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The Global Digital Diabetes Care Market 2020: Going Beyond Diabetes Management

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  • 81 Pages
  • November 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Research2Guidance
  • ID: 5264971

The Digital Diabetes Care Market 2020: Going Beyond Diabetes Management report is the fourth edition of the comprehensive analysis of the global digital diabetes care market. This version provides a fresh look at digital solutions (apps, connected devices, and services) for diabetes patients, healthcare professionals, and payers. It analyzes historical market trends (2008 to 2019) and gives a future outlook for the market till 2024, including the forecast for the addressable market, downloads, revenue streams, etc.

Product Description

Diabetes is a global epidemic that affects 463m patients and costs USD 760b annually (IDF). Digital diabetes solutions have disrupted the diabetes care market and are changing overall chronic care, targeting not only diabetes but also its various comorbidities, such as obesity, hypertension, and depression.

The fourth edition focuses on the continued expansion of digital diabetes providers into other chronic conditions (vertical expansion) and new service opportunities (horizontal expansion), highlighting the market’s strategic direction in the next few years. This expansion will create new revenue opportunities, improve payer acceptance, and grow user bases beyond the diagnosed diabetes audience.

The new report covers:

  • The sizing of the global market opportunity: Demographic target group and addressable market.
  • Extensive analysis of the digital diabetes ecosystem: Number of solutions, downloads, number of monthly active users, etc.
  • Segmentation by type of solutions.
  • Market revenue dynamics, including revenue structure by revenue source.
  • Overview of clinical evidence.
  • Detailed analysis of the market competition: Top 10 rankings by downloads, user base, and revenue.
  • Top 10 market players: Description of offerings, mobile app portfolio performance, strategy analysis.
  • Top 10 country profiles: Market opportunity size, number of solutions, downloads, number of users, Top 5 players.
  • Major trends in the digital diabetes market.
  • Market’s forecast till 2024

In “The Global Digital Diabetes Care Market 2020: Going Beyond Diabetes Management” report the following companies and apps are mentioned and covered: LifeScan Inc., Ascensia Diabetes Care, Informed Data Systems (One Drop), mySugr (Roche), H2 Inc., Livongo Health, Omada Health, Abbott, Dexcom, Dario Health, One Touch Reveal, Noom Coach, Diabetes Risk Checker, Diabetes Evaluation+, Diabetes Plus (SquareMed Software), Mon Glucocompteur (Sanofi), HelpDiabetes, Diabetes Forum, Gather Health Family Diabetes, Oxford Handbook End & Diabetes, NICE Guidance, Blood Sugar Diary ( Droidrig), Easy Diabetes (Moonstone Apps), Blood Sugar Log (Futuretech), Glucose ( AddaptLLC), Glucose Tracker (MEL Studio), Diabetes Diet FREE, Diabetic Friendly Recipes, Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load, HypoAlert, GlucoTimer, Diabetes Alarm – Care Now, Diabetes Clinic, BeatO Diabetes Management (Health Arx Technologies Limited), Guardian Connect (Medtronic), Eversense (Senseonic), MedHelp, Tactio Health and Physera.


Table of Contents

1 Scope of The Report

2 Management Summary

3 Global Digital Diabetes Opportunity
3.1 The Addressable Market Size
3.2 The Addressable Market Value

4 Current Status of The Market
4.1 Diabetes Apps Developments: The Net Decrease due to Store Cleansings
4.2 Diabetes Apps Ecosystem: The Popularity of Different App Categories
4.3 Download and Usage Trends in the Diabetes App Market (2015-2020)
4.4 Revenue Trends and Developments in the Diabetes App Market (2016-2019)
4.5 Clinical Trials by Digital Diabetes Solution Providers

5 Competitive Landscape of Diabetes App Providers
5.1 Digital Diabetes Landscape: The Expansion of Digital Solution Providers
5.2 Digital Diabetes Publishers: Top 10

6 Leading Digital Diabetes Providers: Offerings, Performance, and Strategies
6.1 LifeScan Inc.
6.2 Ascensia Diabetes Care
6.3 Informed Data Systems (One Drop)
6.4 mySugr (Roche)
6.5 H2 Inc.
6.6 Livongo Health
6.7 Omada Health
6.8 Abbott
6.9 Dexcom
6.10 Dario Health

7 Diabetes Market Status Per Country
7.1 The United States
7.2 India
7.3 Germany
7.4 The United Kingdom
7.5 China
7.6 Mexico
7.7 France
7.8 Brazil
7.9 Spain
7.10 Russia

8 The Four Major Trends That Are Shaping The Global Digital Diabetes Market
8.1 Expansion of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems: Digital Offering Will Become the Main Differentiator
8.2 Hardware vs Pure Service Play: Who Will Lead the Digital Diabetes Market?
8.3 Horizontal and Vertical Expansion in the Digital Diabetes Market: Diabetes Providers Evolve into Multi-Condition Chronic Care Platforms
8.4 New Reimbursement Opportunities for Diabetes Care Providers: Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Open Additional Revenue Streams

9 Outlook: The Next Five Years to 2022
9.1 The Global Addressable Market and Active User Forecast (2019 to 2024)
9.2 The global market Revenue forecast (2019-2024)

10 Appendix
10.1 About the Analyst
10.2 List of Figures and Tables

List of Figures
Figure 1: Global Addressable Target Group for Digital Diabetes Solutions (2019)
Figure 2: Top Ten Largest Country Demographic Groups (2019)
Figure 3: Top Ten Largest Country Addressable Target Groups (2019)
Figure 4: Global Addressable Market for Digital Diabetes Solutions (2019)
Figure 5: Top 10 Largest Countries by Diabetes Market Costs (2019)
Figure 6: Global Number of Mobile Diabetes Apps (2008-2020)
Figure 7: Global Number of Diabetes Apps by Platform (2017-2019)
Figure 8: Breakdown of Diabetes Apps by Categories in 2018 and 2019 Globally (% of the Total Number of Apps)
Figure 9: Global Number of Diabetes App Downloads and Monthly Active Users (2015-2019)
Figure 10: Breakdown of Core Diabetes App Categories in 2018 and 2019 Globally (% of the Total Number of Downloads)
Figure 11: Global Number of Diabetes App Downloads by Platform (2017-2020)
Figure 12: Global Number of Diabetes App Users by Platform (2017-2019)
Figure 13: Global Digital Diabetes Care Market Revenue (2016-2019)
Figure 14: Global Digital Diabetes Care Market Revenue by Major Source 2018 vs 2019 (US$, % of Total)
Figure 15: Global Number of Diabetes App Publishers by Platform (2008-2020)
Figure 21: Top 10 Publishers’ Market Shares, 2020 (% of Total Diabetes App Downloads)
Figure 17: Top 10 Digital Diabetes Markets in 2019 (Downloads, MAUs, User Adoption Rate)
Figure 18: Evolution of CGM products (as of September 2020)
Figure 18: The Global Addressable Target Group (2019-2024)
Figure 20: The Global Number of Diabetes Apps Downloads (2019-2024)
Figure 21: The Global Number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) of Diabetes Apps (2019-2024)
Figure 19: The Global Number of Diabetes Apps (2019-2024)
Figure 22: Global Digital Diabetes Care Market Revenue (2017-2022)

List of Tables
Table 1: LifeScan’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 2: LifeScan’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 3: Ascensia’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 4: Ascensia’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 5: One Drop’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 6: One Drop’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 7: mySugr’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 8: mySugr’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 9: H2’s Digital Ecosystem Overview
Table 10: H2’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 11: Livongo’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 12: Livongo’s App Performance
Table 13: Omada’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 14: Omada’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 15: Abbott’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 16: Abbot’s App Store Performance
Table 17: Dexcom’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 18: Dexcom’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 19: Dario Health’s Digital Ecosystem
Table 20: Dario Health’s App Portfolio Performance
Table 21: The U.S.'s Digital Diabetes Market
Table 22: India's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 23: Germany's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 24: The U.K.'s Digital Diabetes Market
Table 25: China's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 26: Mexico's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 27: France's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 28: Brazil's Digital Diabetes Market
Table 29: Spain’s Digital Diabetes Market
Table 30: Russia's Digital Diabetes Market



Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Abbott
  • Ascensia Diabetes Care
  • Dario Health
  • Dexcom
  • H2 Inc.
  • Informed Data Systems (One Drop) 
  • LifeScan Inc.
  • Livongo Health
  • mySugr (Roche)
  • Omada Health