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Post-Pandemic Global Healthcare Market Outlook, 2020

  • Report

  • 104 Pages
  • July 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • ID: 5134351

Stakeholders to Focus on Resource Optimization, New Growth Segments, and Cost Rationalization in a New Era of ‘Healthcare Preparedness’

Every year, the team of futurists, analysts, and consultants in the publisher's Transformational Healthcare Group comes together to render a comprehensive analysis to predict the themes, technologies, and global forces that will define the next 12 to 18 months (future) for the healthcare industry. In light of the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing economic and business scenario, the publisher has re-visited predictions and identified the top growth opportunities for companies to survive the remainder of 2020. Among the considerations:

  • Disrupted clinical trials and the subsequent delay in drug launches will pave the way for fully virtual trials, and hybridization of patient recruitment, retention, and monitoring will become pervasive.
  • An increase in point-of-care testing for infectious diseases is inevitable. With the looming change in service models, alternate testing sites such as pharmacies will become permanent ecosystem participants.
  • The supply of ventilators and critical care monitoring devices across regions has been uneven during the pandemic, but embedded analytics systems will revive the mature monitoring devices segment post-pandemic.
  • A resumption in imaging for the backlog of elective procedures in Q3 and Q4 2020 will be met by teleradiology and artificial intelligence-based solutions gaining from new investments. Scale-up in capacity, flexible payment options, and redistribution of the workload to manage deferrals will determine partnerships.
  • A tenfold increase in virtual consultations by healthcare providers is laying the foundation for the new normal. Reimbursement, physician training, and platform scalability will be key to recalibrate care delivery.

Amid the uncertainty, leading healthcare players are adopting risk-mitigation measures and reprioritizing opportunities to recover from the pandemic and rebuild shareholder confidence. While the short-term demand for testing, personal protective equipment, and ventilators remains, and the race to find a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 continues, healthcare companies must understand what the new normal means for the consumer and prepare a contingency plan to prevent a future healthcare crisis.

As part of this research deliverable, the publisher provides bold perspectives for the global healthcare market in 2020. The segments covered include pharmaceuticals and biotech, in-vitro diagnostics, medical technologies, medical imaging, and healthcare IT. The analysis captures segment and regional trends and presents predictions for the remainder of 2020. The study provides guidance on where to find the greatest opportunities for expansion in the "Age of the Bio-Economy," which will have significant impact and transformation on economies, societies, and lives.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
  • COVID-19 Impact Summary
  • Introduction: A New Era of Healthcare Preparedness
  • Research Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer

Growth Environment
  • Potential COVID-19 Scenarios
  • Key Forecast Criteria
  • Revenue Forecasts in 2 Scenarios
  • Top 5 Predictions for the 2020 Healthcare Industry

Changing Business & Economic Scenario
  • Regional GDP Growth Rate: Geopolitical Shocks
  • Regional GDP Growth Rate: Geopolitical Shock Trends
  • Government Response to COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Impact on World GDP Growth
  • COVID-19 Impact on World GDP Growth Discussion
  • Economic Stimulus Measures
  • COVID-19 Stimulus Trend Analysis
  • COVID-19 Stimulus Trend Analysis in Selected Countries
  • COVID-19 Impact on Industries: Struggling, Surviving, and Thriving
  • Forces Shaping the Healthcare Business Ecosystem
  • Key Challenges Faced by the Healthcare Industry
  • COVID-19 Impact on the Healthcare Industry

Global Healthcare Market Outlook for 2020
  • Global Healthcare Market Revenue: 2019 and 2020
  • Global Healthcare Market Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • COVID-19 Response Efforts: Impact Assessment
  • 2020 Global Healthcare Stimulus: Developed Markets
  • 2020 Global Healthcare Stimulus: Emerging Markets
  • Global Healthcare Company Valuations: Impact Assessment
  • Life Science Companies: Response and Growth Plans
  • Imaging Companies: Response and Growth Plans
  • Medical Device/Delivery Companies: Response and Growth Plans
  • Healthcare IT Companies: Response and Growth Plans

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Outlook
  • 2020 Market Snapshot: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Strategic Imperatives by Product Segment
  • Key Forecast Trends
  • Prediction: By the End of 2020, 33% of Global Clinical Trials Will Be Disrupted, Putting $3 Billion in New Product Revenue At Risk
  • Clinical Trial IT Solutions Enabling Virtualization
  • Companies to Action

In Vitro Diagnostics Outlook
  • 2020 Market Snapshot: In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Strategic Imperatives by Product Segment
  • Key Forecast Trends
  • Prediction: Alternate Testing Sites to Change the POCT Service Paradigm for the $5 Billion Infectious Diseases Market
  • Demand for COVID-19 POCT
  • Companies to Action

Medical Technologies Outlook
  • 2020 Market Snapshot: Medical Technologies
  • Strategic Imperatives by Product Segment
  • Key Forecast Trends
  • Prediction: 3X Ventilator Surplus and Remote Monitoring Will Redefine the Non-hospital and Home Critical Care Model
  • Resetting Priority for Critical Care Medicine
  • Companies to Action

Medical Imaging Equipment Outlook
  • 2020 Market Snapshot: Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Strategic Imperatives by Product Segment
  • Key Forecast Trends
  • Prediction: Informatics and AI Solutions Addressing Workflow Automation, and Operational Analytics Will Witness 100% Growth In 2020
  • Acceleration of Innovative Customer-Vendor Partnership and PPP Models
  • Companies to Action

Healthcare IT Outlook
  • 2020 Market Snapshot: Healthcare IT
  • Strategic Imperatives by Product Segment
  • Key Forecast Trends
  • Prediction: Virtual Consultations Will Witness Greater Than 100% Growth in the United States
  • Telehealth as a Mainstream Delivery Model
  • Companies to Action

Key Takeaways: Strategic Imperatives for the Road to Recovery
  • Conclusions
  • Pandemic Driving Restructuring of Healthcare Companies
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy Timeline
  • Respond, Reset, and Rebound

Next Steps
  • COVID-19 Healthcare Strategy Partnership
  • Take the COVID-19 Growth Pipeline Diagnostic
  • List of Exhibits
  • Legal Disclaimer

Appendix: Growth Pipeline Engine™
  • About the Growth Pipeline Engine™
  • Market Definition: Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Market Definition: In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Market Definition: Medical Technologies
  • Market Definition: Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Market Definition-Healthcare IT