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Health and Wellness Foods - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics

  • ID: 5140967
  • Report
  • January 2021
  • Region: Global
  • 544 pages
  • Global Industry Analysts, Inc
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Consumers Penny Pinching On Everything Else Are Loosening Up Their Purse Strings for Health and Wellness Foods. Demand Spikes by 8.1%.

The global market for Health and Wellness Foods is expected to spike by 8.1% in the year 2020 and continue to grow to reach US$ 1 trillion by the year 2027, trailing a post COVID-19 CAGR of 6% over the analysis period 2020 through 2027. Defined as indirect protection coming when most of the population is infected & develop immunity to an infectious disease, herd immunity has been presented as way to end the pandemic. For the world to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic without a vaccine, over 65% of the global population should develop antibodies to the virus. The concept of herd immunity is therefore becoming an increasingly unrealistic strategy to exit the pandemic. With a large portion of the population still vulnerable to the infection, immunity building is gaining importance to reduce mortality & risk of developing infection related complications. Little wonder that spending on and consumption of health and wellness food has and will continue to increase sharply among all age groups. Foods benefitting metabolism, mental state and immunity are becoming increasingly popular amid the pandemic, in countries across the world. Consumers are now more focused on eating healthy and companies also appear to have taken note of this changing demand trend and aggressively innovating for bringing a variety of products for matching these emerging consumer behaviors. The pandemic brought forth several changes in consumer behaviors, priorities and attitudes and this evolution is offering food and beverage companies unique opportunities to bring to market products that help consumers stay healthy.

Generation Z and millennial consumers have always been attracted to the health first trends of the food and beverage industry and the pandemic has only boosted it further. Consumers are increasingly seeking nutrition as the way to promote immunity and health. Demand for healthy and nutritious foods and beverages increased significantly amid the pandemic. Foods and beverages with probiotics and vitamins and minerals are finding many takers. People once saw snacks as mere indulgences but the trend of 'healthy snacking' is changing even this perception. Snacks that help consumers achieve their wellness goals are witnessing increased sales. Other products becoming popular are plant based meat alternatives. Plant based alternatives in other categories like ice cream and cheese are also increasing. Immunity boosting foods also gained much during the pandemic. Focus on immunity boosting foods began even before the pandemic and the pandemic only accelerated development and demand for such products. Consumers today are more interested in products that enhance immune function and gut health, since good immunity is essential for fighting COVID-19. Consumers are becoming aware of the relation between human microbiome and immune system. Products with prebiotics, post biotics and probiotics, which benefit human microbiome are therefore witnessing strong increase in demand. Demand is also growing for plant based products. In the US for instance, demand for alternative, plant-based protein had increased manifold during the pandemic. Plant-based food and beverage products capable of delivering high quality sensory experience and exceptional nutrition are therefore poised to gain much even after the pandemic. There has also been growing focus among consumers, on the relation between metabolic health and weight management. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with CVDs, diabetes and high BP led to more and more consumers viewing metabolic health and weight management in a completely new perspective.

Demand for functional foods that support metabolic wellness and which help in effectively managing weight had therefore increased and the trend is likely to continue beyond COVID-19. Consumers are also focused on emotional wellbeing and self-care and the nutrition that aids in enhancing the two. COVID-19 led to emergence of difficult circumstances for people increasing their feelings of stress and anxiety. Mental health issues are fast increasing in number and people are seeking ways to enhance mental wellness in such stressful times. Demand had therefore increased for comforting foods and beverages. Food products that can elevate mood, reduce stress and sustain energy levels have been in demand. Baked goods and snacks packed with nutrient rich ingredients, offering functional benefits at the same time, would continue to witness strong demand increase. Awareness about individual risk factors also increased among consumers amid the pandemic, which led to increased demand for highly personalized wellness and health solutions. More and more consumers today hold an opinion that they need a customized and unique approach to exercise and diet and therefore are choosing nutrition and health foods that are tailored. Food and beverage companies are therefore trying to come with such products focused on improving general wellness, self-care and nutrition for attracting consumers.

Select Competitors (Total 304 Featured):
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Aleia's Gluten Free Foods
  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Bayer AG
  • Blue Diamond Growers
  • Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods
  • Chiquita Brands International Sarl
  • Danone SA
  • EVOLVE Brands LLC
  • Kellogg Co.
  • Nestle SA
  • The Procter & Gamble Company
  • UNFI
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  • Impact of COVID-19 and Looming Global Recession
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Leads to Increased Consumer Focus on Health and Wellness Products
  • From Food Security to Health Security, Pandemic Sends Functional Foods Cruising Down a New Road of Opportunity
  • Pandemic Increases Consumer Demand for Healthier Ingredients in Foods and Beverages
  • An Introduction to Health and Wellness Foods
  • Global Market Prospects & Outlook
  • Competition
  • Functional Foods and Drinks: A Fragmented Market
  • Consolidation Continues to Shape the Market Landscape
  • Food Allergy and Intolerance Products: A Fragmented Market
  • World Brands
  • Recent Market Activity

  • Focus on Healthy Lifestyles Amidst the Ongoing Pandemic Drives Focus onto Health & Wellness Foods
  • EXHIBIT 1: Global Market for Digestive Health Food & Drinks by Ingredients: 2019
  • Focus Grows on Natural Foods and Clean Label
  • Consumers Focus on Less Processed Foods Drives Market Prospects
  • Notable Trends in the Health Foods Market
  • Health & Wellness Trend Catalyzes Growth of Global Functional Foods & Drinks Market
  • Functional Foods & Beverages Ecosystem
  • Favorable Outlook for Functional Foods & Beverages Augurs Well for the Market
  • Major Functional Foods, their Functional Components and Health Benefits Summarized
  • Major Functional Spices and their Health Benefits Summarized
  • Plant-Centric Demand to Buoy Functional Foods & Drinks Market
  • Probiotics Remain the Preferred Ingredient for Gut Health Foods
  • Dairy-Based Functional Yogurt: The Most Popular Probiotic Food
  • Protein-Fortified Products Rise in Demand
  • Free-From Foods: A Transformative Trend in the Food Industry
  • Rise in Food Sensitivities and Intolerances Fuels Demand for Fuel Intolerance Products
  • Lactose-free Products: Rising Incidence of Lactose Intolerance and Sensitivity Fuels Growth
  • EXHIBIT 2: Global Lactose-Free Dairy Products Market by Product (in %) for 2020E
  • Lactose-free Dairy Products Grab Major Share of Lactose-free Products Market
  • EXHIBIT 3: Lactose Content of Dairy and Select Dairy Products
  • Lactose-free Cheese: Perceived Health Benefits and Lactose-Intolerance Drive Sales
  • Gluten-free Products: Addressing the Needs of Gluten Sensitive Individuals
  • EXHIBIT 4: Global Gluten-Free Products Market by Type (in %) for 2019
  • EXHIBIT 5: Global Gluten-Free Products Market by Distribution Channel (in %) for 2020E
  • Rising Incidence of Celiac Disease & Growing Health Awareness among Consumers Present Opportunities for Gluten-Free Products Market
  • Gluten-Free Trend Gains Prominence in Bakery Products Market
  • Gluten-free Beverages Market: Health Advantages Spur Growth
  • Rising Popularity of Gluten-free Snacks
  • Taste: A Key Factor Determining Consumer Acceptance of Gluten-Free Products
  • Growing Consumer Preference for Natural & Organic Foods Drives Market
  • EXHIBIT 6: Organic Food as % of Total Food in the US for 2011-2019
  • Whole Grain and High Fiber Foods: Nutritious and Healthy Plant-Based Diet with Disease Fighting Phytochemicals
  • Myriad Health Benefits of Whole Grains and High Fiber Diet to Drive Widespread Consumption
  • Fiber: The Out and Out Growth Driver
  • Common Whole Grain Varieties & their Health Benefits
  • Changing Consumer Needs Drive Demand for Whole Grain Nutrition Bars
  • Surging Popularity of Plant-based Health Foods
  • Growing Focus on Weight Management Boosts Prospects in Health & Wellness Foods Market
  • EXHIBIT 7: Average Per Capita Annual Health Expenditure (In US$) due to Obesity
  • EXHIBIT 8: Obesity Prevalence Rate (%) in Select Countries for the Years 2019 and 2030P
  • Increasing Prevalence of Chronic & Lifestyle Diseases Enhances Consumer Spending on Wellness Foods
  • EXHIBIT 9: Global Annual Medical Cost of CVD in US$ Billion: 2010, 2015, 2020, 2025 and 2030
  • EXHIBIT 10: Global Cancer Incidence: Number of New Cancer Cases in Million for the Years 2018, 2020, 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040
  • EXHIBIT 11: World Diabetes and Population Statistics (2019, 2030 & 2045)
  • With Fitness & Gym Trainers Promoting Healthy Diets as Part of Fitness Routines, Health & Wellness Foods Market Set to Grow
  • Market to Benefit from Manufacturer & Retailer Efforts to Promote Health & Wellness Foods
  • Innovations in Health & Wellness Foods Boost Market Prospects
  • Millennials Inclination towards Health & Fitness and the Ensuing Focus on Health Foods and Drinks Drive Market Gains
  • EXHIBIT 12: Global Millennials Population Spread by Region: 2019
  • EXHIBIT 13: Millennial Population as a Percentage (%) of Total Population in Select Countries: 2019
  • Demographic Factors Influence Growth in Health & Wellness Foods Market
  • Ballooning Global Population
  • EXHIBIT 14: World Population (in Thousands) by Geographic Region for the Years 2019, 2030, 2050, 2100
  • Urbanization Trend
  • EXHIBIT 15: World Urban Population in Thousands: 1950-2050P
  • EXHIBIT 16: Degree of Urbanization Worldwide: Urban Population as a % of Total Population by Geographic Region for the Years 1950, 1970, 1990, 2018, 2030 and 2050
  • Burgeoning Middle Class Population
  • EXHIBIT 17: Global Middle Class Population (In Million) by Region for the Years 2020, 2025 and 2030
  • EXHIBIT 18: Global Middle Class Spending (US$ Trillion) by Region for the Years 2020, 2025, 2030
  • Challenges Facing the Health and Wellness Foods Market

  • COVID-19 Outbreak Triggers Interest in Immunity Boosting Diet
  • Changing Consumer Perceptions about Health and Wellness in the US to Benefit Market
  • COVID-19 Drives Demand for Snacks, Focus on Healthy Eating Rises
  • Restaurants and Brands Focus on Innovation to Remain Relevant during Pandemic
  • Functional Foods Market Benefits from Aging Population & Growing Focus on Health & Wellness
  • Rise in Popularity of Healthy Functional Beverages
  • Baby Boom Opens New Window of Opportunity for Functional Foods & Drinks for Kid’s Health
  • Rise in Demand for Products that Promote Gut and Digestive Health
  • Amidst Rising Incidences of Food Allergy and Intolerances, Free-From and Allergy-Friendly Foods Surge in Demand
  • Consumer Move towards Selective Food Avoidance Reshaping Food Industry
  • Gluten Intolerance and Shift towards Healthy Diets Bolsters Sales of Gluten-free Products
  • EXHIBIT 19: US Gluten-Free Foods & Beverages by Category (in %) for 2020E
  • Growing Appetite for Organic Food Among Americans
  • Market Analytics
  • Health & Wellness Trend Drives Functional Foods Market
  • Market Analytics
  • Japan: A Promising Market for Health & Wellness Foods
  • Aging Population: A Prime Target for Functional Food Makers
  • EXHIBIT 20: Japanese Elderly (65+ Years) Population: 2000-2050
  • Market Analytics
  • Rising Emphasis on Healthy Living Fuels Demand for Functional Foods
  • Free-From Foods Grow in Demand
  • Market Analytics
  • Consumer Focus on Health and Wellness Boosts Growth Prospects
  • Changing Demographics Propel Market Growth
  • EXHIBIT 21: European Population By Age Group: Percentage Share Breakdown of Age Groups for 2020 & 2040
  • Europe: A Leading Gluten-free Products Market
  • EXHIBIT 22: European Gluten-Free Foods Market Breakdown of Consumption (%) by Product for 2020E
  • Protein and Plant-Based Products Gain Preference
  • Market Analytics
  • Increasing Focus on Health and Wellness Drives Demand for Functional Foods
  • EXHIBIT 23: Market Share of Leading Functional Drink Companies in Germany (2019)
  • Market Analytics
  • Functional Foods & Beverages: A Promising Market
  • Food Allergies Drive Growth in Free-From Foods Market
  • Gluten-free Products Find Favor in the UK
  • Lactose-Free Market Poised for Growth
  • EXHIBIT 24: UK Lactose-Free Dairy Products Market Breakdown of Sales (in %) by Product: 2020E
  • Market Analytics
  • Health & Wellness Foods Market Poised for High Growth
  • Market Analytics
  • Indian Health and Wellness Start-Ups Register Considerable Investments
  • Demand for Wellness Products increases in India Amidst the Pandemic
  • Lucrative Opportunities for Functional Foods and Drinks
  • Factors Restraining Growth
  • Food Allergies and Intolerances on the Rise among Indians Fuels Growth in Free-from Foods
  • Rising Incidence of Celiac Disease Creates Pressing Need for Gluten-free Diets
  • Concerns over Growing Lactose Intolerance Drive Sales of Lactose-free Foods
  • Market Analytics
  • Functional Foods & Beverages: A Promising Market
  • Market Analytics
  • IRAN
  • Total Companies Profiled: 396
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