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Poultry Collection

  • ID: 4900634
  • Book
  • January 2020
  • Region: Global
  • 101 Pages
  • Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing
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This is a new thematic database of chapters bring you comprehensive reviews of the latest research in poultry science as 'bite-sized' pieces of content and will enable you to efficiently access what's really going on in your specialist subject. This collection includes 101 chapters that cover the farming of poultry and the key steps in the value chain for livestock production, from breeding to slaughter.

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  1. Advances in sequence technologies for generating poultry gut microbiome data
  2. Antibiotics and gut function: historical and current perspectives
  3. Commercial poultry production and gut function: a historical perspective
  4. Controlling pathogens in the poultry gut
  5. Gastrointestinal diseases of poultry: causes and nutritional strategies for prevention and control
  6. Genetics and other factors affecting intestinal microbiota and function in poultry
  7. In ovo development of the chicken gut microbiome and its impact on later gut function
  8. Interaction between gut microbiota and pathogens
  9. Microbial ecology and function of the gastrointestinal tract in layer hens
  10. Omics technologies for connecting host responses with poultry gut function
  11. role of essential oils and other botanicals in optimising gut function in poultry
  12. Role of prebiotics in poultry gastrointestinal tract health, function, and microbiome composition
  13. Role of probiotics in optimising gut function in poultry
  14. Role of specific cereal grain dietary components in poultry gut function
  15. Role of synbiotics in optimising gut function in poultry
  16. Short-chain organic acids: microbial ecology and antimicrobial activity in the poultry gastrointestinal tract
  17. Understanding gut function in poultry: nutrient processing
  18. Understanding gut function in poultry: the role of commensals, metabolites, inflammation and dysbiosis in intestinal immune function and dysfunction
  19. Understanding gut microbiota in poultry
  20. Improving the environmental performance of pig and poultry production
  21. Organic poultry farming: opportunities and challenges
  22. Contribution of environmental enrichment to sustainable poultry production
  23. Disease management in poultry flocks
  24. Effect of incubation temperature on embryonic development in poultry
  25. Ensuring the welfare of broilers: an overview
  26. Gut health and susceptibility to enteric bacterial diseases in poultry
  27. Hot weather management of poultry
  28. Monitoring trends in diseases of poultry
  29. Parasites affecting poultry
  30. Transportation and the welfare of poultry
  31. Understanding and boosting poultry immune systems
  32. Understanding poultry behaviour
  33. Viruses affecting poultry
  34. Advances in understanding and improving the role of amino acids in poultry nutrition
  35. Balanced approach to commercial poultry breeding
  36. Cellular basis of feed efficiency in poultry muscle: mitochondria and nucleic acid metabolism
  37. Developments in feed technology to improve poultry nutrition
  38. Genes associated with functional traits in poultry: implications for sustainable genetic improvement
  39. Marker-assisted selection in poultry
  40. Probiotics, prebiotics and other feed additives to improve gut function and immunity in poultry
  41. Understanding feed and water intake in poultry
  42. Composition and properties of egg white
  43. Mechanisms for transmissions of pathogens into eggs
  44. Welfare issues affecting free-range laying hens
  45. Advances in understanding the role of phytate in phosphorus and calcium nutrition of poultry
  46. Broiler breeding flocks: management and animal welfare
  47. Competitive exclusion treatment to control pathogens in poultry
  48. Pathogens affecting table eggs
  49. The effects of housing systems for laying hens on egg safety and quality
  50. Understanding the natural antibacterial defences of egg white and their regulation
  51. Managing laying hen flocks with intact beaks
  52. Welfare of laying hens: an overview
  53. Laying hen nutrition: optimizing energy intake, egg size and weight
  54. Determinants of egg appearance and colour
  55. Sampling and detection of Salmonella in eggs
  56. Laying hen nutrition: optimising hen performance and health, bone and eggshell quality
  57. Nutraceutical benefits of eggs
  58. Waste management in egg production
  59. Alternative sources of protein for poultry nutrition
  60. Composition and properties of eggshell
  61. Nutritional and physiological functions of egg yolk components
  62. Maintaining the safety of poultry feed
  63. Emergence of antibiotic resistance on poultry farms
  64. Waste management and emissions in poultry processing
  65. Zoonoses affecting poultry: the case of Salmonella
  66. Case studies on food safety control in the production of fresh poultry meat: effective control of Salmonella in Sweden
  67. Enhancing texture and tenderness in poultry meat
  68. Safety management and pathogen monitoring in poultry slaughterhouse operations: the case of the United States
  69. Helping smallholders to improve poultry production
  70. Minimizing the environmental impact of poultry production through improved feed formulation
  71. Zoonoses affecting poultry: the case of Campylobacter
  72. Safety management on the poultry farm
  73. Colour of poultry meat: understanding, measuring and maintaining product quality
  74. Egg quality: consumer preferences and
  75. Energy and water use in poultry processing
  76. Enhancing the nutritional profile of eggs
  77. Advances in understanding and improving the role of enzymes in poultry nutrition
  78. Alternatives to antibiotics in preventing zoonoses and other pathogens in poultry: prebiotics and related compounds
  79. Beak trimming of laying hens: welfare costs and benefits
  80. Egg washing to ensure product safety
  81. Ensuring safety in chilling and freezing of poultry meat
  82. Inspection techniques for poultry slaughterhouse operations: the case of the European Union
  83. Poultry meat quality: an overview
  84. Organic systems for raising poultry
  85. The nutritional role of eggs
  86. Advances and future directions in poultry  feeding: an overview
  87. Assessing the sustainability of organic egg production
  88. Developments inhumane slaughtering techniques for poultry
  89. Enhancing the flavour of poultry meat
  90. Enhancing the nutritional quality of poultry meat
  91. Food safety control on poultry farms: effective control of Campylobacter
  92. Leg disorders in poultry: Bacterial Chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis (BCO)
  93. Life cycle assessment (LCA) of intensive poultry production systems
  94. Maintaining the health of laying hens
  95. Molecular breeding techniques to improve egg quality
  96. New developments in packaging of eggs to improve safety and quality
  97. Preventing spoilage of poultry meat
  98. Thermal adaptation and tolerance of poultry
  99. Understanding and improving the shelf-life of eggs
  100. Using models to optimize poultry nutrition
  101. Welfare standards for laying hen
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown