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Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Markets Report Q4 2020

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  • 513 Pages
  • September 2020
  • Region: Global
  • Environmental Business International
  • ID: 5510976

Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Markets (updated Q4 2020) provides a strategic review of the Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience industry, history, client markets, market drivers, and business strategy of many players.

This report also delivers an overview of the U.S. and global climate change industry and its nine business segments.

The U.S. climate change Adaptation & Resilience industry is still emerging, led by consulting & engineering firms doing assessment, risk science, modeling, and planning work, but construction, contracting and O&M is coming, along with the technologies needed to deliver and sustain it.

The financial community is increasingly becoming involved with ESG standards, public disclosures, ratings agencies, and insurance companies playing increasingly influential roles.

CCBJ’s assessment of climate change adaptation & resilience markets identifies funded projects in a variety of regions conducted by utilities, states, ports, institutions, government agencies, non-profits, universities as well as a few well-placed consulting & engineering firms. Design, engineering and construction of responses or preventive measures will ultimately be the bulk of the market.

This 500+-page report maps out the Climate Change Adaptation Industry and Resilience Markets into service and client breakdowns with market forecasts, and profiles of existing projects and companies engaged in the practice. This report includes information regarding the broader climate change industry.

Table of Contents

1 Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience
1.1 Acknowledgements
1.1.1 Authors and Sources
1.1.2 EBI’s Market Research Method
1.1.3 Survey Instruments
1.1.4 Disclaimer
1.1.5 Copyright
1.2 Overview of the Climate Change Industry
1.2.1 Climate Change Industry Definition and Context
1.2.2 Why the Climate Change Industry?
1.3 Definition of the Climate Change Industry
1.3.1 Definition of the Environmental Industry
1.3.2 The Climate Change Industry
1.3.3 Business Overview of the Climate Change Industry
1.3.4 Economic Comparison with Environmental Industry
1.3.5 Conclusion
1.4 Defining the Climate Change Adaptation Industry
1.4.1 Defining the Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Industry
1.4.2 Climate Change Adaptation Business Context
1.5 Market Estimate Models: Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Industry
1.5.1 Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Original Market Model
1.6 Adaptation & Resilience Markets
1.6.1 2019 Adaptation & Resilience Market Update
1.7 2010s: Setting the Stage for the Climate Change Adaptation Industry
1.7.1 2013: Record Cost of Catastrophic Weather Events
1.7.2 “Risky Business” Highlights Regional Impact of Climate Change
1.7.3 UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report
1.7.4 Climate Data Snapshot: Year 2012
1.7.5 Climate Change: Global Security Threat
1.7.6 Governments and Communities Prepare for Climate Change
1.7.7 Obama Executive Order 13653
1.7.8 Private Sector Prepares for Climate Change
1.7.9 More Companies Institutionalize Climate Change Plans
1.7.10 Investors Prepare for Climate Change
1.7.11 Insurance Industry Backs Proactive Measures to Lessen Climate Risk
1.7.12 Opportunities in Climate Change Adaptation
1.7.13 Climate Adaptation Research Needs
1.7.14 Client Profile & Market Driver: World Bank
1.7.15 Market Driver: Clean Power Plan
1.7.16 Client Profile: USAID Takes on Climate Change
1.7.17 Policy Driver: Climate Change and National Security
1.7.18 Market Driver: Impact of Paris Accord
1.7.19 Trump Effect on Energy Markets
1.7.20 Climate Change Adaptation Market Overview 2014
1.7.21 Adaptation & Climate Risk Services Reach $120-150 Million
1.7.22 Synergies Between Mitigation and Adaptation
1.7.23 First-Tier Clients: Government, Water and Power Utilities
1.8 Early Trends in the Climate Change Adaptation Industry (2010-2014)
1.8.1 Climate Change Adaptation Market Takes Shape in the USA
1.8.2 Market is Small, But Extreme Weather Portends Long-Term Growth
1.8.3 Adaptation, Disaster Preparedness and International Development
1.8.4 Heat & Water Expose Vulnerability of Conventional Power Generation
1.8.5 Decentralized Water Treatment a Solution for New Property
1.8.6 Climate Fixing & Geo-Engineering
1.9 Client Market Profiles in Climate Change Adaptation
1.9.1 Wastewater & Sewer WRRFs
1.9.2 Water Reuse
1.9.3 Water Utilities
1.9.4 Transportation Agencies
1.9.5 Airports: Adaptation & Resilience Markets
1.9.6 Healthcare Adaptation & Resilience Market
1.9.7 Power Utilities: 2016
1.9.8 Electric Power Industry Focus on Adaptation: 2015
1.9.9 Institutional Markets: College/Prison/Healthcare
1.9.10 Local Governments put Adaptation on Their (Long) To-do Lists
1.9.11 Market Profile: NGOs, Foundations and Federal Agencies
1.9.12 NGO Client & Driver: The Nature Conservancy
1.9.13 USG Program Profile: American Security Project
1.9.14 Oil & Gas Industry Considers Climate Change Adaptation
1.9.15 Water Treatment & Re-use in Oil & Gas
1.9.16 Consultants’ Perspective on Oil & Gas
1.10 Climate Change Adaptation Resource Materials
1.10.1 Example of State and City Planning for Climate Change Adaptation
1.10.2 Issues for water resource managers
1.10.3 U.S. Global Change Research Program Findings
1.10.4 Climate Risk and Adaptation Practices
1.11 Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services
1.11.1 Green and Hybrid Structures for Coastal Resilience (2015)
1.11.2 Squashing the Hydrograph with Green Infrastructue (2015)
1.11.3 Coastal Wetlands Restoration: Carbon Storage
1.11.4 Ecosystem Services Gain Respect
1.11.5 URS Fields Growing Demand for Ecosystem Value Assessments
1.11.6 ESA Evaluates Adaptive Mitigation Strategies
1.11.7 Natural Capital Project: Working With the Private Sector
1.11.8 Industrial Economics Inc. - Q&A
1.12 Niche Market: Sea Level Rise
1.12.1 Geosyntec Uses Coastal Engineering Lead to Build a Multi-Disciplinary Climate Resilience & Adaptation Practice (2019)
1.12.2 Moffatt and Nichol Takes on SLR for Many Clients (2015)
1.12.3 Profile: Arup (2015)
1.12.4 AquaFence Gains Traction in Flood Product Market
1.12.5 Preparing Coastal Settlements for Sea Level Rise
1.12.6 Changing Attitudes to Sea Level Rise
1.12.7 Small Businesses Adapt to Rising Sea Level
1.12.8 LIDAR Technology
1.12.9 CH2M Hill, AECOM and Arcadis on Adaptation Contracts
1.12.10 Profile: Stantec Canada
1.12.11 Profile: Dewberry (2015)
1.12.12 Profile: Dewberry
1.12.13 Legal Issues of Sea Level Rise
1.12.14 Adaptation Scenario: New York
1.12.15 Army Corps Directives for Adaptation Planning
1.12.16 Profile: CH2M SLR Practice
1.12.17 Client Profile: Port Authorities
1.13 Segment Report: Water Resource Management
1.13.1 Profile: Black & Veatch
1.13.2 Profile: Stanley Consultants (2015)
1.13.3 Q&A: Ford Consulting
1.13.4 Water Strategy in the Western States
1.13.5 Profile: El Paso Water Utilities
1.13.6 Profile: Denver Water
1.13.7 Profile: So Cal: West Basin Municipal Water District
1.13.8 Profile: American Water
1.13.9 Profile: Black & Veatch
1.13.10 Profile: Climate Risk (AdaptWater)
1.13.11 Utility Profile: Metropolitan Water District
1.13.12 Profile: CH2M Hill
1.13.13 Profile: CH2M HILL (Halcrow Group)
1.13.14 Q&A: CH2M HILL on Climate Risk Worldwide
1.13.15 Profile: RAND
1.13.16 Profile: HDR
1.13.17 Profile: Stantec
1.13.18 Profile: Golder
1.13.19 Profile: Malcolm Pirnie (Water Div. of ARCADIS)
1.13.20 Profile: Ryerson Master Associates
1.13.21 Profile: Tetra Tech
1.13.22 Profile: URS
1.13.23 Profile: WaterSmart Software
1.13.24 Profile: Nitsch Engineering
1.14 Company and Practice Profiles
1.14.1 Abt Associates-Stratus Consulting
1.14.2 Acclimatise
1.14.3 Adaptation Services Group (ASG)
1.14.4 AECOM
1.14.5 Amec Foster Wheeler: Growing Weather Services for Transport
1.14.6 American Electric Power
1.14.7 ARCADIS
1.14.8 Asian Development Bank
1.14.9 Atkins
1.14.10 Atmospheric and Environmental Research
1.14.11 Cadmus
1.14.12 California Environmental Associates
1.14.13 Carollo Engineers
1.14.14 Cascadia Consulting Group (CA & WA)
1.14.15 CH2M
1.14.16 Climate Resilience Consulting
1.14.17 Climate Risk (AdaptWater Software)
1.14.18 Climate Risk Analysis (Germany)
1.14.19 Climate Service Center (Germany)
1.14.20 Dewberry
1.14.21 Ecology and Environment
1.14.22 Envision - Rating System for Sustainable Infrastructure
1.14.23 Ernst Basler + Partner
1.14.24 Fernleaf Interactive
1.14.25 Fluor
1.14.26 Geosyntec
1.14.27 GHD
1.14.28 Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)
1.14.29 Green Power Labs
1.14.30 Hazen and Sawyer
1.14.31 ICF International
1.14.32 Internat Energy Solutions Canada
1.14.33 Irbaris
1.14.34 JBA
1.14.35 Marstel-Day
1.14.36 Michael Baker
1.14.37 Milone & MacBroom (2015)
1.14.38 Mott MacDonald
1.14.39 Planet Labs
1.14.40 Professional Service Firms: PwC, Deloitte, CSC
1.14.41 R.V. Anderson Associates
1.14.42 Research Into Action
1.14.43 Specialist Consultants Lead the Way in Climate Risk Analysis
1.14.44 Stantec
1.14.45 Stratus Consulting
1.14.46 Profile
1.14.47 WSP