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Mucosal Vaccines. Innovation for Preventing Infectious Diseases

  • Book

  • October 2019
  • Elsevier Science and Technology
  • ID: 5342162

Mucosal Vaccines: Innovation for Preventing Infectious Diseases discusses basic knowledge and discovery in the area of mucosal immunology and its related scientific fields. This completely updated, revised and authoritative treatise covers all aspects of mucosal vaccines, including their development, mechanisms of action, molecular/cellular aspects and practical applications. The book is organized in a unique format with basic, clinical and practical aspects described and discussed. The accumulated knowledge and new discoveries on the development of mucosal vaccines are logically introduced and discussed in an easy-to-understand format.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Why the Mucosal Immune System should be considered for the Development of Mucosal Vaccine 2. Historical Perspectives on Mucosal Vaccines

Principles of Mucosal Vaccines 3. Anatomical Uniqueness of the Mucosal Immune System (DEVELOPMENTAL FOR STRUCTURES, E.G., Ibalt, GALT, NALT) for the Induction and Regulation of Mucosal Immunity & Tolerance 4. Mucosal Antigen Sampling System (M Cells and Dendritic Cells) 5. Essential Role of SIgA in Mucosal Immunity 6. Mucosal Lymphocyte Homing 7. Innate Immunity at Mucosal Surfaces 8. Induction and Regulation of Mucosal Memory B Cell Responses 9. Induction and Regulation of Mucosal Memory T Cell Responses 10. Influence of Commensal Miro-biota and -metabolite for mucosal immunity

Mucosal Modulations for Induction of Effective Immunity 11. Innate Immunity based Mucosal Modulator and Adjuvant 12. Toxin-based Modulators for Regulation of Mucosal Immune Responses 13. Influence of Dietary (or Nutritional) Materials for the Control of Mucosal Immunity 14. Mast Cells for the Control of Mucosal Immunity 15. Innate Lymphoid Cells for the Control of Mucosal Immunity 16. Mucosal Regulatory System for Balanced Immunity in the Gut 17. Mucosal Regulatory System for Balanced Immunity in the Genito-urinary Tract 18. Mucosal Regulatory System for Balanced Occular Immunity 19. Mucosal Regulatory System for Balanced Oral Immunity 20. Mucosal Regulatory System for Balanced Immunity in the Middle Ear

Current and New Approaches for Mucosal Vaccine Delivery 21. Mucosal Vaccine Delivery Systems 22. Plant-based Mucosal Vaccine Delivery Systems 23. Plant-based Mucosal Immunotherapy 24. Attenuated Salmonella for Oral Immunization 25. Recombinant BCG for Mucosal Immunity 26. Recombinant Adenovirus for Mucosal Vaccine Delivery 27. Mucosal Approaches for Systemic Immunity to Anthrax, Brucellosis and Plague 28. Nano-Delivery Vehicles for Mucosal Vaccines 29. Effectiveness of Sub-lingual Immunization 30. Antibody Approaches for Passive Mucosal Immune Protection 31. M Cell-Targeted Vaccines

Mucosal Vaccines for Bacterial Diseases 32. Mucosal Vaccines for Salmonella typhi Infection 33. Oral Vaccine for Shigella 34. Oral Vaccines for Cholera 35. Oral Vaccines for enterotoxinogenic E. coli (ETEC) 36. Mucosal Immunity to Helicobacter pylori 37. Mucosal Vaccines for Streptococcus pneumoniae 38. Mucosal Vaccines for TB 39. Mucosal Vaccines for Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Diseases 40. Mucosal Vaccines for Oral Diseases

Mucosal Vaccines for Viral Diseases 41. Mucosal RSV Vaccines 42. Nasal Influenza Vaccines 43. Development of Oral Rotavirus & Norovirus Vaccines 44. Rotavirus Vaccines--The Clinical Experience 45. Mucosal Vaccines for HIV/SIV 46. Mucosal Vaccines for Herpes 47. Maternal Antibodies for Protection Against Viral Pathogens

New and Novel Approaches for Mucosal Vaccine Development 48. Systems Biology for Mucosal Vaccine Development 49. Natural & Chemical Library for New Mucosal Modulators and Adjuvants 50. Commensal Bacteria-based Mucosal Vaccine Development 51. New Approaches for Vaccinating the Elderly

Can Mucosal Vaccines be applied for other Infectious and Non-infectious Diseases? 52. Mucosal Vaccine Development for Veterinary and Aquatic Diseases 53. Mucosal Vaccine for Malaria 54. Mucosal Vaccine for Parasitic Infections 55. Mucosal Vaccine for Allergy & Tolerance 56. Mucosal Immunity for Inflammation


David W. Pascual Department of Infectious Diseases and Pathology, University of Florida, USA.