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Fintech Market Research Subscription 2023: Market Forecasts, Market Sectors, Market Driving Forces, Regional Analysis, and Leading Companies Analysis

  • Report

  • January 2024
  • Region: Global
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
  • ID: 5793084

The subscription includes access to five market studies (156 to 225 pages each) and 26 smaller market reports (35 pages each) for one year.

Full studies include Market Definition, Market Dynamics, Market Share, Market Forecasts, Market Sectors, Market Driving Forces, Regional Analysis, and Leading Company Analysis. These reports are between 156 to 225 pages and are on the following topics:

  1. AI and FinTech
  2. CBDC
  3. Blockchain
  4. Smart Contracts
  5. Crypto Currency

Smaller market management reports include market dynamics, market share, market forecasts, market driving forces, and regional analysis. These reports are 35 pages each, packaged in groups of four, and on the following topics:

1. AI in the Banking Industry
2. Artificial Intelligence in Finance
3. Financial Services Industry-Specific Cloud.
4. Largest Fintech Companies
5. Digital Payments
6. Digital Assets & Regulations
7. Cryptocurrencies
8. Crypto tokens
9. NFT non-fungible tokens
10. ChatGPT programming in Python and others
11. Blockchain and DeFi
12. Web 3.0
13. Defi
14. EdTech
15. Cybersecurity
16. Fintech Projects
17. Blockchain and Cloud
18. Open Banking
19. Fintech and Middleware Messaging
20. Top 10 Crypto Fintech Companies
21. Top 10 Token Fintech Companies
22. Top 10 Fintech Banks
23. Top 10 Fintech Credit Card Companies
24. Top 10 Fintech Infrastructure Companies
25. Top 10 Fintech Tech Companies
26. Top 10 Wealthtech Fintech Companies

Fintech is comprised of computer programs and technology used to further automate banking and financial services. Fintech is one of the fastest-growing technology areas because it leverages AI to implement automation.

The use of digital payment solutions is accelerating. The need for the development of FinTech technologies is evolving from the increased demand for digital-based solutions. The expansion of e-commerce, omnichannel, and contactless payment solutions has accelerated. The number of digital payment transactions is anticipated to continue to grow.

An increasing percentage of digital payment transactions are being facilitated through emerging technologies. As a result, an increasing portion of future capital investment supports the development of new and emerging technologies, including technology modernization, innovation, and integration through strategic partnerships.

New markets continue to develop and expand in areas that have adopted digital transactions to replace paper-based transactions. Education, government, and healthcare manage recurring payments and B2B payments digitally. Markets continue to be impacted by transactions as migration to digital-based solutions occurs. Development of new services and technologies, the emergence of new vertical markets, and continued expansion of technology-enabled e-commerce portend market growth. Omnichannel solutions are evolving. Scale expands market reach through cloud-based capabilities and strategic partnerships.

Table of Contents

Sample Table of Contents: FinTech: Market Strategies and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2023-2029
1. Fintech Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Payments Led the Last Era
1.2 FinTech Businesses in the Developed World
1.3 FinTech Businesses in the Under-Developed World
1.4 Regulators Must Be Proactive, Not Indifferent

2. FinTech Market Shares, Market Forecasts, Regional Analysis, and Market Segments
2.1 FinTech Market Growth Factors
2.2 FinTech Market Shares
2.3 FinTech Market Forecasts
2.4 FinTech Market Segments
2.4.1 Subscriptions/Fee
2.4.2 Robo-advisors
2.4.3 Third parties
2.4.4 Advertising
2.4.5 Data
2.4.6 APIs
2.5 FinTech Regional Analysis
2.5.1 US
2.5.2 Europe
2.5.3 Lithuania.
2.5.4 China
2.5.5 APAC

3. Fintech Investors, Technology, and Regulation
3.1 FinTech AI Technology
3.2 Investors / Consumer FinTech Apps
3.3 Late-Stage FinTech
3.4 FinTech Regulation
3.5 Crypto Tax Collection

4. FinTech Company Positioning
4.1 FinTech Financial Sectors
4.1.1 Top Fintech Stats
4.1.2 Fintech Industry Size Including Investments
4.2 Number Of FinTech Startups
4.2.1 Fintech Investment Statistics
4.2.2 VC Fintech Funding

5. Selected Leading FinTech Companies
5.1 Visa
5.2 Mastercard
5.3 Tencent
5.3.1 TenPay
5.4 Stripe
5.5 Adyen
5.6 Klarna
5.7 Varo
5.8 PayPal
5.9 Venmo
5.10 Alipay
5.11 Chinapay

6. Selected Smaller FinTech Companies
6.1 Creative Juice
6.2 Chipper Cash
6.3 EverScale
6.4 L4S
6.5 iCapital
6.6 Robinhood
6.7 PayPal
6.8 Plaid
6.9 Coinbase
6.10 Revolut
6.11 Fiserv
6.12 Mayfair
6.13 9fin
6.14 T-REX
6.15 Opto Investments
6.16 Pinwheel
6.17 Pontera
6.18 Rho
6.19 Circle
6.20 Tegus
6.21 Teampay

List of Figures
Figure 1. FinTech Factors that Make Banking Services More Accessible
Figure 2. FinTech Market Growth Factors
Figure 3. FinTech Market Shares
Figure 4. FinTech Market Shares
Figure 5. FinTech Market Forecasts
Figure 6. FinTech Market Forecasts
Figure 7. Fintech categories
Figure 8. FinTech Revenue by Segment
Figure 9. FinTech Regional Market Segments
Figure 10. Fintech Industry Revenue by Region
Figure 11. Selected Smaller FinTech Companies
Figure 12. More Selected FinTech Companies
Figure 13. More Selected Smaller FinTech Companies with Short Description
Figure 14. FinTech Ledger Market Driving Forces
Figure 15. Major Growth Drivers Of The FinTech Market
Figure 16 FinTech Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2022
Figure 17. FinTech, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 18. FinTech Ledger Market Driving Forces
Figure 19. Major Growth Drivers Of The FinTech Market
Figure 20. FinTech Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2023
Figure 21. FinTech Technology Market Shares Dollars, Worldwide, 2023
Figure 22. FinTech, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2022-2029
Figure 23. FinTech Market Segment Forecasts, Banking, Finance, and Insurance, Healthcare, Cybercurrency, Supply Chain, and Internet of Things (IoT), Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 24. FinTech Market Segment Forecasts, Banking, Finance, and Insurance, Healthcare, Cybercurrency, Supply Chain, and Internet of Things (IoT), Percent, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 25. Segmentation Of The Global FinTech Market By End-User (BFSI, Supply Chain, Healthcare
Figure 26. FinTech Applications
Figure 27. FinTech Applications By Provider
Figure 28. FinTech Applications By Organization Size and Type
Figure 29. FinTech Applications By Industry Vertical
Figure 30. FinTech Market by Provider
Figure 31. Stock Agent Stock Transfer Flow Diagram
Figure 32. Stock Transfer Agent Central Clearinghouse Model for Stock Trade Settlement
Figure 33. Direct Transfer Model Using FinTech
Figure 34. Modern Stock Transfer Agent Business Challenges
Figure 35. Lehman Brothers Illustrates Problem With Stock Transfer Centralization
Figure 36. Advantages of Decentralized Securities Platform:
Figure 37. FinTech for Banking, Finance, and Insurance, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 38. FinTech for Healthcare, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 39. FinTech for Cybercurrency, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 40. FinTech for Supply Chain, Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 41 FinTech for Internet of Things (IoT), Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 42. IBM FinTech Cost
Figure 43. IBM FinTech Pricing Plans
Figure 44. FinTech Regional Market Segments, 2022
Figure 32. FinTech Regional Market Segments, 2022
Figure 33. Bitcoin Year-To-Date Performance, late 2022
Figure 34. Difficulties of BitCoin Cybercurrency
Figure 35. Fidelity Identification of Barriers To FinTech Adoption
Figure 36. Ethereum Platform Decentralized Processing
Figure 37. Accenture Digital Asset Partners
Figure 38. Amazon FinTech Technology Features
Figure 39. Selected AWS FinTech Partners
Figure 40. Axoni Investors
Figure 41. Axoni Equity Swap Data Functions
Figure 42. Axoni Equity Swap FinTech Data Disadvantages
Figure 43. Bitfury Group Suite Of Offerings
Figure 44. BlockCypher Functional Modules for FinTech
Figure 45. BTL FinTech Platform Industries Served
Figure 46. BTL Group FinTech Functions Supported
Figure 47. BTL Group FinTech Transformative Technologies Benefits
Figure 48. Chain Network
Figure 49. Chain Partners
Figure 50. Chain Core Enterprise Edition Functions
Figure 51. Ethereum FinTech Platform
Figure 52. EzyRemit, EzyHedge, and EzyRemit B@B Solutions
Figure 53. Use Cases for IoT and FinTech
Figure 54. JPMorgan Chase FinTech Technology Aims
Figure 55. Onchain FinTech Project Modules
Figure 56. Distributed Ledger Network Modules Build Infrastructure
Figure 57. xCurrent is Ripple’s enterprise software solution
Figure 58. Ripple Strategic Investors
Figure 59. Ripple Offers Speed
Figure 60. Yana Novikova, Product Manager; joined Ripple from JP Morgan Chase
Figure 61. Susan Athey is Professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business
Figure 62. Scorechain FinTech Partners
Figure 63. Slock.It Addresses Shared Resource Market
Figure 64. Slock.It USN Registry and Access Control
Figure 65. Slock.It USN Key Differentiators
Figure 66. TATA Consultancy Services Integrated FinTech Modules
Figure 67. TATA Consultancy Services Integrated FinTech Platform Build
Figure 68. TATA Consultancy Services Integrated FinTech Benefits
Figure 69. TCS Risk Information Management Solution
Figure 70. TCS' Integrated Information Management Framework for Financial Firms
Figure 71. TATA Consultancy Services Benefits
Figure 72. TCS FinTech Advantage
Figure 73. FinTech Companies: Startups With ICOs



Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • 9fin
  • Adyen
  • Alipay
  • Chinapay
  • Chipper Cash
  • Circle
  • Coinbase
  • Creative Juice
  • EverScale
  • Fiserv
  • iCapital
  • Klarna
  • L4S
  • Mastercard
  • Mayfair
  • Opto Investments
  • PayPal
  • Pinwheel
  • Plaid
  • Pontera
  • Revolut
  • RHO
  • Robinhood
  • Stripe
  • T-REX
  • Teampay
  • Tegus
  • Tencent
  • TenPay
  • Varo
  • Venmo
  • Visa