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Bangladesh Real-estate Market Report

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  • September 2021
  • Region: Bangladesh
  • Research Intelligence Unit
  • ID: 5440030


  • The report consists of the economic performances during 2020 and growth forecasts for 2021.
  • GDP per capita of Bangladesh in the year 2021 stood among the top four neighbouring countries amidst global economic fallouts preceded by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The report covers the following topics – GDP growth, GDP per capita, growing urbanization, remittances, exchange rate, inflation, interest rates, tourism, imports & exports, FDI inflows, human development index, ease of doing business, Dhaka overview

Luxury & Semi Luxury Residential Market

  • Bangladesh report by the Research Intelligence Unit (RIU) shows that absorption rates in Dhaka are amongst the highest in Asia. the rapidly growing economy of the country has managed to create a rising dynamic middle class over the past few decades that is currently narrowing the rich-poor gap in the country from economic aspects.
  • The report covers the following topics – cumulative residential supply, cumulative tier wise supply, location wise existing and upcoming residential supply, residential projects in Dhaka, tier wise absorption, tier wise prices, rental rates. Demand trends in Dhaka – greener and smarter apartments, a rising middle class, education and changes in lifestyle, impact of the pandemic.

Retail Market

  • The report discusses the organized retail sector’s purchasing habits and patterns. As the country's economy continues to grow rapidly, the changing dynamics of the market, increasing elasticity of products and significantly increasing purchasing power are creating more demand for organized retail in the country.
  • The report covers the following topics – retail supply, retail supply by location, project wise retail supply, location wise lease rates, lease rates per month, absorption

Commercial Real Estate Market

  • The report indicates the ongoing development activities, over the next few years, that a sizeable stock of premium spaces to be introduced to the Central Business District (CBD) bounds. Also, it discusses the growing demand for commercial office spaces in prime locations in the city.
  • The report covers the following topics – cumulative & grade-wise office supply, office annual and cumulative supply, location wise existing & upcoming supply, existing and upcoming office supply, location and rates, office lease rates, absorption

The Hotel sector in Dhaka

  • The report discusses the rapid growth in both the international and local tourism sectors in the past decade and the demand it has for high-end, modern and luxury tourist accommodations. With COVID hitting the country in 2020 however, Bangladesh experienced a massive dip in the hotel occupancy rates. The condition however is getting better as Bangladesh is currently welcoming back visitors for business and other commercial purposes. 
  • The report covers the following topics – hotel supply in Bangladesh, annual & cumulative supply, four-star hotels, daily rates of five/ four-star hotels, occupancy.

Dhaka Lands

  • The report shows land values in Dhaka have skyrocketed since independence. The land has been, and always will be, the most sought-after type of real estate. It further discusses the digitization of land management.
  • The report covers the following topics – land prices of prime locations in Dhaka, recent trends in land values, outlook.

The future mega infrastructure

  • The report consists of the accelerating mass infrastructural developments in the capital. The megaprojects are currently providing employment opportunities to several thousands of people in Bangladesh. Also, it discusses how Bangladesh has scaled up in increasing digital literacy of its citizens and digitizing public and other services.
  • The report covers the following topics – mega projects under construction, sustainable development goals, a digital Bangladesh, outlook. 

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Bangladesh Economic Overview
  • Dhaka the Capital, & the Largest
  • City of Bangladesh
  • Luxury Semi-Luxury Residential Market
  • Demand Trends in Dhaka
  • Retail Market
  • Commercial Real Estate Market
  • The Hotel Sector in Dhaka
  • Dhaka Lands
  • The Future Mega Infrastructure
  • Outlook

List of Figures 
Figure 1 GDP growth
Figure 2 Growth in South Asian countries in 2020
Figure 3 Contribution to GDP by sector
Figure 4 GDP per capita (USD)
Figure 5 GDP per capita (USD) by country
Figure 6 Urban population growth
Figure 7 Urban population by country
Figure 8 Annual Exchange Rate USD/ BDT
Figure 9 Monthly Exchange Rate USD/ BDT
Figure 10 Annual inflation
Figure 11 Interest rate” deposits
Figure 12 Lending rate
Figure 13 Tourist arrivals
Figure 14 Tourist Receipts (Spending USD)
Figure 15 Imports and exports
Figure 16 Net FDI Inflows
Figure 17 Annual HDI Ranking
Figure 18 Annual Residential Supply
Figure 19 Cumulative Tier Wise Supply
Figure 20 Location wise existing and upcoming residential supply
Figure 21 Residential projects in Dhaka (map overview)
Figure 22 Completed Projects 1999-2015 (All Tiers)
Figure 23 Completed Projects 2016- 2020 (All Tier)
Figure 24 Absorption of Tier 1- 2020
Figure 25 Absorption of Tier 2- 2020
Figure 26 Absorption of Tier 2 – 2020 continued…
Figure 27 Absorption of Tier 3- 2020
Figure 28 Average Price USD/Sq. Ft. (Tier 1)
Figure 29 Average Price USD/ sq. ft. (Tier 2)
Figure 30 Average Price USD/ sq. ft. (Tier 2) continued...
Figure 31 Average Price USD/ Sq. ft. (Tier 3)
Figure 32 BHK wise Selling Price of Tier 1
Figure 33 Average Rental USD/ Sq. Ft./ Month
Figure 34 Dhaka overview (map)
Figure 35 Dhaka retail overview (map)
Figure 36 Cumulative retail mall supply
Figure 37 Location-wise retail supply
Figure 38 Project wise Retail Supply
Figure 39 Location wise Average Lease Rates
Figure 40 Average Lease Rate
Figure 41 Absorption
Figure 42 South Dhaka overview (map)
Figure 43 Cumulative & Grade wise Office Supply
Figure 44 Office Annual & Cumulative Supply
Figure 45 Location wise Existing & Upcoming Supply
Figure 46 Existing & Upcoming Office Supply
Figure 47 Existing and upcoming office projects
Figure 48 Office Lease Rate
Figure 49 Absorption
Figure 50 Hotel Supply in Bangladesh
Figure 51 Annual & Cumulative Supply
Figure 52 No. of rooms of 5 star hotels
Figure 53 Average Daily Rate of 5 Star Hotels
Figure 54 Average Daily Rate of 4-star Hotels
Figure 55 Occupancy of 5-star Hotels
Figure 56 Occupancy of 4-star Hotels
Figure 57 Top hotel in (North) Dhaka
Figure 58 Land Prices of Prime Locations in Dhaka 2020
Figure 59 Area-wise land values
Figure 60 Budget allocation for megaprojects
Figure 61 Dhaka overview (map)

List of Tables 
Table 1 Regions with significant diaspora populations
Table 2 HDI Ranking by Country
Table 3 Ease of doing Business Index
Table 4 Ease of doing business ranking by country
Table 5 Location wise existing and upcoming residential supply
Table 6 Area-wise land prices