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Aquaculture in China. Success Stories and Modern Trends. Edition No. 1

  • ID: 5367531
  • Book
  • May 2018
  • Region: China
  • 720 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd

Fish have been a major component of our diet and it has been suggested that fish/seafood consumption contributed to the development of the human brain, and this together with the acquisition of bipedalism, perhaps made us what we are.  In the modern context global fish consumption is increasing. However, unlike our other staples, until a few years back the greater proportion of our fish supplies were of a hunted origin. This scenario is changing and a greater proportion of fish we consume now is of farmed origin.

Aquaculture, the farming of waters, is thought to have originated in China, many millennia ago. Nevertheless, it transformed into a major food sector only since the second half of the last century, and continues to forge ahead, primarily in the developing world. China leads the global aquaculture production in volume, in the number of species that are farmed, and have contributed immensely to transforming the practices from an art to a science.

This book attempts to capture some of the key elements and practices that have contributed to the success of Chinese aquaculture. The book entails contributions from over 100 leading experts in China, and provides insights into some aquaculture practices that are little known to the rest of the world. This book will be essential reading for aquaculturists, practitioners, researchers and students, and planners and developers.
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List of Contributors xxix

Foreword xxxvii

Preface xxxix

Acknowledgments xli

Section 1 Notable Developments in Chinese Aquaculture in the Past Few Decades 1

1.1 Contribution of Chinese Aquaculture to the Sector, Globally, and to Overall Food Security 3
Jiansan Jia, Weiming Miao, Junning Cai, and Xinhua Yuan

1.2 Inland Aquaculture: Trends and Prospects 25
Zhongjie Li, Jiashou Liu, Qidong Wang, and Sena S. De Silva

1.3 Mariculture: Developments, Present Status and Prospects 38
Qingyin Wang, Hui Liu, and Juan Sui

1.4 Chinese Aquaculture: Its Contribution to Rural Development and the Economy 55
Ningsheng Yang

1.5 Species Composition in Chinese Aquaculture with Reference to Trophic Level of Cultured Species 70
Qisheng Tang, Dong Han, Xiujuan Shan, Wenbing Zhang, and Yuze Mao

Section 2 Traditionally Farmed Species/Species Groups and Farming Practices 93

2.1 Grass Carp: The Fish that Feeds Half of China 95
Congxin Xie, Jiale Li, Dapeng Li, Yubang Shen, Yu Gao, and Zhimin Zhang

2.2 Typical Cases of Silver Carp Culture 116
Guiwei Zou, Dan Wang, and Xiangzhong Luo

2.3 Developments in Common Carp Culture and Selective Breeding of New Varieties 125
Xuesong Hu, Yanlong Ge, Chitao Li, Zhiying Jia, Mei Shang, Shihui Wang, and Lianyu Shi

2.4 Crucian Carp and Gibel Carp Culture 149
Zhou Li, Zhong]Wei Wang, Yang Wang, and Jian]Fang Gui

2.5 Recent Developments in Bream Culture: Culture Systems and Genetic Improvement 158
Weimin Wang and Zexia Gao

2.6 Integrated Rice]Field Aquaculture in China, A Long]Standing Practice, with Recent Leapfrog Developments 174
Jiashou Liu, Qidong Wang, Jing Yuan, Tanglin Zhang, Shaowen Ye, Wei Li, Zhongjie Li, and Jian]Fang Gui

Section 3 Emerging Cultured Species/Species Groups 185

3.1 Freshwater Pearl Culture 187
Jiale Li, Xiaoping Wu, and Zhiyi Bai

3.2 Chinese mitten Crab Culture: Current Status and Recent Progress Towards Sustainable Development 197
Yongxu Cheng, Xugan Wu, and Jiayao Li

3.3 Culture of the Oriental River Prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) 218
Fu Hongtuo and Shubo Jin

3.4 Mud Crab, Scylla paramamosain China’s Leading Maricultured Crab 226
Yuanyou Li, Chunxiang Ai, and Lijie Liu

3.5 Sturgeon Culture: Status and Practices 234
Deguo Yang, Guojun Ma, and Dajiang Sun

3.6 Snakehead Culture 246
Xiuqi Li, Qinglei Meng, and Nan Xie

3.7 Mandarin Fish Culture: Status and Development Prospects 256
Guocheng Yao, and Wei Li

3.8 The Success of Yellow Catfish Aquaculture in China: From Rare Wild Fish to Popular Farmed Fish 270
Dapeng Li, Congxin Xie, Xugang He, Rong Tan, Xing Tian, Zhimin Zhang, and Yu Gao

3.9 Aquaculture of the Paddy Eel, Monopterus albus 283
Daiqin Yang, Fang Chen, and Guoliang Ruan

3.10 Aquaculture of the Large Yellow Croaker 297
Shixi Chen, Yongquan Su, and Wanshu Hong

3.11 Flatfish Farming 309
Changtao Guan, Yuxia Ding, Aijun Ma, Yufen Wang, Jun Li, Qi Ni, Xuezhou Liu, Qiyao Wang, Kangsen Mai, Hong Lin, Bin Huang, and Zhengyong Yang

3.12 Rabbitfish – an Emerging Herbivorous Marine Aquaculture Species 329
Yuanyou Li, Qinghao Zhang, and Yang Liu

3.13 Soft]Shelled Turtle Culture 335
Zhong Yang He, and Haiqi Zhang

3.14 Hard]Shelled Turtle Culture 353
Xinping Zhu and Jian Zhao

Section 4 Alien Species in Chinese Aquaculture 363

4.1 Crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) Cultivation in China: A Decade of Unprecedented Development 365
Qidong Wang, Huaiyu Ding, Zhonghu Tao, and Dawen Ma

4.2 Development of the Culture of the White]Legged Shrimp, Penaeus vannamei 378
Xiaohan Chen and Jianhua Xiong

4.3 Channel Catfish Culture 393
Dapeng Li, Congxin Xie, Xugang He, Chenglong Qi, Yu Gao, and Xiao Liang

4.4 Status and Trends of the Tilapia Farming Industry Development 404
Pao Xu and Junchao Ming

4.5 Development of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) Culture 421
Junjie Bai and Shengjie Li

Section 5 Developments in Feeds in Chinese Aquaculture 431

5.1 Feed Developments in Freshwater Aquaculture 433
Shouqi Xie, Dong Han, Yong Yang, and Song Zhang

5.2 Feed Developments in Mariculture 451
Kangsen Mai and Wenbing Zhang

Section 6 Genetic Breeding and Seed Industry 463

6.1 Applications of Genetic Breeding Biotechnologies in Chinese Aquaculture 465
Li Zhou and Jian]Fang Gui

6.2 Half]Smooth Tongue Sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis): Whole Genome Sequencing to Molecular Sex Control 497
Song Lin Chen and Qian Zhou

6.3 Stock Enhancement and Genetic Preservation of Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis) in the Yangtze River Estuary 514
Guangpeng Feng and Ping Zhuang

6.4 Enhancing Aquaculture Through Artificial Propagation: Freshwater Fish Fry and Fingerling Production 527
Xinhui Li and Yuguo Xia

Section 7 Environmental-Related Issues in Chinese Aquaculture 541

7.1 Multi-Trophic Mariculture Practices in Coastal Waters 543
Jihong Zhang, Changzi Ge, Jianguang Fang, and Qisheng Tang

7.2 Ecological Engineering Technologies for Optimizing Freshwater Pond Aquaculture 555
Xing-guo Liu, Hao Xu, and Chong Liu

7.3 Disease Prevention and Control 577
Lang Gui and Qi-Ya Zhang

7.4 Development of Lake and Reservoir Aquaculture Related Practices in China 599
Jiashou Liu, Qidong Wang, Tanglin Zhang, Shaowen Ye, Wei Li, Jing Yuan, and Zhongjie Li

7.5 In Situ Conservation of Aquatic Genetic Resources and Associated Reserves 611
Wenbo Yang, Kun Cao, Fang Ding, Yingren Li, and Jilong Li

Section 8 Development Strategies and Prospects 629

8.1 Development Strategies and Prospects – Driving Forces and Sustainable Development of Chinese Aquaculture 631
Qisheng Tang and Hui Liu

Index 647

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Jian-Fang Gui
Qisheng Tang
Zhongjie Li
Jiashou Liu
Sena S. De Silva
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown