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Project Management in Practice. 7th Edition, International Adaptation

  • Book

  • 352 Pages
  • July 2021
  • Region: Global
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 5828732

Project Management in Practice presents an applied approach to the essential tools, strategies, and techniques students must understand to achieve success in their future careers. Emphasizing the technical aspects of the project management life cycle, this popular textbook offers streamlined, student-friendly coverage of project activity, risk planning, budgeting and scheduling, resource allocation, project monitoring, evaluating and closing the project, and more.

Clear and precise chapters describe fundamental project management concepts while addressing the skills real-world project managers must possess to meet the strategic goals of their organizations. Integrated throughout the text are comprehensive cases that build upon the material from previous chapters. Each chapter now includes new end-of-chapter questions to help learners test their conceptual understanding of the subject.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The World of Project Management

1.1 What is a Project?

1.2 Project Management Versus General Management

1.3 Agile Project Management

1.4 What is Managed? The Three Goals of a Project

1.5 The Life Cycles of Projects

1.6 Selecting Projects to Meet Organizational Objectives

1.7 The Project Portfolio Process

1.8 The Materials in this Text

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Incidents for Discussion

Broken Welds

Portillo, Inc.

Case 1.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility - 1

Case 1.2: Project Management Practices in E-Learning Sector


Chapter 2 The Manager, The Organization and The Team

2.1 The PM’s Roles

2.2 The PM’s Responsibilities to the Project

2.3 Selection of a Project Manager

2.4 Project Management as a Profession

2.5 Fitting Projects into the Parent Organization

2.6 The Project Team

2.7 Agile Team Roles

Review Questions

Discussion Questions

Incidents for Discussion

Samuel's Approach to Project Management

HardTech, Inc.

Case 2.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility - 2

Case 2.2: The Quantum Bank

Case 2.3: Facebook - Cambridge Analytica - Data Leakage


Chapter 3 Project Activity and Risk Planning

3.1 From the Project Charter to the Project Plan

3.2 The Planning Process - Overview

3.3 The Planning Process - Nuts and Bolts

3.4 More on the Work Breakdown Structure and Other Aids

3.5 Project Planning with Scrum

3.6 Risk Management

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Incidents for Discussion

Plymouth Zoo’s Re-engineering Project

Time Is Fleeting

Case 3.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility - 3

Case 3.2: John Wiley & Sons

Case 3.3: The Current State of Agile Project Management


Chapter 4 Budgeting the Project

4.1 Methods of Budgeting

4.2 Cost Estimating

4.3 Improving Cost Estimates

4.4 Budget Uncertainty and Project Risk Management

4.5 Project Risk Simulation with Crystal Ball®

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Incidents for Discussion

A Budgeting Novice

Stealth Electronics

General Sensor Company

Case 4.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Project Budget Development - 4

Case 4.2: Risk Analysis vs. Budget/Schedule Requirements in Australia

Case 4.3: Building the Geddy's Dream House


Chapter 5 Scheduling the Project

5.1 PERT and CPM Networks

5.2 Project Uncertainty and Risk Management

5.3 Simulation

5.4 The Gantt Chart

5.5 Extensions to PERT/CPM

5.6 Scheduling with Scrum

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Discussion Exercise

Incidents for Discussion

Yankee Chair Company

Attack of the Killer Worm

Case 5.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Program Plan - 5

Case 5.2: Hosting the Annual Project Management Institute Symposium

Case 5.3: Launching E-Collar


Chapter 6 Allocating Resources to the Project

6.1 Expediting a Project

6.2 Resource Loading

6.2.1 The Charismatic VP

6.3 Resource Leveling

6.4 Allocating Scarce Resources to Projects

6.5 Allocating Scarce Resources to Several Projects

6.6 Goldratt's Critical Chain

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Incidents for Discussion

Lab Results, Inc.

Southern Kentucky University Bookstore

Case 6.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Resource Usage - 6

Case 6.2: Charter Financial Bank

Case 6.3: Thirty Days to Rescue


Chapter 7 Monitoring and Controlling the Project

7.1 The Plan-Monitor-Control Cycle

7.2 Data Collection and Reporting

7.3 Earned Value

7.4 Project Control

7.5 Designing the Control System

7.6 Scope Creep and Change Control

7.7 Agile Approaches for Project Monitoring and Control

Review Questions

Discussion Questions


Incidents for Discussion

St. Margaret's Hospital

Stoneworth Paving Company

Happy Customers

Cable Tech, Inc.

Case 7.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Updates - 7

Case 7.2: Palmstar Enterprises, Inc.

Case 7.3: Better Control of Development Projects at Johnson Controls


Chapter 8 Evaluating and Closing the Project

8.1 Evaluation

8.2 Project Auditing

8.3 Project Closure

8.4 Benefits Realization

Review Questions

Discussion Questions

Incidents for Discussion

General Construction Company

Lexi Electronics

The Shocking Machine

Case 8.1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Audit - 8

Case 8.2: Datatech

Case 8.3: Ivory Tower Systems

Case 8.4: Project Quality Management - current scenarios of Financial institutions


Appendix: Probability and Statistic



Jack R. Meredith University of Cincinnati. Scott M. Shafer Wake Forest University. Samuel J. Mantel, Jr. University of Cincinnati. Margaret M. Sutton Project Management Consultant.