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Paternity & Relationship Testing Services. Global Market Forecasts for Applications and Technologies with Executive and Consultant Guides. 2023 to 2027

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  • 144 Pages
  • February 2024
  • Region: Global
  • Howe Sound Research
  • ID: 5680834

Changing Values and Direct to Consumer Testing are Creating New Markets for Relationship Testing Services

It's not just paternity testing anymore! Maternity testing, Grandparent testing. Sibling testing. Infidelity testing? Who knew? It’s all up for grabs in this new growth industry. Direct to Consumer genetic testing is driving the need for legally recognized relationship testing. Suppliers can benefit from non mainstream demand as well. DNA testing is crossing the chasm and moving into everyday life.

Like any service the key is reaching the customer when they are in need. Find out all about the opportunities and pitfalls in this developing industry.

This is a complex area, but this readable report will bring the entire management team up to speed, on both the technology and the opportunity. The technology is moving fast. It is coming out of the lab and onto the desktop as genetics crosses the chasm into mainstream commerce.


Table of Contents

1 Market Guides
1.1 Relationship Testing - Strategic Situation Analysis
1.2 Guide for Executives, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Staff
1.3 Guide for Management Consultants and Investment Advisors

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What is Paternity & Relationship Testing?
2.2 The Genomics Revolution
2.3 Market Definition
2.3.1 Revenue Market Size
2.3.2 Legal
2.3.3 Migrant
2.3.4 Clinical
2.3.5 Discretionary
2.3.6 Instruments
2.3.7 Reagents
2.3.8 Software and Services
2.4 Methodology
2.4.1 Methodology
2.4.2 Sources
2.4.3 Authors
2.5 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry
2.5.1 Global Healthcare Spending
2.5.2 Spending on Diagnostics
2.5. Important Role of Insurance for Diagnostics
2.6 Chromosomes, Genes and Epigenetics
2.6.1 Chromosomes
2.6.2 Genes
2.6.3 Epigenetics

3 Market Overview
3.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
3.1.1 Academic Research Lab
3.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
3.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier
3.1.4 Chemical/Reagent Supplier
3.1.5 Pathology Supplier
3.1. Independent Clinical Laboratory
3.1.7 Public National/regional Laboratory
3.1.8 Hospital Laboratory
3.1.9 Physicians Office Lab (POLS)
3.1.10 Audit Body
3.1.11 Certification Body
3.2 Relationship Testing
3.2.1 Overview
3.2.2 Legal Use - a special case Legal Private
3.2.3 Rights and Responsibilities - a complex picture
3.2.4 Forensic Usage
3.2.5 Clinical Uses
3.2.6 Familial and Discretionary Use
3.2.7 Role of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing Services
3.2.8 Immigration Use

4 Market Trends
4.1 Instrumentation, Automation & Diagnostic Trends
4.1.1 Traditional Automation and Centralization
4.1.2 The New Automation, Decentralization and Point Of Care
4.1.3 Instruments Key to Market Share
4.1.4 Bioinformatics Plays a Role
4.1.5 PCR Takes Command
4.1.6 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution
4.1.7 NGS Impact on Pricing
4.1.8 Whole Genome Sequencing, A Brave New World
4.1.9 Companion Diagnostics Blurs Diagnosis and Treatment
4.2 Factors Driving Growth
4.2.1 Genetics Takes Center Stage
4.2.2 Cultural Shifts - Changing Meaning of Family
4.2.3 Media & Celebrity
4.2.4 Ancestry - Changing Attitudes
4.3.5 Factors Limiting Growth
4.3.1 Increased Competition Lowers Price
4.3.2 Lower Costs
4.3.3 Values Shifting
4.3.4 DTC Competition

5 Relationship Testing Recent Developments
5.1.1 Importance of This Section
5.1.2 How to Use This Section
5.2 Maury Povich Launches At-Home Paternity Test
5.3 Paternity Test Unveils IVF Mistake
5.4 Anti-Trafficking Agency Conducts Paternity Tests
5.5 Supreme Court limits DNA paternity testing
5.6 New law proposes DNA testing to weed-out false declarations of paternity
5.7 AffinityDNA Acquisition expands direct-to-consumer business
5.8 EasyDNA expands markets
5.9 AlphaBiolabs accredited as demand for prenatal paternity testing soars.
5.10 Genetic Technologies to Acquire DTC Genetic Test Provider EasyDNA
5.11 DNA Diagnostics Center to Join Eurofins via Acquisition
5.12 Bode and Gene By Gene Receive Approval
5.13 Pioneers, myDNA and FamilyTreeDNA Merge
5.14 Researchers Urged to Adopt New Genomic Technologies for Relationship Testing
5.15 ‘Not the Father’: Baltimore Man Filing suit
5.16 Thermo Fisher Scientific Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer for Human Identification

6 Profiles of Key Companies
6.1 AlphaBiolabs
6.2 Bureau Veritas
6.3 Canadian DNA Services
6.4 Easy DNA
6.5 Eurofins Scientific
6.6 Gene by Gene, Ltd.
6.7 Genex Diagnostics
6.8 Intelligenetics
6.9 Invitae Corporation
6.10 Laboratory Corporation of America
6.11 Myriad Genetics/Myriad RBM
6.12 Quest Diagnostics
6.13 Verogen

7 Global Relationship Testing Market Size
7.1 Global Market by Country
7.1.1 Table - Global Market by Country
7.1.2 Chart - Country Market Shares
7.2 Global Market by Application
7.2.1 Table - Global Market by Application
7.2.2 Chart - Application Share by Year
7.2.3 Chart - Application Segment Growth Rates
7.2.4 Chart - Application Segment Share Shifts
7.2.5 Chart - Application Segment Share Base Year
7.2.6 Chart - Application Segment Share Final Year
7.3 Global Market by Product
7.3.1 Table - Global Market by Product
7.3.2 Chart - Product Share by Year
7.3.3 Chart - Product Segment Growth Rates
7.3.4 Chart - Product Segment Share Shifts
7.3.5 Chart - Product Segment Share Base Year
7.3.6 Chart - Product Segment Share Final Year

8 Global Relationship Market Sizes by Application
8.1 Legal Market
8.1.1 Table Legal - by Country
8.1.2 Chart - Legal Growth
8.2 Migrant Testing Market
8.2.1 Table Migrant - by Country
8.2.2 Chart - Migrant Growth
8.3 Clinical Market
8.3.1 Table Clinical - by Country
8.3.2 Chart - Clinical Growth
8.4 Consumer Discretionary Market
8.4.1 Table Consumer Discretionary - by Country
8.4.2 Chart - Consumer Discretionary Growth

9 Global Relationship Testing Market by Product
9.1 Instruments Market
9.1.1 Table Instruments - by Country
9.1.2 Chart - Instrument Growth
9.2 Reagents and Kits Market
9.2.1 Table Reagents and Kits - by Country
9.2.2 Chart - Reagents and Kits Growth
9.3 Software Market
9.3.1 Table Software - by Country
9.3.2 Software Growth
9.4 Services Market
9.4.1 Table Services - by Country
9.4.2 Chart - Services Growth

10 Appendix
10.1 Methodology
10.1.1 Authors
10.1.2 Sources

Table of Tables
Table 1 The Base Pairs
Table 2 Market Players by Type
Table 3 The Different Types of Relationship Tests
Table 4 Seven Key Diagnostic Laboratory Technology Trends
Table 5 Factors Driving Growth
Table 6 Four Factors Limiting Growth
Table 7 Global Market by Country
Table 8 Global Market by Application
Table 9 Global Market by Product
Table 10 Legal Segment by Country
Table 11 Migrant Segment by Country
Table 12 Clinical Segment by Country
Table 13 Consumer Discretionary Segment by Country
Table 14 Instruments Segment by Country
Table 15 Reagents and Kits Segment by Country
Table 16 Software Segment by Country
Table 17 Services Segment by Country

Table of Figures
Figure 1 Global Healthcare Spending
Figure 2 The Lab Test Pie
Figure 3 DNA Strands and Chromosomes
Figure 4 Karyogram of Human Chromosomes
Figure 5 Size of Various Genomes
Figure 6 The Road to Diagnostics
Figure 7 Centralized vs Decentralized Laboratory Service
Figure 8 A Highly Multiplexed Syndromic Testing Unit
Figure 9 The Real Cost to Sequence the Human Genome
Figure 10 The Co-development Process
Figure 11 Country Market Shares
Figure 12 Application Share by Year
Figure 13 Application Segment Growth Rates
Figure 14 Segment Share Shifts
Figure 15 Application Segment Share Base Year
Figure 16 Application Segment Share Final Year
Figure 17 Product Share by Year
Figure 18 Product Segment Growth Rates
Figure 19 Product Segment Share Shifts
Figure 20 Product Segment Share Base Year
Figure 21 Product Segment Share Final Year
Figure 22 Legal vs Total Market Growth
Figure 23 Migrant vs Total Market Growth
Figure 24 Clinical vs Total Market Growth
Figure 25 Consumer Discretionary vs Total Market Growth
Figure 26 Instrument vs Total Market Growth
Figure 27 Reagents and Kits vs Total Market Growth
Figure 28 Software vs Total Market Growth
Figure 29 Services vs Total Market Growth



Companies Mentioned

  • AlphaBiolabs
  • Bureau Veritas 
  • Canadian DNA Services 
  • Easy DNA 
  • Eurofins Scientific 
  • Gene by Gene, Ltd.
  • Genex Diagnostics
  • Intelligenetics 
  • Invitae Corporation 
  • Laboratory Corporation of America
  • Myriad Genetics/Myriad RBM
  • Quest Diagnostics 
  • Verogen