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Consumer Asset Tracking Solutions

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  • 170 Pages
  • May 2022
  • Region: Global
  • Berg Insight AB
  • ID: 5607143
The key applications for tracking solutions in the consumer market include family and child tracking, pet tracking, vehicle tracking, and general asset tracking. The vehicle category can be further divided into cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, caravans, motor caravans, leisure boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles. The general asset tracking category includes any type of assets, such as luggage, keys, wallets, clothes, electronics, tools, and sports equipment.

Learn more about the business opportunities associated with these tracking solutions in this 170-page report strategy report. Get up to date with the latest information about vendors, products, and markets.

This report will allow you to:

  • Benefit from 30 new executive interviews with market-leading companies.
  • Identify key players in the European and North American consumer asset tracking market.
  • Learn about the latest propositions from family and child locator service providers.
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges in the vehicle tracking the market.
  • Anticipate future drivers for uptake of pet tracking solutions.
  • Predict future trends in the consumer asset tracking market.
  • Profit from regional market forecasts by segment lasting until 2026.
The report answers the following questions:
  • What is the potential for LPWA connectivity in the consumer asset tracking market?
  • Which are the main growth drivers in Europe and North America?
  • What are the challenges and roadblocks toward widespread adoption?
  • Which are the leading providers of consumer asset tracking solutions?
  • What are the business models and channels to market?
  • What is the current status of the pet tracking market in these regions?
  • What is the potential market size for consumer vehicle tracking solutions?
  • How can aftermarket solution providers compete with OEMs?
  • How will each of the asset tracking categories evolve in the next five years?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Introduction
1.1 Consumer asset tracking infrastructure
1.1.1 Device segment
1.1.2 Positioning segment
1.1.3 Network segment
1.1.4 Platform segment
1.2 Business models and sales channels
1.2.1 Retail
1.2.2 Insurance companies
1.2.3 Mobile network operators
2. Family and Child Tracking
2.1 Population in Europe and North America
2.2 Family tracking solutions
2.2.1 Mobile operator branded apps
2.2.2 Freemium apps
2.2.3 Free apps and social media
2.3 Child tracking solutions and vendor market shares
2.4 Company profiles
2.4.1 Apple
2.4.2 Cosmo Technologies
2.4.3 Gabb Wireless
2.4.4 Garmin
2.4.5 Globalstar
2.4.6 Jiobit (Life360)
2.4.7 Life360
2.4.8 MyKi (Allterco)
2.4.9 Smartcom Mobility Solutions
2.4.10 Smith Micro Software
2.4.11 Xplora Technologies
3. Pet Tracking
3.1 Pet population in Europe and North America
3.2 Pet tracking solutions and vendor market shares
3.3 Company profiles
3.3.1 Fi (Barking Labs)
3.3.2 Fitbark
3.3.3 Halo
3.3.4 Kippy
3.3.5 Lilbit
3.3.6 Link My Pet (Smart Tracking Technologies)
3.3.7 Pawtrack
3.3.8 Suchmich
3.3.9 Tractive
3.3.10 Wagz
3.3.11 Weenect
3.3.12 Whistle Labs (Mars)
4. Passenger Car Tracking
4.1 Passenger car fleet in Europe and North America
4.2 Car theft in Europe and North America
4.3 Telematics solutions
4.3.1 eCall and roadside assistance
4.3.2 Stolen vehicle tracking
4.3.3 Motor insurance telematics
4.3.4 Remote control and convenience services
4.3.5 Wi-Fi hotspot
4.4 Vendor market shares
4.5 Company profiles
4.5.1 Agnik
4.5.2 Autobrain
4.5.3 Grupo Next
4.5.4 Harman
4.5.5 Modus
4.5.6 Mojio
4.5.7 Net4Things
4.5.8 Protectus Technologies
4.5.9 Ryd
4.5.10 Springworks International
4.5.11 Tail Light
4.5.12 Verizon
5. Consumer Vehicle Tracking
5.1 Consumer vehicle parc in Europe and North America
5.1.1 Motorcycles and mopeds
5.1.2 Bicycles
5.1.3 Caravans and motor caravans
5.1.4 Leisure boats
5.1.5 Other consumer vehicles
5.2 Consumer vehicle theft
5.3 Consumer vehicle tracking solutions and vendor market shares
5.3.1 Motorcycles and mopeds
5.3.2 Bicycles
5.3.3 Leisure boats
5.3.4 Caravans, motorhomes, ATVs, and snowmobiles
5.4 Company profiles
5.4.1 BikeFinder
5.4.2 BikeTrac
5.4.3 Boomerang Bike
5.4.4 ConnectLab
5.4.5 Haveltec
5.4.6 IoT Venture
5.4.7 Linxup
5.4.8 Monimoto
5.4.9 PowUnity
5.4.10 Sailsense Analytics
5.4.11 Scorpion Automotive
5.4.12 Sensar Marine (Sensario)
5.4.13 Sentinel Marine Solutions
5.4.14 Siren Marine (Yamaha Motor)
5.4.15 SIZZAPP
5.4.16 Vetel
5.4.17 Viasat Group
6. General Consumer Asset Tracking
6.1 General consumer asset tracking solutions
6.2 Company profiles
6.2.1 BrickHouse Security
6.2.2 C Security Systems
6.2.3 Invoxia
6.2.4 LandAirSea Systems
6.2.5 LugLoc
6.2.6 MiniFinder
6.2.7 Samsung Electronics
6.2.8 Trackimo
6.2.9 Vodafone
6.2.10 Yepzon
7. Market Forecasts and Trends
7.1 Market forecasts
7.1.1 Consumer asset tracking installed base and unit shipments
7.1.2 Penetration rate
7.1.3 Children’s GPS watches
7.1.4 Pet tracking
7.1.5 Car tracking
7.1.6 Motorcycle and moped tracking
7.1.7 Bicycle tracking
7.1.8 Caravan and motor caravan tracking
7.1.9 Leisure boat tracking
7.1.10 Other consumer vehicle tracking
7.1.11 General purpose tracking
7.2 Market trends
7.2.1 LPWA networking technologies create new market opportunities
7.2.2 Apple AirTag bolsters the consumer asset tracking market
7.2.3 Specialised solutions have a competitive advantage
7.2.4 Pet tracking is a high-potential market
7.2.5 Continued broadening of the aftermarket car telematics concept is expected 166
7.2.6 Bicycle tracking on the rise
List of Figures
Figure 1.1: Tracking Device Infrastructure Overview
Figure 1.2: Smartphone Shipments by Vendor and Os (World 2019-2021)
Figure 1.3: Smartphone Os Active User Base (World 2021)
Figure 1.4: Examples of Dedicated Tracking Devices
Figure 1.5: Mobile Network Operators in Europe and North America (2021)
Figure 1.6: Mobile Operators in North America by IoT Subscriber Base (Q4-2020)
Figure 1.7: Mobile Operators in Europe by IoT Subscriber Base (Q4-2020)
Figure 1.8: Satellite Network Operators by IoT Subscriber Base (Q4-2020)
Figure 1.9: Examples of Consumer Asset Tracking User Interfaces
Figure 1.10: Mno's Consumer Asset Tracking Offer (Europe and North America 2022)
Figure 2.1: Child and Teenager Population (Eu27+3 and North America 2021)
Figure 2.2: Apple Watch with Family Setup
Figure 2.3: Garmin Inreach Satellite Communication Devices
Figure 2.4: Globalstar's Satellite Communicator and Tracking Devices
Figure 2.5: Jiobit Smart Tag and App
Figure 2.6: Life360 App
Figure 2.7: Safepath White-Label Family Locator Solution
Figure 3.1: Pet Population and Pet Products Sales (Eu27+3 and North America 2020)
Figure 3.2: Pet Tracking Market (Europe and North America 2022)
Figure 3.3: Subscribers Per Vendor in Europe and North America (Q4-2021)
Figure 3.4: Fitbark Gps Tracking Solution
Figure 3.5: Halo Dog Tracking and Virtual Fence Solution
Figure 3.6: Tractive's Subscriber Base in Europe and North America (2018-2021)
Figure 3.7: Freedom Smart Dog Collar and App
Figure 3.8: Whistle Switch Pet Tracker
Figure 4.1: Passenger Car Registration Data (Eu27+3 2021)
Figure 4.2: Passenger Car Registrations by Manufacturer (Eu27+Efta 2021)
Figure 4.3: Passenger Car Registration Data (North America 2021)
Figure 4.4: Passenger Car Registrations by Manufacturer (North America 2021)
Figure 4.5: Ecall Application Lifecycle
Figure 4.6: Svt Application Lifecycle
Figure 4.7: Motor Insurance Telematics Application Lifecycle
Figure 4.8: Leading Specialised Consumer Telematics Players (World Q4-2021)
Figure 4.9: The Harman Spark App
Figure 4.10: Motion for Audi Connect
Figure 4.11: Verizon Hum Products
Figure 5.1: Consumer Vehicle Parc in Europe and North America (2020/2021)
Figure 5.2: Moped and Motorcycle Market Data (Eu27+3 2021)
Figure 5.3: Ptw Market Data (North America 2020)
Figure 5.4: Bicycle Market Data (Eu27+3 2020)
Figure 5.5: Bicycle Market Data (North America 2020)
Figure 5.6: Caravan and Motor Caravan Registration Data (North America 2021)
Figure 5.7: Caravan and Motor Caravan Registration Data (Eu27+3 2020/2021)
Figure 5.8: Leisure Boat Market Data (Eu27+3 and North America 2020)
Figure 5.9: Other Consumer Vehicle Market Data (Europe and North America 2020)
Figure 5.10: Motorcycle Ecall and Gps Tracking Providers in Europe and Na (2022)
Figure 5.11: Leading Bicycle Tracking Vendors in Europe and North America (Q4-2021)
Figure 5.12: Leisure Boat Tracking Vendors in Europe and North America (Q4-2021)
Figure 5.13: Bikefinder Gps Tracker
Figure 5.14: Connectlab's First and Second Generation Bike Tracker and Light
Figure 5.15: Monimoto Gps Tracker, Key Fob and App
Figure 5.16: Smartboat One Gps Tracker and App
Figure 5.17: Sherlock Gps Tracker and App
Figure 6.1: General Consumer Asset Tracking Vendors in Europe and Na (2022)
Figure 6.2: Gego Luggage Tracker
Figure 6.3: Examples of Tracking Devices Developed by Trackimo
Figure 6.4: Vodafone's Consumer IoT Product Portfolio
Figure 7.1: Tracking Device Shipments and Installed Base (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.2: Penetration of Gps Trackers Per Segment (Europe and North America 2021)
Figure 7.3: Children's Gps Watch Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.4: Pet Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.5: Car Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.6: Ptw Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.7: Bicycle Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.8: Caravan Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.9: Leisure Boat Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.10: Other Consumer Vehicle Tracking Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)
Figure 7.11: General Purpose Tracking Device Market Data (Europe and Na 2021-2026)



Executive Summary

Consumer asset tracking is a sub-segment of the wider consumer IoT market. While the latter concept includes all IoT devices developed for the consumer market, consumer asset tracking focuses on solutions and services utilizing location data. To enable remote monitoring and control, a solution must include GNSS or other positioning technology and some type of wireless wide area network such as cellular networks, satellite networks, LoRaor Sigfox. Tracking solutions based solely on short-range technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are thus not included in the report. 

Leading providers of family tracking and parental control services include US-based Smith Micro Software and Life360. Smith Micro offers white-label solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs) and now has contracts with all three major operators in the US. Major providers of children’s GPS watches include Xplora Technologies in Europe and Verizon in North America. Smartcom Mobility Solutions is a leading platform provider for children’s GPS watches and other consumer asset tracking segments, used by several MNOs and manufacturers in the US and Europe. The pet tracking market is dominated by Austria-based Tractive, whose subscriber base now has grown to several hundreds of thousands. In North America, the main providers of pet tracking solutions are Fi, Whistle Labs, Halo, and Wagz. The two latter companies offer combined pet tracking and pet containment solutions.

Companies Mentioned

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes:

  • BrickHouse Security 
  • C Security Systems 
  • Invoxia 
  • LandAirSea Systems 
  • LugLoc 
  • MiniFinder 
  • Samsung Electronics 
  • Trackimo 
  • Vodafone 
  • Yepzon 


The Internet of Things is very diverse. There are hundreds of different use cases, each with different dynamics. The starting point is to segment the market.

The analyst begins with a number of sectors: Automotive, Cities, Health, Industry, Home, Industrial, Energy, Retail and Consumer Electronics. Each of these sectors breaks down into a number of applications. In total across all sectors, the analyst examines around 150 separate applications. It is at this application level that they generate their IoT forecast. The analyst builds reliable data bottom-up. They take into consideration the current adoption rate, regulations, demographics, vertical-specific statistics, value chain structure, etc.

The rigorous data collection methods are based on first-hand and secondary sources. The analyst conducts many hundreds of executive interviews on a yearly basis with companies from all parts of the IoT value chain.  They talk to on a regular basis all major mobile operator groups and regulators as well as the chipset, module, and terminal vendors. They also interview many companies in each of the vertical markets.