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The Global Market for Wearable Electronic Skin Patches 2023-2033

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  • 242 Pages
  • January 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5309971

With growing interest in continuous health monitoring and wider concerns about public health, daily health care platforms are becoming increasingly important. The market for wearables such as smart watches and fitness trackers have boomed in recent years. Although these devices are widely used for monitoring biological signals, including heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure, there are issues with provision of accurate physiological information owing to the lack of conformal contact with the skin during daily activities. This has led to the development of electronic skin (e-skin) patches, which noninvasively detect signals on the skin with conformal contact.

Applications include:

  • diagnostics from sweat and interstitial fluid.
  • temperature, cardiovascular and hydration monitoring.
  • cosmetic treatments with electrical stimulation.
  • continuous glucose monitoring. 
  • wrinkle removal via electrical stimulation. 
  • wound healing of skin accelerated by ionic currents that can activate electromigration of keratinocytes.
  • iontophoretic drug delivery. 
  • ergonomic human-machine.
  • motion sensing. 

The Global Market for Wearable Electronic Skin Patches 2023-2033 provides an in depth analysis of the market for electronic skin patches, which is shaping the future of healthcare. Product areas covered include continuous glucose monitoring (CGN) skin patches, cardiovascular  monitoring skin patches, temperature and respiratory rate monitoring, pregnancy and new born monitoring, electrical stimulation skin patches, hydration and sweat sensing skin patches, wound monitoring and care, motion sensing, medical implants, sleep trackers, wearable RFID, robotics,  and wireless and self-powering skin patches.  

Report contents include:

  • Insight into how healthcare is being transformed with data collection and monitoring through wearable electronic skin patches. 
  • Global market revenues for electronic skin patches, by market, historical and forecast to 2033. 
  • Analysis of electronic skin patches for disease prevention, clinical trials and chronic disease management
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Overview of the future market for wearable electronic skin patches. 
  • Profiles of 167 companies in the electronic skin patches market.  Companies profiled include Amorepacific, AquilX, Biobeat Technologies Ltd., Epicore Biosystems Inc., Nutromics, Point Fit Technology,  Samay, Vaxxas, Virility Medical, X-trodes and many more. 

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Table of Contents

1.1 The evolution of electronics
1.2 The wearables revolution
1.3 The wearable tech market in 2022
1.4 Wearable market leaders
1.5 From rigid to flexible and stretchable
1.6 Flexible and stretchable electronics in wearables
1.7 Organic and printed electronics
1.8 Market drivers and trends
1.9 Advances in wearable healthcare devices
1.10 Skin-based wearable devices
1.11 Innovations at CES 2021
1.12 Innovations at CES 2022
1.13 Investment funding and buy-outs 2019-2022


3.1 Market drivers
3.2 Current state of the art in electronic skin patches
3.3 Wearable medical device products
3.4 Applications of skin patches
3.4.1 Electronic skin sensors
3.4.2 Nanomaterials-based devices Graphene
3.4.3 Conductive hydrogels for soft and flexible electronics
3.4.4 Materials Summary of advanced materials
3.5 Market challenges

4.1 Temperature and respiratory rate monitoring
4.1.1 Market overview
4.1.2 Companies and products
4.2 Wearable and health monitoring and rehabilitation
4.2.1 Market overview
4.2.2 Companies and products
4.3 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
4.3.1 Market overview
4.3.2 Minimally-invasive CGM sensors Technologies
4.3.3 Non-invasive CGM sensors Commercial devices Companies and products
4.4 Cardiovascular monitoring
4.4.1 Market overview
4.4.2 ECG sensors Companies and products
4.4.3 PPG sensors Companies and products
4.5 Pregnancy and newborn monitoring
4.5.1 Market overview
4.5.2 Companies and products
4.6 Hydration sensors
4.6.1 Market overview
4.6.2 Companies and products
4.7 Wearable sweat sensors (medical and sports)
4.7.1 Market overview
4.7.2 Companies and products
4.8 Wearable drug delivery
4.8.1 Market overview
4.8.2 Companies and products
4.9 Femtech devices
4.9.1 Market overview
4.9.2 Companies and products
4.10 Cosmetic skin patches
4.10.1 Market overview
4.10.2 Companies and products
4.11 Smart woundcare patches
4.11.1 Market overview
4.11.2 Applications
4.11.3 Companies and products
4.12 Smart diapers
4.12.1 Companies and products
4.13 Fitness trackers
4.13.1 Market overview
4.13.2 Companies and products
4.14 Sleep trackers
4.14.1 Market overview

5.1 Global wearables market
5.2 Market share, by product type



List of Tables
Table 1. Types of wearable devices and applications
Table 2. Types of wearable devices and the data collected
Table 3. Main Wearable Device Companies by Shipment Volume, Market Share, and Year-Over-Year Growth, (million units)
Table 4. New wearable tech products in 2022
Table 5. Wearable market leaders by market segment
Table 6. Applications in printed, flexible and stretchable electronics, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof
Table 7. Market drivers and trends in wearable electronics
Table 8. Wearable electronics at CES 2021
Table 9. Wearable electronics at CES 2022
Table 10. Wearables Investment funding and buy-outs 2019-2022
Table 11. Market drivers for electronic skin patches
Table 12. Examples of wearable medical device products
Table 13. Wearable bio-signal monitoring devices
Table 14. Applications in flexible and stretchable health monitors, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof
Table 15. Market challenges in medical and healthcare sensors and wearables
Table 16. Medical wearable companies applying products to temperate and respiratory monitoring and analysis
Table 17. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection-advantages and disadvantages
Table 18. Commercial devices for non-invasive glucose monitoring not released or withdrawn from market
Table 19. Minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose monitoring products
Table 20. Companies developing wearable swear sensors
Table 21. Wearable drug delivery companies and products
Table 22. Companies developing femtech wearable technology
Table 23. Wearable drug delivery companies and products
Table 24. Companies and products, cosmetics and drug delivery patches
Table 25. Companies and products in smart wound care
Table 26. Companies developing smart diaper products
Table 27. Wearable sensors for sports performance
Table 28. Wearable sensor products for monitoring sport performance
Table 29. Example wearable sleep tracker products and prices
Table 30. Sleep monitoring products
Table 31. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2033, millions of US dollars, by product

List of Figures
Figure 1. Evolution of electronics
Figure 2. A) Evolution of wearable medical devices (B) Application of wearable devices in the healthcare and biomedical monitoring systems
Figure 3. Wove Band
Figure 4. Wearable graphene medical sensor
Figure 5. Stretchable transistor
Figure 6. Applications timeline for organic and printed electronics
Figure 7. Baby Monitor
Figure 8. Wearable health monitor incorporating graphene photodetectors
Figure 9. Classification of Healthcare Wearable Devices (HWDs)
Figure 10. Artificial skin prototype for gesture recognition
Figure 11. Applications of wearable flexible sensors worn on various body parts
Figure 12. Connected human body and product examples
Figure 13. Smart e-skin system comprising health-monitoring sensors, displays, and ultra flexible PLEDs
Figure 14. Graphene medical patch
Figure 15. Graphene-based E-skin patch
Figure 16. Enfucell wearable temperature tag
Figure 17. TempTraQ wearable wireless thermometer
Figure 18. Companies and products in wearable health monitoring and rehabilitation devices and products
Figure 19. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection
Figure 20. Schematic of non-invasive CGM sensor
Figure 21. Adhesive wearable CGM sensor
Figure 22. VitalPatch
Figure 23. Wearable ECG-textile
Figure 24. Wearable ECG recorder
Figure 25. Nexkin™
Figure 26. Bloomlife
Figure 27. Nanowire skin hydration patch
Figure 28. NIX sensors
Figure 29. Wearable sweat sensor
Figure 30. Wearable graphene sweat sensor
Figure 31. Gatorade's GX Sweat Patch
Figure 32. Sweat sensor incorporated into face mask
Figure 33. D-mine Pump
Figure 34. Lab-on-Skin™
Figure 35. Brilliantly Warm
Figure 36. Ava Fertility tracker
Figure 37. S9 Pro breast pump
Figure 38. Tempdrop
Figure 39. My UV Patch
Figure 40. Overview layers of L'Oreal skin patch
Figure 41. Schematic of smart wound dressing
Figure 42. REPAIR electronic patch concept. Image courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Figure 43. ABENA Nova smart diaper
Figure 44. Wearable bio-fluid monitoring system for monitoring of hydration
Figure 45. Beddr SleepTuner
Figure 46. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2033, millions of US dollars, by product
Figure 47. Global market for medical and healthcare sensors and wearables, 2022-2033, by market share of product type
Figure 48. Sigi™ Insulin Management System
Figure 49. MIT and Amorepacific's chip-free skin sensor
Figure 50. Anpoly cellulose nanofiber hydrogel
Figure 51. MEDICELLU™
Figure 52. C-Stretch™
Figure 53. Biobeat patch and wristband
Figure 54. BioSticker™
Figure 55. Carewear LED light patches
Figure 56. BioSleeve®
Figure 57. In ear wearable sensor
Figure 58. Jewel Patch Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator 
Figure 59. EOPatch
Figure 60. Connected Hydration patch
Figure 61. Fleming Medical Ltd. wound dressing
Figure 62. FloPatch
Figure 63. CORE from Genteg AG
Figure 64. MYSA - 'Relax Shirt'
Figure 65. DRYODES™ electrode
Figure 66. Life Signals LP1250 Wireless Medical Biosensor
Figure 67. LifeSpan patch
Figure 68. Mawi Heart Patch
Figure 69. VitalPatch MD
Figure 70. Electroskin integration schematic
Figure 71. Neopenda neonatal device
Figure 72. Nix Biosensors patch
Figure 73. Nutromics’ wearable DNA sensor lab-on-a-patch
Figure 74. Point Fit Technology skin patch
Figure 75. Sylvee 1.0
Figure 76. Powered Clothing™
Figure 77. TAP device
Figure 78. Sorrel Medical’s wearable drug delivery devices
Figure 79. intelligent Care Belt
Figure 80. Feelzing Energy Patch
Figure 81. Ultrahuman wearable glucose monitor
Figure 82. Vaxxas patch

Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • 1drop
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • AffordSENS Corporation
  • Aidar Health
  • AMF Medical
  • Amorepacific Corporation
  • AMSU (Shenzhen) New Technology CoLtd.
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  • Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.
  • Bend Labs
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  • Biofourmis, Inc.
  • BioIntelliSense
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  • Biorithm Pte Ltd.
  • BioSenseTek Coporation
  • BioSerenity SAS
  • BioTelemetry, Inc.
  • Biotricity
  • Bittium Corporation
  • BloomerTech
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  • Bold Diagnostics
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  • Borsam Biomedical Instruments Co., Ltd.
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  • Epicore Biosystems
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  • Equivital
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  • FinnAdvance
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  • Isansys Lifecare
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  • Kenzen, Inc.
  • Know Labs
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  • LifePlus
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  • NanoVation-GS
  • Nanowear, Inc.
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  • Neopenda
  • Nippon Mektron, Ltd.
  • Nix Biosensors
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  • Nutromics
  • Omron Healthcare
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  • Pacific Diabetes Technologies
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  • Zive