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34th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering /15th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering. ESCAPE-34/PSE2024. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering Volume 53

  • Book

  • June 2024
  • Region: Europe, Global
  • Elsevier Science and Technology
  • ID: 5908680
The 34th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, 15th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering: ESCAPE-34/PSE2024, Volume 53 provides the latest information to come out of the International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering joint event. It is a valuable resource for chemical engineers, chemical process engineers, researchers in industry and academia, students, and consultants for chemical industries.

Table of Contents

Towards an Integrated Wide Approach for Sustainable Upstream Field Recovery

Shakeel Ramjanee, Nilay Shah1

Surrogate Modeling Application for Process System Emissions Assessment: Improving Computational Performances for Plantwide Estimations

Giulio Carnio, Alessandro Di Pretoro, Fabrizio Bezzo, Ludovic Montastruc7

Enhancing Solar Photovoltaic Panel Production: a Novel Machine Learning Approach for Optimizing Mexico's Potential

Francisco Javier Lopez-Flores, Cesar Ramirez-Marquez, Jos� Maria Ponce-Ortega13

Improving Styrene Polymerization Through a Commercial Simulation Software

Jeorge L. S. Amaral, Rodrigo Battisti, Ricardo A. F. Machado, Cintia Marangoni19

Cfd-based Investigation of the Efficiency Enhancement Due to Microstructure Reorientation in Structured Packing

Christopher Dechert, Iris M. Baumh�gger, Eugeny Y. Kenig25

A Lumped Parameter Approach for Determining the Pressure Gradient in Gas-liquid Annular Flows

Nicol� Varallo, Giorgio Besagni, Riccardo Mereu31

Foliar Uptake Models for Biocides: Testing Structural and Practical Identifiability

Enrico Sangoi, Federica Cattani, Faheem Padia, Federico Galvanin37

Dynamic Multiscale Hybrid Modelling of a CHO Cell System for Recombinant Protein Production

Oliver Pennington, Sebasti�n Espinel R�os, Mauro Torres Sebastian, Alan Dickson, Dongda Zhang43

Dynamic Modelling Approaches in Life Cycle Assessment: a Case Study for the Evaluation of Power-to-hydrogen

Laura R. Pi�eiro, Silvia Moreno, �ngel Luis V. Perales, Bernab� A. Fari�as, Pedro Haro49

Transient Flow-assisted Kinetic Modelling and Reaction Network Identification for Pyrazole Synthesis

Fernando Vega-Ramon, Linden Schrecker, Miguel Angel De Carvalho Servia, King Kuok (Mimi) Hii, Dongda Zhang55

Application of Appropriate Kinetic Models in Developing Pharmaceutical Drug Substance Manufacturing Processes

Maitraye Sen, Alonso J. Arguelles61

Daf Turbidity Removal Dynamics Model Employing Lstm Networks with Monte Carlo Dropout

Felipe Matheus Mota Sousa, Ivo Jesus Cunha, Vinicius Mello E Muller, Flavio Vasconcelos da Silva67

Design and Optimization of a Sustainable Process for the Transformation of Glucose into High Added Value Products

Carlos Rodrigo Caceres, Eduardo S�nchez-Ram�rez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hern�ndez73

Formulation-independent Pharmaceutical Dry Granulation Model via Gray Box Approach

Kanta Sato, Shuichi Tanabe, Susumu Hasegawa, Manabu Kano79

Bayesian Hybrid Models for Simulation of Microbial Biohydrogen Photo-production Processes

Shraman Pal, Bovinille Anye Cho, Antonio Del Rio Chanona, Dongda Zhang, Max Mowbray85

Loss-in-weight Feeder Performance Prediction Using Machine Learning

Hikaru G. Jolliffe, Carlota Mendez Torrecillas, Gavin Reynolds, Richard Elkes, Hugh Verrier, Michael Devlin, Bastiaan Dickhoff, John Robertson91

Process Design of Carbon-neutral Routes for Methanol Synthesis

Omar Almaraz, Srinivas Palanki, Jianli Hu97

Efficient Use of Energy in Distillation: Advancing Towards the Electrification of the Chemical Industry

Zinet Mekidiche-Martinez, Jos� A. Caballero, Juan A. Labarta103

Modeling Fed-batch Cultures of Yeast for the Production of Heterologous Proteins an Industrial Experimental Study

Micaela Benavides, Pascal Gerkens, Ga�l De Lannoy, Laurent Dewasme, Alain Vande Wouwer109

Performance of Piecewise Linear Models in Milp Unit Commitment: Difference of Convex Vs. J1 Approximation

Felix Birkelbach, Victor S�o Paulo Ruela, Rene Hofmann115

Performance Evaluation of Several Reverse Osmosis Process Configurations for the Removal of N-nitrosomethylethylamine (nmea) from Wastewater

Mudhar Al-Obaidi, Alanood Alsarayreh, Iqbal M. Mujtaba121

Optimizing Lactic Acid Recovery from Vinasse: Comparing Traditional and Intensified Process Configurations

Lucas De Oliveira Carneiro, Romildo Pereira Brito, Karoline Dantas Brito127

Comparison of Machine Learning Based Hybrid Modelling Methodologies for Dynamic Simulation of Chemical Reaction Networks

Harry Kay, Fernando Vega-Ramon, Dongda Zhang133

A Mathematical Framework to Study the Impact of Technological Learning on Portfolio Planning

Pooja Zen Santhamoorthy, Selen Cremaschi139

Dynamic Hybrid Model for Nanobody-based Antivenom Production (scorpion Antivenon) with E. Coli Ch10-12 and E. Coli Nbf12-10.

David Camilo Corrales, Susana Maria Alonso Villela, Balkiss Bouhaouala-Zahar, Julien Cescut, Fayza Daboussi, Michael O'Donohue, Luc Fillaudeau, C�sar Arturo Aceves-Lara145

Hybrid Modeling of Pem Fuel Cell: Machine Learning of Equilibrium Water Content within a 1D Cell Model

Ievgen Golovin, Kilian Knoppe, Christian Kunde, Achim Kienle151

On the Development of Hybrid Models to Describe Delivery Time in Autoinjectors

Andrea Friso, Mark Palmer, Gabriele Bano, Federico Galvanin157

Dynamic Modeling of Particle Size and Porosity Distribution in Fluidized Bed Spray Agglomeration

Eric Otto, Robert D�rr, Achim Kienle, Andreas B�ck, Evangelos Tsotsas163

Doe-integrated Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics for Automated Model Generation and Parameter Estimation in Kinetic Studies

Wenyao Lyu, Federico Galvanin169

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Trust-region Methods to Optimize Carbon Capture Plants with Membrane Contactors

Hector A. Pedrozo, Grigorios Panagakos, Lorenz T. Biegler175

Dynamic Modelling of Electrodialysis with Bipolar Membranes Using Narx Recurrent Neural Networks

Giovanni Virruso, Calogero Cassaro, Waqar Muhammad Ashraf, Alessandro Tamburini, Vivek Dua, I. David L. Bogle, Andrea Cipollina, Giorgio Micale181

Modelling a Geothermal Vaporiser: a first Step Towards a Digital Twin

Theo Brehmer-Hine, Wei Yu, Brent Young187

Development and Application of a Simplified Non-ideal Mixing Model for Semi-batch Crystallization

Jan Trnka, Giovanni Maria Maggioni, Frantisek Step�nek193

Analysis of the Preferred Ethylene Production Route from Carbon Dioxide at a Supply Chain Level: Results of Mathematical Modelling for a Teesside Case Study

Grazia Leonzio, Nilay Shah199

Comparative Assessment of Flexible Natural Gas Monetisation Processes to Products Under Uncertainties: Agent-based Modelling Approach

Noor Yusuf, Ahmed Al-Nouss, Tareq Al-Ansari205

Production of High-purity Methane via Sorption-enhanced CO2 Methanation in an Adiabatic Packed Bed Reactor

Giuseppe Piso, Piero Bareschino, Claudio Tregambi, Francesco Pepe, Erasmo Mancusi211

Phase-field Modeling for Freeze Crystallization in a Binary System

Xiaoqian Huang, Aurelie Galfr�, Fran�oise Couenne, Claudia Cogn�217

Design and Optimization of a Steam-assisted Adsorption Process for Direct Air Capture

Adam Ward, Maria M. Papathanasiou, Ronny Pini223

Process Robustness Evaluation for Various Operating Configurations of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography

Kensuke Suzuki, Tomoyuki Yajima, Yoshiaki Kawajiri229

State-based Shrinkage Behavior for Waste Incineration Modeling

Lionel Sergent, Abderrazak M. Latifi, Fran�ois Lesage, Jean-Pierre Corriou, Alexandre Grizeau235

Process Simulation of Biofuel Production from Waste Cooking Oil

Suresh Kumar Jayaraman241

A Virtual Entity of the Digital Twin Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning Model for Dynamic Scheduling Process

Jinglin Wang, Jinsong Zhao247

The Assessment of Lng Export Scenarios for Qatar in the European Gas Market

Majed M.A. Munasser, Sabla Y. Alnouri, Abdelbaki Benamor253

Hybrid Deep Learning Model for Evaluations of Protein-ligand Binding Kinetic Property

Yujing Zhao, Qilei Liu, Yu Zhuang, Yachao Dong, Linlin Liu, Jian Du, Qingwei Meng, Lei Zhang259

Information Sharing for Cost-effective Risk Mitigation in Supply Chains: a Methodological Framework

Shivam Vedant, Rahul Kakodkar, Natasha J. Chrisandina, Catherine Nkoutche, Eleftherios Iakovou, Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi, Efstratios N. Pistikopoulos265

Optimization of Operating Conditions Using a Crystallizer Model with Local Temperature Control

Saki Iizuka, Kano Ishikawa, Sanghong Kim271

System Identification of an Industrial Cascade Refrigeration System

Jun Chang, Wei Yu, James Carson, Brent Young277

Molecular Reconstruction Method of Petroleum Based on Dual Two-dimensional Homologous Series Distributions

Chen Zhang, Yijiong Hu, Tong Qiu283

Process Modelling for Photo-iniferter Raft with Multiple Chain Transfer Agents

Rui Liu, Xiaowen Lin, Xi Chen, Antonios Armaou289

A Study on Thermodynamic Efficiency and Economic Viability of Orc-based Geothermal Hydrogen Production Systems

Jinyue Cui, Muhammad Aziz295

Regional Capacity Expansion Planning of Electricity and Hydrogen Infrastructure: a Norwegian Case Study

Kang Qiu, Espen Flo B�dal, Brage Rugstad Knudsen301

Framework Based on a Coupled Input-yield Model for Infrastructure-driven Agriculture

Farhat Mahmood, Tareq Al-Ansari307

Integrating Effort- and Gradient-based Approaches in Optimal Design of Experimental Campaigns

Marco Sandrin, Beno�t Chachuat, Constantinos C. Pantelides313

Modelling and Simulation of a Forward Osmosis Process

Matej Ruzicka, Ingrid Helgeland, Radoslav Paulen319

Adoption Dynamics of District Heat Networks: an Agent-based Commercial Model

Thomas Cowley, Emma Morris, Timothy Hutty, Solomon Brown325

Assessment of Technical and Economic Viability in the Transformation of Refinery Vacuum Residue Waste Into Cleaner Fuels

Ammr M. Khurmy, Usama Ahmed, Ahmad Al Harbi, Taha Aziz331

Modelling of a Cartridge-based Fixed Bed Radial Flow Reactor for Methanol Synthesis

Frank Sauerh�fer-Rodrigo, Manuel Rodriguez, Ismael Diaz337

Sustainability and Quality-by-digital Design of an Integrated End-to-end Continuous Pharmaceutical Process

Timothy J. S. Campbell, Chris D. Rielly, Brahim Benyahia343

Development of a Fast-charging Protocol Considering Degradation Using High-fidelity Lithium-ion Batteries

Chanho Kim, Minsu Kim, Junghwan Kim349

Applying an Efficient Approach for Modeling and Optimization of Membrane Gas Separation Processes Using Maxwell-stefan Theory

Hector Octavio Rubiera Landa, Joeri F. M. Denayer355

Modelling of the Co-gasification of Waste Plastic and Biomass Using Oxygen-CO2 Mixtures

Nomadlozi L. Khumalo, Bilal Patel361

Impact Assessment of CO2 Capture and Low-carbon Hydrogen Technologies in Colombian Oil Refineries

Erik Lopez Basto, Gijsbert Korevaar, Andrea Ram�rez Ram�rez367

A Task Graph Parallel Computing Architecture for Distillation Column Simulation on Flash Granularity

Shifeng Qu, Shaoyi Yang, Wenli Du, Feng Qian373

Digital Twin Technology in the Thermal Processing Industry of Granular Material Based on the Extended Discrete Element Method (xdem)

Bernhard Peters379

Model-based Design of Experiments for the Identification of Kinetic Models of Amide Formation

Emmanuel Agunloye, Muhammad Yusuf, Thomas W. Chamberlain, Frans L. Muller, Richard A. Bourne, Federico Galvanin385

A Holistic Approach for Model Discrimination, Multi-objective Design of Experiment and Self-optimization of Batch and Continuous Crystallization Processes

Xuming Yuan, Brahim Benyahia391

Computer-aided Assessment of a Droplet Absorber for CO2 Direct Air Capture

Maria F. Gutierrez, Kasimhussen Vhora, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, Gabor Janiga, Peter Schulze397

Modelling and Parametric Analysis for Improving Technical Performance of Industrial-scale Basic Oxygen Furnace Gas Fermentation to Isopropyl Alcohol

Gijs J.A. Brouwer, Haneef Shijaz, John A. Posada403

Model-based Determination of a Stationary Phase Gradient in Liquid Chromatography Using Optimal Control Theory

Alexander Eppink, Heiko Briesen409

Design and Simulation of Hydrate-based Desalination Using R-152a Refrigerant

Sief Addeen Aldroubi, Umer Zahid, Hassan Baaqeel415

Microfluidic Dynamics Coupled with Populational Balance Equations to Further Describe Water/diesel Microemulsions

Nadia Gagliardi Khouri, Rubens Maciel Filho421

Cleaning Kinetic Model for Carbohydrates- and Protein-based Stains in Automatic Dishwasher

Jos� E Rold�n-San Antonio, Carlos Amador, Mariano Martin, Kevin Blyth, Vania C. Croce Mago427

From Municipal Solid Waste to Sustainable Aviation Fuel: Process Design

Mohammad Alherbawi, Ridab Khalifa, Yusuf Bicer, Tareq Al-Ansari433

Economic Resilience Evaluation of Wastewater Resource Recovery in Qatar’s Fertilizer Market

Fatima-Zahra Lahlou, Ahmed Al-Nouss, Rajesh Govindan, Tareq Al-Ansari439

Computational Molecular Dynamics in Emerging Biological Fields

Joseph Middleton, Joan Cordiner445

Scoping and Identifying Data-driven Optimization Prospects in the Danish Processing Industry

Adem R.N. Aouichaoui, Brynjolf B. Ernstsson, Peter Jul-Rasmussen, Nicklas H. Iversen, Laurent Vermue, Jakob K. Huusom451

Gcn-based Soft Sensor Utilizing Process Flow Diagram

Hiroki Horiuchi, Yoshiyuki Yamashita457

Hybrid Model-based Design Space Determination for an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Flow Synthesis Using Grignard Reaction

Junu Kim, Yusuke Hayashi, Sara Badr, Kazuya Okamoto, Toshikazu Hakogi, Satoshi Yoshikawa, Hayao Nakanishi, Hirokazu Sugiyama463

Development of a Strategy for the Analysis of the Fluid Dynamic Behavior of Sieve Trays for Distillation

Jose Alfredo Paredes-Ortiz, Mario Alberto Rodriguez-Angeles, Vineet Vishwakarma, Markus Schubert, Uwe Hampel, Fernando Israel G�mez-Castro, Mayra Margarita May-Vazquez469

Dynamic Modelling of a Milk Triple Effect Falling Film Evaporator with Mechanical Vapor Recompression

Hattachai Aeowjaroenlap, Jakob Strohm, Isuru Udugama, Wei Yu, Brent Young475

A Pre-train and Fine-tune Paradigm of Fault Detection and Fault Prognosis for Chemical Process

Yiming Bai, Jinsong Zhao481

A Multi-criteria Based Approach for Large-scale Deployment of CO2 Capture, Utilization and Storage

Thuy Thi Hong Nguyen, Satoshi Taniguchi, Takehiro Yamaki, Nobuo Hara, Sho Kataoka487

Accelerating Unsteady Fluid Dynamic Simulations for Taylor-couette Crystallizer Using Snapshot Pod and Recurrent Neural Networks

Osamu Tonomura, Tsuyoshi Maruyama, Atsuto Nishihata, Ken-Ichiro Sotowa493

Process Simulation of Effects of Ammonia Co-firing on the Thermal Performances of the Supercritical Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler

Seong-il Kim, Won Yang499

Modelling of Pem Electrolyzer Dynamics for Green Hydrogen Production

Dhana Lakshmi Gosu, Anuradha Durvasula, Jagan Annamalai, Abhisek Roy Chowdhary, Guillermo Sanchez Freire505

Discovering Zeolite Adsorption Isotherms: a Hybrid Ai Modeling Approach

Arijit Chakraborty, Akhilesh Gandhi, M. M. Faruque Hasan, Venkat Venkatasubramanian511

Simulation and 3e Assessment of Pre-combustion CO2 Capture Process Using Novel Ionic Liquids for Blue H2 Production

Sadah Mohammed, Fadwa Eljack, Saad Al-Sobhi, Monzure-Khoda Kazi517

Novel Closed-loop Precursor Re-synthesis Assisted by Roasting and Wastewater Electrolysis: Industrial Scaled Design and Simulation

Sunwoo Kim, Jeongdong Kim, Junghwan Kim523

Use of Image Data in Kinetic Model Development for the Design of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cultivation Processes

Keita Hirono, Yusuke Hayashi, Isuru Udugama, Yuto Takemoto, Ryuji Kato, Masahiro Kino-Oka, Hirokazu Sugiyama529

Ab Initio Prediction of Surface Tension from Fundamental Equations of State Using Density Gradient Theory (dgt)

Anna Sm�dov�, Luk�s Satura, Alexandr Zubov535

Model-based Assessment of Electrochemical Cells and Systems for Atmospheric CO2 Removal

Guokun Liu, Aidong Yang541

Enhancing Unit Operation Design: Leveraging Neural Networks to Enforce Physical Hard Constraints

Jana Mousa, St�phane N�gny, Rachid Ouaret, Alessandro Di Pretoro, Ludovic Montastruc547

Design and Energy Evaluation of a Multi-stage CO2 Separation Process Using Surrogate Model

Yota Fujii, Keigo Matsuda553

Advancing Low-carbon Lng within Qatar: Integrating Ccus and Carbon Tax Strategies

Razan Sawaly, Mohammad Alherbawi, Ahmad Abushaikha, Tareq Al-Ansari559

Process Efficiency Enhancement of Integrated Hydrogen Enrichment and Liquefaction

Muhammad Islam, Ahmad Naquash, Ali Rehman, Moonyong Lee565

Physics-informed Neural Networks and Time-series Transformer for Modeling of Chemical Reactors

Giacomo Lastrucci, Maximilian F. Theisen, Artur M. Schweidtmann571

Techno-economic Analysis of H2 Extraction from Natural Gas Transmission Grids

Homa Hamedi, Torsten Brinkmann, Jonathan M�dler, Leon Urbas577

Aiding Modular Plant Design by Linking Capability and Transformation Models

Amy Koch, Florian Kunkel, Louise Theophile, Veronica De La Vega Hernandez, Jonathan M�dler, Leon Urbas583

Optimization-based Design of Distillation Columns Using Surrogate Models

Marc Caballero, Anton A. Kiss, Ana Somoza-Tornos589

Towards Pea Matching from Simulation as Part of a Digital Twin Concept for Scale-up in Modular Plants

Amy Koch, Jonathan M�dler, Andreas Bamberg, Leon Urbas595
Comparative Study on Hydrothermal Gasification and Thermal Gasification via Hydrothermal Carbonization of Digestate Residues from Anaerobic Digestion

Fadilla Noor Rahma, Khanh-Quang Tran, Roger Khalil601

Strategic Decision-making in Duopolistic Energy and Water Markets: Examining Competition Versus Cooperation for Farm Siting Optimization

Sarah Namany, Maryam Haji, Mohammad Alherbawi, Tareq Al-Ansari607

Dynamic Modeling of Precipitation in Electrolyte Systems

Niklas Kemmerling, Sergio Lucia613

Assessing Climate Variability in Tomato Supply Chain Optimization: a Multi-objective Approach for Qatar's Tomato Imports

Bashar Hassna, Sarah Namany, Mohammad Alherbawi, Adel Elomri, Tareq Al-Ansari619

Developing the Final Product Attribute Prediction Model in a Continuous Direct Compression Process

Yuki Kobayashi, Sanghong Kim, Takuya Nagato, Takuya Oishi, Manabu Kano625

A Genetic Algorithm-based Design for Hydrogen Pipeline Infrastructure with Real Geographical Constraints

Joseph Hammond, Manou Rosenberg, Solomon Brown631

An Attainable Region Approach to Chemical Reaction Equilibrium

Diane Hildebrandt, James Fox, Neil Stacey, Celestin Sempuga637

A Nash Equilibrium Approach to Supply Chain Design of Oligopoly Markets Under Uncertainty

Asimina Marousi, Karthik Thyagarajan, Jose M. Pinto, Lazaros G. Papageorgiou, Vassilis M. Charitopoulos643

Modelling of Pcl Production: Multi-scale Approach and Parameter Estimation

Jakub Stas, Alexandr Zubov649

Improving Food Security Through Water Management and Allocation: a Geospatial Optimization Approach

Maryam Haji, Mohammad Alherbawi, Sarah Namany, Tareq Al-Ansari655

Technical Analysis of Ammonia Converter Catalyst Installation in Ammonia 1b Pt Pupuk Kujang Plant

Zulkarnaen Arsadduddin661

Model-based Design of Experiments for Isotherm Model Identification in Preparative Hplc

Konstantinos Katsoulas, Maximillian Besenhard, Federico Galvanin, Luca Mazzei, Eva Sorensen667

Modeling of Carbon Offsetting Industries for Performance Prediction of Emissions Trading Systems

Soo Hyoung Choi673

Multi-objective Optimization for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Design: Application to Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Network

Jonathan J. Cuevas-Lopez, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel, Sofia De-Leon Almaraz679

The Reverse Water-gas Shift Reaction as an Intermediate Step for Synthetic Jet Fuel Production: a Reactor Sizing Study at Two Different Scales

Antoine Rouxhet, Gr�goire L�onard685

Modelling, Simulation, Exergy and Economic Analyses of Thermal Cracking of Propane Using CO2 and Steam as Diluents

Yao Zhang, Hui Yan, Daotong Chong, Joan Cordiner, Meihong Wang691

Moisture Content Prediction Model of a Wet Granulator Fluid Bed Drier System Based on Lstm Networks

Kai Liu, Mahdi Mahfouf, James Litster, Daniel Coca697

Simulation Study of a Hybrid Cryogenic and Membrane Separation System for Sf6 Recovery from Aged Gas Mixture in Electrical Power Apparatus

Huong Trang Vo, Lujia Chen, Patricia Gorgojo703

Investigating Fluid Flow Dynamics in Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces (tpms) Structures Using CFD Simulation

Kasimhussen Vhora, Tanya Neeraj, Dominique Thevenin, Gabor Janiga, Kai Sundmacher709

A Deep Learning-based Energy and Force Prediction Framework for High-throughput Quantum Chemistry Calculations

Guoxin Wu, Qilei Liu, Jian Du, Qingwei Meng, Lei Zhang715

Mathematical Modeling of an Enzyme Catalyzed Transamination Reaction with Integrated Product Removal

Jessica Behrens, Sven Tiedemann, Jan Von Langermann, Achim Kienle721

Process Integration of Urea Production with Methane Pyrolysis for Reduced Carbon Emissions

Muhamad Reda Galih Pangestu, Umer Zahid727

Modelling Study of CO2 Sequestration by Mineral Waste Carbonation Process

Natalia Vidal De La Pena, Dominique Toye, Gr�goire L�onard733

Evaluation of Two-dimensional Pseudo-homogeneous and Heterogeneous Modeling Approaches in Steam-methane Reforming Reactors

Chengtian Cui, Yufei Zhao, Cornelius Masuku739

Implementing a Model Library for Wastewater Treatment Plants in an Equation-oriented Simulator: Numerics and Architecture

Jochen Steimel, Sahand Iman Shayan745

Waste Heat Recovery from Pem Electrolyzer for Desalinated Water Production in Polygeneration Systems

Artur S. Bispo, Leonardo O.S. Santana, Gustavo S. dos Santos, Chrislaine B. Marinho, Daniela Hartmann, Fernando L.P. Pessoa751

Modeling and Optimizing Sugarcane-livestock Integration Systems in Brazil

Igor L.R. Dias, Terezinha F. Cardoso, Ana C.M. Jimenez, Jo�o G.O. Marques, Luis G. Barioni, Fl�via Barbosa, Adriano P. Mariano, Marcelo P. Cunha, Antonio Bonomi757

Waste-to-x: an Enviro-economic Assessment of Circular Chemical Production via Municipal Solid Waste Gasification

Ben Lyons, Saxon Stanley, Andrea Bernardi, Beno�t Chachuat763

Vulnerability of Microbial Communities to Dishonest Signals: a Biology Driven Complexity Reduced Model

Jian Wang, Ihab Hashem, Satyajeet S. Bhonsale, Jan F.M. Van Impe769

Accelerating Steam Cracking Simulations with Surrogate-assisted Parameter Estimation

Qiming Zhao, Dong Qiu, Kexin Bi, Tong Qiu775

The Effect of Location and Inter-cluster Networks on the Optimal Decarbonization of Ammonia Production

Julia L. Tiggeloven, Charidimos Makrakis, Andr� P.C. Faaij, Gert Jan Kramer, Matteo Gazzani781

Applicability of Energy Storage for Mitigating Variability of Renewable Electricity Considering Life Cycle Impacts

Ayumi Yamaki, Shoma Fujii, Yuichiro Kanematsu, Yasunori Kikuchi787

Pinch Curves Computation Using Differential Continuation Algorithm

Nataliya Shcherbakova, Ivonne Rodriguez-Donis, Vincent Gerbaud793

Assessment of Plastic Recycling Technologies Based on Carbon Resource Circularity Considering Feedstock and Energy Use

Takuma Nakamura, Shoma Fujii, Aya Heiho, Heng Yi Teah, Yuichiro Kanematsu, Yasunori Kikuchi799

Optimal Experimental Design for (semi-)batch Crystallization Processes

Gustavo L. Quill�, Wannes Mores, Satyajeet S. Bhonsale, Alain Collas, Christos Xiouras, Jan F.M. Van Impe805

Novel Process for Bio-jetfuel Production Through the Furan Pathway. Techno-economic, Environmental and Safety Assessment

Melissa Pamela Hinojosa-Esquivel, Cesar Ramirez-Marquez, Julio Cesar Velazquez-Altamirano, Jos� Quiroz-Ramirez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hern�ndez, Gabriel Contreras-Zarazua811

Embedding Physics into Neural Odes to Learn Kinetics from Integral Reactors

Tim Kircher, Felix A. D�ppel, Martin Votsmeier817

Sustainable Acetaldehyde Synthesis from Renewable Ethanol: Analysis of Reaction and Separation Processes

Jean Felipe Leal Silva, Rubens Maciel Filho823

Operational Condition Optimization of Schinus Terebinthifolius Supercritical Extraction Using Machine Learning Models

Ana L.N. Santos, Leonardo O.S. Santana, Victor L.S. Dias, Ana L.B. Souza, Fernando L.P. Pessoa829

Optimizing Circular Economy Levers to Achieve Global Sustainability

Shubham Sonkusare, Yogendra Shastri835

Climate Change Adaptation Measures for Water-stressed Thermal Power Plants in India

Reshma Shinde, Yogendra Shastri, Anand B. Rao841

Techno-economic Impacts of Using Alternative Carbon-based Feedstocks for the Production of Methanol

James Tonny Manalal, Mar P�rez-Fortes, Andrea Ram�rez Ram�rez847

An Application of a New Nonlinearity Measure to a Rotary Dryer Model

Jan M. Scha�berger, Anton Ponomarev, Veit Hagenmeyer, Lutz Gr�ll853

Reduction of an Aerated Fermenter CFD Model Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

Pedro M. Pereira, Rui C. Martins, Bruno S. Ferreira, Fernando P. Bernardo859

A Techno- Economic Evaluation of Potential Routes for Industrial Biosolids Conversion

Hesan Elfaki, Dhabia M. Al-Mohannadi865

A Rigorous Integrated Approach to Model Electrochemical Regeneration of Alkaline CO2 Capture Solvents

Fariborz Shaahmadi, Katia Piscina, Qingdian Shu, Sotirios Efstathios Antonoudis, Sara Vallejo Casta�o, Philip Loldrup Fosb�l, Uffe Ditlev Bihlet, Mijndert Van Der Spek871

Global Modelling and Simulation of Essential Oil Extraction Processes

Zouhour Limam, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel, Noureddine Hajjaji, Mehrez Romdhane, Jalloul Bouajila877

Mathematical Issues in Bilevel Mixed-integer Linear Programming Applied to Systems Biology.

Guilherme De Olivera Mendes Ohira, Galo A.C. Le Roux883

Combining Energy System Planning with Carbon Emissions Trading Optimisation for Decarbonisation of Emerging Economies

Gul Hameed, Purusothmn Nair S. Bhasker Nair, Raymond R. Tan, Dominic C. Y. Foo, Michael Short889

Optimization of a Reactive Distillation Process to Produce Propylene Glycol as a High Value-added Glycerol Derivative

Jahaziel Alberto Sanchez-Gomez, Fernando Israel G�mez-Castro, Salvador Hern�ndez895

Stepwise Parameter Fitting to Combine Industrial and Pilot Plant Datasets

Per Julian Becker, Benoit Celse901

A Bilevel Framework for Environmental and Economic Optimisation of Hydrogen Supply Chains

Vincent Jacquot, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel, Sylvain Bourjade, Catherine M�ller907

Economic and Environmental Optimization in Sustainable Jet Fuel Production from Butanol

Angel Eduardo Garcia-Hernandez, Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hern�ndez, Eduardo S�nchez-Ram�rez, Jos� Quiroz-Ramirez913

Latent State Space Extension for Interpretable Hybrid Mechanistic Models

Judit Aizpuru, Maxim Borisyak, Peter Neubauer, Mariano Nicol�s Cruz-Bournazou919

Optimizing Deep Neural Networks Through Hierarchical Multiscale Parameter Tuning

Bogdan Dorneanu, Sushen Zhang, Vassilios S. Vassiliadis, Harvey Arellano-Garcia925

Simulation of Hydrogen-methane Separation with Pressure Swing Adsorption

Viktor Kalman, Aleksander Makaruk, Ezgi Engin, Anton Balla, Michael Harasek931

Reverse Supply Chain Network Design of a Polyurethane Waste Upcycling System

Dalga Merve �zkan, Sergio Lucia, Sebastian Engell937

Design and Optimization of Green Hydrogen Production System with Wind-solar Coupled Natural Gas Power Generation Considering Carbon Emission: the Case of China

Tingting Zhao, Yan Wu, Yufei Wang, Xiao Feng943

A Comprehensive Gray-box Framework for High-fidelity Process Simulation Calibration

Jaime David Ponce-Rocha, David Camilo Corrales949

Analysis of Calcium Citrate Salts as Raw Material for Tributyl Citrate Bio-plasticizer Production: Kinetic Modeling, Process Simulation, and Optimization

Andres F. Cabeza, Alvaro Orjuela, David E. Bernal Neira955

Modeling Hydrothermal Gasification of Digestate Sludge: Reaction Kinetic from Molecular Simulations

Do Tuong Ha, Khanh-Quang Tran, Thuat T. Trinh961

Assessment of the Sustainability of Intensified CO2 Capture Schemes

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Machine Learning-based Soft Sensor for a Sugar Factory’s Batch Crystallizer

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Machine Learning Enabled Life Cycle Assessment for Early-stage Sustainable Process Design

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Personalized Supply Chain Solutions for Sustainable Fashion: Leveraging Social Media Insights and Machine Learning

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Integrated Energy-water Assessment Framework for Calcium Deficiency Control in Agricultural Greenhouses: a Data-driven Model Predictive Control Approach

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Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning for Hydrogen Supply Chain Management

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Ml-based Automated Systems Identification: a Demonstration for Complex Chemical Processes

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Hyperparameter Optimization of Matheuristics for Hoist Scheduling

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Trbo: Transfer Learning Accelerated Bayesian Optimization

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Estimation of Long-term Power Demand of Oil and Gas Installations Using Hybrid Models

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Hybrid Machine Learning for Scale-up of Biomass Production Using Photobioreactors

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Correlating the Partitioning of Organic Molecules Between Water and [meoempyrr]+[fap]- Through Machine Learning

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Industrial Data Science for Batch Manufacturing

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Fault Detection and Analysis via Latent Space Differences Between the Plant and the Model Representing Normal Operation

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Dynamic Scheduling of Ethylene Cracking Furnaces System Leveraging Deep Reinforcement Learning

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An Efficient Approach for Droplet Coalescence Videos Processing Based on Instance Segmentation and Multi-object Tracking Algorithms

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Comparison of Different Data and Information Fusion Methods to Improve the Performance of Machine Learning Models

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Operationalization Management: Enhancing Life Cycle Management of Digital Twins

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Combining Predictive Models and Reinforcement Learning for Tailored Molecule Generation

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Deep Learning for Fast Inference of Mechanistic Models’ Parameters

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Automation in Port Areas and Industry for Safe and Effective Management of Dangerous Goods

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Data Augmentation Scheme for Raman Spectra with Highly Correlated Annotations

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Dl Based Real-time Prediction of Product Formation in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Adaptive Physics-informed Neural Network for Prediction with Evolving Process Parameters

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Potential for Counterfactual Explanations to Support Digitalized Plant Operations

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Understanding Cognitive Behavior in Collaborative Control Rooms Through Eye Tracking

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A Data-driven Approach for Constructing the Prediction Bounds on the Output Variables Using a Modified Loss Function and Analysing Information Retained During Development of the Model

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Enhancing Cell Culture Understanding in the Development of Biopharmaceuticals by Integrated First-principle Modelling and Machine-learning

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Surrogate-based Optimization of the Opex of a Modular Plant for Biogas Conversion to Methanol Using the Mads Algorithm

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Toward Autocorrection of Chemical Process Flowsheets Using Large Language Models

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Transfer Learning of Hydroprocessing Model from Fossil Feedstocks to Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Oil

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Data-driven Forecasting for Anomaly Detection in a Compressor Unit

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Policy Explanation of Reinforcement Learning Agent in Chemical Process Safety

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Machine Learning Based Modeling and Optimization of an Industrial Thermal Cracking Furnace

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Completing Partial Reaction Equations with Rule and Language Model-based Methods

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Lstm-based Soft Sensor for the Prediction of Microalgae Growth

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Adaptive Data-driven Modelling and Forecasting of Effluent Treatment Plants

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Supporting Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Supply Chains (ccus) with Blockchain Technology: a Sustainable Solution for Climate Change Mitigation

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Application of a Predictive Maintenance Strategy Based on Machine Learning in a Used Oil Refinery

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Benders Decomposition to Integrate Milp and Discrete-event Simulation for Flowshop Scheduling

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High-dimensional Derivative-free Optimization via Trust Region Surrogates in Linear Subspaces

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Sequential Design of Experiments for Parameter Estimation with Markov Chain Monte Carlo

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From Legacy Systems to Data Pipelines Modernization in Fermentation Process

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Scenario Reduction Methods for Risk-averse Demand Response Scheduling under Price Uncertainty

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Multi-parametric Programming for Design Space Identification

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Unveil the Subconscious Optimum: Near-pareto-optimal Design Alternatives for Industrial Energy System Transformation

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A Cell Expansion Framework for Property-based Automatic Compartmentalization of Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Models

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Multi-perspective Process Safety Analysis for Process Utility Systems Under Industry 4.0

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Decomposition Methods Applied to the Design of Large-scale CO2 Supply Chains

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Cost Optimal Desalinated Water Production

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Learning Reduced-order Models for Dynamic CO2 Methanation Using Operator Inference

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Graphical Deterministic Equivalent Algorithm for Robust Process Optimization

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Portfolio-based Strategy for Bayesian Optimization for Autonomous Selection of Multiple Acquisition Functions and Hyperparameters

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Evaluation Method for Power-to-liquids Concepts for E-kerosene Production

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Tsec: an Efficient Transition State Search Tool Driven by Machine Learning Potential

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Supply Chain Optimization for Biopropane Production in Brazil

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Coupling Rule-based Reasoning, Exergy Analysis and Pinch Analysis to Optimize and Improve the Energy Efficiency of Processes

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Bayesian Optimization Priors for Efficient Variational Quantum Algorithms

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Data-driven Robust Hydrogen Infrastructure Planning Under Demand Uncertainty Using a Hierarchical-based Decomposition Method

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Fast Algorithm for the Continuous Solution of the Population Balance Equation

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A Logic-based Implementation of the Lp/nlp Branch and Bound Algorithm

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Fastman-jmp: All-in-one Tool for Data Mining and Model Building

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Disjunctive Programming Meets Qubo

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Adopting Circular Economy Principals for Sustainable Manufacturing

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Decarbonization Strategies by Industrial Ecology

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Comparison of Domino Effect Analysis Tools Using Graph Theory

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Coping with Sustainability, Circularity and Complexity in Optimizing Industrial Symbiosis Networks Among Distributed Chemical Processes

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Prototyping Cloud Application for Regional Green Transformation Supported by Prospective Life Cycle Assessment

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Biological Analogues in Advanced Water Treatment with Application in 3D Printed Graphene Oxide and Metal-halide Bixoyclz/agcl Composite Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

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Design Optimal Experiments for Parameter Identification of a Dynamic Model with Perturbed Inputs

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Priority Planning for Methane Emissions Abatement via Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (mac) and Shapley-shubik Power Index

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Fermentai: Large Language Models in Chemical Engineering Education for Learning Fermentation Processes

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Interactive Coding Templates for Courses and Undergraduate Research Using Matlab Live Scripts

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Teaching Process Design Quo Vadis?

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Simulated-experimental Cross Validation of Multistage Batch Distillation for Water/propylene Glycol Separation as Educational Exercise

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An Open-source Software for Low-code Implementation of Fuzzy Logic for Process Engineering

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Virtual Reality and Digital Twins for Enhanced Learning in Chemical Engineering

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Flavio Manenti Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy. Flavio Manenti (Dipartimento di Chimica, Materiali e Ingegneria Chimica, Politecnico di Milano) is experienced in chemical process simulations for design and operational purposes. He developed AG2ST technology for thermal conversion of CO2 and codeveloped BzzMath library. He is the author of peer-reviewed papers and books on the topic and is the President of the Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) Working Party at the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. G.V. Rex Reklaitis Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.