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Nanotechnology in Functional Foods. Edition No. 1

  • Book

  • 416 Pages
  • August 2022
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • ID: 5842841

The broad applicability of bioactive delivery systems for improving food quality, safety, and human health will make this book a valuable resource for a wide range of readers in industry, research, and academia.

Functional foods is an emerging trend in the food industry, whose potential value is determined by whether they are safe with respect to consumer health. Nanotechnology in Functional Foods was written to help the reader better understand the benefits and concerns associated with these foods. In addition to giving an overview of the current state-of-the-art in functional foods, different aspects of the advanced research being conducted on their extraction, synthesis, analysis, and biological effects are presented. Besides focusing on several synthesis techniques, the book also discusses the application of nanoparticles in nutrient delivery and pharmaceuticals, such as nano-emulsions, solid lipid nanoparticles, and polymeric nanoparticles; their properties and interactions with other food components and their impact on the human body; the consumer acceptance and diversification of these nutrients. Moreover, new trends are discussed concerning the application of artificial intelligence in screening various components of functional foods.

The book will be central to food scientists, materials scientists, biotechnologists, medicinal chemists, pharmacists, and medical professionals.

Tanima Bhattacharya, PhD, is a formulation scientist, who completed her Doctoral degree in Food Processing & Nutrition Science from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, West Bengal, India and gained overseas post-doctoral experience from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Hubei University of China. She has published several scientific research articles in international peer-reviewed journals, and her research interests include the fabrication of biocompatible nanostructures and studying their properties and applications in the area of food science, technology, and biomedical sciences.

Shakeel Ahmed, PhD, is an assistant professor of Chemistry at the Higher Education Department, Government of Jammu and Kashmir, India. His PhD degree in Chemistry is from Jamia Millia Islamia, A Central University, New Delhi. He has published several research publications in the area of green nanomaterials and biopolymers for various applications including biomedical, packaging, and water treatment. He has published more than 20 books in the area of nanomaterials and green materials.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

1 Advancement of Nanotechnology in Developing Functional Foods: Nanotechnology in Functional Foods 1
Animesh Naskar, Sebak Ranjan Roy, Ivi Chakraborty and Tanima Bhattacharya

1.1 Introduction 2

1.2 Nanoencapsulation 3

1.3 Nanotechnology in Dietary Supplements and Probiotics Formulation 12

1.4 Nanotechnology in Food Packaging and Nanosensors 14

1.5 Obstacles Coupled with Nanoencapsulation of Bioactive Components 15

1.6 Conclusion 17

2 Role of Nanotechnology in Fortifying Nutraceuticals 25
Anjana Singh, Samira Chugh, Dwaipayan Sinha and Arpita De

2.1 Abbreviations 26

2.2 Introduction 26

2.3 What Are Nutraceuticals? 27

2.4 Mechanism of Action of Nanomaterials 39

2.5 Prospects and Concluding Remarks 48

3 Nanoencapsulation Systems for Bioactive Compounds 61
Anindita Deb Pal

3.1 Introduction 62

3.2 Nanoencapsulation Systems 64

3.3 Limitations of Nanoencapsulation Systems 77

3.4 Conclusion

4 Nanotechnology in Honey: Future and Perspectives Honey as Nanoparticles 87
Merve Keskin, Gülsen Kaya and Saban Keskin

4.1 Introduction 88

4.2 Green Synthesis of Nanoparticles 93

4.3 Green Synthesis of Honey-Mediated Nanoparticles 95

4.4 Bioactivity of Honey Nanoparticles 96

4.5 Future and Perspectives 97

4.6 Conclusion 97

5 Nanoparticles in Nondairy Yogurt Formulation Techniques for Amelioration of Lifestyle Disorder Diseases 103
Tanima Bhattacharya, Rokeya Akter and Md. Habibur Rahman Abbreviations

5.1 Introduction 104

5.2 Nondairy Products as Functional Foods and Their Role in Immune Function 106

5.3 Nanoparticles Bio-Yogurt Boosting Immunity 119

5.4 Future Prospect and Conclusion 124

6 Therapeutic Suitability of Functional Phyto-Oils Against Oral and MDR-Pathogens Through Nanotechnology 137
Alaka Sahoo, Shasank S. Swain, Ajaya Kumar Jena and Maitreyee Panda

6.1 Introduction 138

6.2 Chemical Classification and Physicochemical Characteristics of Phyto-Oils 140

6.3 Therapeutic Action of Phyto-Oils Against Pathogenic Bacteria 141

6.4 POs and Antibiotics Combination Against Pathogenic Bacteria 144

6.5 Nanoformulation for Enhancement of Drug Ability/Bioavailability of POs 144

6.6 Future Prospective of POs with Advanced Formulation for Antibacterial Drug Development 148

6.7 Conclusion 153

7 Lipid Nanoformulation of Nutraceuticals as Neurotherapeuticals in Neurological Disorders 161
Mohamad Taleuzzaman, Sanjay Chauhan, Devendra Singh Tomar, Pankaj Kumar Singh, Isha Talwar and Md Noushad Javed

7.1 Introduction 162

7.2 Pharmaceutical Challenges in Brain Delivery 164

7.3 Physiological Barriers in Drug Delivery 166

7.4 Approach for Nanotechnology-Enabled Delivery Systems and Their Prospects 168

7.5 Lipid Nanocarriers 169

7.6 Conclusion and Prospects 181

8 Nanofunctional Foods as Immunity Booster in COVID-19 193
Muhammad Qasim Barkat, Ahsan Nawaz, Sana Asghar, Farwa Basit, Musaddique Hussain, Liaqat Hussain and Ximei Wu

8.1 Introduction 194

8.2 Pathophysiology and Clinical Manifestation 196

8.3 Epidemiology 198

8.4 Role of Immune System 198

8.5 Diagnosis 202

8.6 Management and Treatment 203

8.7 Nanotechnological Application 204

8.8 Functional Foods 207

8.9 Conclusion 215

9 Dietary Diversification and Its Impact on Human Health 223
Anindita Ray (Chakravarti) and Soumam Dutta

9.1 Introduction 224

9.2 Dietary Diversity--What Does It Indicate? 225

9.3 Impact of Dietary Diversity on Health and Well-Being

9.4 How to Measure Dietary Diversity? 233

9.5 The Future: Using Nanotechnology as a Key in Improving Dietary Diversification

234 9.6 Conclusion 236

10 Effect of Nanofoods on Human Health 243
Luxita Sharma

10.1 Introduction 243

10.2 Types of Nanoparticles in Foods 247

10.3 Applications 249

10.4 Use of Nanotechnology in Food Science and Technology 251

10.5 Disadvantages of Nanoparticles 254

10.6 Guidelines for Safety Issues 256

10.7 Conclusion and Future Perspective 257

11 Nanofunctional Foods: Current Advances and Perspective 261
Hitesh Chopra

11.1 Introduction 261

11.2 Nanotechnology Techniques for Functional Foods 263

11.3 Conclusion and Future Directions 280

12 Recent Advancement of Nanotechnology in Functional Foods: Applications Perspectives 293
Abhishek Kanugo, Rajat Goyal, Sanjay Sharma and Rupesh Kumar Gautam

12.1 Introduction 294

12.2 Application of Nanotechnology in FFs 296

12.6 Nanomaterials Accelerating Shelf-Life 317

12.7 Conclusion 317

13 Nanointelligence in Functional Food 329
Muhamad Malik Mutoffar, Protity Shuvra Dey and Debashrita Das

13.1 Functional Food 330

13.2 Nanotechnology 334

13.3 Artificial Intelligence 336

13.4 Conclusion 353

14 Nanofortification: An Emerging Technique for Enhancement of the Functionality of Foods with Ample Future Scopes 359
Shiladitya Ghosh, Dolanchapa Sikdar and Kakali Bandyopadhyay

14.1 Introduction 360

14.2 Fortification of Food and Functionality Enhancement 361

14.3 Types and Methods of Food Fortification 363

14.4 Application of Nanotechnology in Food Fortification: Nanofortification 369

14.5 Systems of Competent Nanoparticles and Fortification Agents 370

14.6 Overall Assessment of Nanofortified Foods: Performance and Limitations 382

14.7 Conclusion and Recommendations 386

Acknowledgments 387

References 387


Tanima Bhattacharya Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India; College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Hubei University, China. Shakeel Ahmed Government Degree College Mendhar, India.