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Telemedicine Market, Global Forecast Impact of COVID-19, Industry Trends, Growth, Opportunity Company Overview, Financial Insight

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  • June 2021
  • Region: Global
  • Renub Research
  • ID: 5354555

Telemedicine uses ICTs (Information and communication technologies) to control international barriers and surge access to health care services. This technology mainly benefits rural and underserved communities in developing nations - groups traditionally suffer from a lack of benefits to health care services. ICTs have great potential to address the hurdles faced by both developed and developing nations in providing quality health care services and more cost-effective. As per our analysis, the Global Telemedicine Market projected to grow up to US$ 218.49 Billion by 2026.

Key players in the telemedicine market have experienced exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to 2019.

United States-based company SOC Telemed deals in telemedicine technology and services, stated that in 2020, the company's revenue surged in COVID period.
Teladoc Health Inc Company's revenue also increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In China, companies like WeChat, TikTok, Weibo came together in the pandemic. They helped mental health professionals, health care bodies to provide safe health services online through mental health surveys and communication programmes.

Today, the advancement in technology has further triggered the government to develop regulations and reimbursement policies revolving around telehealth. Thereon, developments in the telemedicine industry have made healthcare affordable and accessible to all. The market endures many opportunities to grow during the forecast period. The market is owing to the lack of access to care and rising provider adoption of telemedicine, increasing consumer demand and patient acceptance, and enhanced quality of care. Besides, the global giant COVID-19 has also been unprecedented and staggering, with telemedicine beholding an assertive demand shock over all regions between the pandemic. Further, the Tele-medicine Industry Worldwide is projected to grow with a staggering CAGR of 21.37% from 2020 to 2026.

COVID-19 Impact on Telemedicine Market

Globally virtual consultations are gracing the new normal: The unforeseen outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a halt. As hospitals are getting crowded with COVID-19 positive cases, the strain on healthcare staff is rising. Furthermore, the postponement and cancellation of surgeries, including appointments, have minimized patient volume in hospitals and clinics.

In this era of adversities, telemedicine has emerged as a powerful weapon in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The global influence of COVID-19 has been unprecedented and tremendous, with telemedicine witnessing a positive demand shock across all regions amid the pandemic. Additionally, most virtual visit service providers are showcasing a tremendous increase in users and subscribers. According to the publisher Telemedicine Market Size estimated to be US$ 68.36 Billion by 2020.

Globally, the adoption of digital technologies and teleconsultations has become a helpful tool for addressing a health issue. Teleconsultations offer cheaper services and also lessen the work strain on healthcare professionals. This is the primary reason for increasing emphasis by government organizations on deploying digital health technologies, favouring the market's growth rate. Moreover, with social distancing being the new normal, the demand for teleconsultations and digital health services peaked.

By Modality segment, the market bifurcated in Real-Time Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring. The real-time segment expected to witness lucrative growth owing to the drastic rise in the number of e-visits. The developed region such as North America has deemed the maximum revenue share in the global industry due to the continuous research and development initiatives. Furthermore, the regional markets in Europe anticipated showing a similar drift over the forecast period due to growing healthcare awareness coupled with cloud-based technologies acceptance in the country.

In addition, the developing regions such as the Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa expected to experience favourable growth in the industry owing to rapid demand for healthcare assistance, especially in the rural areas. Also, the emerging economies in India and China are estimated to witness growth over the next eight-year period. Innovation and development towards telemedicine anticipated enhancing the growth in this region in the coming years.

During the forecasted period, the telemedicine market is expected to become highly competitive as many start-ups seek opportunities in this sector. Globally the market studied is moderately consolidated, owing to a few prominent market players like CEVA, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Bayer AG, Merck & Co. Inc. and Teladoc Health, Inc.

Furthermore, the Global Telemedicine Market will become highly competitive with the launch of various platforms and the entry of new players with massive funding.

This latest report titled "Global Telemedicine Market by Types (Products & Services) Application (Teleconsultation, Telepathology, Telecardiology, Telesurgery, Teleradiology, Teledermatology, Telepsychiatry, Others) Modality (Real-Time Telemedicine & Remote Patient Monitoring) End Users (Hospitals, Diagnostics Center, Ambulatory Surgical Center, Specialty Center & Others), Regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacifics, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) Company (CEVA Inc, Eli Lilly & Company, Bayer AG, Merck & Co.Inc, Teladoc Health, Inc)" provides a complete analysis of Telemedicine Market Industry Worldwide.

Types Outlook - Market has been covered from 2 viewpoints:

1. Products
2. Services

Application Outlook - Market has been covered from 8 viewpoints:

1. Teleconsultation
2. Telepathology
3. Telecardiology
4. Telesurgery
5. Teleradiology
6. Teledermatology
7. Telepsychiatry
8. Others

Modality Outlook - Market has been covered from 2 viewpoints:

1. Real Time Telemedicine
2. Remote Patient Monitoring

End Users Outlook - Market has been covered from 5 viewpoints:

1. Hospital
2. Diagnostic Center
3. Ambulatory Surgical Center
4. Specialty Center
5. Others

Region Outlook - Market has been covered from 5 viewpoints:

1. North America
2. Europe
3. Asia Pacific
4. Latin America
5. Middle East & Africa

All companies have been covered from 3 Viewpoints

  • Overview
  • Recent Development & Strategies
  • Financial Insight

Company Analysis

1. CEVA, Inc.
2. Eli Lilly and Company
3. Bayer AG
4. Merck & Co. Inc
5. Teladoc Health, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Telemedicine Market

What is the estimated value of the Telemedicine Market?

The Telemedicine Market was estimated to be valued at $68.4 Billion in 2020.

What is the growth rate of the Telemedicine Market?

The growth rate of the Telemedicine Market is 21.3%, with an estimated value of $218.5 Billion by 2026.

What is the forecasted size of the Telemedicine Market?

The Telemedicine Market is estimated to be worth $218.5 Billion by 2026.

Who are the key companies in the Telemedicine Market?

Key companies in the Telemedicine Market include CEVA, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Bayer AG and Teladoc Health, Inc..

Table of Contents

1. Introduction2. Research Methodology3. Executive Summary
4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.2 Challenges
5. Global Telemedicine Market
6. Market Share
6.1 By Types
6.2 By Application
6.3 By Modality
6.4 By End Users
6.5 By Region
7. Types- Global Telemedicine Market
7.1 Products
7.2 Services
8. Application - Global Telemedicine Market
8.1 Teleconsultation
8.2 Telepathology
8.3 Telecardiology
8.4 Telesurgery
8.5 Teleradiology
8.6 Teledermatology
8.7 Telepsychiatry
8.8 Others
9. Modality - Global Telemedicine Market
9.1 Real-Time Telemedicine
9.2 Remote Patient Monitoring
10. End User - Global Telemedicine Market
10.1 Hospital
10.2 Diagnostic Center
10.3 Ambulatory Surgical Center
10.4 Specialty Center
10.5 Others
11. Region - Global Telemedicine Market
11.1 North America
11.2 Europe
11.3 Asia Pacific
11.4 Latin America
11.5 Middle East & Africa
12. Company Analysis
12.1 CEVA, Inc.
12.1.1 Overview
12.1.2 Recent Development & Strategies
12.1.3 Financial Insight
12.2 Eli Lilly and Company
12.2.1 Overview
12.2.2 Recent Development & Strategies
12.2.3 Financial Insight
12.3 Bayer AG
12.3.1 Overview
12.3.2 Recent Development & Strategies
12.3.3 Financial Insight
12.4 Merck & Co. Inc
12.4.1 Overview
12.4.2 Recent Development & Strategies
12.4.3 Financial Insight
12.5 Teladoc Health, Inc.
12.5.1 Overview
12.5.2 Recent Development & Strategies
12.5.3 Financial Insight
List of Figures:
Figure-01: Global Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-02: Forecast for - Global Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-03: Types - Products Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-04: Types - Forecast for Products Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-05: Types - Services Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-06: Types - Forecast for Services Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-07: Application - Teleconsultation Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-08: Application - Forecast for Teleconsultation Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-09: Application - Telepathology Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-10: Application - Forecast for Telepathology Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-11: Application - Telecardiology Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-12: Application - Forecast for Telecardiology Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-13: Application - Telesurgery Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-14: Application - Forecast for Telesurgery Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-15: Application - Teleradiology Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-16: Application - Forecast for Teleradiology Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-17: Application - Teledermatology Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-18: Application - Forecast for Teledermatology Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-19: Application - Telepsychiatry Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-20: Application - Forecast for Telepsychiatry Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-21: Application - Others Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-22: Application - Forecast for Others Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-23: Modality - Real Time Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-24: Modality - Forecast for Real Time Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-25: Modality - Remote Patient Monitoring Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-26: Modality - Forecast for Remote Patient Monitoring Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-27: End User - Hospital Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-28: End User - Forecast for Hospital Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-29: End User - Diagnostic Center Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-30: End User - Forecast for Diagnostic Center Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-31: End User - Ambulatory Surgical Center Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-32: End User - Forecast for Ambulatory Surgical Center Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-33: End User - Specialty Center Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-34: End User - Forecast for Specialty Center Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-35: End User - Others Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-36: End User - Forecast for Others Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-37: North America - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-38: North America - Forecast for Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-39: Europe - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-40: Europe - Forecast for Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-41: Asia Pacific - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-42: Asia Pacific - Forecast for Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-43: Latin America - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-44: Latin America - Forecast for Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-45: Middle East & Africa - Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-46: Middle East & Africa - Forecast for Telemedicine Market (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-47: CEVA, Inc. - Global Revenue (Million US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-48: CEVA, Inc. - Forecast for Global Revenue (Million US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-49: Eli Lilly and Company - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-50: Eli Lilly and Company - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-51: Bayer AG - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-52: Bayer AG - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-53: Merck & Co. Inc - Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-54: Merck & Co. Inc - Forecast for Global Revenue (Billion US$), 2021 - 2026
Figure-55: Teladoc Health, Inc. - Global Revenue (Million US$), 2016 - 2020
Figure-56: Teladoc Health, Inc. - Forecast for Global Revenue (Million US$), 2021 - 2026
List of Tables:
Table-01: Global - Telemedicine Market Share by Types (Percent), 2016 - 2020
Table-02: Global - Forecast for Telemedicine Market Share by Types (Percent), 2021 - 2026
Table-03: Global - Telemedicine Market Share by Application (Percent), 2016 - 2020
Table-04: Global - Forecast for Telemedicine Market Share by Application (Percent), 2021 - 2026
Table-05: Global - Telemedicine Market Share by Countries (Percent), 2016 - 2020
Table-06: Global - Forecast for Telemedicine Market Share by Countries (Percent), 2021 - 2026
Table-07: Global - Cyber Security Market Share by End User (Percent), 2016 - 2020
Table-08: Global - Forecast for Cyber Security Market Share by End User (Percent), 2021 - 2026
Table-09: Global - Cyber Security Market Share by Region (Percent), 2016 - 2020
Table-10: Global - Forecast for Cyber Security Market Share by Region (Percent), 2021 - 2026

Companies Mentioned

  • CEVA, Inc.
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • Bayer AG
  • Merck & Co. Inc
  • Teladoc Health, Inc.


In this report, for analyzing the future trends for the studied market during the forecast period, the publisher has incorporated rigorous statistical and econometric methods, further scrutinized by secondary, primary sources and by in-house experts, supported through their extensive data intelligence repository. The market is studied holistically from both demand and supply-side perspectives. This is carried out to analyze both end-user and producer behavior patterns, in the review period, which affects price, demand and consumption trends. As the study demands to analyze the long-term nature of the market, the identification of factors influencing the market is based on the fundamentality of the study market.

Through secondary and primary researches, which largely include interviews with industry participants, reliable statistics, and regional intelligence, are identified and are transformed to quantitative data through data extraction, and further applied for inferential purposes. The publisher's in-house industry experts play an instrumental role in designing analytic tools and models, tailored to the requirements of a particular industry segment. These analytical tools and models sanitize the data & statistics and enhance the accuracy of their recommendations and advice.

Primary Research

The primary purpose of this phase is to extract qualitative information regarding the market from the key industry leaders. The primary research efforts include reaching out to participants through mail, tele-conversations, referrals, professional networks, and face-to-face interactions. The publisher also established professional corporate relations with various companies that allow us greater flexibility for reaching out to industry participants and commentators for interviews and discussions, fulfilling the following functions:

  • Validates and improves the data quality and strengthens research proceeds
  • Further develop the analyst team’s market understanding and expertise
  • Supplies authentic information about market size, share, growth, and forecast

The researcher's primary research interview and discussion panels are typically composed of the most experienced industry members. These participants include, however, are not limited to:

  • Chief executives and VPs of leading corporations specific to the industry
  • Product and sales managers or country heads; channel partners and top level distributors; banking, investment, and valuation experts
  • Key opinion leaders (KOLs)

Secondary Research

The publisher refers to a broad array of industry sources for their secondary research, which typically includes, however, is not limited to:

  • Company SEC filings, annual reports, company websites, broker & financial reports, and investor presentations for competitive scenario and shape of the industry
  • Patent and regulatory databases for understanding of technical & legal developments
  • Scientific and technical writings for product information and related preemptions
  • Regional government and statistical databases for macro analysis
  • Authentic new articles, webcasts, and other related releases for market evaluation
  • Internal and external proprietary databases, key market indicators, and relevant press releases for market estimates and forecasts