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XR in Healthcare - Immersive Therapy, Education and More

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  • 248 Pages +
  • November 2021
  • Region: Global
  • DHbriefs.com
  • ID: 5028762

This report provides a comprehensive outlook and analysis of extended reality technologies - including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) - and how they are used to improve the healthcare industry. It explores different scenarios, solutions and new approaches that could have a big impact on healthcare.

Extended Reality in Healthcare

Extended reality (XR) is one of the key technologies shaping up the future of healthcare. The utilization of XR in the industry is already showing signs that it can diminish costs, increase access, and improve outcomes for individuals around the globe.

The intermingling of academic research patterns moves by major corporations as well as several startups, and mainstream acknowledgement of the innovations exhibit that a future where healthcare is formed by XR is inescapable. However, regardless of whether your company will profit from these progressions is far from being unavoidable.

Most notably, XR will drive a realignment of the current convictions about where healthcare happens, who gives the care, and who profits from it. As healthcare reaches out of the hospital and the doctor's office and into individuals' homes, the outskirts of businesses will be broken down as entertainment, wellness, med-tech, social media, and hardware organizations all vying for a piece of the healthcare pie.

On the other hand, XR will also serve as an important learning tool, replacing plastic bodies and other equipment students use to learn human anatomy and even how to perform certain surgeries.

Patients too will get to benefit from the technology, with - for instance - doctors, pharma and other companies providing them with immersive content about their conditions.

Furthermore, other use cases in the healthcare space have also popped up in recent years.

This report explores how XR technologies are reshaping - or at very least improving - the healthcare industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is Extended Reality (XR) is all about and why should you care?
  • Key XR terms and concepts explained - including VR, AR, and MR
  • Understanding different types of AR and XR devices
  • How haptics technology helps make for more immersive experiences
  • Major platforms and platform providers explored
  • Major devices and device makers
  • Key sectors of the healthcare industry that could benefit from XR technologies
  • Notable XR projects in the healthcare space

Who should you buy this report?


You probably already know Big Pharma is investing millions in digital health technologies. After all, it is easier and more affordable to launch a digital therapeutic than develop a brand new drug with all the lab work and trials, let alone regulatory requirements, that come included with a brand new drug launch.


Digital health apps and services provide insurance companies and other payors with tools they could offer to their customers so they could lead healthier lives. As a result, payors get to save money and offer better, more personalized services - i.e. the more you walk every day, the lower premium you end up paying. Ultimately, such incentives also lead to better outcomes.

Software Developers

The growth of digital health saw many non-traditional players entering the space - software developers being one of them. They see there's money to be made by helping doctors and hospitals digitize their businesses while providing patients with that much better services. This help software developers find their niches in the market and even potential partners.

Job Seekers

Digital health is the industry every job seeker should try to break into. It is growing fast, offering huge opportunities for everyone looking for a great career. The best part is that you don't have to be a software developer - there are job openings across the board, including in marketing, sales, social media, PR, admin, and more.

The report will help other parties, including (but not limited to):

  • Investors in (digital) healthcare or those looking to enter the space
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Healthcare business analysts
  • Savvy physicians looking to familiarize themselves with modern technologies
  • Government-employed healthcare professionals
  • The NGO sector involved in the healthcare space
  • Anyone else looking to advance their career by being ahead of the curve

Table of Contents

1. About the Report2. Introduction
3. XR Basics
  • Defining VR, AR, MR and XR
  • Three types of VR headsets
  • Different types of AR devices
  • Haptic technology
4. Platforms
  • Mobile AR SDKs and APIs
  • Gaming Engines
  • Google Cardboard & Daydream
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Oculus platform
  • HTC VIVE Wave
  • OpenXR
5. Device Makers
  • Oculus
  • HTC
  • Valve
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Qualcomm
  • Vuzix
  • Samsung
  • Varjo
  • RealWear
  • Magic Leap
  • Pico Interactive
  • ThirdEye
  • Other devices
6. Major Solution Providers
  • XRHealth
  • Oxford VR
  • AppliedVR
  • Osso VR
  • The Body VR
  • FundamentalVR
7. Patient Education
  • Explaining the impact of genes on various aspects of life with VR
  • Salix Pharmaceuticals developed a 360-degree VR experience to evolve medical understanding about IBS
  • Australia’s St John Ambulance develops VR-enabled first aid training app
  • Hull Women and Children’s Hospital Launches a VR Project to Improve Understanding of Childbirth Experiences for Parents-To-Be
  • George Washington University uses VR to take you inside a coronavirus-damaged lungs
  • Rice U. Bioengineering Students Develop an AR App To Aid Patients with Parkinson’s
  • Select companies
8. Surgical Training
  • JJI Introduced VR Training for Orthopedic Surgeons and Nurses
  • GIBLIB, Cedars-Sinai launch CME-accredited VR course for GI surgeons
  • FundamentalVR, HaptX partner to improve virtual simulation for surgeon trainees
  • Mixed Reality Simulator brings innovation to laparoscopic skills training
  • AR system lets doctors see patients’ internal anatomy displayed right on the body
  • HoloAnatomy allows students to explore the wonders of human anatomy with MR
  • NuVasive’s RELINE Trauma portfolio comes with a VR training solution
  • Select companies
9. Surgeries
  • Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to take holograms into the operating theatre
  • UTHealth/Memorial Hermann conducted the first AR-assisted sinus surgery in the US
  • Philips and Microsoft demonstrated a HoloLens-based concept for image-guided minimally invasive therapies
  • Surgeons from the Imperial College London used HoloLens to “See Inside” Patients Before Operating on Them
  • Memorial Hermann and UTHealth Conduct First AR-Based Sinus Surgery in U.S.
  • Select companies
10. Mental Health
  • Stress relief with VR
  • The Dolphin Swim Club uses VR to help people destress and relax
  • StoryUp Studios’ Healium uses AR, VR and wearables to reduce anxiety
  • Healing HealthCare Systems brings VR relaxation content to 1,000+ hospitals in the U.S.
  • Facing your fears with VR
  • Select companies
  • Pain Management
  • Sensors and AR let researchers see patients’ pain in real-time
  • French emergency room testing VR for pain relief
  • Travellers, Cedars-Sinai, Samsung, Bayer and applied VR testing VR in treatment of acute orthopaedic injuries
  • Using VR hypnosis to manage pain and stress
  • Select companies
11. Paediatrics
  • Extended reality and pediatric care use cases
  • Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford pioneers use of VR for patient care, education and experience
  • Denmark’s Rigshospitalet Testing a VR game for children who are afraid of needles
  • Boston Children’s Hospital testing a VR tool for pediatric patients
  • MySpira is the AR asthma training app for children
12. Stroke Recovery
Kessler Foundation partners with Virtualware Group to develop innovative stroke treatment
Magic Moovr is made to help recovering stroke patients
Qualcomm teaming-up with VR companies to improve stroke education

13. Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Hanger launched a VR-enabled 360-degree video to evolve patient experience in the prosthetics industry
  • Accenture builds VR games with SAP Leonardo to provide more therapy options for people with amputations
  • Select companies
14. Senior Care
  • VR in senior care
  • PeerWell launches an AR-based trip and fall hazard detector mobile app
  • MyndVR, Pico Interactive and Littlstar Donating VR to seniors to combat social isolation
15. Other training
  • Training midwives
  • Helping healthcare workers in war zones, natural disasters and rural areas
  • Helping medical technicians learn to clean endoscopes
  • Training pharma sales reps
16. Other Use Cases
  • Telehealth
  • Fitness & Sports
  • Concussion assessment
  • Visual aid
  • Smoking cessation
  • Treating people with neurological disorders
  • Lazy eye therapy
  • Helping dementia research
  • Making MRI scans more comfortable
  • Fighting COVID-19
  • Driving organ donation awareness
17. Conclusion18. List of Companies

Companies Mentioned


  • 1Minuut Innovation
  • Activ Surgical
  • Aira
  • Altoida
  • AppAttic
  • AppliedVR
  • Apprentice.io
  • BeBop Sensors
  • BehaVR
  • Beyeonics Surgical
  • BioflightVR
  • BioLucid
  • BitGym
  • Black Box VR
  • Blue Goji
  • Cleanbox Technology
  • CognifiSense
  • CogniHab
  • Cognitive Leap
  • Crescent Tech
  • Cybershoes
  • EchoPixel
  • Embodied Labs
  • Envision
  • eSight
  • Esqapes Immersive Relaxation
  • Eyedaptic
  • Firsthand Technology
  • Fisher Wallace Laboratories
  • FitTrip
  • FitXR
  • Foretell Reality
  • FORM
  • ForwardXP
  • FundamentalVR
  • GiveVision
  • Google
  • Happinss
  • HaptX
  • Headspace Health
  • Health Scholars
  • Holodia
  • HypnoVR
  • Immersal
  • Immersive Health Group
  • ImmersiveTouch
  • Index AR Solutions
  • Jolly Good
  • Karuna Labs
  • KineQuantum
  • Level Ex
  • Limbix
  • Luminopia
  • Luxsonic Technologies
  • Lynx
  • Magic Leap
  • MedApp
  • Medical Augmented Intelligence
  • Medical Realities
  • MediView
  • Medivis
  • Microsoft
  • Mimerse
  • MindCotine
  • MindMaze
  • MyndVR
  • Nanome
  • NuVasive
  • Oculus
  • Oncomfort
  • One Caring Team
  • Osgenic
  • Osso VR
  • Oxford Medical Simulation
  • Oxford VR
  • Patient Connect
  • Pear Therapeutics
  • PeerWell
  • Peloton
  • Pico Interactive
  • Pixee Medical
  • Precision OS
  • Proprio Vision
  • Proximie
  • Psious
  • Qualcomm
  • RealWear
  • Reducept
  • Rendever
  • Rewellio
  • Saccade Analytics
  • Saebo
  • Samsung
  • SentiAR
  • SimforHealth
  • SpellBound
  • Spring Health
  • StoryUp Studios
  • SyncThink
  • Talkspace
  • Telesoftas
  • Teslasuit
  • The Body VR
  • ThirdEye
  • Tobii
  • Ultraleap
  • Varjo
  • Vicarious Surgical
  • VirtaMed
  • Virti
  • Virtual Human Interaction Lab
  • Virtualware
  • VirZOOM
  • Viscira
  • Visual
  • Vivid Vision
  • Vuzix
  • XRHealth
  • Zwift
  • ΑΓΩ Simulations