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Global Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030

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  • 248 Pages
  • April 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Roots Analysis
  • ID: 5093927


Vaccines are versatile preventive formulations that have, so far, enabled the global eradication of smallpox (1980) and polio (2015), which are both debilitating viral diseases. According to the WHO, currently, global vaccination coverage is nearly 85%. This is believed to be responsible for preventing close to three million deaths, which would have otherwise been caused by infectious diseases, such as chickenpox, diphtheria, measles, pneumonia, tetanus, and tuberculosis. In fact, recent immunization records indicate that more than 115 million children are immunized against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis annually. However, vaccine development, especially against newly identified pathogens, is a challenging and time consuming process. For instance, authorities claim that although there are many initiatives investigating vaccines against the recently identified SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus strain, a viable vaccine is still a year away. Other barriers to vaccine development include lack of pathogen specific information, inadequate immunity (conferred by certain types of vaccines), existence of multiple pathogenic strains, and reversion potential (a phenomenon where a weakened pathogen intended for use as a vaccine, reverts to its infectious phenotype).

Despite the success achieved, so far, through vaccination, it is estimated that over 1.5 million children, under the age of five, die of vaccine-preventable diseases, every year. This is largely attributed to storage (loss of efficacy upon prolonged storage) and logistics-related (cold chain requirement) complexities, which impact adequate distribution and transportation of such medications to remote areas. Given the rate at which the global population is growing, the demand for vaccines is anticipated to increase significantly. In this regard, significant strides have been made in improving existing vaccine formulations, mostly focused on enhancing stability. Recent technical advances, especially in the field of biotechnology, have heralded a new era in immunogen design for vaccine development. Moreover, many developers claim to be working on next generation preventive vaccine candidates, such as recombinant vaccines, viral vector-based vaccines and DNA vaccines, which have been demonstrated to elicit powerful immune responses, resulting in the development of immunologic memory. Further, a variety of adjuvants (substances with the innate potential to augment an immune response) have been discovered and are now available for the development of more versatile vaccine formulations. Several regional government bodies and private investors are actively financing stakeholders in this industry. Given that in the recent past there has been a marked rise in new entrants in this field, we anticipate this market to witness substantial growth in the coming years.

Scope of the Report

The ‘Global Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030’ report features an extensive study of the current market landscape and future opportunities associated with the preventive vaccine domain. The study also features a detailed analysis of the key drivers and trends related to this evolving segment of the pharmaceutical industry.

Amongst other elements, the report includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the current market landscape, including information on type of developer (industry, non-industry, industry/non-industry), phase of development (phase I, phase I/II, phase II, phase II/III, phase III and preregistration) of lead candidates, route of administration (intramuscular, intranasal, oral, intradermal, subcutaneous, intravenous and others), type of vaccine API (live, attenuated vaccine, recombinant vaccine, conjugate vaccine, inactivated vaccine, DNA vaccine, peptide vaccine, subunit vaccine, mRNA vaccine, toxoid vaccine and others), dosage form (ready to use liquid, lyophilized powder, nasal spray, capsule and tablet), dosage (single dose, 2 doses, 3 doses, 4 doses, 5 doses and 6 doses), target disease indication and target patient population (children, adults and seniors).
  • A competitiveness analysis of preventive vaccine developers, taking into consideration supplier strength (based on company size and its experience in this field) and pipeline strength (based on the number of clinical-stage vaccine candidates, highest phase of development, number of compatible routes of administration, number of indications evaluated, number of APIs evaluated and target patient population).
  • Elaborate profiles of the key preventive vaccine developers (shortlisted based on a proprietary criterion) across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Each profile includes a brief overview of the company, its year of establishment, location of headquarters, number of employees and financial information (if available). In addition to this, the profile includes information on the various clinical-stage vaccine candidates developed by the company. Further, we have provided the recent developments of the company and an informed future outlook.
  • A detailed analysis of more than 1,400 completed, ongoing and planned clinical studies of preventive vaccines, highlighting prevalent trends across various relevant parameters, such as trial registration year, phase of development, trial recruitment status, study design, trial focus area, type of preventive vaccine (based on pathogen), target disease indication(s),  type of sponsor/collaborator, leading industry sponsors/collaborators (in terms of number of trials conducted), enrolled patients population and regional distribution.
  • An overview of the ongoing vaccine development initiatives for complex conditions, such as COVID-19, ebola virus disease, HIV/AIDS, malaria and zika virus infection, including information on disease, its global burden, current treatment landscape and preventive vaccine research landscape. Further, we have provided information on investments made and recent developments in the domain.
  • An analysis of the investments made in this domain, during the period between 2015 and 2020 (till March), including seed financing, venture capital financing, debt financing, grants, capital raised from IPOs and subsequent offerings, at various stages of development in companies that are engaged in developing preventive vaccines.
  • A case study on contract manufacturing landscape for vaccines, featuring a comprehensive list of active CMOs and analyses based on a number of parameters, such as year of establishment, company size, scale of operation (preclinical, clinical and commercial), geographical location, number of vaccine manufacturing facilities, types of services offered (cell/virus banking, analytical development/testing, formulation, process development, fill/finish and regulatory filings), type of expression systems used for vaccine production (mammalian, microbial and others) and type of vaccine manufactured.

One of the key objectives of the report was to estimate the existing market size and identify potential growth opportunities for preventive vaccines over the coming decade. Based on several parameters, such as target consumer segments, region specific adoption rates and expected prices of such products, we have provided an informed estimate on the likely evolution of the market over the period 2020-2030. The report also provides details on the likely distribution of the current and forecasted opportunity across [A] route of administration (intramuscular, subcutaneous, oral, intranasal, intradermal and others), [B] type of vaccine (pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, human papilloma virus vaccine, influenza vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, varicella vaccine, DTP-HepB-Hib vaccine, meningococcal group A, C, Y and W-135 vaccine and others), [C] type of vaccine API (live attenuated vaccine, inactivated vaccine, conjugate vaccine, subunit vaccine, toxoid vaccine and others), [D] target patient population (pediatric and adults) and [E] key geographical regions, covering North America (the US, Mexico and Canada), Europe (Spain, the UK, Italy, France, Germany and rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (India, China, Australia and rest of Asia Pacific), and rest of the world. In order to account for future uncertainties and to add robustness to our model, we have provided three forecast scenarios, namely conservative, base and optimistic scenarios, representing different tracks of the industry’s growth.

Table of Contents

1.1. Scope of the Report
1.2. Research Methodology
1.3. Chapter Outlines
3.1. Chapter Overview
3.2. Preventive Vaccines
3.2.1. Classification of Vaccines Live, Attenuated Vaccines Inactivated Vaccines Subunit Vaccines Toxoid Vaccines DNA Vaccines
3.2.2. Key Components of a Vaccine Formulation
3.2.3. Production of Vaccines using Different Expression Systems Embryonated Chicken Eggs and Primary Chicken Embryonic Fibroblasts (CEFs) Mammalian Expression Systems Avian Expression Systems Plant Expression Systems Bacterial Expression Systems Yeast Expression Systems Insect Expression System
3.2.4. Routes of Vaccine Administration Intramuscular Route Subcutaneous Route Oral Route Intranasal Route Intradermal Route Inhalation
3.2.5. Clinical Development and Approval of Vaccines
3.2.6. Future Perspectives
4.1. Chapter Overview
4.2. Preventive Vaccines: Overall Market Landscape
4.2.1. Marketed Vaccines Landscape
4.2.2. Clinical-Stage Vaccines Landscape Analysis by Type of Developer Analysis by Phase of Development Analysis by Route of Administration Analysis by Type of Vaccine API Analysis by Dosage Form Analysis by Dosage Analysis by Target Disease Indication Analysis by Target Patient Population Key Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Vaccines in Clinical Development Key Non-Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Vaccines in Clinical Development
5.1. Chapter Overview
5.2. Methodology
5.3. Assumptions and Key Parameters
5.4. Competitiveness Analysis: Preventive Vaccine Developers
5.4.1. Preventive Vaccine Developers based in North America
5.4.2. Preventive Vaccine Developers based in Europe
5.4.3. Preventive Vaccine Developers based in Asia Pacific
6.1. Chapter Overview
6.2. Bio Farma
6.2.1. Company Overview
6.2.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.2.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.3. Emergent BioSolutions
6.3.1. Company Overview
6.3.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.3.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.4. GC Pharma
6.4.1. Company Overview
6.4.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.4.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.5. GlaxoSmithKline
6.5.1. Company Overview
6.5.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.5.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.6. Janssen
6.6.1. Company Overview
6.6.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.6.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.7. Merck
6.7.1. Company Overview
6.7.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.7.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.8. Novavax
6.8.1. Company Overview
6.8.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.8.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.9. Pfizer
6.9.1. Company Overview
6.9.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.9.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.10. Sanofi Pasteur
6.10.1. Company Overview
6.10.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.10.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
6.11. Valneva
6.11.1. Company Overview
6.11.2. Preventive Vaccines Portfolio
6.11.3. Recent Developments and Future Outlook
7.1. Chapter Overview
7.2. Scope and Methodology
7.3. Preventive Vaccines: Clinical Trial Analysis
7.3.1. Analysis by Trial Registration Year
7.3.2. Analysis by Enrolled Patient Population and Trial Registration Year
7.3.3. Analysis by Trial Phase
7.3.4. Analysis by Trial Recruitment Status
7.3.5. Analysis by Study Design
7.3.6. Analysis by Trial Focus Area
7.3.7. Analysis by Type of Preventive Vaccine (based on Pathogen)
7.3.8. Analysis by Target Disease Indication
7.3.9. Analysis by Type of Sponsor / Collaborator
7.3.10. Leading Industry Players: Analysis by Number of Registered Trials
7.3.11. Geographical Analysis by Number of Registered Trials
7.3.12. Geographical Analysis by Enrolled Patient Population
7.3.13. Geographical Analysis by Trial Recruitment Status
8.1. Chapter Overview
8.2. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
8.2.1. Disease Overview
8.2.2. Global Burden of COVID-19
8.2.3. Current Treatment Landscape
8.2.4. Preventive Vaccines for COVID-19 Historical Background of COVID-19 Vaccine Research COVID-19 and Affiliated Research Landscape
8.2.5. Funding Instances
8.2.6. Recent Developments
8.3. Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
8.3.1. Disease Overview
8.3.2. Global Burden of EVD
8.3.3. Current Treatment Landscape
8.3.4. Preventive Vaccines for EVD Historical Background of Ebola Virus Vaccine Research Anti-Ebola Virus Vaccines and Affiliated Research Landscape
8.3.5. Funding Instances
8.3.6. Recent Developments
8.4.1. Disease Overview
8.4.2. Global Burden of HIV/AIDS
8.4.3. Current Treatment Landscape
8.4.4. Preventive Vaccines for HIV/AIDS Historical Background of HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research Anti-HIV Vaccines and Affiliated Research Landscape
8.4.5. Funding Instances
8.4.6. Recent Developments
8.5. Malaria
8.5.1. Disease Overview
8.5.2. Global Burden of Malaria
8.5.3. Current Treatment Landscape
8.5.4. Preventive Vaccines for Malaria Historical Background of Malaria Vaccine Research Anti-Malaria Vaccines and Affiliated Research Landscape
8.5.5. Funding Instances
8.5.6. Recent Developments
8.6. Zika Virus Infection
8.6.1. Disease Overview
8.6.2. Global Burden of Zika Virus Infection
8.6.3. Current Treatment Landscape
8.6.4. Preventive Vaccines for Zika Virus Infection Historical Background of Zika Virus Vaccine Research Anti-Zika Virus Vaccines and Affiliated Research Landscape
8.6.5. Funding Instances
8.6.6. Recent Developments
9.1. Chapter Overview
9.2. Types of Funding
9.3. Preventive Vaccines: Funding and Investment Analysis
9.3.1. Analysis by Number of Funding Instances
9.3.2. Analysis by Amount Invested
9.3.3. Analysis by Type of Funding
9.3.4. Analysis by Amount Invested across Different Types of Vaccine API
9.3.5. Analysis by Focus Area
9.3.6. Analysis by Amount Invested by Different Type of Investors
9.3.7. Most Active Players: Analysis by Number of Funding Instances
9.3.8. Most Active Investors: Analysis by Number of Funding Instances
9.3.9. Analysis by Geography Continent-wise Analysis Country-wise Analysis
10.1. Chapter Overview
10.2. Forecast Methodology and Key Assumptions
10.3. Overall Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030
10.3.1. Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030: Distribution by Route of Administration
10.3.2. Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030: Distribution by Type of Vaccine
10.3.3. Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030: Distribution by Type of Vaccine API
10.3.4. Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030: Distribution by Target Patient Population
10.3.5. Preventive Vaccines Market, 2020-2030: Distribution by Key Geographical Regions Preventive Vaccines Market in North America, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in the US, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Mexico, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Canada, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Europe, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Spain, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in the UK, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Italy, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in France, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Germany, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Rest of Europe, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Asia Pacific, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in India, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in China, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Australia, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Rest of Asia Pacific, 2020-2030 Preventive Vaccines Market in Rest of the World, 2020-2030
11.1. Chapter Overview
11.2. Vaccine Contract Manufacturing
11.2.1. Addressing an Unmet Need
11.2.2. Commonly Outsourced Operations
11.2.3. Selecting a CMO Partner
11.2.4. Advantages of Outsourcing Manufacturing Services
11.2.5. Associated Risks and Challenges
11.3. Vaccine Contract Manufacturing: Overall Market Landscape
11.3.1. Analysis by Year of Establishment
11.3.2. Analysis by Company Size
11.3.3. Analysis by Scale of Operation
11.3.4. Analysis by Location of Headquarters
11.3.5. Analysis by Location of Manufacturing Facilities
11.3.6. Analysis by Type of Service(s) Offered
11.3.7. Analysis by Expression System Used
11.3.8. Analysis by Type of Vaccine Manufactured
11.3.9. Analysis by Type of Vaccine Manufactured and Location of Headquarters
13.1. Chapter Overview
13.2. Alopexx
13.2.1. Company Snapshot
13.2.2. Interview Transcript: Daniel R. Vlock, Chief Executive Officer

Companies Mentioned

  • 3P Biopharmaceuticals
  • Abbott Biologicals
  • AbbVie Contract Manufacturing
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • ABL
  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
  • Abzena
  • Adimmune
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  • Advagene Biopharma
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  • AJ Vaccines
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