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Critical Materials Report-Silicon Wafers

  • Report

  • 164 Pages
  • November 2019
  • Region: Global
  • Techcet
  • ID: 4900588
Contains data and analysis from the database and Sr. Analyst experience, as well as that developed from primary and secondary market research. Provides focused information for supply-chain managers, process integration and R&D directors, as well as business development and financial analysts. Covers information about key suppliers, issues/trends in the material supply chain, estimates on supplier market share, and forecast for the material segments

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Highlight Material Segment Business Growth Overview
1.2 Highlight Material Segment Market Trends
1.3 Highlight Material Segment Technology Trends
1.4 5-Year Material Segment Forecast
1.5 Analyst Assessment
2.1 Scope - Overview
2.2 Purpose
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Brief overview of other Reports
3 Market Outlook
3.1 Summary of Economic Outlook and Geo-political News
3.2 End Market Drivers
3.3 Semiconductor Device Outlook
3.4 Summary of Equipment Spending/Capital Investments
3.5 Overall China Market News & Trends
3.6 5-Year Wafer Start Forecast
3.7 Semiconductor Market Overview Summary
4 Material Segment Trends
4.1 Fab Material Supply/Demand
4.1.2 Current Market Assessment
4.1.3 Leading & Influential Supplier Synopsis GlobalWafers SEH Siltronic Sumco SOITEC Wafer Works Okmetic Formosa Sumco Technology
4.2 Raw Material Shortages and Supply Chain Constraints
4.3 Technical Drivers & Challenges
4.3.1 Material Trends for the Leading Edge
4.3.2 Trends/Impact/Status of Legacy Materials
4.3.3 Other Wafer Materials- SiC
4.4 Regional Trends/Drivers
4.5 EHS and Logistics Issues
4.6 Packaging and Shipping Trends/Topics
5 Supplier Market Landscape
5.1 M&A Activity
5.2 New Plants/New Entrants
5.3 Recently Closed or ”To Be” Closed Plants
5.4 Suppliers or Parts/Product Lines at Risk of Discontinuance or Capacity Reductions/Constraints
5.4.1 Suppliers or Parts/Product Lines at Risk of Discontinuance
5.4.2 Capacity Reductions/Constraints
5.5 Materials Market Size & Forecast
5.5.1 Wafer Forecasts By Segments
5.5.2 Wafer Pricing Trends
6 Sub-tier Material Supply Chain
6.1 Raw Material Source and Status
6.1.1 Other Markets
6.1.2 Supply Chain Disruptions/Constraints
6.1.3 M & A Activity
6.1.4 Logistic Issues
6.1.5 New Entrants
6.1.6 Recently Closed ”To Be” Closed Plants
6.1.7 Analyst Assessment
6.2 Raw Material Pricing Trends/Price
6.3 Analyst Assessment
7 Supplier Profiles
7.1 Advanced Silicon Technology (AST)
7.1.1 Analyst Assessment
7.3 Ferrotec
7.4 Formosa-Sumco Technology
7.5 GlobalWafers
7.6 Gritek
7.7 JRH QL Electronics
7.8 Okmetic
7.9 Shin-Etsu Handotai (SEH)
7.10 Siltronic A.G.
7.11 SK Siltron
7.13 Sumco
7.14 Wafer Works
7.15 Wafer Works
7.16 Zhonghuan Semiconductor
7.17 Zing Semiconductor
Appendix A Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Overview
A.1 Crystal Growth
A.2 Modifications
A.3 Value-Added Variations
Appendix B Advanced Geometry Focus Characteristics
B.1 LPD Size and Count Reduction
B.2 Wafer Flatness
List of Figures
Figure 1.1: 300mm Wafer Inventory
Figure 1.2: Silicon Area Shipments
Figure 3.1: 2018 Global Economy and the Electronics Supply Chain
Figure 3.2: WW Semiconductor Sales
Figure 3.3: Global Purchasing Managers Index
Figure 3.4: Global Electronics Production Annual Growth
Figure 3.5: Global Electronics Production Annual Growth
Figure 3.6: Automotive Electronic Content Growth
Figure 3.7: Automotive Semiconductor Market Growth
Figure 3.8: 2019 Semiconductor Revenue Growth Forecasts
Figure 3.9: 2019 Semiconductor Market Size by Device Segment
Figure 3.10: Semiconductor Device Unit Growth
Figure 3.11: 200 mm Fab Capacity Outlook to 2022
Figure 3.12: China IC Production Share and Consumption Trends
Figure 3.13: Wafer Starts by Technology Node and Device Type
Figure 4.1: Worldwide Quarterly Wafer Shipments
Figure 4.2: Q4 vs. Q3 Silicon Shipment Growth Change
Figure 4.3: 300 mm Wafer Inventory
Figure 4.4: 200 mm Wafer Inventory
Figure 4.5: Quarterly Wafer Shipments through 2019
Figure 4.6: Q1 vs. Q4 Silicon Shipment Growth Change
Figure 4.7: Quarterly Wafer Shipments by Diameter through 2019
Figure 4.8: Wafer Supply Capacity and Demand
Figure 4.9: SiC Device Performance Range
Figure 4.10: Epitaxial SiC Demand Forecast
Figure 4.11: Regional Fab Capacity Share by Diameter
Figure 5.1: Silicon Wafer Supply/Demand Outlook
Figure 5.2: Worldwide Silicon Wafer Revenues
Figure 5.3: SOI Revenues by Diameter
Figure 5.4: SOI Wafer Shipments by Diameter
Figure 5.5: Estimated 2017 Silicon Wafer Market Share by Revenue
Figure 5.6: Estimated 2018 Silicon Wafer Market Share by Revenue
Figure 5.7: Total Wafer Shipment Area Forecast through 2024
Figure 5.8: Worldwide Silicon Wafer Revenue Forecast
Figure 5.9: Total Wafer Shipment Forecast by Diameter
Figure 5.10: Worldwide Epitaxial Wafer Shipment Forecast
Figure 5.11: SOI Wafer Count Forecast
Figure 5.12: SOI Wafer Revenue Forecast
Figure 5.13: Markets for SOI
Figure 5.14: Aggregated Wafer Pricing Trends by Diameter
Figure 6.1: 2018 Polysilicon Market Share
Figure 6.2: Polysilicon Demand by Semiconductor and Solar
Figure 6.3: OCI Polysilicon Capacity Roadmap
Figure 6.4: Polysilicon Spot Price Trends
Figure A.0.1 Crystal Growth Methodologies
Figure A.0.2 Crystal Slicing Methodologies
Figure A.0.3 Double-Sided Polishing Methodology
Figure A.0.4 Epitaxial Reactors for Value-Added Layer Extension
Figure B.0.1 Wafer Yield Impacts by Zone
Figure B.0.2 Bonded Wafer SOI Process Used by SOITEC
Figure B.0.3 Value-Added Wafer Sample Cross-Sections
List of Tables
Table 1-1: Device Technology Trends & Issues
Table 2-1: 2019 Critical Material Reports
Table 3-1: Global GDP and Semiconductor Revenues
Table 3-2: IMF World Economic Outlook
Table 3-3: World Bank GDP Forecast
Table 3-4: Worldwide IT Spending Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)
Table 3-5: Smartphone Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units)
Table 3-6: VLSI Research Semiconductor Revenue by Segment
Table 3-7: 2019 Semiconductor Equipment Outlook
Table 3-8: Top IDM and Foundry Capex Spenders ($ Billions, ranked by 2018)
Table 3-9: 2019 Investment Plans for Selected Device Companies
Table 4-1: Estimated Wafer Starts, Installed Fab Capacity, and Fab Utilization
Table 4-2: Comparison of CY1Q 2019 Revenues
Table 4-3: Announced and Estimated Capacity Additions by Wafer Manufacturers
Table 4-4: Estimated Capacity Additions for 300 mm Wafer Production in China
Table 4-5: Estimated Capacity for 200 mm Wafer Production in China
Table 4-6: Estimated Capacity for 150 mm Wafer Production in China
Table 4-7: Epitaxial Wafer Suppliers in China
Table 4-8: Estimated Status of China Wafer Capacity vs. Worldwide
Table 4-9: Wafer Technology Development Issues & Trends
Table 4-10: Technology Development Trends/Issues Related to Legacy Wafers
Table B.0-1 Application by Wafer Type, Simplified Overview


The author employs subject matter experts having first-hand experience within the industries which they analyze. Most of the analysts have over 25 years of direct and relevant experience in their field. Our analysts survey the commercial and technical staff of IC manufacturers and their suppliers, and conduct extensive research of literature and commerce statistics to ascertain the current and future market environment and global supply risks. Combining this data with the author’s proprietary, quantitative wafer forecast results in a viable long-term market forecast for a variety of process materials.