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CMP Slurry, Pads, & Conditioners

  • Report

  • May 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Techcet
  • ID: 5117839

This report covers the following;

  • Contains information on the overall market dynamics
  • Provides focused information for supply-chain managers, process integration and R&D directors, as well as business development and financial analysts
  • Includes supply-chain, market, and technical trends information relating to CMP pads, slurry, and disks as used for semiconductor device manufacturing.
  • Covers information about key suppliers, issues/trends in the material supply chain, estimates on supplier market share, and forecast for the material segments

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 CMP Consumables Business Growth Overview
1.2 CMP Consumables Market Trends
1.3 CMP Consumables Technology Trends
1.4 Competitive Landscape
1.5 EHS Issues/Concerns
1.6 Analyst Assessment

2 Scope, Purpose and Methodology
2.1 Scope
2.2 Purpose
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Overview of Other Reports

3 Semiconductor Industry Market Outlook
3.1 Worldwide Economy
3.1.1 Semiconductor Industries Ties to the Global Economy
3.2 Electronic Goods Market
3.2.1 Smartphones
3.2.2 Automotive
3.2.3 Servers/It
3.2.4 Pcs/Tablets
3.3 Semiconductor Industry Outlook
3.3.1 Equipment Spending and Fab and Capital Investments
3.3.2 Overall China Market News and Trends
3.3.3 Wafer Start Forecast
3.4 Semiconductor Market Overview Summary

4 CMP Consumables Market Drivers & Dynamics
4.1 Fab Material Supply/Demand
4.2 Material Shortages and Supply Chain Constraints
4.3 Technical Drivers/Material Changes and Transitions
4.3.1 Technical Trends in SiC
4.4 Comment On Regional Trends/Drivers
4.5 EHS and Logistic Issues

5 CMP Slurry Supplier Market Landscape
5.1 M&A Activity
5.2 Expansions or New Plants of Existing Suppliers
5.3 Plant Closures and Product Discontinuations
5.4 New Entrants
5.5 Suppliers or Parts/Product Line That are at Risk of Discontinuations
5.6 Pricing Trends
5.7 Market Size and Forecast
5.7.1 Oxide (Ceria) Slurries
5.7.2 Hkmg Slurries
5.7.3 Polysilicon Slurries
5.7.4 Oxide (Silica) Slurries
5.7.5 Tungsten Slurries
5.7.6 Cobalt Slurries
5.7.7 Copper Bulk Slurries
5.7.8 Copper Barrier Slurries
5.8 Supplier Market Shares
5.9 Analyst Assessment and Slurry Summary

6 Sub Tier Material Supply Chain -Abrasives
6.1 Raw Material Sources
6.2 Raw Material Supply Chain Disruptions and Logistics Issues
6.3 M&A Activity
6.4 Raw Material EHS Issues
6.5 New Entrants
6.6 New Plants or Expansions
6.7 Plant Closures
6.8 Products at Risk of Discontinuation
6.9 Raw Material Pricing Trends

7 CMP Pad Supply Chain
7.1 M&A Activity
7.2 Plants and New Entrants
7.3 Plant Closures
7.4 New Entrants
7.5 Suppliers or Products at Risk of Discontinuance
7.6 CMP Pad Market Size and Forecast
7.7 CMP Pad Market Share
7.8 Information On Other Markets That Share Supply-Chain
7.9 Analyst Assessment
7.10 Manufacturing Cost Drivers

8 CMP Conditioning Disk Supply Chain
8.1 M&A Activity
8.2 New Plants and New Entrants
8.3 Plant Closures
8.4 New Entrants
8.5 Suppliers or Products That are at Risk of Discontinuance
8.6 CMP Pad Conditioning Disk Market Size and Forecast
8.7 Supplier Market Share
8.8 Information On Other Markets That Share Supply-Chain
8.9 Analyst Assessment
8.10 Manufacturing Cost Drivers

9 Supplier Profiles

10 Historical References for the Readhistorical Summary of Company Mergers and References for the Reader

Table of Figures
Figure 1.1: 2020 Consumables the Triad
Figure 1.2: Overall Slurry Market Share by Supplier
Figure 1.3: CMP Pad Market Share
Figure 1.4: Pad Conditioning Disk Market Share
Figure 3.1: IMF World Economic Outlook
Figure 3.2: Global Economy and the Electronics Supply Chain (2019)
Figure 3.3: Worldwide Semiconductor Sales
Figure 3.4: Mobile Phone Shipments WW Estimates
Figure 3.5: Oil Price per Barrel US WTI
Figure 3.6: 2020 Auto Industry Growth Impact Factors
Figure 3.7: Semiconductor Spend per Vehicle Type
Figure 3.8: Semiconductor Content by Automotive Application
Figure 3.9: Semiconductor Revenue Growth Forecasts (as of April 19, 2020)
Figure 3.10: Semiconductor Units History and Forecast
Figure 3.11: 200 mm Fab Capacity Outlook to
Figure 3.12: Wafer Starts by Technology Node and Device Type
Figure 5.1: CMP Slurry Revenue by Application 2018-
Figure 5.2: Slurry Revenue % by Application (pie chart).
Figure 5.3: Estimated Slurry Volume at Point of Use (POU) by Application for 2018-2024.
Figure 5.4: Oxide (ceria) Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.5: HKMG/front-end Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.6: MEMS CMP Cross Section
Figure 5.7: Polysilicon Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.8: Oxide Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.9: Tungsten Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.10: Cobalt Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.11: Cu-Bulk Slurry Market Shares
Figure 5.12: Cu-Barrier CMP Slurry Market Share
Figure 5.13: Overall Slurry Market Shares by Supplier
Figure 5.14: Slurry Revenue (% of TAM) by Application
Figure 7.1: 2020 CMP Pad Forecast
Figure 7.2: 2020 CMP Pad Revenue Forecast by wafer size
Figure 7.3: 2020 300 mm CMP Pad forecast y process
Figure 7.4: 2020 200 mm CMP Pad forecast by process
Figure 7.5: 2020 CMP Pad Supplier Market Share
Figure 7.6: IC1000 like Pad Cross-Section
Figure 7.7: IC1000 SEM Cross-Section
Figure 7.8: Pad Cost Structure
Figure 8.1: 2020 CMP Pad Conditioning Disk Forecast
Figure 8.2: 2020 Pad Conditioner Market by Number of Units
Figure 8.3: CMP Conditioning Disk Market Share

Table 2.1 2019 Critical Material Reports
Table 3.1 Lockdown & Restrictions by Country
Table 3.2 Global GDP and Semiconductor Revenues (Source: IMF and WSTS)
Table 3.3 Semiconductor Chip Applications
Table 3.4: Data Center Systems and Communication Services Forecast
Table 3.5: Worldwide Device Shipments by Device Type, 2020-2022 (Jan 2020)
Table 3.6: 2019 Investment Plans for Selected Device Companies (as of March 2020)
Table 3.7: 2020/2019 Growth Estimates for 3DNAN, DRAM and Logic Devices (advanced nodes and leading edge)
Table 4.1: Increasing Impact of Materials Innovation on Chip Performance (Source: Semico Research)
Table 4.2: Physical and Electrical Property Comparison of Si and SiC
Table 5.1: 2020 Q2 Slurry Forecast
Table 5.2: 2020 Slurry TAM by Application
Table 5.3: Table of 2020 Slurry Suppliers
Table 6.1: Table of 2020 Abrasive Suppliers
Table 7.1: 2020 CMP Pad Forecast by process type (US$ millions)
Table 7.2: 2019 CMP Pad Suppliers
Table 8.1: CMP Established Conditioning Disk Suppliers

Companies Mentioned

  • 3M  
  • Abrasive Technology  
  • Ace Nanochem  
  • Anji Micro Shanghai  
  • Asahi Glass  
  • Baikowski  
  • Basf  
  • Cabot Corporation  
  • Dupont  
  • Ehwa Diamond  
  • Eka Chemical/Akzo Nobel/Nouryon
  • Elchem Asa  
  • Eminess Technologies, Inc.  
  • Evonik Industries Ag  
  • Ferro  
  • Fujibo Holdings, Inc.  
  • Fujifilm Planar Solutions  
  • Fujimi Corp.  
  • Fuso Chemical Company  
  • General Engineering & Research  
  • Hitachi Chemical  
  • IV Technologies Co.  
  • Jsr Corporation  
  • Kc Tech Company  
  • Kinik  
  • Merck Kgaa/Emd/Az  
  • Mitsui Mining And Smelting Co/Mitsui Kinzoku
  • Morgan Advanced Materials  
  • Nalco Company
  • Nanophase Technologies Corporation
  • Nitta Dupont Incorporated
  • Precision Colloids  
  • Rogers Corp  
  • Saesol Diamond  
  • Saint Gobain  
  • Sekisui Voltek  
  • Shinhan Diamond Industrial Co.  
  • Showa Denko  
  • Sinmat  
  • Solvay  
  • Thomas West, Inc.
  • Uk Abrasives  
  • Universal Photonics  
  • Versum
  • W.R. Grace & Company  
  • Wacker Chemie Ag  


The author employs subject matter experts having first-hand experience within the industries which they analyze. Most of the analysts have over 25 years of direct and relevant experience in their field. Our analysts survey the commercial and technical staff of IC manufacturers and their suppliers, and conduct extensive research of literature and commerce statistics to ascertain the current and future market environment and global supply risks. Combining this data with the author’s proprietary, quantitative wafer forecast results in a viable long-term market forecast for a variety of process materials.