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The Global Market for Flexible and Printed Electronics 2021-2031

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  • 803 Pages
  • June 2021
  • Region: Global
  • Future Markets, Inc
  • ID: 5353540


  • 1drop
  • Canatu
  • FlexEnable Ltd.
  • Kenzen, Inc.
  • NthDegree
  • Sigknow Biomedical Inc.

Flexible electronics encompasses lightweight, flexible and electronic sensing components and electronic devices built on stretchable substrates1 that are utilized in sensors, displays, wearables, E-textiles etc. They are manufactured on flexible plastic substrates, paper, textiles, or thin glass. Printed electronics is often considered a subset of the flexible electronics sector. It refers to the method used to create electronic devices by printing them on various (flexible) substrates.

The rapid boom in smart wearable and integrated electronic devices has stimulated demand for advanced intelligent systems with high performance, micro size, mechanical flexibility, and high-temperature stability for application as  flexible and stretchable displays, personal health monitoring, human motion capturing, smart textiles, electronic skins and more. The key requirement for these applications is flexibility and stretchability, as these devices are subject to various mechanical deformations including twisting, bending, folding, and stretching during operation.

The development of printed, flexible and stretchable conductors over the last decade has resulted in the commercialization of flexible and stretchable sensors, circuits, displays, and energy harvesters for next-generation wearables and soft robotics. These systems must be able to conform to the shape of and survive the environment in which they must operate. They are typically fabricated on flexible plastic substrates or are printed/woven into fabrics.

The electronics industry is moving at a fast pace from standard, inflexible form factors to stretchable and conformable devices. Printed, flexible and stretchable electronics products are increasing weekly from wearables for healthcare to smart packaging, sensors, automotive taillights and displays, flexible displays, photovoltaics and more. Based on a new generation of advanced materials, printed, flexible and stretchable sensors and electronics will enable new possibilities in a diverse range of industries from healthcare to automotive to buildings. These technologies will drive innovation in smart medical technology, automotive, smart manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics.

Recent advances in stimuli-responsive surfaces and interfaces, sensors and actuators, flexible electronics, nanocoatings and conductive nanomaterials have led to the development of a new generation of smart and adaptive electronic fibers, yarns and fabrics for application in E-textiles. Wearable low-power silicon electronics, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) fabricated on fabrics, textiles with integrated Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) and electronic devices such as smart glasses, watches and lenses have been widely investigated and commercialized. Smart textiles and garments can sense environmental stimuli and react or adapt in a predetermined way. This involves either embedding or integrating sensors/actuators ad electronic components into textiles for use in applications such as medical diagnostics and health monitoring, consumer electronics, safety instruments and automotive textiles.

In the flexible displays market, electronics giants such as Samsung and LG Electronics have brought flexible, foldable and rollable smartphone, display and tablet products to the market. Wearable and mobile health monitoring technologies have recently received enormous interest worldwide due to the rapidly aging global populations and the drastically increasing demand for in-home healthcare. Commercially available and near commercial wearable devices facilitate the transmission of biomedical informatics and personal health recording. Body-worn sensors, which can provide real-time continuous measurement of pertinent physiological parameters noninvasively and comfortably for extended periods of time, are of crucial importance for emerging applications of mobile medicine. Wearable sensors that can wirelessly provide pertinent health information while remaining unobtrusive, comfortable, low cost, and easy to operate and interpret, play an essential role.

Battery and electronics producers require thin, flexible energy storage and conversion devices to power their wearable technology. The growth in flexible electronics has resulted in increased demand for flexible, stretchable, bendable, rollable and foldable batteries and supercapacitors as power sources for application in flexible and wearable devices.

Report contents include:

  • Current and developmental flexible and printed electronics-based products.
  • Manufacturing and processes for flexible organic & printed electronics
  • Advanced materials utilized in flexible and printed electronics. Materials covered include:
    • conductive inks materials.
    • carbon nanotubes.
    • graphene.
    • organic semiconductors.
    • semiconducting perovskites.
    • conductive polymers.
    • metal mesh.
    • silver ink (flake, nanoparticles, nanowires).
    • copper ink.
    • various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles.
    • 2D materials.
    • nanofibers.
    • nanocellulose.
    • quantum dots.
    • graphene quantum dots.
    • perovskite quantum dots.
    • metamaterials.
    • MicroLEDs.
    • functional inorganic inks. 

  • Market analysis including applications, products, companies and global revenues, forecast to 2031. Markets covered include
    • wearables (smartwatches, sports & fitness trackers, sleep trackers & wearable monitors, smart glasses, workplace monitoring).
    • medical & healthcare sensors & wearables.
    • electronic textiles and smart apparel. 
    • energy storage, generation & harvesting.
    • lighting.
    • flexible and printed displays.
    • automotive. 
    • Other cross-cutting markets including automation, smart buildings, agriculture, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent & smart packaging, AR/VR displays, 3D printing etc. 

  • Profiles of over 550 producers and product developers. Companies profiled include: CHASM, Nanosys, PragmatIC, Jabil, Henkel,  DuPont Teijin Films, Metamaterial Technologies Inc., Evonik, Saule Technologies, TactoTek, Optomec, Omniply Technologies, E Ink, Ynvisible Interactive Inc., SmartKem and many more. 


  • 1drop
  • Canatu
  • FlexEnable Ltd.
  • Kenzen, Inc.
  • NthDegree
  • Sigknow Biomedical Inc.

2.1 The evolution of electronics
2.1.1 The wearables revolution
2.1.2 Wearable market leaders
2.1.3 Flexible, thin, and large-area form factors
2.2 What are flexible electronics?
2.2.1 From rigid to flexible and stretchable Stretchable electronics Stretchable electronics in wearables
2.3 Printed electronics
2.4 New conductive materials
2.5 Foldable smartphones and tablets
2.6 Recent growth in Flexible and printed products
2.7 Future growth
2.8 Growth in remote health monitoring and diagnostics
2.9 Innovations at CES
2.10 Investment funding 2019-2031
3.1.1 Market drivers
3.1.2 Conductive ink materials Silver flakes Nanoparticle inks Graphene conductive inks Copper ink Stretchable and thermoformable inks Metal-gel based ink Particle-free conductive ink Comparative properties of conductive inks
3.1.3 Printing methods Analog printing processes Digital printing processes Roll to roll (R2R) printing Drawn-on-skin electronics
3.1.4 Current state of the art Commercially available conductive inks Printed RFID antennaes Smart labels Smart clothing and electronic textiles Printed sensors Strain sensors Printed batteries In-mold electronics Printed transistors
3.1.5 Global market size
3.1.6 Company profiles Advanced Nano Products Co., Ltd. AGFA-Gevaert N.V. AkKo Lab LLC Amogreentech Applied Nanotech Inc. Asahi Kasei Corporation Aztrong, Inc. Bando Chemical BGT Materials Ltd. BotFactory Inc. Brewer Science Carbon Waters Chang Sung Corporation Clariant Colloidal Ink Co., Ltd. Conductive Transfers Copprint Creative Materials, Inc. Dae Joo Electronic Materials co., Ltd Daicel Corporation Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd. DuPont Advanced Materials Dycotec Materials Electroninks Elephantech Inc. Eptanova S.R.L. EMS/Nagase EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH Ferro Corporation Flexbright Oy Fuji Pigment Co., Ltd. Fujikura Kasei Co Ltd Genes’Ink Graphene Nanochem GoLeafe Graphene Square Gratomic, Inc. Harima Chemical Haydale Graphene Industries PLC Henkel Electronics Heraeus Hitachi Chemical Inktec Inkron Intrinsiq Materials JNC Corporation Jujo Chemical Co., Ltd. Kishu Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Komura Tech Kunshan Hisense Electronics Co., Ltd. Liquid X Printed Metals Meggitt Metalysis Limited Mitsubishi Imaging, Inc. Methode Electronics, Inc. Molex, LLC Multek N&B Co., Ltd. Nagase Chemtex Namics Technologies, Inc. NanoComposix NanoDimension, Inc. Nanogap Nanointegris Nanopaint Nanotech Energy Noritake Co., Ltd. Novacentrix OrelTech PARC Peptech Perpetuus Advanced Materials Plc Sekisui Polymatech Japan Co., Ltd. Poly-Ink Promethean Particles Ltd. PV Nano Cell Ltd. Quad Belgium Raynergy Tek SAFI-Tech, INc. Saule Technologies Scrona AG Shin-Etsu Polymer Co., Ltd. Showa Denko K.K. Sun Chemical Corporation Talga Resources TactoTek Tanaka Metal Thin Film Electronics ASA Touchence Toyoba Co., Ltd. Toyocolor Co., Ltd. UT Dots, Inc. VFP Ink Technologies Vizinex Vorbeck Voxel Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) XTPL SA Xymox Technologies, Inc.
3.2.1 Properties Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) Double-walled carbon nanotubes
3.2.2 Applications Transparent conductive films Wearable memory devices Wearable energy devices Fabric sensors for temperature monitoring Flexible digital x-ray technology. Printed sensors
3.2.3 Companies
3.3.1 Types
3.3.2 Applications OLED materials Fluorescent OLED Phosphorescent OLED (PhOLED) Flexible OLEDs Inkjet printed OLEDs TADF Materials Companies Organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials Types Applications Companies Organic thin film transistor (OTFT) materials Printed Organic thin film transistors Printed logic Companies Organic photodetector materials Types Applications Companies
3.4.1 Types
3.4.2 Applications Perovskite solar cells
3.4.3 Companies
3.5.1 Types
3.5.2 Properties PDMS PEDOT: PSS Transparency
3.5.3 Applications Flexible sensors
3.6.1 Properties
3.6.2 Applications Electrodes Sensors
3.7.1 Types
3.7.2 Properties
3.7.3 Applications Direct printed metal mesh transparent conductive films Flexible organic solar cells Flexible touch screen panels Smart patches
3.7.4 Companies
3.8 SILVER INK (Flake, nanoparticles, nanowires, ion)
3.8.1 Transparent conductive films (TCFs) Materials used in TCFs
3.8.2 Silver flake
3.8.3 Silver (Ag) nanoparticle ink Conductivity
3.8.4 Silver nanowires Properties
3.8.5 Prices Cost for printed area
3.8.6 Companies
3.9.1 Silver-coated copper
3.9.2 Copper (Cu) nanoparticle ink
3.9.3 Prices
3.9.4 Companies
3.10.1 Properties Cellulose nanofibers CNF Cellulose nanocrystals (CNC)
3.10.2 Applications Nanopaper Paper memory Conductive inks
3.11.1 Properties
3.11.2 Applications
3.12.1 Properties
3.12.2 Synthesis
3.12.3 Types Cadmium Selenide, Cadmium Sulfide and other materials Cadmium free quantum dots
3.12.4 Applications Optical sensors
3.12.5 Companies
3.13.1 Properties
3.13.2 Synthesis
3.13.3 Applications
3.14.1 Properties
3.14.2 Applications Flexible sensors
3.15.1 Properties
3.15.2 Comparison to conventional quantum dots
3.15.3 Synthesis methods
3.15.4 Applications Colour enhanced displays
3.16.1 Properties
3.16.2 Flexible metamaterials
3.16.3 Stretchable displays
3.16.4 Soft materials
3.17.1 Gold (Au) nanoparticle ink
3.17.2 Siloxane inks
3.17.3 Copper nanowires
3.17.4 Functional inorganic inks
3.18.1 Borophene Properties Applications
3.18.2 Phosphorene (single or few-layer black phosphorus, exfoliated black phosphorus layers, or 2D phosphane) Properties Applications
3.18.3 Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) Properties Applications
3.18.4 Germanene Properties Applications
3.18.5 Graphdiyne Properties Applications
3.18.6 Graphane Properties Applications
3.18.7 Hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN Properties Applications
3.18.8 Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMD) Properties Applications
3.18.9 Rhenium disulfide (ReS2) and diselenide (ReSe2) Properties Applications
3.18.10 Silicene Properties Applications
3.18.11 Stanene/tinene Properties Applications
3.18.12 Tungsten diselenide Properties Applications
3.18.13 Antimonene Properties Applications
3.18.14 Indium selenide Properties Applications
4.1.1 Market drivers and trends
4.1.2 Recent developments
4.1.3 Smartwatches Recent innovations Health monitoring Main smart watch producers and products
4.1.4 Sports and fitness trackers Wearable devices Skin patches Products
4.1.5 Sleep trackers and wearable monitors Built in function in smart watches and fitness trackers Smart rings Headbands Patches Masks
4.1.6 Smart glasses and head-mounted displays (VR, AR, MR, vision loss and eye trackers) Products Virtual Reality (VR) devices Augmented (AR) headsets and smart glasses Mixed Reality (MR) smart glasses
4.1.7 Military wearable electronics
4.1.8 Industrial and workplace monitoring Products
4.1.9 Global market size By product type, 2015-2031, billions USD Market share by product type
4.1.10 Market challenges
4.1.11 Company profiles 3DEYES Co., Ltd. ABEye SA AerNos, Inc. Allterco Robotics AshChromics Corporation Asics Atheer, Inc. Avegant Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. BeBop Sensors Bend Labs Boco, Inc. Bostonclub Co., Ltd. Brewer Science, Inc. C2 Sense, Inc. Cambridge Touch Technologies Creact International Corporation Dispelix Oy dorsaVi Ltd. Ectosense Enhanlabo Co., Ltd. Epicore Biosystems Ltd. Epson Equivital Extriple Co, Ltd FeelIT Flexceed Co., Ltd. FlexEnable Ltd. Gait Up SA Hitachi Ltd. Holst Centre Hoya Digital Solutions Corp. HP1 Technologies Innovega, Inc. Kwant.ai Litho Magic Leap, Inc. Molex miomove s.r.o. Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. Nanusens Neosensory NextVPU (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nippon Mektron, Ltd. Nippon Paper Group Novasentis OrCam Technologies Ltd. Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd. Oxsight Ltd. Pie Crystal Co., Ltd. RealWear Sekisui Polymatech Rokid Shenzhen Grahope New Materials Technologies Inc. Sun Corporation Tacterion GmbH Taiwan Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd. Tobii Technology KK Withings SA Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Zhuhai AdvanPro Technology Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 Market drivers
4.2.2 Current state of the art Wearable medical device products Temperature and respiratory rate monitoring
4.2.3 Wearable rehabilitation Companies and products
4.2.4 Electronic skin patches Applications Materials
4.2.5 Wearable health alert and monitoring Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) Minimally-invasive CGM sensors Non-invasive CGM sensors Minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose monitoring companies and products Cardiovascular ECG sensors Companies and products PPG sensors Companies and products Pregnancy and newborn monitoring Companies and products Wearable temperature monitoring Companies and products Hydration sensors Companies and products Wearable sweat sensors (medical and sports) Companies and products
4.2.6 Wearable drug delivery Companies and products
4.2.7 Cosmetic patches Companies and products
4.2.8 Smart footwear Companies and products
4.2.9 Smart contact lenses Companies and products
4.2.10 Smart woundcare Companies and products
4.2.11 Global market size By product type, 2015-2031, billions USD Market share, by product type
4.2.12 Market challenges
4.2.13 Company profiles 1drop Abbott Laboratories ActionSense Ltd Add Care Ltd. AerBetic, Inc AffordSENS Corporation Agx, Inc. Aidar Health Alertgy Allevion Therapeutics APDM Wearable Technologies, Inc. Apollo Neuroscience, Inc. AURA Devices Avanix srl Awarewear Biobeat Technologies Ltd. Biofourmis, Inc. BioIntelliSense Biolinq, Inc. Biorithm Pte Ltd. BioSenseTek Coporation BioTelemetry, Inc. Biotricity Bittium Corporation Blue Spark Technologies, Inc. Bold Diagnostics Bonbouton Borsam Biomedical Instruments Co., Ltd. BrainStem Biometrics, Inc. CardiacSense CareWear Corporation Chronolife SAS Cortrium APS Cosinuss Debiotech S.A. Dexcom, Inc. DiaMonTech AG Embr Labs Enfucell OY Eccrine Systems, Inc. Epicore Biosystems Epi-Watch ERT (eResearchTechnology, Inc.) FinnAdvance Fleming Medical Fujita Medical Instruments Gaugewear, Inc. GE Healthcare Gentag, Inc. G-Tech Medical GlySens Incorporated Glucovation Grapheal GraphWear Technologies greenTEG AG Healbe Corporation Hivok Biotek, Inc. IDUN Technologies AG Indigo Diabetes n.v. Innovega, Inc. Insulet Corporation IONIQ Skincare GmbH & Co. KG iRhythm Technologies, Inc. Isansys Lifecare i-SENS, Inc. ivWatch, LLC iWEECARE Co., Ltd. Kenzen, Inc. Know Labs Kyocera Corporation Leaf Healthcare, Inc. Lief Therapeutics, Inc. LifePlus LifeSignals Group Inc. Liquid Wire, Inc. Lucid Audio, LLC MagArray, Inc. MCK Tech Co., Ltd. MC10, Inc. Medherant Ltd Milo Sensors, Inc. Mojo Vision, Inc. Movano Inc. Myant, Inc. NanoVation-GS Nanowear, Inc. Nemaura Medical, Inc. Neopenda Nix, Inc. Nunaps Omron Healthcare Orpyx Medical Technologies Pacific Diabetes Technologies PARC Patchd, Inc. PMD Solutions PKvitality Preventice Solutions, Inc. Protxx, Inc. Qardio, Inc. Quad Industries QT Medical, Inc. Reflex Rooti Labs Limited Sanofi Scaleo Medical Seers Technology Co., Ltd. Seismic Senseonics Holdings, Inc. Sensoria Health Sensium (Surgical Company Group) Seventh Sense Biosystems Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd. Sigknow Biomedical Inc. Skinos Co., Ltd. SkyLabs SmartCap Technologies SMARTR Health Limited Sonceboz SA Sorrel Medical Spirit of Wonder Co., Ltd. Tekscan, Inc. Tivic Health Systems, Inc. Valencell Verily Life Sciences LLC Visca LLC VitalConnect VivaLNK Vitls Inc WaveForm Technologies WBD101 Well Being Digital Ltd. West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Xsensio Zive
4.3.1 Market drivers
4.3.2 Materials and components Conductive and stretchable yarns Conductive polymers PDMS PEDOT: PSS Conductive coatings Conductive inks Nanomaterials Nanocoatings in smart textiles Graphene Nanofibers Carbon nanotubes Phase change materials Temperature controlled fabrics
4.3.3 Smart clothing products
4.3.4 Electronic textiles products
4.3.5 Temperature monitoring and regulation
4.3.6 Heated clothing Heated gloves Heated insoles Heated jacket and clothing products Materials used in flexible heaters and applications
4.3.7 Stretchable E-fabrics
4.3.8 Wearable therapeutic products
4.3.9 Sports and fitness
4.3.10 Smart footwear Companies and products
4.3.11 Military and defence electronic and smart textiles
4.3.12 Flexible and wearable display advertising
4.3.13 Textile-based lighting OLEDs
4.3.14 Smart diapers Companies and products
4.3.15 Automotive textiles
4.3.16 Global market size By product type, 2015-2031, billions USD Market share, by product type
4.3.17 Market challenges
4.3.18 Company profiles ActionSense Ltd AIQ Smart Clothing, Inc. Alphaclo Ambiotex GmbH AMSU (Shenzhen) New Technology Co. Ltd. Asahi Kasei Asics Athos Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. Bekaert BioSerenity SAS BloomerTech Brochier Technologies SAS C2 Sense, Inc. Clim Chronolife SAS Cipher Skin, Inc. Conductive Transfers CuteCircuit Descente Ltd. Directa Plus dorsaVi Ltd. Dupont Eleksen Elitac B.V. Emglare, Inc. Eeonyx Corporation EPTATech S.R.L. EXO Far Eastern New Century Feel The Same FeetMe Flextrapower Footfalls & Heartbeats (UK) Limited Formosa Taffeta Forster Rohner AG Gaugewear, Inc. Grapheal Graphwear Technologies Healthwatch Technologies HeiQ Materials AG Hexoskin Holst Centre IcosaMed Sarl IDUN Technologies AG Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd Interactive Wear Inuheat Group AB Komodo Technologies, Inc. LiBEST LifePlus Inc. Liquid X Liquid Wire, Inc. Loomia MesoMat miomove s.r.o. Mitsufuji Corporation Modjoul Myant, Inc. Nanoleq AG Noble Biomaterials, Inc. Novasentis NTT (New Textile Technologies) GmbH UUBO Smart Solutions Technologies, SL Nyoka Technologies Ohmatex Organic Robotics Corporation ORORO Heated Apparel Outlast Technologies LLC Power Textiles Limited Primo1D Sankiconsys Co., Ltd. Schoeller Textil AG Schöffel Seismic Sensing Tex Singular Wings Medical Co., Ltd. Sinopulsar Technology, Inc. Siren Sensoria, Inc. Shenzhen Grahope New Materials Technologies Inc. Skyscrape Inc. Smardii, Inc. Statex Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH Spiber Technologies AB Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. Teijin Limited Teslasuit Textile Two Dimensional Thread In Motion Toray Industries, Inc. Toyobo Co., Ltd. Versarien plc Vista Medical Volt Wearable Tech Corporation Voxel Wearable X Xenoma, Inc. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Zhuhai AdvanPro Technology Co., Ltd. Zive
4.4.1 Market drivers and trends
4.4.2 Current state of the art Products Nanomaterials
4.4.3 Batteries Flexible and stretchable batteries Flexible and stretchable LIBs Fiber-shaped Lithium-Ion batteries Stretchable lithium-ion batteries Origami and kirigami lithium-ion batteries Flexible Zn-based batteries (ZIBs) Printed batteries Folding textile batteries
4.4.4 Supercapacitors Flexible supercapacitors Materials Rollable, foldable supercapacitors Paper supercapacitors Spray-on pseudocapacitors
4.4.5 Photovoltaics Flexible and stretchable photovoltaics Flexible CIGS Solar Cells Photovoltaic solar textiles Solar tape Origami-like solar cells Perovskite-based solar cells Spray-on and stick-on perovskite photovoltaics Photovoltaic solar textiles
4.4.6 Nanogenerators Stretchable nanogenerators TENGs PENGs
4.4.7 Radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting
4.4.8 Stretchable heaters
4.4.9 Spray-on thermoelectric energy harvesting
4.4.10 Global market size
4.4.11 Market challenges
4.4.12 Company profiles 3DOM Inc. BGT Materials Ltd. Bionic Power Blackstone Technology GmbH Blue Spark Technologies, Inc. BrightVolt Cymbet Corporation DoMicro BV Empa Enfucell OY Epishine Evonik Industries AG Flisom Front Edge Technology Fusens Micro Saule Technologies Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co.,Ltd. (Grepow) Hitachi Zosen Corporation Ilika plc Imprint Energy, Inc. infinityPV ApS Iten SA Jenax KeraCel, Inc. LiBEST Lionrock Batteries NEC Corporation Nimbus Materials, Inc. Nokia Bell Labs OPVIUS Panasonic Corporation PolyPlus Battery Company Power Textiles Limited Prelonic Technologies Printed Energy Pty Ltd Renovagen Prologium Technology Co., Ltd. Solar Frontier Solterra Thin Film Electronics ASA Varta Microbattery GmbH Voltabox Zinergy UK Ltd.
4.5.1 Market drivers
4.5.2 Current state of the art Printed OLEDs Flexible and printed circuit boards and interconnects Flexible and printed transistors
4.5.3 OTFT materials for LCD and electrophoretic displays
4.5.4 Flexible AMOLEDs
4.5.5 Flexible PMOLED (Passive Matrix OLED)
4.5.6 Flexible MicroLEDs Foldable microLED displays Automotive displays Headlamps
4.5.7 Foldable and rollable smartphones
4.5.8 Foldable and rollable OLED displays
4.5.9 Transparent displays
4.5.10 Flexible automotive displays
4.5.11 Flexible lighting Visible light communication (Li-Fi)
4.5.12 Flexible quantum dot displays Quantum dot enhancement film (QDEF) for current QLEDs Quantum Dot on Glass (QDOG) Quantum dot colour filters Quantum dots on-chip Electroluminescent quantum dots
4.5.13 Flexible electrophoretic displays
4.5.14 Electrowetting displays
4.5.15 Electrochromic displays Inorganic metal oxides Organic EC materials Nanomaterials
4.5.16 Flexible organic liquid crystal displays
4.5.17 Global market size
4.5.18 Market challenges
4.5.19 Company profiles Ares Materials, Inc. AU Optronics Corporation Beijing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd. C3Nano Canatu Oy Chasm Advanced Materials CurveSYS GmbH Elephantech, Inc. Etulipa Fleep Technologies Flexterra, Inc. Forciot Oy Ltd. FlexEnable Limited Fronics Futaba Corporation Guangdong Nanhai ETEB Technology Co., Ltd. HC SemiTek Corporation iBeam Materials, Inc. Innolux Corporation Inuru GmbH Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Japan Display Inc. (JDI) Joled Inc. Karl Knauer KG Kureha Corporation Kyulux, Inc LG Display (LGD) Liquid Wire, Inc. Molecular Glasses, Inc. Luminit, LLC NthDegree Nanolumi NS Nanotech Oji Holdings Corporation Omniply Technologies Optotune AG Sekisui Polymatech Japan Co., Ltd. Plastic Logic PlayNitride, Inc. Royole Corporation Samsung Schott AG Shenzhen Danbond Technology Co Ltd SmartKem Limited TactoTek Oy Taiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. TCL Tech-Wave Industrial Co., Ltd. Tianma Display Technology Co., Ltd., Visionox VitreaLab GmbH Ynvisible Interactive Inc.
4.6.1 Market drivers
4.6.2 Applications Electric vehicles Flexible and printed photovoltaics Automotive displays and lighting Interior OLED and flexible displays Exterior In-Mold Electronics Flexible and printed sensors Capacitive sensors Flexible and stretchable pressure sensors Piezoresistive sensors Piezoelectric sensors Image sensors Flexible and printed heaters
4.6.3 Global market size
4.6.4 Market challenges
4.6.5 Company profiles Canatu Chasm Classic Stripes Emberion Fiat Flexbright Fraunhofer FEP GE Research Hyundai Lightyear Meggitt Metamaterial Technologies Inc. Molex Plastic Electronic PolyIC Pyzoflex ROYOLE Sono Motors Tacterion TactoTek Tangio Toyota Visteon Webasto

Table 1. Types of wearable devices and applications.
Table 2. Wearable market leaders by market segment.
Table 3. Advanced materials for Flexible and printed sensors and Electronics-Advantages and disadvantages.
Table 4. Sheet resistance (RS) and transparency (T) values for transparent conductive oxides and alternative materials for transparent conductive electrodes (TCE).
Table 5. Foldable smartphones and tablets, on or near market.
Table 6. Wearable electronics at CES 2021.
Table 7. Wearables Investment funding 2019-2021.
Table 8. Market drivers and trends for conductive inks.
Table 9. Typical conductive ink formulation.
Table 10. Applications in conductive inks by type and benefits thereof.
Table 11. Comparative properties of conductive inks.
Table 12. Characteristics of analog printing processes for conductive inks.
Table 13. Characteristics of digital printing processes for conductive inks.
Table 14. Commercially available conductive inks.
Table 15. Price comparison of thin-film transistor (TFT) electronics technology.
Table 16. Global market for conductive inks 2017-2031, revenues (million $), by ink types.
Table 17. Properties of CNTs and comparable materials.
Table 18. Market and applications for SWCNTs in transparent conductive films.
Table 19. Companies developing carbon nanotubes for applications in Flexible and printed electronics.
Table 20. Organic semiconductor/OLED materials companies.
Table 21. Organic photovoltaics (OPV) companies.
Table 22. Organic thin film transistor (OTFT) materials companies.
Table 23. Organic photovoltaics (OPV) companies.
Table 24. Semiconducting perovskite companies.
Table 25. Types of flexible conductive polymers, properties and applications.
Table 26. Properties of graphene.
Table 27.Graphene properties relevant to application in sensors.
Table 28. Companies developing graphene for applications in Flexible and printed electronics.
Table 29.Types of metal mesh, properties and applications.
Table 30. Advantages and disadvantages of fabrication techniques to produce metal mesh structures.
Table 31. Companies developing metal mesh for applications in flexibles and printed electronics.
Table 32. Comparison of ITO replacements.
Table 33. Silver nanocomposite ink after sintering and resin bonding of discrete electronic components.
Table 34. Flexible and printed electronics silver ink producers.
Table 35. Flexible and printed electronics copper ink producers.
Table 36. Nanocellulose properties.
Table 37. Properties and applications of nanocellulose
Table 38. Properties of flexible electronics-cellulose nanofiber film (nanopaper).
Table 39. Properties of flexible electronics cellulose nanofiber films.
Table 40.Companies developing nanocellulose for applications in Flexible and printed electronics.
Table 41: Chemical synthesis of quantum dots.
Table 42. Comparison of graphene QDs and semiconductor QDs.
Table 43. Comparative properties of conventional QDs and Perovskite QDs.
Table 44. Applications of perovskite QDs.
Table 45. Properties of perovskite QLEDs comparative to OLED and QLED.
Table 46. Electronic and mechanical properties of monolayer phosphorene, graphene and MoS2.
Table 47. Market drivers and trends in wearable electronics.
Table 48. Wearable health monitors.
Table 49. Main smart watch producers and products.
Table 50. Wearable sensors for sports performance.
Table 51. Wearable sensor products for monitoring sport performance.
Table 52. Example wearable sleep tracker products and prices.
Table 53. Smart ring products.
Table 54. Sleep headband products.
Table 55. Smart sleep mask products.
Table 56. Smart glasses companies and products.
Table 57. VR headset products.
Table 58. Augmented reality (AR) smart glass products.
Table 59. Mixed Reality (MR) smart glass products.
Table 60. Wearable electronics applications in the military.
Table 61. Wearable workplace products.
Table 62. Global market for wearable electronics, 2015-2031, by product type, billions $.
Table 63. Market challenges in wearable electronics.
Table 64. Market drivers for flexible and printed medical and healthcare sensors and wearables.
Table 65. Examples of wearable medical device products.
Table 66. Medical wearable companies applying products to monitoring and analysis.
Table 67. Companies and products in wearable health monitoring and rehabilitation devices and products.
Table 68. Applications in flexible and stretchable health monitors, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 69. Wearable bio-signal monitoring devices.
Table 70. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection-advantages and disadvantages.
Table 71. Commercial devices for non-invasive glucose monitoring not released or withdrawn from market.
Table 72. Minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose monitoring products.
Table 73. Companies developing wearable swear sensors.
Table 74. Wearable drug delivery companies and products.
Table 75. Companies and products, cosmetics and drug delivery patches.
Table 76. Companies and products in smart footwear.
Table 77. Companies and products in smart contact lenses.
Table 78. Companies and products in smart wound care.
Table 79. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2031, billions $, by product.
Table 80. Market challenges in medical and healthcare sensors and wearables.
Table 81. Market drivers for printed, flexible, stretchable and organic electronic textiles.
Table 82. Types of smart textiles.
Table 83. Examples of smart textile products.
Table 84. Types of smart textiles.
Table 85. Examples of smart textile products.
Table 86. Types of flexible conductive polymers, properties and applications.
Table 87. Typical conductive ink formulation.
Table 88. Comparative properties of conductive inks.
Table 89. Applications in textiles, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 90. Nanocoatings applied in the textiles industry-type of coating, nanomaterials utilized, benefits and applications.
Table 91. Applications and benefits of graphene in textiles and apparel.
Table 92. Properties of CNTs and comparable materials.
Table 93. Applications and markets for e-textiles.
Table 94. Commercially available smart clothing products.
Table 95. Electronic textiles products.
Table 96. Heated jacket and clothing products.
Table 97. Examples of materials used in flexible heaters and applications.
Table 98. Companies and products in smart footwear.
Table 99. Wearable electronics applications in the military.
Table 100. Companies developing smart diaper products.
Table 101. Global electronic textiles and smart clothing market 2017-2031, revenues (billions USD).
Table 102. Market challenges in E-textiles.
Table 103. Market drivers and trends for Flexible and printed electronic energy storage, generation and harvesting.
Table 104. Wearable energy storage and energy harvesting products.
Table 105. Nanomaterials in flexible and stretchable batteries, by materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 106. Applications in flexible and stretchable supercapacitors, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 107. Examples of materials used in flexible heaters and applications.
Table 108. Global market for flexible and printed energy storage and generation, revenues (millions USD) by applications.
Table 109. Market challenges in flexible and printed energy storage.
Table 110. Market drivers for Flexible and printed displays and electronic components.
Table 111. Flexible and printed displays products.
Table 112. Applications in flexible and stretchable circuit boards, by advanced materials type and benefits thereof.
Table 113. Applications of microLED in automotive.
Table 114. Foldable display products and prototypes.
Table 115. Companies developing transparent display products.
Table 116. Companies developing curved automotive displays.
Table 117: QD colour filter options and advantages.
Table 118. Types of electrochromic materials and applications.
Table 119. Market challenges in flexible and printed displays and consumer electronics.
Table 120. Market drivers for flexible and printed electronics in automotive.
Table 121. Flexible and printed electronics in the automotive market.
Table 122. Market challenges for flexible and printed electronics in automotive.
Figure 1. Evolution of electronics.
Figure 2. Wove Band.
Figure 3. Wearable graphene medical sensor.
Figure 4. Applications timeline for organic and printed electronics.
Figure 5. Xiaomi MIX Flex.
Figure 6. Baby Monitor.
Figure 7. Wearable health monitor incorporating graphene photodetectors.
Figure 8. BGT Materials graphene ink product.
Figure 9. Flexible RFID tag.
Figure 10. Stretchable material for formed an in-molded electronics.
Figure 11. Wearable patch with a skin-compatible, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Figure 12. Thin film transistor incorporating CNTs.
Figure 13. Global market for conductive inks 2017-2031, revenues (million $), by ink types.
Figure 14. Talcoat graphene mixed with paint.
Figure 15. CNT stretchable Resin Film.
Figure 16. Schematic of single-walled carbon nanotube.
Figure 17. Flexible CNT CMOS integrated circuits with sub-10 nanoseconds stage delays.
Figure 18. Stretchable SWNT memory and logic devices for wearable electronics.
Figure 19. CNT transparent conductive film formed on glass and schematic diagram of its structure.
Figure 20. Stretchable carbon aerogel incorporating carbon nanotubes.
Figure 21. Graphene layer structure schematic.
Figure 22. Flexible graphene touch screen.
Figure 23. Graphene electrochromic devices.
Figure 24. Flexible mobile phones with graphene transparent conductive film.
Figure 25. Large-area metal mesh touch panel.
Figure 26. Transparent conductive switches-PEDOT.
Figure 27. Bending durability of Ag nanowires.
Figure 28. Flexible silver nanowire wearable mesh.
Figure 29. Copper based inks on flexible substrate.
Figure 30. Cellulose nanofiber films.
Figure 31. Nanocellulose photoluminescent paper.
Figure 32. LEDs shining on circuitry imprinted on a 5x5cm sheet of CNF.
Figure 33. Foldable nanopaper.
Figure 34. Foldable nanopaper antenna.
Figure 35. Paper memory (ReRAM).
Figure 36: Quantum dot schematic.
Figure 37. Quantum dot size and colour.
Figure 38. Quantum dot companies in flexible and printed electronics.
Figure 39. A pQLED device structure.
Figure 40. Development roadmap for perovskite QDs.
Figure 41. Perovskite quantum dots under UV light.
Figure 42. Stretchable hologram.
Figure 43. Design concepts of soft mechanical metamaterials with large negative swelling ratios and tunable stress-strain curves.
Figure 44. Borophene schematic.
Figure 45. Black phosphorus structure.
Figure 46. Black Phosphorus crystal.
Figure 47. Bottom gated flexible few-layer phosphorene transistors with the hydrophobic dielectric encapsulation.
Figure 48. Graphitic carbon nitride.
Figure 49. Schematic of germanene.
Figure 50. Graphdiyne structure.
Figure 51. Schematic of Graphane crystal.
Figure 52. Structure of hexagonal boron nitride.
Figure 53. Structure of 2D molybdenum disulfide.
Figure 54. SEM image of MoS2.
Figure 55. Atomic force microscopy image of a representative MoS2 thin-film transistor.
Figure 56. Schematic of the molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) thin-film sensor with the deposited molecules that create additional charge.
Figure 57. Schematic of a monolayer of rhenium disulphide.
Figure 58. Silicene structure.
Figure 59. Monolayer silicene on a silver (111) substrate.
Figure 60. Silicene transistor.
Figure 61. Crystal structure for stanene.
Figure 62. Atomic structure model for the 2D stanene on Bi2Te3(111).
Figure 63. Schematic of tungsten diselenide.
Figure 64. Schematic of Indium Selenide (InSe).
Figure 65. Applications of wearable flexible sensors worn on various body parts.
Figure 66. Wearable bio-fluid monitoring system for monitoring of hydration.
Figure 67. Smart mouth guard.
Figure 68. Beddr SleepTuner.
Figure 69. Vuzix Blade.
Figure 70. NReal Light MR smart glasses.
Figure 71. Global market for wearables, 2015-2031, by product type, billions US$.
Figure 72. Global market for wearables, 2020-2031, by market share of product type
Figure 73. Lexilens.
Figure 74. ASICS smart shoes.
Figure 75. C-Stretch™.
Figure 76. BeBop Sensors Forte Data Glove.
Figure 77. BITalino systems.
Figure 78. MYSA - 'Relax Shirt'.
Figure 79. Prototype sensor technology.
Figure 80. Neosensory Buzz.
Figure 81. PI-Crystal strain sensor.
Figure 82. RealWear HMT-1.
Figure 83. Tobii Pro Glasses 3.
Figure 84. Connected human body and product examples.
Figure 85. Smart e-skin system comprising health-monitoring sensors, displays, and ultra flexible PLEDs.
Figure 86. Graphene medical patch.
Figure 87. Graphene-based E-skin patch.
Figure 88. Technologies for minimally-invasive and non-invasive glucose detection.
Figure 89. Schematic of non-invasive CGM sensor.
Figure 90. Adhesive wearable CGM sensor.
Figure 91. VitalPatch.
Figure 92. Wearable ECG-textile.
Figure 93. Wearable ECG recorder.
Figure 94. Nexkin™.
Figure 95. Bloomlife.
Figure 96. Enfucell wearable temperature tag.
Figure 97. TempTraQ wearable wireless thermometer.
Figure 98. Nanowire skin hydration patch.
Figure 99. NIX sensors.
Figure 100. Wearable sweat sensor.
Figure 101. Wearable sweat sensor.
Figure 102. Gatorade's GX Sweat Patch.
Figure 103. Sweat sensor incorporated into face mask.
Figure 104. Lab-on-Skin™.
Figure 105. D-mine Pump.
Figure 106. My UV Patch.
Figure 107. Overview layers of L'Oreal skin patch.
Figure 108. Digitsole Smartshoe.
Figure 109. Schematic of smart wound dressing.
Figure 110. REPAIR electronic patch concept. Image courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.
Figure 111. Global medical and healthcare wearables market, 2017-2031, billions $, by product.
Figure 112. Global market for medical and healthcare sensors and wearables, 2020-2031, by market share of product type.
Figure 113. Freestyle Libre 2.
Figure 114. Gluctrac.
Figure 115. Biobeat patch and wristband.
Figure 116. BioSticker™.
Figure 117. Carewear LED light patches.
Figure 118. In ear wearable sensor.
Figure 119. Fleming Medical Ltd.
Figure 120. CORE from Genteg AG.
Figure 121. DRYODES™ electrode.
Figure 122. Life Signals LP1250 Wireless Medical Biosensor.
Figure 123. Neopenda neonatal device.
Figure 124. Powered Clothing™
Figure 125. Sensoria Mat smart cushion.
Figure 126. TAP device.
Figure 127. Sorrel Medical’s wearable drug delivery devices.
Figure 128. intelligent Care Belt.
Figure 129. Conductive yarns.
Figure 130. Conductive yarns.
Figure 131. SEM image of cotton fibers with PEDOT:PSS coating.
Figure 132. Applications of graphene in smart textiles and apparel.
Figure 133. PCM cooling vest.
Figure 134. EXO2 Stormwalker 2 Heated Jacket.
Figure 135. Flexible polymer-based heated glove, sock and slipper.
Figure 136. ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insoles.
Figure 137. Myant sleeve tracks biochemical indicators in sweat.
Figure 138. Flexible polymer-based therapeutic products.
Figure 139. iStimUweaR.
Figure 140. Basketball referee Royole fully flexible display.
Figure 141. ABENA Nova smart diaper.
Figure 142. Textile-based car seat heaters.
Figure 143. Global electronic textiles and smart clothing 2017-2031, revenues (billions USD).
Figure 144. Global market for electronics and smart textiles, 2020-2031, by market share of product type.
Figure 145. ASICS smart shoes.
Figure 146. C-Stretch™
Figure 147. K2 baselayer using Clim8 technology.
Figure 148. Graphene dress. The dress changes colour in sync with the wearer’s breathing.
Figure 149. Descante Solar Thermo insulated jacket.
Figure 150. G+ Graphene Aero Jersey.
Figure 151. BalanceBelt.
Figure 152. HiFlex strain/pressure sensor.
Figure 153. MYSA - 'Relax Shirt'.
Figure 154. DRYODES™ electrode.
Figure 155. The LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL).
Figure 156. Electroskin integration schematic.
Figure 157. Siren socks.
Figure 158. Smardii smart diaper.
Figure 159. Teslasuit.
Figure 160. Micro-scale energy scavenging techniques.
Figure 161. Flexible batteries on the market.
Figure 162. Printed 1.5V battery.
Figure 163. Materials and design structures in flexible lithium ion batteries.
Figure 164. LiBEST flexible battery.
Figure 165. Schematic of the structure of stretchable LIBs.
Figure 166. Electrochemical performance of materials in flexible LIBs.
Figure 167. Carbon nanotubes incorporated into flexible, rechargeable yarn batteries.
Figure 168. (A) Schematic overview of a flexible supercapacitor as compared to conventional supercapacitor.
Figure 169. Stretchable graphene supercapacitor.
Figure 170. Schematic illustration of the fabrication concept for textile-based dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) made by sewing textile electrodes onto cloth or paper.
Figure 171. Origami-like silicon solar cells.
Figure 172. Schematic illustration of the fabrication concept for textile-based dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) made by sewing textile electrodes onto cloth or paper.
Figure 173. 3D print piezoelectric material.
Figure 174. Global market for flexible and printed energy storage and generation to 2031, by market share of product type.
Figure 175. Global market for flexible and printed energy storage and generation, revenues (millions USD) by applications.
Figure 176. PowerWalk®.
Figure 177. Hitz all-solid-state lithium-ion battery.
Figure 178. ZincPoly™ Battery.
Figure 179. infinityPV Solar Tape.
Figure 180. J.Flex.
Figure 181. Schematic illustration of three-chamber system for SWCNH production.
Figure 182. TEM images of carbon nanobrush.
Figure 183. Flow-Shape-Design (FSD).
Figure 184. Thin film transistor incorporating SWCNTs.
Figure 185. LG Signature OLED TV R.
Figure 186. Flexible display.
Figure 187. AMOLED schematic.
Figure 188. Mirage smart speaker with wraparound touch display.
Figure 189. AU Optonics Flexible MicroLED Display.
Figure 190. Schematic of the TALT technique for wafer-level microLED transferring.
Figure 191. Foldable 4K C SEED M1.
Figure 192. MicroLED automotive display.
Figure 193. Rear lamp utilizing flexible MicroLEDs.
Figure 194. Rollable display producers and products.
Figure 195. LG Display transparent OLED touch display.
Figure 196. Transparent display in subway carriage window.
Figure 197. LG OLED flexible lighting panel.
Figure 198. Flexible OLED incorporated into automotive headlight.
Figure 199. Quantum dot film schematic.
Figure 200: Quantum Dots on Glass schematic.
Figure 201: Samsung 8K 65" QD Glass.
Figure 202: QD/OLED hybrid schematic.
Figure 203: Electroluminescent quantum dots schematic.
Figure 204. LECTUM® display.
Figure 205. Argil electrochromic film integrated with polycarbonate lenses.
Figure 206. Organic LCD with a 10-mm bend radius.
Figure 207. Global flexible and printed displays market revenues, 2017-2031 (billion $).
Figure 208. Global flexible and printed displays market revenues, 2017-2031 (billion $).
Figure 209. 1.39-inch full-circle microLED display
Figure 210. 9.4" flexible MicroLED display.
Figure 211. Transparent 3D touch control with LED lights and LED matrix.
Figure 212. Flexible microLED.
Figure 213. Hyperfluorescence™ OLED display.
Figure 214. 9.4" flexible MicroLED display.
Figure 215. 7.56-inch transparent Micro LED display.
Figure 216. Micro-LED stretchable display.
Figure 217. TCL phone and tablet concepts.
Figure 218. 7.56” Transparent Display.
Figure 219. Mercedes-Benz’s Hyperscreen.
Figure 220. Global market for flexible and printed electronics in the automotive sector, revenues (millions USD) by applications.

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