming user-centric platforms
8. E-Commerce
8.1. E-commerce will continue to grow, aided by m-commerce growth
8.2. Localisation particularly important in e-commerce
9. Social media
9.1. Social media will continue to see diversified models depending on region
9.2. Facebook reigns supreme, with some local variants
10. OTT video
10.1 OTT video to continue its US-lead growth
10.2. A small handful of players dominate the OTT market
11. Mobile applications
11.1. Paid mobile apps dominated by APAC revenue generation
11.2. Free and in-app models dominate popular apps
12. Online advertising
12.1. Online advertising to grow, driven by the US and expansion into mobile
12.2. Advertising duopoly: Google & Facebook own 50% of the market, over 66% of mobile

About the Author
List of Figures
Figure 1: World OTT services market, 2015-2023
Figure 2: Breakdown of OTT paid service revenues, 2019 and 2023
Figure 3: Breakdown of ad-funded service revenues, 2019 and 2023
Figure 4: OTT markets in 2023, by segment
Figure 5: Major OTTs are diversifying into various services
Figure 6: BAT is diversifying into various services
Figure 7: Mapping of personal data usage according to players and markets
Figure 8: OTT leaders’ estimated annual per-user Internet service revenue, worldwide, 2014 - 2018
Figure 9: Percentage of OTT leaders’ total revenue generated by mobile services, 2014-2018
Figure 10: Player shares of online advertising revenue, 2018
Figure 11: Player shares of mobile advertising revenue, 2018
Figure 12: Top 10 OTT companies worldwide by market capitalisation, May 2019
Figure 13: Number of GAFAM acquisitions, 2007- 2017
Figure 14: Major OTT mergers & acquisitions in 2016 and 2017
Figure 15: Google’s total and ad revenue breakdown, 2014-2018
Figure 16: Google activities (Search, YouTube), 2017-2018
Figure 17: Other Bets activities (Google car, fibre home automation), 2017-2018
Figure 18: Facebook’s total and ads revenue breakdown, 2014-2018
Figure 19: Breakdown of advertising revenue between fixed and mobile, 2014-2018
Figure 20: Amazon net sales breakdown 2014-2018
Figure 21: Amazon net income and net operating cash-flow, 2014-2018
Figure 22: Breakdown of net sales of Apple products, 2014-2018
Figure 23: Apple net sales and net income, 2014-2018
Figure 24: Ad revenue and its share of total revenue for Google, Facebook and Baidu, 2015-2018
Figure 25: Breakdown of net sales for Apple and Microsoft, 2015-2018
Figure 26: Breakdown of Facebook revenue, 2015-2018
Figure 27: Breakdown of Tencent revenue, and revenue growth by sector, 2015-2018
Figure 28: Amazon and Alibaba’s cloud revenues and their growth, 2015-2018
Figure 29: Revenue breakdown and e-commerce’s share of total revenue for Amazon and Alibaba, 2015-2018 Figure 30: Search advertising revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 31: Global online advertising revenues breakdown in terms of advertising formats, 2014-2023
Figure 32: Global availability of Google search
Figure 33: Global and select countries’ search engine market shares, based on searches conducted
Figure 34: Share of Google in selected countries
Figure 35: Cloud revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 36: Cloud storage services deployed company-wide
Figure 37: Breakdown of public cloud market share, 2018
Figure 38: OTT communication revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 39: Messaging/chat/VoIP services’ active user numbers
Figure 40: Comparison of features amongst the dominant messaging apps
Figure 41: E-commerce revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 42: M-commerce revenues and their share of e-commerce revenue, 2014-2023
Figure 43: Leading e-commerce platforms worldwide based on net sales
Figure 44: Top e-commerce platforms in selected countries worldwide
Figure 45: Total e-Commerce revenue forecast, 2018 & 2023
Figure 46: Social media revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 47: Breakdown of social media revenue, paid vs. advertising, 2023
Figure 48: World Map of Social Networks, leaders and runners-up
Figure 49: Social media platforms’ monthly active users - January 2019
Figure 50: OTT video revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2015-2023
Figure 51: OTT video revenue breakdown, paid vs. advertising, 2023
Figure 52: Top SVOD players’ market share in 2018 in a selection of countries
Figure 53: Subscriber growth for the top OTT players in the US between 2013 and 2018
Figure 54: Paid mobile apps revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2014-2023
Figure 55: Paid mobile apps annual revenue per mobile Internet user, 2014-2023
Figure 56: Leading smartphone apps based on audience size in the US, May 2019
Figure 57: Worldwide mobile App Store revenue format breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 58: Online advertising revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2015-2023
Figure 59: Mobile advertising revenues worldwide and as a share of online advertising revenues, 2015-2023 Figure 60: Player shares of online advertising revenue, 2018
Figure 61: Player shares of mobile advertising revenue, 2018



Companies Mentioned

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Baidu
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Tencent