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China Around View System (AVS) Suppliers and Technology Trends Report, 2021 - Chinese Brands

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  • 187 Pages
  • January 2022
  • Region: China
  • Research In China
  • ID: 5544223

Research on Chinese Brands’ Around View System: AVS Going to Integrate with Features of ADAS and Transparent Chassis

The report "China Around View System (AVS) Suppliers and Technology Trends Report, 2021 - Chinese Brands", sorts and analyzes the Chinese OEMs’ around view functions, Chinese AVS suppliers’ technologies, typical Chinese manufacturers of AVS components, and the AVS development tendencies.

AVS (Around (Surround) View System) serves as a system that delivers real-time imaging to the driver in a 360-degree range around the vehicle at low speeds (excluding systems with only rear cameras).

Chinese Brands Dominate the Market in Terms of AVS Installations

From January to November of 2021, AVS was available onto 4.266 million vehicles in China, an upsurge of 49.2% year-on-year; the installation rate of AVS registered 23.6%, a rise of 6 percentage points on an annualized basis, according to the publisher. Elaborately, local Chinese brands’ AVS installations accounted for 62.0%, an increase of 5.6 percentage points year-on-year, among which Haval, Changan and BYD stand at the first tier; while Geely, Hongqi, Roewe and Lynk&co were in the second echelon.

By price, from January to November 2021, Chinese brand models priced between RMB100,000-RMB150,000 constitute the largest part of AVS installations, reaching 1,366,000 vehicles, sharing 51.7%, and the local brands AVS installation rate in this range is 48.1%, up 4.3 percentage points year-on-year, followed by the Chinese brand models priced at RMB150,000-RMB200,000 and a total of 496,000 vehicles installed with AVS, accounting for 18.8%, and the local brand AVS installation rate in this range is 67.0%, up 8.3 points year-on-year.

By models, from January to November 2021, the top three Chinese  brands’ models in terms of installation were Haval H6 (208,000 units), Changan CS75 (156,000 units) and Hongqi HS5 (100,000 units).

In future, AVS installation rate will rise further with the cost reduction brought by gradual integration of AVS into the cockpit domain as well as the popularization of parking solutions combining surround view and ultrasonic.

Chinese OEMs’ around view function gets continuously optimized, expanding to transparent chassis and ADAS function

The AVS of Chinese OEMs is functionally evolving from a single 360° panoramic view in the past to rich ADAS features (such as moving object detection and warning (MOD), lane departure warning (LDW), and driving recorder, etc.) and transparent chassis.

For instance, Haval H6S (launched in October 2021) is added with 180-degree transparent chassis based on 360-degree panoramic image, which can realize 0%, 50% and 100% transparency settings; Trumpchi GS8 (unveiled in December 2021) has the AVS not only enabling 2D/3D panorama, MOD (moving object detection), driving recorder, and transparent chassis functions, but with a fusion of ultrasonic to achieve APA automatic parking.

Surround view cameras move toward higher pixel and more powerful perception

For clearer imaging, Chinese AVS suppliers are aggressively developing high pixel surround view cameras.

Ofilm, for example, spawned 2-megapixel HD surround view cameras in September 2021 and is working on 5-megapixel (to be launched in 2023) and 8-megapixel. SOE, a subsidiary of Minth Group, has upgraded its camera pixels from traditional VGA and current popular 1.3-megapixel HD camera to 2-megapixel FHD products, also with a plan for improvement to 8 megapixels in future. CalmCar, in cooperation with ZF, provides 192° fisheye cameras embedded with deep learning-based garage position recognition to enable higher perception capability in the AVP system based on surround view.

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Table of Contents

1 Overview of AVS in China
1.1 Definition of Automotive AVS System
1.2 Automotive AVS System Composition
1.3 AVS Installations and Installation Rate of Passenger Vehicles in China, 2020-2025E
1.4 AVS Installations, Installation Rate and Percentage of Local Brands in China, 2020-2021
1.5 Chinese Brands’ AVS Installations and YoY, 2020-2021 (by Month)
1.6 Chinese Brands’ AVS Installation Rate and YoY, 2020-2021 (by Month)
1.7 Chinese Brands’ AVS Installations and Installation Rate, 2020-2021 (by Price)
1.8 Chinese Brands’ AVS Installations and Installation Rate, 2020-2021 (by Brand)
1.9 Chinese Brands’ AVS Installations and Installation Rate, 2020-2021 (by Model)
2 Chinese OEMs’ Around View Functions
2.1 Comparison of Around View Functions
2.2 Changan Automobile
2.3 Great Wall Motor
2.4 BYD
2.5 GAC Trumpchi
2.6 Geely
2.7 NIO
2.8 FAW Hongqi
2.10 Lixiang Automotive
2.11 Xpeng Motors
3 Chinese AVS Suppliers
3.1 Summarized Analysis - Basic Information
3.2 Summarized Analysis - Comparison of Surround View Cameras (for Passenger Vehicles)
3.3 Summarized Analysis - Comparison of Surround View Systems (for Passenger Vehicles)
3.4 ZongMu Technology
3.4.1 Profile
3.4.2 Executives
3.4.3 R&D Bases
3.4.4 Products
3.4.5 Development History and Trends of Around View Technology
3.4.6 360° AVS
3.4.7 Development History of Around View ADAS Technology
3.4.8 Around View ADAS
3.4.9 Around View Automatic Parking
3.4.10 Around View Based Higher Level Parking (HPP)
3.4.11 Around View Based Higher Level Parking (AVP Gen.1)
3.4.12 Around View Based Higher Level Parking (AVP Gen. 2)
3.5 Desay SV Automotive
3.5.1 Profile
3.5.2 Executives
3.5.3 R&D Bases
3.5.4 Products
3.5.5 Development History and Trends of Around View Technology
3.5.6 3D AVS
3.5.7 Around View Driving Assist System (DAS)
3.5.8 APA Fusion Automatic Parking System
3.5.9 540° Body Transparency
3.6 INVO
3.6.1 Profile
3.6.2 Products
3.6.3 2D AVS Products
3.6.4 3D AVS Products
3.7 HSAE
3.7.1 Profile
3.7.2 Executives
3.7.3 R&D Bases
3.7.4 Products
3.7.5 3D Panoramic Parking System Based on Around View
3.8 Hikvision
3.8.1 Profile
3.8.2 Executives
3.8.3 R&D Bases
3.8.4 Products
3.8.5 360° Panoramic Imaging System
3.9 BYD
3.9.1 Profile
3.9.2 Executives
3.9.3 R&D Bases
3.9.4 Products
3.9.5 Panoramic Imaging System Evolution and Trends
3.9.6 1st-Gen Panoramic Imaging System
3.9.7 2nd-Gen Panoramic Imaging System
3.9.8 3rd-Gen Panoramic Imaging System
3.9.9 3rd-Gen Panoramic Imaging System (upgraded version)
3.9.10 4th-Gen Panoramic Imaging System
3.9.11 Transparent Panoramic Image
3.10 Voyager
3.10.1 Profile
3.10.2 R&D Bases
3.10.3 Products and Product Roadmap
3.10.4 3D 360° Panoramic Imaging System
3.10.5 Around View Based AVP System
3.11 oToBrite
3.11.1 Profile
3.11.2 R&D Bases
3.11.3 Products and Products Evolution
3.11.4 3D Panoramic System
3.11.5 Panoramic Automatic Parking System
3.11.6 Around View Based AVP System
3.12 Longhorn
3.12.1 Profile
3.12.2 Executives
3.12.3 Products
3.12.4 Around View Camera
3.12.5 360° Panoramic System
3.12.6 Around View-based Parking System
3.13 Minth Group
3.13.1 Profile
3.13.2 Executives
3.13.3 R&D Bases
3.13.4 Products
3.13.5 History of AVS Layout
3.13.6 The Subsidiary SOE’s History of Automotive Camera Deployments and Its Planning
3.13.7 720P 3D AVS of SOE
3.13.8 The Subsidiary Sptek Limited’s 3D Around View Imaging System
3.13.9 The Subsidiary F&M Technology’s Around View Camera
3.14 Ofilm
3.14.1 Profile
3.14.2 Executives
3.14.3 R&D Bases
3.14.4 Products
3.14.5 History of Around View Camera Layout
3.14.6 3D AVS
3.14.7 Around View-based Intelligent Valet Parking System
3.14.8 Around View Based Automatic Parking System
3.15 Softec
3.15.1 Profile
3.15.2 Products
3.15.3 Panoramic Parking System
3.16 Coligen
3.16.1 Profile
3.16.2 R&D Bases
3.16.3 Products
3.16.4 Around View Camera Development History and Trends
3.16.5 Reversing Camera System Based on Around View Camera
3.16.6 Panoramic Imaging System
3.17 TungThih Electronic
3.17.1 Profile
3.17.2 R&D Bases
3.17.3 Products
3.17.4 360° Around View Imaging System
3.17.5 Around View-based Automatic Parking System
3.17.6 Remote Parking Assist (RPA) based on Around View
3.18 Dahua Technology
3.18.1 Profile
3.18.2 Executives
3.18.3 R&D Bases
3.18.4 Products
3.18.5 Around View Camera
3.18.6 360° AVS
3.18.7 Smart Parking System Based on Around View
3.19 ADAYO
3.19.1 Profile
3.19.2 Executives
3.19.3 Products
3.19.4 "KeenSight" Technology Around View Camera
3.19.5 360° AVS
3.19.6 Automatic Parking System Based on Around View
4 AVS Industry Chain and Components Suppliers in China
4.1 Upstream and Downstream Composition of Around View Camera Industry Chain
4.2 Upstream and Downstream Composition of the Overall AVS Industry Chain in China
4.3 Representative Chinese Suppliers of AVS Components
4.4 Typical Chinese Suppliers of AVS Components - In-vehicle Lens and Camera Module Field: Sunny Opotech
4.4.1 Introduction to Vehicle Lens and Modules
4.4.2 Vehicle Lens Business Layout History and Production Bases
4.4.3 Vehicle Lens Shipments and Market Share
4.4.4 Major Customers and Cooperation Developments of Automotive Lenses
4.5 Typical Chinese Suppliers of AVS Components - In-vehicle Lens and Camera Module Field: Lianchuang Electronic
4.5.1 Business Layout of AVS Lens and Camera Modules
4.5.2 Business Performance of AVS Lens and Camera Modules
4.5.3 Major Customers and Cooperation in Vehicle Lens and Camera Modules
4.6 Typical Chinese Suppliers of AVS Components - In-vehicle CIS Field: Will Semiconductor
4.6.1 CIS Business Layout
4.6.2 CIS Products
4.6.3 Major Customers from CIS
4.6.4 Cooperation in CIS
4.7 Typical Chinese Suppliers of AVS Components - In-vehicle CIS Field: SmartSens Technology
4.7.1 CIS Business Layout
4.7.2 Business Performance in Vehicle CMOS Products
4.7.3 Newest CIS Products
4.7.4 CIS Product Series and Planning
5 AVS Development Tendencies in China
5.1 AVS Development Trend (I)
5.2 AVS Development Trend (II)
5.3 AVS Development Trend (III)
5.4 AVS Development Trend (IV)
5.5 AVS Development Trend (V)
5.6 AVS Development Trend (VI)
5.7 AVS Development Trend (VII)

Companies Mentioned

  • Changan Automobile
  • Great Wall Motor
  • BYD
  • GAC Trumpchi
  • Geely
  • NIO
  • FAW Hongqi
  • Lixiang Automotive
  • Xpeng Motors
  • ZongMu Technology
  • Desay SV Automotive
  • INVO
  • HSAE
  • Hikvision
  • BYD
  • Voyager
  • oToBrite
  • Longhorn
  • Minth Group
  • Ofilm
  • Softec
  • Coligen
  • TungThih Electronic
  • Dahua Technology
  • Sunny Opotech
  • Lianchuang Electronic
  • Will Semiconductor
  • SmartSens Technology