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The Global Market for Wearable Technology in Healthcare

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  • 251 Pages
  • September 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5142681

Wearable technology devices are increasingly being developed for the medical and healthcare markets, especially because of the growing number of patients overloading hospitals and medical centres. The market for flexible, wearable medical electronics products has grown in the past few years. Medical patches are utilized for continuously monitoring chronically ill patients, soldiers in combat, firemen, pilots, premature babies, structural health monitors, soft robotics, prosthetics etc.

Most wearable medical devices originally developed featured integrated circuits on solid substrates in rigid packages. However, these are mechanically incompatible with the soft and curvilinear human body, which leads to unreliable and unrepeatable measurement results due to unreliable skin contact and changing measurement locations. A growing number of wearable devices are based on flexible and stretchable skin sensors.

Report contents include:

  • Wearable healthcare technology market drivers and trends.
  • Full list of medical healthcare products including producer, product, functionalities and prices.
  • Markets covered for medical, healthcare and wellness include:
  • Smartwatches
  • Sports and fitness trackers
  • Smart glasses and head-mounted displays (VR, AR, MR, vision loss and eye trackers)
  • Electronic skin patches
  • Wearable health alert and monitoring devices
  • Minimally-invasive CGM sensors
  • Non-invasive CGM sensors
  • ECG sensors
  • PPG sensors
  • Pregnancy and newborn monitoring
  • Wearable temperature monitoring
  • Hydration sensors
  • Wearable sweat sensors (medical and sports)
  • Wearable drug delivery
  • Cosmetics patches
  • Smart footwear
  • Smart contact lenses
  • Smart wound care
  • Wearable exoskeletons
  • Medical hearables
  • Smart clothing
  • Stretchable artificial skin
  • Global market revenues for wearables in healthcare, historical and forecast to 2027, broken down by market.
  • Market challenges for wearables in healthcare.
  • 193 company profiles. Companies profiled include 1drop Inc., Abbott Laboratories, ActionSense Ltd, AerBetic, Inc., Cosinuss GmbH, Debiotech S.A., Dexcom, dorsaVi Ltd, Ectosense, Elitac B.V., Epicore Biosystems, G-Tech Medical, Glucovation, Milo Sensors, Inc. and more.

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Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 The evolution of electronics
1.2 The wearables revolution
1.2.1 Wearables in healthcare
1.3 Wearable market leaders
1.4 Flexible, stretchable, thin, and large-area form factors
1.5 From rigid to flexible and stretchable
1.6 Growth in remote health monitoring and diagnostics
1.6.1 Companies and products
1.7 Wearables used in monitoring COVID-19
1.7.1 Temperature and respiratory rate monitoring

2 Research Methodology

3 Market Drivers and Trends

4 Healthcare Market Megatrends

5 Wearable Technology for Healthcare Markets
5.1 Smartwatches
5.1.1 Main smartwatch producers and products
5.2 Sports and fitness trackers
5.2.1 Products
5.3 Sleep trackers and wearable monitors
5.3.1 Products
5.4 Smart glasses and head-mounted displays (VR, AR, MR, vision loss and eye trackers)
5.4.1 Products
5.5 Electronic skin patches
5.5.1 Nanomaterials-based devices
5.6 Wearable health alert and monitoring devices
5.7 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
5.7.1 Minimally-invasive CGM sensors
5.7.2 Non-invasive CGM sensors
5.7.3 Companies and products
5.8 Cardiovascular
5.8.1 ECG sensors
5.8.2 PPG sensors
5.9 Pregnancy and newborn monitoring
5.10 Wearable temperature monitoring
5.11 Hydration sensors
5.12 Wearable sweat sensors (medical and sports)
5.12.1 Products
5.13 Wearable drug delivery
5.14 Cosmetics patches
5.15 Smart footwear
5.16 Smart contact lenses
5.17 Smart wound care
5.18 Wearable exoskeletons
5.19 Medical hearables
5.20 Smart clothing
5.21 Stretchable artificial skin

6 Global Market Revenues for Wearables in Healthcare to 2027

7 Market Challenges

8 Company Profiles

9 References

List of Tables

Table 1. Types of wearable devices and applications.
Table 2. Examples of wearable medical device products.
Table 3. Wearable market leaders by market segment.
Table 4. Medical wearable companies applying products to COVID-19 monitoring and analysis.
Table 5. Market drivers for printed, flexible and stretchable electronics for wearables in healthcare.
Table 6. Healthcare market megatrends.
Table 7. Main smart watch producers and products.
Table 8. Wearable sensors for sports performance.
Table 9. Wearable sensor products for monitoring sport performance.
Table 10. Wearable sleep tracker products.
Table 11. Smart glasses companies and products.
Table 12. Applications in flexible and stretchable health monitors, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 13. Wearable bio-signal monitoring devices.
Table 14. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection-advantages and disadvantages.
Table 15. Commercial devices for non-invasive glucose monitoring not released or withdrawn from market.
Table 16. Minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose monitoring products.
Table 17. Companies developing wearable swear sensors.
Table 18. Wearable drug delivery companies and products.
Table 19. Companies and products, cosmetics and drug delivery patches.
Table 20. Companies and products in smart footwear.
Table 21. Companies and products in smart contact lenses.
Table 22. Companies and products in smart wound care.
Table 23. Companies developing wearable exoskeletons.
Table 24. Companies and products in hearables.
Table 25. Commercially available smart clothing products.
Table 26. Electronic textiles products.
Table 27. Global market for wearable electronics, 2015-2027, by product type, billions $.
Table 28. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2027, billions $, by product.
Table 29.Market challenges in wearable electronics in healthcare.

List of Figures

Figure 1. Evolution of electronics.
Figure 2. Wove Band.
Figure 3. Wearable graphene medical sensor.
Figure 4. Baby Monitor.
Figure 5. Wearable health monitor incorporating graphene photodetectors.
Figure 6. Companies and products in wearable health monitoring and rehabilitation devices and products.
Figure 7. Connected human body and product examples.
Figure 8. Applications of wearable flexible sensors worn on various body parts.
Figure 9. Wearable bio-fluid monitoring system for monitoring of hydration.
Figure 10. Beddr SleepTuner.
Figure 11. Vuzix Blade.
Figure 12. NReal Light MR smart glasses.
Figure 13. Smart e-skin system comprising health-monitoring sensors, displays, and ultra flexible PLEDs.
Figure 14.Graphene medical patch.
Figure 15. Graphene-based E-skin patch.
Figure 16. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection.
Figure 17. Schematic of non-invasive CGM sensor.
Figure 18. Adhesive wearable CGM sensor.
Figure 19. VitalPatch.
Figure 20. Wearable ECG-textile.
Figure 21. Wearable ECG recorder.
Figure 22. Nexkin™.
Figure 23. Bloomlife.
Figure 24. Enfucell wearable temperature tag.
Figure 25. TempTraQ wearable wireless thermometer.
Figure 26. Nanowire skin hydration patch.
Figure 27. NIX sensors.
Figure 28. Wearable sweat sensor.
Figure 29. Wearable sweat sensor.
Figure 30. Gatorade's GX Sweat Patch.
Figure 31. Sweat sensor incorporated into face mask.
Figure 32. Lab-on-Skin™.
Figure 33. D-mine Pump.
Figure 34. My UV Patch.
Figure 35. Overview layers of L'Oreal skin patch.
Figure 36. Digitsole Smartshoe.
Figure 37. Schematic of smart wound dressing.
Figure 38. REPAIR electronic patch concept.Image courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
Figure 39. Honda Walking Assist.
Figure 40. Nuheara IQbuds² Max.
Figure 41. iStimUweaR.
Figure 42. Myant sleeve tracks biochemical indicators in sweat.
Figure 43. Artificial skin prototype for gesture recognition.
Figure 44. Global market for wearables, 2015-2027, by product type, billions US$.
Figure 45. Global market for hearables, 2017-2027, by product type, billions $.
Figure 46. Global market for wearables, 2015-2027, by market share of product type
Figure 47. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2027, billions $, by product.
Figure 48. Global market for medical and healthcare sensors and wearables, 2015-2027, by market share of product type.
Figure 49. Wearable medical technology.

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • 1drop Inc.
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • ActionSense Ltd
  • AerBetic, Inc.
  • Cosinuss GmbH
  • Debiotech S.A.
  • Dexcom
  • dorsaVi Ltd
  • Ectosense
  • Elitac B.V.
  • Epicore Biosystems
  • G-Tech Medical
  • Glucovation
  • Milo Sensors, Inc.