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Canned Oxygen: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2023 to 2029

  • Report

  • 134 Pages
  • September 2023
  • Region: Global
  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
  • ID: 5879815

Canned Oxygen Opens New $10 Billion Market

The 2023 study has 134 pages, 73 tables and figures. Canned oxygen markets at $103 million in 2022 are anticipated to achieve rapid growth of 91.3% CAGR through 2029. Canned oxygen provides new markets for the soda bottling and beer companies, among others. Squirts of oxygen help athletes recover from energy depletion at the end of a sprint. They help old people exercise longer; they help rid the body of carbon dioxide manufactured by fat. Everyone has seen the football players take a squirt of oxygen while sitting on the bench to recover from a sprint and go out there again to participate in the next play.

Athletes challenged to recover after a sprint, those who want to recover from fatigue after a workout can use canned oxygen to get going again. Old people on a walk can use a squirt of canned oxygen to recover stamina. Fatigue is a result of a constriction of the blood flow between organs, between the heart and the lungs. People with fatigue can benefit from use of canned oxygen because it gets more oxygen to the heart and other organs, gets the oxygen past the lungs to the heart. An early paper in 2014 on an invasive pulmonary test describes an intermittent decline in mixed venous oxygen saturation (SvO2) from 55.4% in the lungs to 21.0% in the heart for people doing strenuous exercise.

Benefits of Canned Oxygen

  • Squirts of oxygen: Help athletes recover from energy depletion at the end of a sprint
  • Help with hiking
  • Help older people exercise longer
  • Help rid the body of carbon dioxide manufactured by fat
  • Help with high altitudes
  • Promote wellness through longer exercise

Table of Contents

Canned Oxygen Equipment - Executive SummaryCanned Oxygen: Fatigue, Shortness Of Breath And Lightheadedness Upon Exertion
1. Canned Oxygen Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 Oxygen in the Human Body
1.2 Oxygen for Fatigue

2. Canned Oxygen Market Shares and Forecasts
2.1 Canned Oxygen for Exercise Recovery
2.1.1 Boost Oxygen Treatment
2.2 Canned Oxygen Market Shares:
2.3 Canned Oxygen Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market Forecasts
2.3.2 Oxygen Concentrators Market by Application - COPD, PAH/Heart Failure, Obesity
2.3.3 Portable Oxygen Concentrators Market by Units and Dollars
2.3.4 Portable Oxygen Concentrators Installed Base
2.4 Canned Oxygen Segments
2.4.1 Worldwide Patients on Oxygen Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2023-2028
2.4.2 Hospital at Home Is Poised To Grow
2.4.3 Telemedicine Being Integrated Into Homecare
2.5 Canned Oxygen Prices
2.6 Canned Oxygen Regional Market Analysis

3. Canned Oxygen Market
3.1 Blood Gas Free Oxygen
3.2 White Paper: Supplemental oxygen can remedy both low and high carbon dioxide blood levels to improve endurance. The pulse oximeter does not measure all the oxygen in the body.
3.1.1 Pulse Oximeters Measure Oxygen Attached to Hemoglobin, Not Free Oxygen in Blood
3.1.2 Dynamic Balance Of Oxygen And Carbon Dioxide In The Body
3.2 Fat Cells Manufacture Carbon Dioxide
3.3 Supplemental Recreational Oxygen Helps The Body Remove Carbon Dioxide

4. Canned Oxygen
4.1 Canned Oxygen Use by Athletes
4.2 Research Studies Documenting Value of Canned Oxygen
4.3 Types of Oxygen Systems
4.3.1 Home Care Treatment Trends.
4.3.2 Technological Trends.
4.3.3 Society’s Mainstreaming of People with Disabilities.
4.3.4 Distribution Channels
4.3.5 Oxygen Therapy Systems
4.4 Marketing Canned Oxygen Globally
4.9.1 Asthma

5 Canned Oxygen Equipment Company Description
5.1 Boost Oxygen
3.1.3 Boost Oxygen Revenue
5.2 Caire, AirSep & SeQual Oxygen Products
5.3 Chart Industries
5.3.1 Chart/Caire Medical
5.3.2 Chart Industries Revenue
5.3.3 Chart Caire/AirSep/Sequal
5.3.4 Chart Industries Product Groups
5.3.5 Chart Industries Global Presence
5.3.6 Chart Industries/AirSep
5.4 Drive - DeVilbiss Healthcare
5.4.1 DeVilbiss Healthcare Moves Production Back to the USA
5.4.2 Drive Medical Facilities Locations
5.4.3 Drive Medical Markets
5.5 First Class Medical
5.5.1 1st Class Medical Used and Refurbished Concentrators:
5.6 Foshan Keyhub Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.
5.6.1 Foshan Keyhub Shunde, Guangdong Province, China
5.6.2 Keyhub Shunde Oxygen Concentrators And Inner Core Component Production Capacity
5.7 Gardner Denver/Thomas Compressors
5.8 GSE
5.9 Inogen
5.10 Invacare
5.11 Jiuxin Medical
5.11.1 Jiuxin Medical Jogger Portable Ventilator
5.11.2 Jiuxin Medical ICU Ventilator Detachable 10.4"TFT Color Screen
5.12 Longfian Scitech
5.12.1 Longfian Scitech Portable and Other Oxygen
5.12.2 Longfian Scitech JAY-20 Industry Oxygen
5.12.3 Longfian Scitech Oxygen Analyzer
5.13 Merits
5.14 Nidek Medical
5.15 NTK
5.16 Precision Medical
5.17 O2 Energy
5.17.1 O2 Energy Blast
5.18 O2 Concepts Oxlife
5.20 OxyGo
5.20.1 OxyGo LLC has acquired LIFE Corporation
5.20.2 OxyGo
5.21 Oxygen Plus
5.22 Philips/Respironics
5.23 Teijin Group
5.24 Oxygen Supplier Companies

List of Figures
Figure 1. Canned Oxygen
Figure 2. Canned Oxygen Target Markets
Figure 3. Invasive Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Test i-CPET
Figure 4. Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, Division of Cardiovascular ICPET Test
Figure 5. Use of Oxygen During or After Exercise
Figure 6. Canned Oxygen Market Driving Forces
Figure 7. Global Obesity
Figure 8. Canned Oxygen Advantages
Figure 9. NFL Football Players Breathe Oxygen on the Sidelines
Figure 10. Canned Oxygen Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2022
Figure 11. Canned Oxygen Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2022
Figure 12. Canned Oxygen Company Descriptions
Figure 13. Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2021
Figure 14. Canned Oxygen Market Forecasts
Figure 15. Canned Oxygen Market Forecasts, Worldwide, Dollars, 2023-2029
Figure 16. Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator Market Shipments Forecasts, Dollars, Worldwide, 2023-2029
Figure 17. Oxygen Concentrators Market by Application, COPD, Heart Failure, Obesity, Dollars and Units, Forecast, Worldwide, 2023 to 2028
Figure 18. Oxygen Concentrators Market by Application Dollars and Units, Forecast, Worldwide, 2023 to 2028
Figure 19. Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market Shares, Units and Percent Dollars, Worldwide, 2021
Figure 20. Portable Oxygen Concentrators Installed Base Units, Forecast, Worldwide, 2023 to 2028
Figure 21. Canned Oxygen Market Segment Forecast, Worldwide, Percent, 2023-2029
Figure 22. Canned Oxygen Market Segment Forecast, Worldwide, Percent, 2023-2029
Figure 23. Worldwide Patients on Oxygen Market Forecasts, Worldwide, 2023-2028
Figure 24. China Allows Media to Report on Air Pollution Crisis
Figure 25. Philips Medical Chronic Disease Market Trends
Figure 26. Patients with Heart Disease, Number, US and Worldwide , 2023-2028
Figure 27. Canned Oxygen Prices
Figure 28. Canned Oxygen: Dollars, Regional Market Segments, 2022
Figure 29. Canned Oxygen Regional Market Segments, Dollars, and Percent, Worldwide, 2022
Figure 30. Anaerobic Cellular Metabolism
Figure 31. Boost Oxygen for Football
Figure 32. Professional Sports Leagues Allowing Bottled Oxygen
Figure 33. Baseball Athlete Using Boost Oxygen
Figure 34. Marketing Globally
Figure 35. Canned Oxygen Target Market
Figure 36. Oxygen: Health And Wellness
Figure 37. Canned Oxygen Not Medical Oxygen Market
Figure 38. Boost Energy
Figure 39. Boost Oxygen Manufacturing Facility
Figure 40. Boost Oxygen 38,000 Sq Foot Manufacturing Facility
Figure 41. Boost Oxygen
Figure 42. Boost Oxygen Benefits
Figure 43. Boost Energy Shark Tank
Figure 44. Boost Oxygen Retailers
Figure 45. Boost Oxygen Energy
Figure 46. Caire SeQual AirSep
Figure 47. Chart Industries Products
Figure 48. Caire Free Style Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Figure 49. Chart Industries Global Presence
Figure 50. Chart Industries Regional Presence
Figure 51. Dive DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrators
Figure 52. DeVilbiss Healthcare Regional Market Presence
Figure 53. Foshan Keyhub Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. Oxygen Concentrator Assembly Line
Figure 55. Gardner Denver/Thomas Compressor
Figure 56. Gardner Denver/Thomas Compressors
Figure 57. GSE Medical Compressor
Figure 58. Inogen Direct-To-Consumer Marketing Strategies
Figure 59. Jiuxin Medical Jogger Portable Ventilator
Figure 60. Jiuxin Medical ICU Ventilator Features
Figure 61. Longfian Scitech JAY-20 Industry Oxygen
Figure 62. Longfian Scitech Oxygen Analyzer
Figure 63. Longfian Scitech Oxygen Analyzer Specifications
Figure 64. Nidek International Presence
Figure 65. Precision Medical Respiratory Products:
Figure 66. O2 Energy
Figure 67. OxyGo Oxygen Concentrator
Figure 68. OxyGo Oxygen Concentrator
Figure 69. Oxygen Plus
Figure 70. Oxygen Plus Oxygen in a Can
Figure 71. Philips Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator Bundle with OPI - 5LPM
Figure 72. Selected Philips Respironics Oxygen Concentrators
Figure 73. Teijin24-hour Oxygen Monitoring System

Companies Mentioned (Partial List)

A selection of companies mentioned in this report includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inogen
  • Philips Respironics
  • Chart / AirSep / Sequal
  • Drive Devilbiss
  • Nidek
  • Invacare
  • Applied Home Healthcare
  • Equipment
  • Besco
  • Chart Industries
  • Chart / Caire Medical
  • Chart Caire / AirSep / Sequal
  • Chart Industries / AirSep
  • Drive - DeVilbiss Healthcare
  • DeVilbiss Healthcare
  • Drive Medical
  • First Class Medical
  • Foshan Keyhub Electronic
  • Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Gardner Denver / Thomas
  • Compressors
  • GSE
  • Inogen
  • Invacare
  • Jiuxin Medical
  • Leistung Engineering
  • Longfian Scitech
  • Merits
  • Nidek Medical
  • NTK
  • Precision Medical
  • O2 Concepts
  • Oxygo
  • Philips Healthcare
  • Philips Respironics
  • ResMed
  • ResMed / Inova Labs
  • Teijin Group
  • Zadro Health Solutions

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