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Global Small Bone and Joint Devices Market Size, Share, and COVID19 Impact Analysis 2023-2029 MedSuite - Includes: Foot and Ankle Devices, Shoulder Reconstruction Devices, and 2 more

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  • 441 Pages
  • January 2023
  • Region: Global
  • iData Research
  • ID: 5725714

Overall, the global small bone and joint orthopedic device market is valued at around $4.7 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% to reach $7.3 billion over the forecast period. The report covers the market for shoulder reconstruction devices, elbow repair devices, hand and wrist devices, and foot and ankle devices. It is segmented by anatomy, and further by implant types, including total joint reconstruction, internal fixation, and bone fusion.


  • Unit Sales, Average Selling Prices, Market Value & Growth Trends
  • Forecasts Until 2029, and Historical Data to 2019
  • Market Drivers & Limiters for Each Segment
  • Competitive Analysis with Market Shares for Each Segment
  • Recent Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Procedure Volumes
  • Company Profiles, Product Portfolios and SWOT for Top Competitors
  • COVID-19 Impact Analysis


The report provides an in-depth analysis of various procedures such as total shoulder replacement, primary elbow replacement, wrist replacement, primary ankle replacement, and others, segmented by region and analyzed over the forecast period.


The global small bone and joint orthopedic device market is seeing a rise in the use of minimally invasive procedures, particularly in the shoulder reconstruction device segment. The growing popularity of stemless shoulder implants is a reflection of this trend, which varies across the European countries covered in the report.


In 2022, Stryker, DePuy Synthes, and Zimmer Biomet were the top three competitors in the global small bone and joint device market, holding over half of the total extremity reconstruction and fixation market. Each company had a presence in different segments, with DePuy Synthes having a strong presence in internal fixation markets, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet having more of a presence in joint reconstruction markets.


Shoulder Reconstruction Devices | MedCore - Includes:

Total shoulder implant market, reversed shoulder implant market, hemi shoulder implant market, resurfacing shoulder implant market, revision shoulder implant market, proximal humerous plate and screw market

Elbow Repair Devices | MedCore - Includes:

Primary elbow implant market, primary elbow implant market, radial head implant market, and elbow plate and screw market

Hand and Wrist Devices | MedCore - Includes:

Wrist replacement market, wrist fusion market, ulnar hand replacement market, hand digit implant market, distal radius plate and screw market

Foot and Ankle Devices | MedCore - Includes:

Primary ankle replacement market, total ankle fusion market, midfoot fixation market, bunion treatment market, hindfoot devices market, foot digit market, hammertoe device market, syndesmotic repair market.


  • Regions: North America (Canada, United States), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), Western Europe (Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, U.K.), Central & Eastern Europe (Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine), Middle East (Bahrain, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates), Asia Pacific (Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam), Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda)
  • Base Year: 2022
  • Forecast: 2023-2029
  • Historical Data: 2019-2022
  • Quantitative Coverage: Market Size, Market Shares, Market Forecasts, Market Growth Rates, Units Sold, and Average Selling Prices.
  • Qualitative Coverage: COVID-19 Impact, Market Growth Trends, Market Limiters, Competitive Analysis & SWOT for Top Competitors, Mergers & Acquisitions, Company Profiles, Product Portfolios, FDA Recalls, Disruptive Technologies, Disease Overviews.
  • Data Sources: Primary Interviews with Industry Leaders, Government Physician Data, Regulatory Data, Hospital Private Data, Import & Export Data, Internal Database.

Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • List of Charts
  • Executive Summary
  • Global Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Device Market Overview
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Market Developments
  • Procedures Included
  • Markets Included
  • Regions Included
  • Version History
  • Research Methodology
  • Step 1: Project Initiation & Team Selection
  • Step 2: Prepare Data Systems and Perform Secondary Research
  • Step 3: Preparation for Interviews & Questionnaire Design
  • Step 4: Performing Primary Research
  • Step 5: Research Analysis: Establishing Baseline Estimates
  • Step 6: Market Forecast and Analysis
  • Step 7: Identify Strategic Opportunities
  • Step 8: Final Review and Market Release
  • Step 9: Customer Feedback and Market Monitoring
2. Impact of Covid-19 on the Global Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Device Market
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Regional Profiles
2.3 Analysis By Market Segment
2.3.1 Worst Case Scenario
2.3.2 Base Case Scenario
2.3.3 Best Case Scenario

3. Disease Overview
3.1 Basic Anatomy
3.1.1 Elbow
3.1.2 Foot and Ankle
3.1.3 Hand and Wrist
3.1.4 Shoulder
3.2 Disease Treatments and Diagnostics
3.2.1 Arthritis
3.2.2 Osteoarthritis
3.2.3 Traumatic Injuries
3.2.4 Avascular Necrosis
3.2.5 Congenital Bone Disorder
3.3 Patient Demographics
3.3.1 General Statistics
3.3.2 Osteoporosis Incidence
3.3.3 Arthritis Incidence
3.3.4 Avascular Necrosis Incidence

4. Product Assessment
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Product Portfolios
4.2.1 Elbow Repair Device Market
4.2.2 Foot and Ankle Device Market
4.2.3 Hand and Wrist Device Market
4.2.4 Shoulder Reconstruction Device Market
4.3 Regulatory Issues and Recalls
4.3.1 Arthrex
4.3.2 DePuy Synthes Hand and Wrist Plates and Screws Various Small Joint Implants and Related Tools
4.3.3 Exactech Foot and Ankle Shoulder
4.3.4 Integra LifeSciences Foot and Ankle Shoulder Various Small Joint Implants and Related Tools
4.3.5 Smith & Nephew Plates and Screws
4.3.6 Stryker Elbow Foot and Ankle Various Fixation Devices
4.3.7 Wright Medical Foot and Ankle Elbow
4.3.8 Zimmer Biomet Elbow Foot and Ankle Plates and Screws Shoulder Various Small Joint Implants and Related Tools
4.3.9 Other Companies Elbow Foot and Ankle Plates and Screws Shoulder
4.4 Clinical Trials
4.4.1 Acumed Foot and Ankle
4.4.2 Arthrex Foot and Ankle Hand and Wrist Plates and Screws Shoulder
4.4.3 DePuy Synthes Plates and Screws Shoulder
4.4.4 Integra LifeSciences Foot and Ankle Shoulder
4.4.5 Smith & Nephew Foot and Ankle Shoulder
4.4.6 Stryker Shoulder
4.4.7 Wright Medical Elbow Foot and Ankle Hand and Wrist Shoulder
4.4.8 Zimmer Biomet Elbow Foot and Ankle Plates and Screws Shoulder
4.4.9 Other Companies Elbow Foot and Ankle Hand and Wrist Plates and Screws

5. Global Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Device Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 Anatomy and Pathology Osteoarthritis Inflammatory Arthritis Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory Arthritis Comparison
5.1.2 Treatment Arthroplasty Ostectomy
5.1.3 Shoulder Joint Reconstruction Devices
5.1.4 Elbow Joint Reconstruction
5.1.5 Hand and Wrist Devices
5.1.6 Foot and Ankle Devices
5.2 Market Overview & Trend Analysis
5.2.1 By Segment
5.2.2 By Region
5.3 Drivers and Limiters
5.3.1 Market Drivers
5.3.2 Market Limiters
5.4 Competitive Market Share Analysis
5.5 Mergers and Acquisitions
5.6 Company Profiles
5.6.1 Acumed
5.6.2 Arthrex
5.6.3 BioPro
5.6.4 DePuy Synthes
5.6.5 DJO Global
5.6.6 Exactech
5.6.7 Paragon 28
5.6.8 Smith & Nephew
5.6.9 Stryker Wright Medical
5.6.10 Treace Medical Concepts
5.6.11 Zimmer Biomet
5.7 SWOT Analysis
5.7.1 Acumed
5.7.2 Arthrex
5.7.3 BioPro
5.7.4 DePuy Synthes
5.7.5 DJO Global
5.7.6 Exactech
5.7.7 Paragon 28
5.7.8 Smith & Nephew
5.7.9 Stryker Wright Medical
5.7.10 Treace Medical Concepts
5.7.11 Zimmer Biomet

6. Shoulder Reconstruction Device Market
6.1 Executive Summary
6.1.1 Global Shoulder Reconstruction Device Market Overview
6.1.2 Competitive Analysis
6.1.3 Procedures Included
6.1.4 Markets Included
6.1.5 Regions Included
6.2 Introduction
6.2.1 Anatomy
6.2.2 Pathology
6.2.3 Joint Reconstruction Devices Anatomic Shoulder Implants Reversed Shoulder Implants Hemi Shoulder Implants Resurfacing Implants Shoulder Revision Proximal Humerus Plates and Screws
6.3 Procedure Numbers
6.3.1 Total Shoulder Procedures
6.3.2 Total Shoulder Replacement Procedures
6.3.3 Reversed Shoulder Replacement Procedures
6.3.4 Hemi Shoulder Replacement Procedures
6.3.5 Shoulder Resurfacing Procedures
6.3.6 Shoulder Revision Procedures
6.3.7 Proximal Humerus ORIF Procedures
6.4 Market Overview
6.4.1 By Segment
6.4.2 By Region
6.5 Market Analysis and Forecast
6.5.1 Total Shoulder Reconstruction Device Market
6.5.2 Total Shoulder Implant Market
6.5.3 Reversed Shoulder Implant Market
6.5.4 Hemi Shoulder Implant Market
6.5.5 Resurfacing Shoulder Implant Market
6.5.6 Revision Shoulder Implant Market
6.5.7 Proximal Humerus Plate and Screw Market
6.6 Drivers and Limiters
6.6.1 Market Drivers
6.6.2 Market Limiters
6.7 Competitive Market Share Analysis

7. Elbow Repair Device Market
7.1 Executive Summary
7.1.1 Global Elbow Repair Device Market Overview
7.1.2 Competitive Analysis
7.1.3 Procedures Included
7.1.4 Markets Included
7.1.5 Regions Included
7.2 Introduction
7.2.1 Pathology
7.2.2 Device Types Primary Elbow Devices Radial Head Elbow Devices Elbow Plates and Screws
7.2.3 Contraindications
7.2.4 Challenges in Defining the Market
7.3 Procedure Numbers
7.3.1 Total Elbow Procedures
7.3.2 Primary Elbow Replacement Procedures
7.3.3 Radial Head Replacement Procedures
7.3.4 Elbow ORIF Procedures
7.4 Market Overview
7.4.1 By Segment
7.4.2 By Region
7.5 Market Analysis and Forecast
7.5.1 Total Elbow Repair Device Market
7.5.2 Primary Elbow Implant Market
7.5.3 Radial Head Implant Market
7.5.4 Elbow Plate & Screw Market
7.6 Drivers and Limiters
7.6.1 Market Drivers
7.6.2 Market Limiters
7.7 Competitive Market Share Analysis

8. Hand and Wrist Device Market
8.1 Executive Summary
8.1.1 Global Hand and Wrist Device Market Overview
8.1.2 Competitive Analysis
8.1.3 Procedures Included
8.1.4 Markets Included
8.1.5 Regions Included
8.2 Introduction
8.2.1 Anatomy
8.2.2 Pathology
8.2.3 Treatment
8.2.4 Device Types Total Wrist Implants Wrist Fusion Hand Digit Implants Distal Radius Plates and Screws CMC Joint Arthroplasty of the Thumb
8.3 Procedure Numbers
8.3.1 Total Hand & Wrist Procedures
8.3.2 Wrist Replacement Procedures
8.3.3 Wrist Fusion Procedures
8.3.4 Ulnar Head Replacement Procedures
8.3.5 Hand Digit Implant Procedures
8.3.6 Distal Radius Plate and Screw Procedures
8.4 Market Overview
8.4.1 By Segment
8.4.2 By Region
8.5 Market Analysis and Forecast
8.5.1 Total Hand and Wrist Device Market
8.5.2 Wrist Replacement Market
8.5.3 Wrist Fusion Market
8.5.4 Ulnar Head Replacement Market
8.5.5 Hand Digit Implant Market
8.5.6 Distal Radius Plate & Screw Market
8.6 Drivers and Limiters
8.6.1 Market Drivers
8.6.2 Market Limiters
8.7 Competitive Market Share Analysis

9. Foot and Ankle Device Market
9.1 Executive Summary
9.1.1 Global Foot and Ankle Device Market Overview
9.1.2 Competitive Analysis
9.1.3 Procedures Included
9.1.4 Markets Included
9.1.5 Regions Included
9.2 Introduction
9.2.1 Challenges in Defining the Market
9.2.2 Ankle Treatments Total Ankle Fusion Primary Ankle Joint Replacement
9.2.3 Foot Treatments Hammertoe Correction Procedures Bunion Treatment
9.3 Procedure Numbers
9.3.1 Total Foot & Ankle Procedures
9.3.2 Primary Ankle Replacement Procedures
9.3.3 Ankle Fusion Procedures
9.3.4 Midfoot Fixation Procedures
9.3.5 Bunion Treatment Procedures
9.3.6 Hindfoot Procedures
9.3.7 Foot Digit Implant Procedures
9.3.8 Hammertoe Correction Procedures
9.3.9 Syndesmotic Repair Procedures
9.4 Market Overview
9.4.1 By Segment
9.4.2 By Region
9.5 Market Analysis and Forecast
9.5.1 Total Foot & Ankle Device Market
9.5.2 Primary Ankle Replacement Market
9.5.3 Total Ankle Fusion Market
9.5.4 Midfoot Fixation Market
9.5.5 Bunion Treatment Market
9.5.6 Hindfoot Device Market
9.5.7 Foot Digit Market
9.5.8 Hammertoe Device Market
9.5.9 Syndesmotic Repair Market
9.6 Drivers and Limiters
9.6.1 Market Drivers
9.6.2 Market Limiters
9.7 Competitive Market Share Analysis


Companies Mentioned

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