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Bicycles: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2021 to 2027

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  • 217 Pages
  • August 2021
  • Region: Global
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
  • ID: 5402733

The Global Bicycle Market is Anticipated to Reach $140.5 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027

The global bicycle market, at $43.7 billion in 2020, has strong growth through 2027. It is anticipated to reach $140.5 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027.

The worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as bicycles prove value by encouraging healthy exercise efforts.  Lowering exposure to Covid-19 while traveling to work is a key benefit of cycling. 

Covid-19 restrictions-imposed restrictions on the activities of corporations and people.  The restrictions have resulted in the increased use of bicycles.  Covid spread has created the demand for social distancing affecting transportation.  Pandemic response demands that people change their transport means to methods that do not have the risks associated with mass transit – risks associated with subways and buses.  Bicycles fill this need.  

Demand for bicycles began to rapidly increase with Covid.  Cycling, an easy form of recreation and exercise, is easily adapted to a transport vehicle inside cities and suburbs.  It is as well a mode of transportation that lowers the risk of infection.  Subsidies to encourage the purchase of bicycles and policies to build infrastructure such as bike lanes have contributed to the cycling boom.

According to the lead author this study on the bicycle market, “During the current pandemic, bicycles have become a preferred means of transportation.  Public transportation, subways, busses, Uber, and taxis carry a risk of infection.  Bicycles have become perceived as a safer way to move around.”   

Workers from every industry, particularly those deemed essential, including direct caregivers are rapidly bicycle transportation as the safest way to get to and from work.  

During the pandemic shelter in place government orders, bicycles and in place spin bales for indoor exercise have become popular.  People stuck at home are frequently using bicycles as a means of getting exercise in place.   When they do get out for a few minutes the bike is a good way to move around and stay away from people who might be contagious.  Bicycle markets are expected to experience significant growth due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) to reduce the risk of transmission to healthy people.   

The growth in bicycle markets is anticipated to last for five years and perhaps beyond.  Expectations are that the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will continue to present risk for the next three to four years and people will use bicycles to avoid risk during that time.  Momentum will carry the market for another three years.

Key Topics

  • Bicycles
  • E-Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Road Bikes
  • Cargo Bikes
  • Children's Bikes
  • Bike Components
  • COVID-19 Restrictions
  • Stay at Home Orders
  • Transportation Restrictions
  • Heart Health
  • Bikes and Social Distancing
  • Transportation That Lowers the Risk of Infection
  • Subsidies to Encourage the Purchase of Bicycles
  • Policies to Build
  • Infrastructure
  • Bike Lanes
  • Bicycle Forecasts
  • Bicycle Market Shares
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the Bicycle Market
  • Current Demand - Timeline of Recovery
  • Industry Disruptions
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Industry Changes
  • Consumer Behavior Changes, to What Degree Shifts Likely Become Permanent
  • Supply Chains Operations - Building a More Stable and Resilient Supply Chain
  • Growth Market Segments
  • Pockets of Growth During COVID-19 and Beyond
  • Marketing in this New Industry Climate
  • Exposure - Risks
Frequently Asked Questions about the Global Bicycle Market

What is the estimated value of the Global Bicycle Market?

The Global Bicycle Market was estimated to be valued at $43.7 Billion in 2020.

What is the growth rate of the Global Bicycle Market?

The growth rate of the Global Bicycle Market is 18.1%, with an estimated value of $140.5 Billion by 2027.

What is the forecasted size of the Global Bicycle Market?

The Global Bicycle Market is estimated to be worth $140.5 Billion by 2027.

Who are the key companies in the Global Bicycle Market?

Key companies in the Global Bicycle Market include Accell Group N.V., Atlas Cycle Industries Ltd, ByK Bikes, Caloi, Detroit Bikes, Dick's Sporting Goods, Dorel Industries Inc., Fezzari and Fuji.

Table of Contents

1. Bicycles: Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Impact of Corona Virus on Bicycle Sales
1.2 In The US, Government Declared Bicycles An Essential Transportation Item

2 Bicycle Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Bicycle Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Bicycles and Covid-19
2.1.2 Bicycles Market Shares, Units
2.2 Bicycles Market Shares
2.3 Bicycles Forecasts
2.3.1 People Opt For A Healthy Lifestyle Of Bike Riding
2.3.2 Consumer’s Inclination toward Healthy Lifestyle Coupled with Favorable Government Initiatives
2.4 Bicycle Market Segments
2.4.1 Road Bicycles
2.4.2 Mountain/All Terrain Bicycles
2.4.3 E-Bicycles
2.4.4 E-Bicycles Market Forecast
2.4.5 Major Manufacturers of E-Bikes
2.4.6 E-Bike Market Segmentation
2.4.7 Cargo Bikes
2.4.8 Children’s Bicycles
2.4.9 Bicycle Components
2.4.10 Bicycles for Commuting
2.5 Bicycles Prices
2.5.1 Yahama E-Bicycle Prices
2.5.2 E-Bicycle Prices
2.6 Bicycles Regional Analysis
2.6.1 US
2.6.2 Europe
2.6.3 Asia-Pacific Region
2.6.4 China
2.6.5 India
2.6.6 Japan
2.6.7 Asia Pacific Largest E-Bike Market

3 Bicycles Product Materials, Special Features, and Segment Market Opportunity
3.1 Bicycle Production Lines
3.2 Bicycles in the Wake of the Pandemic
3.2.1 Dominate the Road: This Carbon Disc Brake Road Bike Can Do It All

4. Bicycle Technology
4.1 Automated Hi-Technology Machines
4.1.1 Materials Technology
4.1.2 Carbon Fiber Bike Frame And New Materials
4.1.3 Carbon Fiber Frame Manufacturer
4.2 Titanium Alloy
4.2.1 High Modulus Carbon Fiber
4.2.2 Aluminum
4.2.3 High Grade Steel
4.2.4 Bicycle Frame Tubing Technology
4.3 Spraying Labeling
4.3.1 Precision Cutting Carbon Fiber Materials
4.4 Inner Molding/Molding Technology
4.5 Frame Manufacturing
4.6 Shimano Manufacturing Technology/
4.6.1 Cold Forging
4.6.2 Shimano Machining
4.6.3 Heat Treatment

5. Bicycles Company Profiles
5.1 Accell Group N.V.
5.1.1 Accell Revenue
5.1.2 Accell Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy
5.2 Atlas Cycle Industries Ltd
5.2.1 Atlas World Class Bicycle Technology
5.2.2 Atlas Revenue
5.3 ByK Bikes
5.4 Detroit Bikes
5.5 Dick’s Retail Sports Sales
5.6 Dorel Industries Inc.
5.6.1 Dorel Strong Bicycle Sales in March and April 2020
5.6.2 Pacific Cycle, an American division of Canadian Conglomerate Dorel Industries
5.6.3 Dorel Industries/GT Bicycles
5.6.4 Dorel Sports/Pacific-Cycle
5.6.5 Pacific Cycle
5.6.6 Dorel/Pacific Cycle/Mongoose
5.6.7 Dorel/Caloi
5.6.8 Dorel Covid-19 Impact on Demand for Products
5.6.9 Dorel Industries Revenue
5.6.10 Dorel Third Quarter Results
5.7 Fezzari
5.8 Fuji-Ta
5.8.1 Fuji Police Bicycles
5.9 Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
5.9.1 Giant Revenue
5.10 Hero Motors Company/Hero Cycles
5.10.1 Firefox
5.11 Huffy
5.12 Kent
5.13 Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd
5.14 Merida Industry Co., Ltd
5.14.1 Merida Revenue
5.15 Peloton
5.16 Regent
5.17 Pon Holdings (Derby Cycle AG)
5.17.1 Pon/Santa Cruz Bicycles
5.17.2 Pon/Santa Cruz
5.17.3 Santa Cruz Bicycles Revenue
5.18 Scott
5.19 Shimano
5.19.1 Shimano Bicycle Segments
5.20 Specialized Bicycle Components
5.21 Tandem Group
5.21.1 Tandem Revenue
5.22 TI Cycles
5.23 Trek Bicycle
5.24 Uber/Lime
5.25 Yahama
5.25.1 Yahama Revenue
5.25.2 Yamaha/Motobecane
5.25.3 Motobecane USA
5.25.4 Motobecane Road Bikes
5.26 Selected Bicycles Companies List

List of Figures
Figure 1. Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 2. Bicycle Sales, Dollars, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 3. Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 4. Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 5. Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 6. Bicycles Vendor Descriptions Worldwide, 2020
Figure 7. Bicycles Market Shares, Units, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 8. Bicycle Sales, Dollars, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 9. Bicycle Sales, Units, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 10. Bicycles Market Shares, Units, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 11. Bicycles Installed, Units, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 12. Bicycles Market Share Segments, Road, E-Bike, Mountain, Children, Cargo, Parts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 13. Bicycles Market Share Segments, Road, E-Bike, Mountain, Children, Cargo, Parts, Percent, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 14. Bicycle Market Segments, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 15. Road Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 16. Road Bicycle Market Forecasts, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 17. Mountain Bicycle Market Segment Forecasts, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 18. E-Bicycle Market Segment Forecasts, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 19. E-Bicycles Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 20. E-Bicycles Market Participants, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 21. Selected E-bike Market Players
Figure 22. E-Bike Market Growth Factors:
Figure 23. Cargo Bicycle Market Segments, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 24. Children's Bicycle Market Segments, Dollars and Percent, Worldwide, 2021-2027
Figure 25. Bicycle Component Market Shares Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 26. SHIMANO ULTEGRA+Disc Brakes Features and Price
Figure 27. Yahama E-Bicycle Prices
Figure 28. Yahama E-Bicycle Prices
Figure 29. Regional Bicycle Market Segments, Dollars, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 30. Bicycles, Regional Market Segments, 2020
Figure 31. Bicycle Installed Base, Regional Percent, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 32. Bicycle Regional Sales, Percent, Worldwide, 2020
Figure 33. Bicycles Market and Market Forecast, Dollars and % Growth, China, 2020-2027
Figure 34. Bicycles Market and Market Forecast, Dollars and % Growth, India, 2020-2027
Figure 35. Bicycles Market and Market Forecast, Dollars and % Growth, Japan, 2020-2027
Figure 36. Bicycles Market and Market Forecast, Dollars and % Growth, Asia, 2020-2027
Figure 37. Fuji-ta Group Production Lines
Figure 38. 2021 Carbon Disc Brake Road Bike Post-Pandemic Features:
Figure 39. Bicycle Advanced Design Features
Figure 40. Selected Bicycle Specifications
Figure 41. Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bicycle Frames, Handlebars, Front Forks And Seat Tubes
Figure 42. Bicycle Carbon Frames
Figure 43. Fuji-Ta Bicycle Facility
Figure 44. Fuji-ta Bicycle Large Automatic Surface Treatment Line
Figure 45. Bicycle Frame Polishing
Figure 46. Mountain Bike Technology
Figure 47. Bicycle Material Qualities
Figure 48. Fuji-ta Group Modern Bicycle Frame Shipping
Figure 49. Shimano Integrated Design Works to Continuously Maintain Performance of Gears with Smooth Rotation
Figure 50. Advantages of Di2 Digital Shifting
Figure 51. Shimano Bicycle Reliability
Figure 52. Shimano Cold Forged Gear
Figure 53. Accell Portfolio Bicycle Brands
Figure 54. Accell Country Strengths
Figure 55. Accell German, Nordics, and UK Production
Figure 56. Accell Benelux
Figure 57. Accell Growth in Nordics and UK
Figure 58. Cargo Bike Sales
Figure 59. Accell Indoor Trainer and Components
Figure 60. Accell Net Revenue H1 2013 - 2020 Eur
Figure 61. Accell Categories of Net Sales
Figure 62. Accell Metrics
Figure 63. Accell Net Sales Growth up 38% in 4 Months From July till October 2020
Figure 64. Accell Strategic Progress H1 2020
Figure 65. Accell TWC Seasonal Patterns
Figure 66. Accell Developments Areas
Figure 67. Atlas, Sahibabad Bicycles
Figure 68. Atlas MTB Bicycle Line, Selected Bicycles
Figure 69. ByK Bikes
Figure 70. Dick’s Sporting Goods Bicycles
Figure 71. Dorel Industries Bicycle Brands
Figure 72. Dorel Brands
Figure 73. Dorel Sports Bike
Figure 74. Pacific Cycle Brands
Figure 75. GT Bicycles Maori Marble Bicycle Decor
Figure 76. GT World Championship Maori Marble Spec
Figure 77. Pacific-Cycle Brands
Figure 78. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Bike
Figure 79. Mongoose Pacific
Figure 80. Fuji-Ta Bicycle Manufacturers Five Production Bases In China Covering An Area Of 1.27 Million Square Meters
Figure 81. Fuji-ta Annual Capacity 20 Million Bicycles
Figure 82. Fuji-ta Electric Bicycles
Figure 83. Fuji-ta Electric Bicycle Advantages
Figure 84. Tianjin Fuji-ta Group Bicycles
Figure 85. Fuji-ta Group Global Footprint
Figure 86. ta Group World Class Manufacturing
Figure 87. Giant 2020 Reign SX 29
Figure 88. Giant Reign SX 29 Agile Trail Bike
Figure 89. Huffy Child’s Bike Training Wheels
Figure 90. Kent Brands and Licenses
Figure 91. Merida Industry Co. Ltd. eONE-Forty
Figure 92. Pon Holdings E-Bike Brands
Figure 93. Santa Cruz High End Bicycles
Figure 94. Shimano Revenue
Figure 95. Specialized Bicycle Components
Figure 96. Specialized E-Bicycles
Figure 97. Specialized Bike Categories
Figure 98. Tandem Group Cycles Brands
Figure 99. Tandem Group Cycles 4 Bike Brands And A Range Of Cycling Accessories
Figure 100. Tandem Group Electric Bikes from Dawes, Falcon and Elswick
Figure 101. TI Cycle Office Locations in India
Figure 102. Trek Bicycles
Figure 103. Yahama e-Bikes and Drive Unit Quantities
Figure 104. Yahama e-Bike
Figure 105. Yahama Bike Price List India - 2020
Figure 106. Yahama Bicycle
Figure 107. Yahama Cyclist
Figure 108. Yahama e-Bike Models
Figure 109. Yahama Revenue
Figure 110. Yahama Regional Sales
Figure 111. Motobecane Fly Team - Mountain Bike Action
Figure 112. Motobecane Lightweight Specifications
Figure 113. Motobecane Bicycle Geometry
Figure 114. Types of Motobecane Bikes
Figure 115. Amazon Motobecane Bicycles



Companies Mentioned

  • Accell Group N.V.
  • Atlas Cycle Industries Ltd
  • ByK Bikes
  • Caloi
  • Detroit Bikes
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Dorel Industries Inc.
  • Fezzari
  • Firefox
  • Fuji-Ta
  • Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  • GT Bicycles
  • Hero Motors Company/Hero Cycles
  • Huffy
  • Kent
  • Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd
  • Merida Industry Co., Ltd
  • Mongoose
  • Motobecane USA
  • Pacific Cycle
  • Peloton
  • Pon Holdings (Derby Cycle AG)
  • Regent
  • Santa Cruz Bicycles
  • Scott
  • Shimano
  • Tandem Group
  • TI Cycles
  • Trek Bicycle
  • Uber/Lime
  • Yahama