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Yacht Charter Agency Types & Development Framework 2022 - Extended Market Report and Expert Analysis

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  • 112 Pages
  • August 2022
  • Region: Global
  • Zenadian
  • ID: 5238644

Novel Yacht Charter Business Models are Rapidly Emerging and Seizing New Opportunities

This yacht charter market report is quite unique and goes far beyond the usual market reports in this industry. First of all, it has been prepared by actual industry experts for yacht charters, meaning that deep insider know-how has been in-built.

Secondly, the report contents go much further than the usual standardized listing of plain numbers. Each section of the report is thoroughly explained within the context of the actual industry and its common practices. Therefore, the readers can gain a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the yacht charter industry, including the market structure, processes, specificities and dynamics.

As such, this report is a must-have for anyone who is considering entering the yacht charter industry and/or pursuing further developments or new projects in it. Indeed, both newcomers and existing players can benefit immensely from the findings of this unique research.

Thirdly, this market report contains actual primary data from a large international questionnaire survey of yacht charter agencies - it is the largest such survey ever performed on this market! In particular, the author conducted scientifically based research through a specially designed questionnaire that gathered responses from 166 active yacht charter companies in 43 countries across the globe. To complement this method, an extensive content analysis was also performed on a wider population of nearly 1,000 yacht charter agencies from more than 50 countries and 5 continents.


  • Compiled by actual yacht charter experts
  • Based on the world’s largest primary research in the yacht charter industry
  • Provides deep insights into the yacht charter business
  • Discovers actual market specifics and trends
  • Includes topics that go far beyond the common market reports
  • Findings from tables & graphs are contextually explained by industry experts
  • Contains useful tools for decision-making in the yacht charter business


Current and prospective participants in the following industries: tourism, nautical tourism, boating, yachting, maritime tourism, other maritime activities, shipbuilding, marina management, or any related industries. Consultants and investors in those industries. Potential suppliers, partners, or other stakeholders to those industries.


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
  • The Unique Market Report
  • What Are the Key Insights of this Report?
3. Research Scope and Methods
  • Research Steps
  • Steps 1-2: Research Preparation
  • Steps 3-5: Research Execution
  • Additional Information
4. Yacht Charter Global Overview
  • Yachts and Yacht Charter
  • Main Types of Charters
  • Main Types of Yachts
  • Sailing Yachts Charter
  • Motor Yachts Charter
  • Catamarans Charter
  • Gulets Charter
5. Yacht Charter Market Key Participants
  • Charter Fleet Operators
  • Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Central Booking Systems
  • Number of Booking Systems Used
  • Types of Booking Systems Used
6. Insights into Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Specialization of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Size of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Yacht Charter Agencies Size by Number of Employees
  • Yacht Charter Agencies Size by Number of Bookings
  • Age of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Yacht Charter Agencies Age Vs. Size
  • Common Business Processes of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Concentration of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Competitiveness of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Profitability of Yacht Charter Agencies
7. Global Distribution of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Number of Yacht Charter Agencies Per Region
  • Leading Region’S Drivers
  • Yacht Charter Agencies in Europe
  • Top European Countries With Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Yacht Charter Agencies in the Americas
  • Regional Distribution of Yacht Charter Agencies in the Americas
  • Yacht Charter Agencies in Asia
  • Yacht Charter Agencies in the Pacific Region
  • More About Locations of Charter Agencies
  • Regional Development Scenarios
8. Types of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Yacht Charter Agencies Differentiation Criteria
  • Major Types of Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Types by Primary Business
  • Share of Primary Yacht Charter Agencies Worldwide
  • Primary Yacht Charter Agencies by Region
  • Types by Clients Value
  • Share of Luxury Yacht Charter Agencies Worldwide
  • Luxury Yacht Charter Agencies by Region
  • Types by Clients Location
  • Types by Business Model Focus
  • Digital Business Models Prevalence
  • Business Model Focus in Relation to Client Segments
  • Types by Business Model Logic
  • Share of P2P Yacht Charter Agencies Worldwide
  • P2P Yacht Charter Agencies by Region
  • Types by Level of Specialization
  • Types by Charter Destinations
  • Types by Boats Offered
  • Types by Charter Duration
  • Types by Scope
  • Types by Special Products
  • Prevalence of Special Products
  • Types by Extra Services
  • Prevalence of Extra Nautical Services
  • Prevalence of Extra Non-Nautical Services
  • Types by Brand Approach
  • Prevalence of Multiple Yacht Charter Brands
  • Types by Mode of Financing
  • Yacht Charter Agencies With External Financing
  • Overview of Criteria and Types
9. Yacht Charter Agency Positioning Framework
  • Presenting the Framework
  • How to Use the Framework
  • Agency Benchmarking Options
  • Agency Positioning and Development
  • Repositioning the Company
  • Locating Potential Improvements
10. Pros & Cons of Selected Business Models
  • Platform Models Pros & Cons
  • Specialization Pros & Cons
  • Multiple Brands Pros & Cons
  • Extra Services Pros & Cons
11. Interesting Profiles, Features and Examples
  • Example 1: High Success With Flotilla Concept
  • Example 2: Regatta Agency Concept
  • Example 3: Personal Touch Agencies
  • Example 4: P2P Hybrid Platforms
  • Example 5: Pure P2P Models
  • Example 6: Universal Digital Yacht Charter Agencies
  • Example 7: Full Service Luxury Yachting Agencies
12. New Emerging Types of Agencies
  • Emerging Model Example 1
  • Emerging Model Example 2
  • Emerging Model Example 3
13. Key Trends and Opportunities
  • Expected Industry Trends
Tables and FiguresAbout the Author



Executive Summary

This report, after presenting the methodology, begins with an industry global overview section, which is particularly useful for readers who are not familiar with the details of the yacht charter industry. Namely, the yacht charter industry is very specific, and in many ways non-standard, so it can be quite useful to deepen the understanding of its main concepts before proceeding further.

This is followed by a section explaining some of the key characteristics of the major participants in the yacht charter market - i.e. the three distinct kinds of companies that dynamically interact in order for the yacht charter market to function.

The next section contains important insights into yacht charter agencies. It analyses and provides research results on the aspects of specialization and competitiveness, as well as the market concentration and market profitability in the yacht charter industry. Survey findings on all of these topics have been presented, along with the relevant conclusions. Furthermore, some very specific yacht charter industry processes have been outlined in this chapter.

The report then goes on to analyze the geographical distribution of yacht charter agencies, describing the specific developments in each major region. Prevalence per country has also been included. This is followed by relevant conclusions, as well as an explanation of the regional development scenarios, which are particularly useful for contemplating the possible development directions in the nascent markets. Two distinct possible scenarios of development have been explained.

Next, the analysis goes deeper - towards understanding the very fabric of the yacht charter market. The actual differentiation criteria of the active yacht charter agencies have been identified, and for each of the 14 criteria, the relevant classification has been provided, including the explanation of the underlying business models.

This extensive section goes indeed deeply into the market structures and provides thorough information necessary for understanding its dynamics. It gives insights into characteristics of various business models, as well as various industry segments, among other details. It also shows the prevalence of different services - both nautical and non-nautical - provided by yacht charter agencies. Last but not least, the section contains relevant examples of external financing obtained by several yacht charter agencies. In total, by analyzing this particular section one can dive deeply into the diverse and dynamic world of yacht charter agencies.

After summarizing all classification dimensions and their key variations, a yacht charter agency positioning and development framework has been provided, whereby one can visually analyze particular agencies, as well as benchmark them and compare them mutually. This tool can also be quite useful for decision-making about the developments of yacht charter agencies or relations with them, for fostering strategic innovation, as well as for directing particular investments and strategies in the market. Several examples of potential framework use have been presented in this section as well.

The section that follows deals with the pros and cons of various strategic choices in this market and enables easier comparison between relevant business models, as well as easier decision-making on the key topics.

The examples of the actual companies and their market approach are provided in the following chapter. Seven distinct business models have been presented (which are highly relevant in the context of yacht charter industry), along with the names of actual leading companies that pursue those models. This section contains particularly interesting information on diverse business approaches.

This is followed by a presentation of several emerging types of business models in the sector, which may be particularly indicative of expected future trends. For each of the analyzed emerging models, an example of the actual company pursuing it has been provided. This section may be inspiring for the report readers to consider strategic innovations in their own businesses.

Finally, the report is finishing with an overview - and explanation - of possible future business trends and developments in the yacht charter industry.


Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • 12Knots
  • 2Yachts
  • Barquo
  • BoatBureau
  • Boatflex
  • Boatsetter
  • Borrow a Boat
  • Burgess
  • Camper & Nicholsons
  • Click&Boat
  • Fraser Yachts
  • GetBoat
  • GetMyBoat
  • GlobeSailor
  • Nautal
  • Northrop & Johnson
  • Sailo
  • Sailogy
  • SamBoat
  • SkipperMyBoat
  • The Yacht Week
  • Yachtico
  • Zizooboats