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The Global Market for Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) 2023-2033

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  • 81 Pages
  • January 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5215254

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are self-assembled combinations of metals and inorganic ligands that result in a relatively young class of highly ordered, porous materials. MOFs with the ability to [selectively] adsorb molecules into their pores/ on their internal surfaces.

Due to their high surface area (>7000 m2/g), extremely high porosity and favourable thermal properties, MOFs are being investigated in gas storage and separation, purification, carbon capture, utilization and storage, electrochemical energy storage and sensing. Commercial activity has grown greatly in recent years. Baker Hughes has recently purchased Mosaic Materials, which makes carbon dioxide-capturing materials based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

MOFs are highly attractive for a range of industrial applications as they use non-hazardous feedstock, are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They are potentially key materials in industrial adsorption, storage processes and catalysis and are a leading technology candidate for carbon capture. MOFs can be used to store, separate, release or protect in a range of applications including:

  • Air and water filtration.
  • Carbon capture, utilization and storage.
  • Gas storage and delivery, and natural gas storage and purification.
  • Improved chemical separations.
  • Batteries and supercapacitors.
  • Food packaging.
  • Anti-bacterials.
  • Drug delivery.
  • Fuel production.
  • Solvent or heavy metal recovery.
  • Adsorbents for organic pollutants. 
  • Water harvesting.
  • Heat exchangers. 
  • Pharmaceuticals

A number of start-ups are bringing MOF products to the market, and production volumes have increased in the past two years.

Report contents include:

  • Technical analysis of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).
  • Applications of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).
  • Market supply chain map. 
  • MOF industry developments 2021-2023. 
  • Addressable markets for Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Markets covered include Coatings, Carbon Capture, Gas Capture, Separation and Storage, Biomedicine (Drug delivery, antibacterials, biosensors and bioimaging), Sensors, Air and Water Filtration, Water Harvesting, Batteries and Supercapacitors, Heat Exchangers and Air Conditioning. 
  • Estimated global market revenues to 2033, by market.
  • Profiles of 26 companies including products and targeted markets. Companies profiled include Promethean Particles, MOF Technologies, Atomis, Water Harvesting, Inc., NuMat Technologies, novoMOF AG, MOFWORX.

Table of Contents

1.1 Properties
1.2 Materials
1.3 Synthesis
1.3.1 Solvothermal Method
1.3.2 Electrochemical Method
1.3.3 Microwave-Assisted Method
1.3.4 Solvothermal Method
1.3.5 Diffusion Method
1.3.6 Mechanochemical Method
1.3.7 Sonochemical Method
1.3.8 Room Temperature Method
1.4 Markets and applications
1.5 Industry developments 2021-2023

2.1 Market supply chain
2.2 Separation and Storage
2.2.1 Applications Hydrogen capture and storage Carbon capture and storage
2.3 Coatings
2.3.1 Properties
2.3.2 Applications
2.4 Biomedicine
2.4.1 Drug delivery
2.4.2 Antibacterials
2.4.3 Biosensors and bioimaging
2.5 Sensors
2.5.1 Properties
2.5.2 Applications
2.6 Air and water filtration
2.6.1 Properties
2.6.2 Applications
2.7 Water harvesting
2.8 Batteries and supercapacitors
2.9 Heat exchangers
2.10 HVAC


4.1 Global MOF patent applications
4.2 Patenting by sector
4.3 Patenting by regional authority





List of Tables
Table 1. Summary of MOFs
Table 2. Markets and applications of Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
Table 3. MOF industry developments 2021-2023
Table 4. Applications of MOFs in gas storage and separation
Table 5. Comparison of carbon-capture materials
Table 6. DAC technology developers and production
Table 7. Biomedical applications of MOFs
Table 8. MOF sensor applications
Table 9. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2033, Millions USD
Table 10. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2031, Millions USD, medium revenues estimate
Table 11. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2033, Millions USD, high revenues estimate

List of Figures
Figure 1. Examples of typical metal-organic frameworks
Figure 2. Schematic drawing of a metal-organic framework (MOF) structure
Figure 3. Number of synthesized MOFs reported per year 
Figure 4. Representative MOFs
Figure 5. MOF synthesis methods
Figure 6. MOF synthesis methods historically
Figure 7. Solvothermal synthesis of MOFs
Figure 8. Electrochemical Synthesis method
Figure 9. Schematic of continuous flow microfluidic device for producing MOFs
Figure 10. Mechanochemical synthesis of MOFs
Figure 11. Market supply chain for Metal-Organic Frameworks
Figure 12. Hydrogen storage
Figure 13. NuMat’s ION-X cylinders
Figure 14. Schematic of Climeworks DAC system
Figure 15. Climeworks’ first commercial direct air capture (DAC) plant, based in Hinwil, Switzerland
Figure 16. Flow diagram for solid sorbent DAC
Figure 17. Antibacterial mechanisms of metal-organic frameworks
Figure 18. Capture mechanism for MOFs toward air pollutants
Figure 19. Schematic of a MOF-based device for water harvesting
Figure 20. MOF-coated heat exchanger
Figure 21. MOFS applied in HVAC
Figure 22. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2033, Millions USD
Figure 23. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2033, Millions USD, medium revenues estimate
Figure 24. Global market revenues for MOFs, 2018-2033, Millions USD, high revenues estimate
Figure 25. Global MOF patent applications 2001-2022
Figure 26. Patent applications by sector
Figure 27. Patent applications by authority
Figure 28. Schematic of carbon capture solar project
Figure 29. Mosaic Materials MOFs
Figure 30. CALF-20 has been integrated into a rotating CO2 capture machine (left), which operates inside a CO2 plant module (right)
Figure 31. MOF-based cartridge (purple) added to an existing air conditioner
Figure 32. Molecular sieving membrane

Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • AspiraDAC Pty Ltd.
  • Atomis, Inc.
  • Carbon Infinity Limited
  • Framergy, Inc.
  • Green Science Alliance
  • Immaterial Ltd
  • Matrix Sensors, Inc.
  • MOF Technologies Ltd.
  • Montana Technologies
  • Mosaic Materials, Inc(Baker Hughes)
  • MOFApps AS
  • Nanoseen
  • novoMOF AG
  • NuMat Technologies, Inc.
  • Orchestra Scientific S.L.
  • ProfMOF AS
  • Promethean Particles Ltd.
  • Svante, Inc.
  • SyncMOF Co., Ltd.
  • Transaera, Inc.
  • UniSieve Ltd.
  • Water Harvesting ,Inc.
  • Inmondo Tech
  • MOFgen Ltd.
  • RiMO Therapeutics
  • ZoraMat Solutions
  • STREM Chemicals Inc.
  • Sigma-Aldrich/Merck