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The Cold Chain Tracking and Monitoring Market - 3rd Edition

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  • 171 Pages
  • October 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Berg Insight AB
  • ID: 5325096

The Market Value for Cold Chain Tracking to Reach €1.6 Billion in 2027

This study investigates the market for tracking and monitoring refrigerated containers, trailers, swap bodies, rail freight wagons, air freight ULDs as well as pallets and cargo boxes. The installed base of active remote tracking systems for these use cases is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 19.4 percent from 4.0 million units at the end of 2022 to 9.7 million units by 2027. Perishable foods, vaccines and pharmaceuticals, chemicals and electronics can benefit greatly from these solutions as they are typically sensitive to exposure to temperature variations during transportation. Get up to date with the latest information about vendors, products and markets.

Rapid growth on the horizon for the cold chain tracking solutions market

Shipments of remote tracking systems with cellular or satellite communications capabilities for refrigerated cargo carrying units including trailers, intermodal containers, rail freight wagons and air freight ULDs reached 725,000 units worldwide in 2022. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8 percent, shipments are expected to reach 1.2 million units in 2027. During the same period, the installed base of active tracking devices used for refrigerated cargo carrying units is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 13.0 percent from 2.4 million units at the end of 2022 to 4.4 million units by 2027. The number of active tracking devices and real-time data loggers in use for general cargo applications, including insulated cargo boxes and pallet shippers, reached 1.6 million units at the end of 2022. The number of active devices is forecasted to reach 5.2 million units at the end of 2027. Yearly device shipments in this category will grow from 5.9 million units in 2022 to reach 22.5 million units in 2027.

The cold chain tracking and monitoring market is served by a wide range of players. ORBCOMM has a large installed base of connected vehicles and assets. The company is the number one player in the refrigerated trailer and container tracking segment with close to 0.5 million units installed. Maersk has rolled out a system for real-time tracking of its entire fleet of 380,000 refrigerated containers, making it the largest refrigerated container tracking project worldwide. The Denmark-based tracking specialist Globe Tracker is the third largest provider of tracking solutions for refrigerated containers. The company has equipped the major shipping company Hapag-Lloyd’s entire fleet of around 160,000 reefer containers with tracking units. Additional leading players in the refrigerated intermodal container tracking segment include Envotech, Cooltrax and Copeland (formerly Emerson Climate Technologies). Leading refrigerated trailer tracking players moreover include Spireon, Schmitz Cargobull, CalAmp and Idem Telematics. Intermodal Telematics and SAVVY Telematics Systems are leading vendors of temperature-controlled tank container tracking solutions.

“The market for real-time tracking solutions for cold chain applications continues to grow as the demand for up-to-date and relevant logistics data increases”, says Martin Backman, Principal Analyst. The data can provide benefits for several departments within an organization and be used not only to optimize logistics processes but also to improve customer service, settle claims faster and more. A single load of cargo transported in the cold chain can be worth millions of euros. “Real-time tracking is a very cost-effective way to prevent high-value cargo from being spoiled or damaged”, continues Mr. Backman. As the cost for IoT devices and connectivity services continues to decrease it becomes financially viable to also track goods of lower value. “The addressable market for cold chain tracking solutions will expand substantially in the next years”, concludes Mr. Backman.

Highlights from the report:

  • Insights from 30 executive interviews with market leading companies.
  • Comprehensive overview of the refrigerated cargo tracking value chain and key applications.
  • In-depth analysis of market trends and key developments.
  • Summary of major refrigerated cargo tracking initiatives worldwide.
  • Updated profiles of 79 cold chain tracking solution providers.
  • Detailed forecasts by market segment lasting until 2027.
  • The latest trends in cold chain logistics and the tracking of cargo and cargo carrying units including trailers, intermodal containers, ULDs and rail wagons.

This report answers the following questions

  • Which are the leading providers of cold chain tracking solutions?
  • What offerings are available from device vendors and service providers?
  • Which modes of refrigerated transport have the highest penetration rates?
  • What impact will regulations and legislations have on the market?
  • What are the key drivers behind the adoption of refrigerated cargo tracking solutions?
  • What are the latest trends in the cold chain tracking market?
  • What impact will technology advancements have on the market?
  • How will the cold chain tracking industry evolve in the future?

Who should read this report?

The Cold Chain Tracking and Monitoring Market is the foremost source of information about the adoption of tracking solutions for refrigerated cargo and cargo containers, including trailers, intermodal containers, air freight ULDs and rail wagons. Whether you are a tracking solution provider, device vendor, cargo transportation stakeholder, telecom operator, investor, consultant, or government agency, you will gain valuable insights from this in-depth research.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1 Global Freight Transport Overview
1.1 International merchandise trade
1.1.1 Freight transportation modes
1.1.2 Logistics units and containerisation
1.1.3 Ports, terminals and trade lanes
1.1.4 Global container shipping companies and air cargo airlines
1.2 Containers, trailers, rail freight wagons and ULDs
1.2.1 Intermodal shipping containers
1.2.2 Trailers and semi-trailers
1.2.3 Rail freight wagons
1.2.4 Air freight unit load devices

2 The Cold Chain Industry
2.1 The cold supply chain
2.2 Goods transported in the cold chain
2.3 Cold chain regulations
2.3.1 North America
2.3.2 Europe
2.3.3 Rest of the world
2.4 Cold chain monitoring solutions
2.4.1 Cold chain tracking infrastructure
2.4.2 Benefits of using tracking solutions
2.5 Business models

3 Market Forecasts and Trends
3.1 Market analysis
3.1.1 Installed base and unit shipments
3.1.2 Regional markets
3.1.3 Market value
3.1.4 Vendor market shares
3.2 Value chain analysis
3.2.1 Refrigerated cargo and cargo container tracking solution providers
3.2.2 Refrigerated cargo container OEMs
3.2.3 Cold chain logistics service providers
3.3 Market drivers and barriers
3.3.1 Macroeconomic environment
3.3.2 Regulatory environment
3.3.3 Competitive environment
3.3.4 Technology environment
3.4 Future industry trends
3.4.1 Cold chain monitoring solutions lead the cargo tracking market
3.4.2 The pandemic accelerated uptake of cold chain monitoring solutions
3.4.3 Container shipping companies’ record profits accelerate investments in IoT
3.4.4 Sustainability goals can be reached by using real-time monitoring solutions
3.4.5 Incumbent data logger providers bet on real-time technologies
3.4.6 2G/3G network sunsets create opportunities for tracking solution providers
3.4.7 Smart labels may revolutionise parcel tracking
3.4.8 Shipment monitoring services becomes increasingly common

4 Cold Chain Tracking Solution Providers
4.1 Refrigerated cargo container tracking solution providers
4.1.1 AddSecure
4.1.2 ArrowSpot
4.1.3 Astrata Europe
4.1.4 Ayantra
4.1.5 Bosch
4.1.6 CalAmp
4.1.7 CLS Group
4.1.8 Contguard
4.1.9 Cooltrax
4.1.10 Copeland
4.1.11 Digi International
4.1.12 Envotech
4.1.13 EROAD
4.1.14 G7 Yiliu
4.1.15 Globe Tracker
4.1.16 Idem Telematics (BPW)
4.1.17 Intermodal Telematics
4.1.18 Kirsen Global Security
4.1.19 Motive Technologies
4.1.20 Nexxiot
4.1.21 ORBCOMM
4.1.22 Powerfleet
4.1.23 Purfresh
4.1.24 Samsara
4.1.25 SAVVY Telematic Systems
4.1.26 Sensolus
4.1.27 Spireon (Solera)
4.1.28 Swinnus
4.1.29 Sycada
4.1.30 T42 IoT Tracking Solutions
4.1.31 T Comm Telematics
4.1.32 Transics (ZF)
4.1.33 Ubidata
4.1.34 WITRAC
4.1.35 Zenatek
4.2 Refrigerated cargo tracking solution providers
4.2.1 7PSolutions
4.2.2 Adapt Ideations
4.2.3 Berlinger
4.2.4 CartaSense
4.2.5 Controlant
4.2.6 DeltaTrak
4.2.7 ELPRO (Bosch)
4.2.8 Escavox
4.2.9 Frigga (Shanghai Dewav IoT Technology)
4.2.10 Hanhaa
4.2.11 Intelyt
4.2.12 OnAsset Intelligence
4.2.13 Onset
4.2.14 ParkourSC
4.2.15 Roambee
4.2.16 Sendum Wireless
4.2.17 Sensitech (Carrier)
4.2.18 Sony
4.2.19 Tempmate
4.2.20 Tive
4.2.21 Trusted
4.2.22 TSS
4.2.23 Versa
4.2.24 Xsense
4.3 Refrigerated cargo container OEMs
4.3.1 Carrier
4.3.2 China International Marine Containers (CIMC)
4.3.3 Cold Chain Technologies
4.3.4 Cryoport
4.3.5 CSafe Global
4.3.6 Daikin Industries
4.3.7 Envirotainer
4.3.8 Krone
4.3.9 Maersk Container Industry
4.3.10 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
4.3.11 Schmitz Cargobull
4.3.12 Sonoco ThermoSafe
4.3.13 Thermo King (Trane Technologies)
4.3.14 Utility Trailer Manufacturing
4.4 Cold chain logistics service providers
4.4.1 DB Schenker
4.4.2 FedEx
4.4.3 Hapag-Lloyd
4.4.4 Maersk
4.4.5 UPS
4.4.6 ZIM

List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Index for GDP and international merchandise trade (World 1991-2021)
Figure 1.2: Merchandise trade by region (World 2021)
Figure 1.3: External trade by mode of transport (EU-27 2020)
Figure 1.4: Container port throughput (World 2005-2021)
Figure 1.5: Top 10 container ports (World 2021)
Figure 1.6: Top 10 air cargo ports (World 2022)
Figure 1.7: Top 10 container shipping companies (World Q2-2023)
Figure 1.8: Air cargo growth rates by major market (World 2022)
Figure 1.9: Top 10 air cargo airlines (World 2021)
Figure 1.10: Global fleet of cargo carrying units (2022)
Figure 1.11: Examples of intermodal container form factors
Figure 1.12: Intermodal container fleet size (World 2016-2022)
Figure 1.13: Intermodal container fleet by type (World 2022)
Figure 1.14: Examples of trailer form factors
Figure 1.15: Cargo trailer fleet by region (World 2022)
Figure 1.16: Top 10 trailer manufacturers (World 2022)
Figure 1.17: Examples of rail wagon form factors
Figure 1.18: Number of rail freight wagons per region (World 2022)
Figure 1.19: Examples of ULD form factors
Figure 2.1: The cold supply chain
Figure 2.2: Optimum temperature levels for different products in the cold chain
Figure 2.3: Real-time cargo and cargo container tracking infrastructure overview
Figure 2.4: Examples of device form factors for refrigerated cargo and cargo containers
Figure 2.5: Top 10 mobile operators by IoT connections (World Q4-2022)
Figure 2.6: Satellite network operators by IoT subscriber base (World Q4-2022)
Figure 3.1: Refrigerated cargo carrying unit tracking device shipments (World 2022-2027)
Figure 3.2: Refrigerated cargo tracking device shipments (World 2022-2027)
Figure 3.3: Refrigerated trailer tracking devices per region (World 2022-2027)
Figure 3.4: Cold chain monitoring market value (World 2022-2027)
Figure 3.5: The leading refrigerated cargo carrying unit tracking vendors (Q4-2022)
Figure 3.6: The leading refrigerated trailer tracking vendors (Q4-2022)
Figure 3.7: The leading refrigerated intermodal container tracking vendors (Q4-2022)
Figure 4.1: ArrowTrack SAT tracking device
Figure 4.2: Bosch Connect S2 Solar gateway
Figure 4.3: SmartSense by Digi
Figure 4.4: Envotech’s RadioSecure SLM
Figure 4.5: G7 Refrigerated trailer
Figure 4.6: Motive IoT hardware range
Figure 4.7: Nexxiot’s Cargo Monitor device and online portal
Figure 4.8: CT 3500 reefer container tracking device
Figure 4.9: ORBCOMM’s installed base of trailer and container tracking units (Q4-2022)
Figure 4.10: Powerfleet’s LV-500 solar tracker
Figure 4.11: Purfresh active atmosphere panels
Figure 4.12: The AG51 asset gateway
Figure 4.13: Sensolus end-to-end tracking solution
Figure 4.14: Spireon FL Flex 2 and FL Flex 2+modular trailer tracking devices
Figure 4.15: Swinnus’ reefer container tracking devices
Figure 4.16: T Comm Telematics TCT450 telematics unit and wireless sensors
Figure 4.17: TX-TRAILERGUARD tracking device and TX-CONNECT software
Figure 4.18: Controlant real-time logger
Figure 4.19: LIBERO G real-time tracking and data logging solution
Figure 4.20: The Escavox tracking portal and Blue Box tracking device
Figure 4.21: Frigga real-time data loggers
Figure 4.22: The Parcelive tracker and online portal
Figure 4.23: The SENTRY 600 FlightSafe tracking device and Sentinel sensor tag
Figure 4.24: The Onset InTemp CX1000 series of real-time data loggers
Figure 4.25: Sendum’s PT300 package tracker
Figure 4.26: The TempTale Geo Ultra real-time data logger
Figure 4.27: The Sony Visilion tracker and online application
Figure 4.28: The Tempmate-GS2 real-time data logger with probe
Figure 4.29: The Tive Solo 5G and Tive Temperature Beacon
Figure 4.30: Carrier Transicold trailer refrigeration unit
Figure 4.31: The Exigo E1500 trailer refrigeration unit
Figure 4.32: The Sekstant gateway
Figure 4.33: The Pegasus ULD container
Figure 4.34: The Thermo King Precedent connected trailer refrigeration unit

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • 7PSolutions
  • Adapt Ideations
  • AddSecure
  • ArrowSpot
  • Astrata Europe
  • Ayantra
  • Berlinger
  • Bosch
  • CalAmp
  • Carrier
  • CartaSense
  • China International Marine Containers (CIMC)
  • CLS Group
  • Cold Chain Technologies
  • Contguard
  • Controlant
  • Cooltrax
  • Copeland
  • Cryoport
  • CSafe Global
  • Daikin Industries
  • DB Schenker
  • DeltaTrak
  • Digi International
  • ELPRO (Bosch)
  • Envirotainer
  • Envotech
  • Escavox
  • FedEx
  • Frigga (Shanghai Dewav IoT Technology)
  • G7 Yiliu
  • Globe Tracker
  • Hanhaa
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Idem Telematics (BPW)
  • Intelyt
  • Intermodal Telematics
  • Kirsen Global Security
  • Krone
  • Maersk
  • Maersk Container Industry
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Motive Technologies
  • Nexxiot
  • OnAsset Intelligence
  • Onset
  • ParkourSC
  • Powerfleet
  • Purfresh
  • Roambee
  • Samsara
  • SAVVY Telematic Systems
  • Schmitz Cargobull
  • Sendum Wireless
  • Sensitech (Carrier)
  • Sensolus
  • Sonoco ThermoSafe
  • Sony
  • Spireon (Solera)
  • Swinnus
  • Sycada
  • T Comm Telematics
  • T42 IoT Tracking Solutions
  • Tempmate
  • Thermo King (Trane Technologies)
  • Tive
  • Transics (ZF)
  • Trusted
  • TSS
  • Ubidata
  • UPS
  • Utility Trailer Manufacturing
  • Versa
  • Xsense
  • Zenatek
  • ZIM





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