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Growth Opportunities for Sustainable Solutions in the Global Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market, Forecast to 2023

  • ID: 4856436
  • Report
  • October 2019
  • Region: Global
  • 149 Pages
  • Frost & Sullivan
Capturing Opportunities with Digital Transformation and Waterless Mines Towards Greater Efficiency and Circular Economy


  • Anglo American
  • Fluence
  • Outotec
  • Schneider Electric
  • World Bank

The global mining industry is facing extremely significant challenges related to consumptionism and rising demands for mineral-based products. Declining richness and exhaustion of available commodities, climate change and intensification of environmental issues, as well as deepening water scarcity are only driving concerns. The new era of redefining the mining industry for tomorrow and beyond is here and mining companies are forced to start doing things differently, re-think over their current business approach and invest in long-term solutions and technologies in order to mitigate environmental, economic and social concerns. Sustainable business today ensures future gains tomorrow, and therefore the global mining industry is undergoing a major transformation. Water sustainability in mining is becoming an industry standard and yet poses complex challenges that require holistic and revolutionary thinking over water issues and incorporation of waterless mines targeting assessment, strategy and execution to lower water consumption; engaging water recycling initiatives and zero water discharge; integrating smart solutions, as well as advanced treatment technologies and reinforced services.

Research Scope

The growth of the global mining water and wastewater treatment market is strongly driven by the ongoing demand for waterless mine and sustainable operations, supported by digitalisation of the value chain and reinforced services. On the other hand, the industry is facing challenges related to a lack of transparent legislation and financial support in terms of environmental investments in key global mining locations and the need for high-scale investment towards transformation of the entire mining business. This report looks at the market from the mining water and wastewater treatment perspective comprising design & engineering services, water, wastewater & acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment equipment, process control & management, treatment chemicals, and operation & maintenance services dedicated to extraction and processing of commodities. Regional coverage includes Europe & Russia, North America, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.

The global mining water and wastewater treatment market, valued at $4,730.2 million in 2018, is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.0% between 2018 and 2023, reaching $7,973.7 million at the end of forecast period. Overall development of the global mining water and wastewater treatment market is strongly supported by healthy growth of the mining industry, high CAPEX of mining companies dedicated to environmental investments, as well as the transition of the entire industry towards more sustainable operations and digitalisation. All regions where the mining industry is active, or is yet to be present, offer high investment opportunities for water-related technologies and services. The European market is driven mainly by a strong focus on implementation of sustainable practices in the mining industry, strict and transparent rules dedicated to management and protection of natural resources, as well as a high penetration rate of advanced technologies.

Projected strong growth of the North American market will be mainly driven by further development of advanced water, wastewater, and AMD treatment technologies, as well as large-scale investments into process control & management technologies and solutions. Large-scale mining business in Latin America is in urgent need for implementation of integrated water management solutions enabling the move towards more sustainable operations and water-saving solutions. The mining industry in the Middle East and African region is characterised by weak sustainability and a lack of holistic approach to business operations; however, with the growing number of foreign investors and rising social awareness, it is expected that the region will finally turn towards more efficient water-related and process control solutions. In Asia Pacific, areas of rising concern over water stress, especially in China, India, and Australia, are expected to see great investment into membrane technologies, coupled with a strong focus on desalination, zero liquid discharge (ZLD), metal recovery technologies, as well as decentralised treatment solutions for mining in remote locations.

Key growth opportunities include state-of-art decentralised treatment solutions, seeking cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative water sources for regions with limited water availability, solutions and services for improved end-to-end mining production efficiency, digital transformation of the entire mining value chain, organic and inorganic chemicals supporting high-end treatment as well as maintenance chemicals, and strategic partnerships and collaborations for ensuring overall progress.

At present, water has become a unique platform to build cooperation, creating significant internal and external value through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes as well as consolidation and integration of the mining business, including other mining companies, technology and service providers as well as local communities. Learning from the past and incorporating innovations to address present challenges enables shaping the future growth path. Therefore, managing water-related risks responsibly, working across market barriers, incorporating advanced technologies, looking from a beyond-my-fence perspective and turning water-related challenges into significant business opportunities are becoming the best practices to follow.

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  • Anglo American
  • Fluence
  • Outotec
  • Schneider Electric
  • World Bank

1. Executive Dashboard

  • Purpose of this Experiential Study
  • 5 Step Process to Transformational Growth

2. Growth Environment - Market Overview

  • From Pit to Port - Scope, and Market Definitions
  • Market Segmentation
  • Drivers and Restraints

3. Executive Summary

  • Top 5 Messages
  • Environmental and Socioeconomic Footprint of Mining Operations
  • Key Water-Intensive Commodities

4. Mining Mega Trends up to 2050

  • Global Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market - Revenue Forecast
  • Global Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market - Percent Revenue Share by Region
  • Global Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market - Percent Revenue Share by Segment
  • Demand for Water Sustainability - Water Becoming “New Gold” in Mining
  • Top Growth Opportunities for Sustainable Mining of the Future
  • Strategic Imperatives for the Mining Water and Wastewater Industry
  • Mining Market Overview and Key Water-Intensive Commodities
  • Global Mining Industry - Today and Tomorrow
  • Who are the Top 10 Mining Companies Worldwide?
  • Market Hotspots - North America
  • Market Hotspots - Latin America
  • Market Hotspots - Europe and Russia
  • Market Hotspots - Middle East and Africa
  • Market Hotspots - Asia-Pacific
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Coal
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Copper
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Diamond
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Gold
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Nickel
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Iron
  • Water-intensive Commodities - Platinum and Palladium

5. Water Footprint of the Mining Industry

  • Mining Industry Value Chain - Key Water-related Issues
  • Water for Mining Activities
  • Key Water Pollutants of Mining Industry

6. Global Trends Shaping the Transition of the Mining Industry

  • Global Trends Shaping the Transition of the Mining Industry
  • On Track Towards Sustainable and Environmentally Sensitive Green Mining
  • Sustainable Mining Roadmap
  • Mining Mega Trends up to 2050

7. Market Forecasts

  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Growth Opportunities by Segment
  • Growth Opportunities by Segment Discussion
  • Growth Opportunities for Mining Water Treatment Equipment Type
  • Growth Opportunities for Mining Wastewater Treatment Equipment Type
  • Growth Opportunities for Mining AMD Treatment Equipment Type

8. Regional Analysis of the Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market

  • Growth Opportunities for the Mining Water and Wastewater Treatment Market by Region
  • Europe - Revenue Forecast
  • Europe - Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Europe - Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • North America - Revenue Forecast
  • North America - Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • North America - Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Latin America - Revenue Forecast
  • Latin America - Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Latin America - Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Middle East and Africa - Revenue Forecast
  • Middle East and Africa - Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Middle East and Africa - Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Asia-Pacific - Revenue Forecast
  • Asia-Pacific - Revenue Forecast by Segment
  • Asia-Pacific - Revenue Forecast Discussion

9. Visioning Scenarios

  • Technology Suppliers Perspective - Demand for Complex Water Treatment Services Dedicated to Mining Industry
  • Technology Suppliers Perspective - Value Chain of Key Market Stakeholders
  • Technology Suppliers Perspective - Route-to-Market with High Demand for Value-added Services
  • Technology Suppliers Perspective - Exceeding End Users' Expectations and Constant Improvements in the Level of Services
  • Vision and Strategy - Growth Opportunities
  • Levers for Growth
  • Growth Opportunity 1 - Decentralised Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Case Study - Plug-and-Play Containerised Treatment for Water Reuse by Fluence
  • Growth Opportunity 2 - Alternative Sources of Water
  • Key Desalination Technologies for the Mining Industry
  • Desalination with Membrane Technologies on the Rise
  • Case Study - Chile on the Forefront of Desalination for Mining
  • Growth Opportunity 3 - Sustainable Mining Productivity
  • Improving Productivity with Vertical Integration of Technologies and Services
  • Improving Mining Value Chain - Improving Performance while Rebuilding Profitability
  • Building a Long-term Plan for Optimal Mining Production
  • Growth Opportunity 4 - Digitalisation and Smart Mining
  • Holistic Planning for Smart Mining
  • Key Future Components of Intelligent Mining
  • Growth Opportunities for Smart Sensing Technologies
  • Case Study - Outotec's Water Quantity and Quality Management (WQQM™) Monitors Water Balance Across the Entire Mining Site
  • Case Study - EcoStruxure™ for Sustainable Mining by Schneider Electric
  • Growth Opportunity 5 - Advanced Treatment Chemicals
  • Value-added Features of Chemicals for the Mining Industry
  • Bringing Sustainability with Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Growth Opportunity 6 - Final Frontiers
  • Growth Opportunities for Arctic Mining
  • Growth Opportunities for Deep Sea Mining
  • Growth Opportunities for Asteroid Mining
  • Caste Study - Utilising Asteroid Water Resources
  • Growth Opportunity 7 - Cooperation Among Market Stakeholders
  • Consolidation and Integration of Mining Industry - Water as a Unique Platform to Build Cooperation, Trust and Social License to Operate
  • Case Study - Anglo American and World Bank for Climate-Smart Mining Initiative
  • Holistic Approach to Water in the Mining Industry Becomes a Necessity to Ensure Future Resource Sustainability

10. End Users' Perspective (Mining Companies)

  • End-user Perspective - Considering Impacts of Sustainability Issues and Becoming More Transparent About Risks and Opportunities
  • End-user Perspective - Sustainable Way of Doing Business in the Global Mining Market
  • Future Market Direction - Meeting Present Needs with the Ability to Meet Future Demands
  • Case Study - Water Sustainability Becoming an Industry Standard
  • Case Study - Water Sustainability Gaining Social Acceptance and Ensuring Strong Market Presence
  • Case Study - Water Sustainability Becoming the Answer to Progressing Water Stress

11. The Last Word

  • The Last Word - Learning from the Past, Incorporating Solutions to Address Present Challenges and Shaping the Future
  • Legal Disclaimer

12. Growth Opportunities Matrix

  • Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
  • Growth Opportunities 1-7 - Vision and Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities Matrix

13. Growth Strategy and Implementation

  • Growth Strategies for Your Company
  • Prioritised Opportunities Through Implementation

14. Appendix

  • List of Exhibits
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • Anglo American
  • Fluence
  • Outotec
  • Schneider Electric
  • World Bank
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown