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Cosmetic Dermatology. Products and Procedures. Edition No. 3

  • Book

  • 640 Pages
  • March 2022
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 5839344

In the Third Edition of Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures, accomplished dermatologist Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos delivers the latest information on procedural innovations in the rapidly developing field of cosmetic dermatology. This new edition is structured to follow the typical patient’s cosmetic routing, from everyday moisturizing to adornment and anti-aging techniques. It includes summary boxes at the start of each section to allow for quick reference in a clinical setting, over 300 full-color images illustrate procedures, and demonstrates the benefits of cosmetic products and techniques. 

Cosmetic Dermatology combines the expertise of   leaders in research, industry, surgery, and practice to introduce cutting edge concepts and outline the best techniques in the cosmetic field.. It addresses appearance issues affecting the skin, hair, and nails.  The new edition  offers a complete cosmetic regimen for the patients of any cosmetic dermatologist, whether hospital-based or in private practice. It also provides:  

  • A thorough introduction to basic concepts in dermatology, including skin physiology pertinent to cosmetic dermatology and the delivery of cosmetic actives 
  • A comprehensive exploration of skin hygiene products, including cleansers, moisturizers, and personal care products 
  • Practical discussions of adornments, including colored facial cosmetics, eye cosmetics, camouflaging products, nail cosmetics, and hair cosmetics 
  • In-depth examinations of anti-aging products and procedures, including cosmeceuticals, injectable anti-aging techniques, resurfacing techniques, and skin modulation techniques 

Cosmetic Dermatology is perfect for practicing and academic dermatologists, trainee dermatologists, dermatology nurses, and skin care industry researchers It will also earn a place in the libraries of gynecologists, medical aestheticians, family practitioners, and plastic surgeons. 


Table of Contents

List of Contributors, ix

Foreword, xiii

Preface, xiv

Part I: Basic Concepts, 1

Section 1: Skin Physiology Pertinent to Cosmetic Dermatology, 3

1 Epidermal Barrier, 5
Sreekumar Pillai, Megan Manco, Christian Oresajo, and Nada Baalbaki

2 Photoaging, 16
Kalee Shah, Kira Minkis, Jillian Havey Swary, and Murad Alam

3 Pigmentation and Skin of Color, 26
Jasmine C. Hollinger, Chesahna Kindred, and Rebat M. Halder

4 The Somatosensory System and Sensitive Skin, 37
Francis McGlone, David Reilly, and Zoe Diana Draelos

5 Novel, Compelling, Noninvasive Techniques for Evaluating Cosmetic Products, 47
Thomas J. Stephens and Lily I. Jiang

6 Contact Dermatitis and Topical Agents, 57
Emily C. Milam, Alexandra Price, Sarika Ramachandran, and David E. Cohen

7 Skin Exposome, 72
Gabrielle Sore and Stephen Lynch

8 Skin Microbiome: General Overview and Application Perspectives, 79
Magali Moreau and Yaxian Zhen

Section 2: Delivery of Cosmetic Skin Actives and Product Labeling, 89

9 Percutaneous Delivery of Cosmetic Actives to the Skin, 91
Sreekumar Pillai, Surabhi Singh, Christian Oresajo, and Nada Baalbaki

10 Creams and Ointments, 101
Irwin Palefsky

11 International Nomenclature Chemical Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook: Back-Label Ingredient Statement, 106
Eric S. Abrutyn

Part II: Hygiene Products, 115

Section 1: Cleansers, 117

12 Bar Cleansers, 119
K.P. Ananthapadmanabhan and Stacy Hawkins

13 Personal Cleansers: Body Washes, 134
Keith Ertel, Heather Focht, and Karl Wei

14 Facial Cleansers and Cleansing Cloths, 144
Susan Griffiths-Brophy, Erik J. Hasenoehrl, and Karl Wei

15 Hand Cleansers and Sanitizers, 151
Duane Charbonneau

16 Shampoos for Normal Scalp Hygiene and Dandruff, 165
James R. Schwartz, Eric S. Johnson, and Thomas L. Dawson

Section 2: Moisturizers, 175

17 Understanding the 4 Key Elements of Skin Moisturization, 177
Eric S. Abrutyn

18 Facial Moisturizers, 182
Yohini Appa

19 Hand and Foot Moisturizers, 189
Teresa M. Weber, Frank Rippke, Elke Groenniger, and Andrea M. Schoelermann

20 Sunless Tanning Products, 200
Peter Foltis, Angelike Galdi, and Christian Oresajo

21 Sunscreens, 204
Angelike Galdi, Peter Foltis, Brian Bodnar, Dominique Moyal, and Christian Oresajo

Section 3: Personal Care Products, 213

22 Antiperspirants and Deodorants, 215
Eric S. Abrutyn

23 Blade Shaving, 223
Kevin Cowley, Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Gillian McFeat, and Keith Ertel

Part III: Adornment, 231

Section 1: Colored Facial Cosmetics, 233

24 Facial Foundation, 235
Sylvie Guichard, Véronique Roulier, Brian Bodnar, and Audrey Ricard

25 Camouflage Techniques, 244
Anne Bouloc

26 Lips and Lipsticks, 252
Catherine Heusèle, Hervé Cantin, and Frédéric Bonté

27 Eye Cosmetics, 259
Florante Ricarte, David Singh, Pamela Wong-Putnam, and Sarah A. Vickery

Section 2: Nail Cosmetics, 269

28 Nail Physiology and Grooming, 271
Anna Hare and Phoebe Rich

29 Colored Nail Cosmetics and Hardeners, 280
Paul H. Bryson

30 Cosmetic Prostheses as Artificial Nail Enhancements, 289
Douglas Schoon

Section 3: Hair Cosmetics, 299

31 Hair Physiology and Grooming, 301
Maria Hordinsky, Sherman Chu, Ana Paula Avancini Caramori, and Jeff C. Donovan

32 Hair Dyes, 309
Rene C. Rust and Harald Schlatter

33 Permanent Hair Waving, 320
Annette Schwan-Jonczyk, Gerhard Sendelbach, Andreas Flohr, and Rene C. Rust

34 Hair Straightening, 331
Harold Bryant, Michael DeGeorge, Felicia Dixon, Angela Ellington, Andrew Greaves, and Crystal Porter

35 Hair Styling: Technology and Formulations, 340
Thomas Krause and Rene C. Rust

Part IV: Anti-aging, 351

Section 1: Cosmeceuticals , 353

36 Botanicals, 355
Carl R. Thornfeldt

37 Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories, 366
Bryan B. Fuller

38 Peptides and Proteins, 388
Karl Lintner

39 Cellular Growth Factors and Exosomes, 401
Rahul C. Mehta, Gail K. Naughton, and Mitchel P. Goldman

40 Topical Cosmeceutical Retinoids, 408
Olivier Sorg, Gürkan Kaya, and Jean H. Saurat

41 Topical Vitamins, 420
John E. Oblong and Joseph H. Jansen

42 Clinical Uses of Hydroxyacids, 430
Barbara A. Green, Eugene J. Van Scott, and Ruey J. Yu

43 The Contribution of Dietary Nutrients and Supplements to Skin Health, 442
Helen Knaggs, Mark Bartlett, Steve Wood, Doug Burke, and Jin Namkoong

Section 2: Injectable Anti-aging Techniques, 451

44 Botulinum Toxins, 453
Margit L.W. Juhasz, Scott R. Freeman, and Joel L. Cohen

45 Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, 466
Mark S. Nestor and Daniel Fischer

46 Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Soft Tissue Augmentation, 474
Stephen Mandy

47 Autologous Skin Fillers, 479
Amer H. Nassar, Andrew S. Dorizas, and Neil S. Sadick

48 Polylactic Acid Fillers, 485
Jacob Beer, Soraya Azzawi, Kenneth R. Beer, and Aigen Alyx Rosen

Section 3: Resurfacing and Rejuvenation Techniques, 495

49 Superficial Chemical Peels, 497
M. Amanda Jacobs, Randall Roenigk, and Cassondra A. Ellison

50 Medium-Depth Chemical Peels, 505
Gary D. Monheit and Katherine T. Hrynewycz

51 Ablative Laser Resurfacing: Confluent and Fractionated, 516
Michael B. Lipp, Kunal Angra, and Mitchel P. Goldman

52 Non-ablative Lasers, 535
Katarina R. Kesty and David J. Goldberg

53 Dermabrasion, 547
Christopher B. Harmon and Daniel P. Skinner

54 Radiofrequency Microneedling in Cosmetic Dermatology, 555
Shaun Wootten and Lawrence A. Rheins

55 The Growing Role for Platelet Rich Plasma in Cosmetic Dermatology, 561
Lawrence A. Rheins, Shaun Wootten, and Lynn Begovac

Section 4: Implementation of Cosmetic Dermatology into Therapeutics, 569

56 Antiaging Regimens, 571
Karen E. Burke

57 Over-the-Counter Acne Treatments, 587
Kirsten Swenson, Emmy M. Graber, and Diane Thiboutot

58 Rosacea Regimens, 598
Joseph Bikowski and Zoe Diana Draelos

59 Eczema Regimens, 606
Zoe Diana Draelos

60 Psoriasis Regimens, 612
Arjun M. Bashyam, Varun K. Ranpariya, and Steven R. Feldman

Index, 618


Zoe Diana Draelos Duke University School of Medicine, North Carolina.