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Critical Materials Report-Wet chemicals & Specialty Cleaners

  • Report

  • 220 Pages
  • October 2019
  • Region: Global
  • Techcet
  • ID: 4900585
Covers the wet chemicals market and supply-chain issues for such used in semiconductor device fabrication. Contains data and analysis from the database and Sr. Analyst experience, as well as that developed from primary and secondary market research. Provides focused information for supply-chain managers, process integration and R&D directors, as well as business and financial analysts. Covers information about key suppliers, issues/trends in the material supply chain, estimates on supplier market share, and forecast for the material segments.

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
2 Scope and Purpose
2.1 Scope
2.2 Purpose
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Brief overview of other Reports
3 Market Outlook
3.1 Worldwide Economy
3.2 End Market Drivers
3.3 Semiconductor Device Outlook
3.4 Summary of Equipment Spending/Capital Investments/Fab Investments
3.5 Overall China Market News & Trends
3.6 5-Year Wafer Start Forecast
3.7 Semiconductor Market Overview Summary
4 Basic Chemicals
4.1 Market Landscape
4.1.1 Market Revenues
4.1.2 Worldwide Electronic Wet Chemical Market Ranking
4.2 Sulfuric Acid
4.3 Hydrogen Peroxide
4.4 Phosphoric Acid
4.5 HF/BOE products
4.6 Nitric Acid
4.7 Isopropyl Alcohol
4.8 Hydrochloric Acid (HCI)
5 Market Overview - Formulated Chemicals
5.1 PERR
5.1.1 Aluminum Cleans
5.1.2 Copper Cleans
5.2 CMP Cleans
5.2.1 PCMP
5.2.2 Post-CMP Cleaning Market Overview/Dynamics
6 Materials Opportunities
7 Green Chemistries
7.1 Blending systems
8 Metrology Challenges
9 Company Profiles
9.1 Avantor
9.2 BASF
9.3 KMG
9.4 Dow-DuPont
9.5 Eastman
9.6 Entegris
9.7 FUJIFILM Corporation
9.8 GrandiT
9.9 Honeywell
9.10 Hubei Sinophorous (Xingfa Parent Company)
9.11 Jiangyin Runma Electronic Material Co
9.12 Jiangyin Jianghua Microelectronics Materials Co
9.13 JSR Corporation
9.14 Kanto Chemical Co., Inc
9.15 LCY
9.16 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (MGC)
9.17 Merck KGaA / EMD
9.18 Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd
9.20 Solvay
9.21 Soulbrain
9.22 Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd
9.23 Suzhou Crystal Clear
10 Appendix
10.1 PERR Background
10.2 PERR Overview
10.3 Ge Wet clean
10.4 TiN Wet Etching
10.5 Effect of Additives in HF cleans
10.6 Front End of Line Specialty Cleans in Brief
10.7 Low Temperature EPI
10.8 Hi K Gate Preclean
10.9 Post CMP Cleans Background
11 Appendix A: China’s 5 Year Plan12 Appendix B: Supply Chain Connections-Makers & Suppliers13 Appendix C: Wet Chemical Purity Requirements and Trends14 Appendix E: Environmental, Health, and Safety
List of Figures
Figure 1 2018 Global Economy and the Electronics Supply Chain
Figure 2 Worldwide Semiconductor Sales
Figure 3 Global Purchasing Managers Index
Figure 4 Global Electronics Production Annual Growth
Figure 5 Global Electronics Production Annual Growth
Figure 6 Automotive Electronic Content Growth
Figure 7 Automotive Semiconductor Market Growth
Figure 8 2019 Semiconductor Revenue Growth Forecasts
Figure 9 2019 Semiconductor Market Size by Device Segment
Figure 10 Semiconductor Device Unit Growth
Figure 11 200 mm Fab Capacity Outlook to 2022
Figure 12 China IC Production Share and Consumption Trends
Figure 13 Wafer Starts by Technology Node and Device Type
Figure 14 WW Electronic Wet Chemicals & Specialty Cleaning Chemicals
Figure 15 WW Sulfuric Acid Revenue Estimate (US$M)
Figure 16 Sulfuric Acid Price Index
Figure 17 WW Hydrogen Peroxide Revenues Estimate (US$M’s)
Figure 18 Phosphoric Acid Supply Chain
Figure 19 Phosphor Rock Production by Region
Figure 20 Phosphoric Acid Pricing Index
Figure 21 Phosphor Rock Price Trends in China
Figure 22 WW High Purity Phosphoric Acid Revenues Estimate (US$M)
Figure 23 Fluorspar Pricing in China
Figure 24 WW HF/BOE Revenues Estimate (US$M)
Figure 25 WW Nitric Acid Revenues Estimate (US$M)
Figure 26 IPA Usage Trends and Issues
Figure 27 IPA/Solvents Market Forecast
Figure 28 The World Consumption of Hydrochloric Acid
Figure 29 Interconnect Milestones (Edelstein)
Figure 30 Wafers Requiring PERR [Wafer Passes] Estimates
Figure 31 Aluminum PERR Relative Volume Forecast Estimates
Figure 32 Copper PERR Relative Volume Forecast Estimates
Figure 33 Double Patterning ArFi
Figure 34 Immersion Multi Patterning Process Steps
Figure 35 Copper Cleans Volume Trend below 22 nm
Figure 36 PERR Aluminum and Copper Revenue Forecast Estimates
Figure 37 PERR Supplier Market Shares Estimates (% total revenues)
Figure 38 CMP Challenges in 10 nm/7 nm
Figure 39 pCMP Cleans per Node
Figure 40 pCMP Ceria Relative Volumes Forecast
Figure 41 pCMP HkMG Electrode Relative Volumes Forecast
Figure 42 pCMP HkMG Oxide + Oxide : Relative Volumes Forecast
Figure 43 pCMP Tungsten Relative Volumes Forecast
Figure 44 pCMP Cu Relative Volume Forecast
Figure 45 Revenue pCMP Cleans
Figure 46 pCMP Supplier Market Share Range Estimates (% of total revenues)
Figure 47 Ge Wet Clean NH40H versus
Figure 48 Surface Cleaning Metal REmoval Efficiency on Si and Ge
Figure 49 Wet Cleaning of WF Metals in FinFET
Figure 50 CMP Process Steps per Node
Figure 51 Advance copper Cleaning Mechanism
Figure 52 Design of EKC Gen IV Cleaner
Figure 53 III-V Cleaning and Etching
List of Tables
Table 1 Supply Chain Issues
Table 2 2019 Critical Material Reports
Table 3 Global GDP and Semiconductor Revenues
Table 4 IMF World Economic Outlook
Table 5 World Bank GDP Forecast
Table 6 Worldwide IT Spending Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)
Table 7 Smartphone Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units)
Table 8 VLSI Research Semiconductor Revenue by Segment
Table 9 2019 Semiconductor Equipment Outlook
Table 10 Top IDM and Foundry Capex Spenders
Table 11 Investment Plans for Selected Device Companies
Table 12 Worldwide (WW) Wet Chemicals Market Ranking
Table 13 Semiconductor Wet Chemical Regional Market Leaders & Market Shares
Table 14 Smelter Maintenance Plans
Table 15 Mask per Device Type
Table 16 Chelating Agents for Different Metals
Table 17 Wet Chemical Suppliers for Selected Chemicals
Table 18 Phosphoric Acid Specification - SEMI Standards - 2013


The author employs subject matter experts having first-hand experience within the industries which they analyze. Most of the analysts have over 25 years of direct and relevant experience in their field. Our analysts survey the commercial and technical staff of IC manufacturers and their suppliers, and conduct extensive research of literature and commerce statistics to ascertain the current and future market environment and global supply risks. Combining this data with the author’s proprietary, quantitative wafer forecast results in a viable long-term market forecast for a variety of process materials.