Mobile Phone Biometric Security - Analysis and Forecasts 2011-2015

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Mobile phone biometric security is a strategic analysis of the market for mobile phone biometric security products and services. This 200+ page report includes an investigation on current mobile phone biometric technologies. A detailed market analysis is supported with unique interviews with key stakeholders in the mobile phone biometric security ecosystem. Forecasts for growth opportunities, global and regional, are also included for the five years from 2011 until 2015.

Market for mobile phone biometric security products and services set to grow and will generate over $161 million revenue by 2015

The report, “Mobile Phone Biometric Security – Analysis and Forecasts 2011 – 2015”, shows that the key drivers behind this market growth and the adoption of mobile phone biometric security include:

- Device security protection: Protecting the device against unauthorised access is the biggest driver for mobile phone biometric security. This includes protection of both apps and the data that resides on the device
- Mobile Commerce: The growth of mCommerce and the need to effectively secure the ecosystem on the mobile
- NFC: The contactless technology that is reaching tipping point could well be a major driver
- Convenient alternative to PINs and password: Swiping a finger on a phone or providing a verbal ‘voiceprint' can be an easier and far more convenient way to provide authentication than conventional technologies
- As part of a multi-factor authentication solution: With the recent attack on RSA, leading to vulnerabilities being exposed in its SecureID token technology, there is a pressing need for strong and agile authentication solutions – mobile phone-based biometric security can be a viable part of this solution
- Military and law enforcement: A cost-effective method for capturing biometric data and verifying identity in the field

Report benefits:

- An invaluable guide to the mobile phone biometric security market, including current status, market analysis and five-year forecasts
- Intelligent insight complimented by industry interviews, case studies, vendor profiles and market-driven analysis
- Identifies what the most popular use-case scenarios will be for the deployment of mobile phone biometric security
- Authored by a leading industry expert with over 20 years of experience in the information security sector

Who should read this report?

- Technology Vendors: An opportunity to gain insight and market intelligence into an emerging growing market for mobile device manufacturers (OEM), biometric device manufacturers and biometric and security software vendors.

- Mobile Network Operators: Discover how MNOs can offer this as a value added service to increase customer loyalty and gain high-value, high-margin, customer sales.

- Cloud Service Providers: Assess the market opportunity for running this as a profitable managed service.

- Security Professionals: Can biometric security on mobile phones truly provide the third factor for your authentication and identity management requirements?

- Investors: Evaluate and assess this potentially high-growth technology area and learn if it is an area for potential investment.

Key questions that this report raises:

- What technologies (biometric modalities) will dominate?
- What sectors will see the biggest growth?
- What are the business models?
- What opportunities exist?
- What will the impact be if a major handset manufacturer embeds biometrics?
- How does regulation affect the market?
- What is the current and future size of the market?
- Which regions will see the fastest adoption rate?
- Is there a compelling business case for using mobile phones for biometric security?
- Will the combination of NFC and mobile payments have a positive effect on the market for mobile phone biometric security?
- What are the main drivers and barriers for the adoption of mobile phone biometric security?
- Who will dominate in the market?
- Is this a growth market that is good to invest in?

The report provides interviews with leading stakeholders including: Accsys, Anakam, Animetrics, AuthenTec, Authentify, Blue Planet Apps, EMC, Experian, Google, Hitachi ID Systems, Manchester University, The Mobey Forum, M2SYS, Nokia, Nuance Communications, Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, PhoneFactor, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RSA, Thales, Transaction Security, Voice Commerce Group and Voicevault.
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Chapter 1: Executive Summary
- Introduction
- Definition
- Market Analysis
- Regulation and Technology Standards
- Technology
- Forecasts
- Conclusion

Chapter 2: Market Analysis
- Introduction
- Market Analysis and Strategy
- Market Drivers and Barriers
- Regional Guide

Chapter 3: Regulation and Technology Standards
- Regulation
- Technology Standards

Chapter 4: Technology
- Introduction
- Definition
- Understanding the threats to and from smartphones
- Biometric Technologies
- Biometrics on smart mobile devices
- Voice Recognition
- Facial Recognition
- Iris Scans
- Fingerprint Recognition
- Embedded fingerprint sensors in mobile devices
- NFC and mobile biometric security – a potential to drive large-scale adoption
- Other possible biometric modalities

Chapter 5: Company Profiles
- Summary of biometric vendors
- Company Profiles and Interviews
- Anakam
- Animetrics
- AuthenTec
- Authentify
- Blue Planet Apps Inc.
- PhoneFactor
- Transaction Security
- Voice Commerce Group
- VoiceVault

Chapter 6: Forecasts
- Methodology and Assumptions
- GI Mobile Phone Subscriber Forecasts
- Sector Forecasts
- Total Users
- Embedded Fingerprint Sensors
- Revenue
- Appendices
- Appendix 1: Acronyms
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- 3M Cogent
- Accsys
- Acer
- ActivIdentity
- Amazon
- Anakam
- Animetrics
- Apple
- Asus
- AuthenTec
- Avaya
- Bank of Tokyo
- Bell Canada
- BioID
- BluePlanet Apps
- CrossMatch
- Daon
- Experian
- Facebook
- Fujitsu
- Google
- Griaule Biometrics
- Hanvon
- Helex
- Hitachi
- IdentityX
- INSIDE Secure
- IriTech
- Korea Telecom
- Kyocera
- L1 Identity Systems
- Lenovo
- LG
- Lockheed Martin
- Manchester University
- Microsoft
- Mobbeel
- Mobey Forum
- Mobio Project
- Motorola
- Neven Vision
- Nokia
- NTT DoCoMo
- Nuance Communications
- Pantech
- PayPal
- PerSay
- PhoneFactor
- Precise Biometrics
- PricewaterCoopers
- Raydir
- Sagem
- Salesforce
- Samsung
- SecuGen
- SecuriMobile
- Sharp
- SMS Passcode
- Sony
- Suruga Bank
- Swisscom Mobile
- Thales Information Technology Security
- Transaction Security Inc.
- Vasco
- viaForensics
- Vodafone
- Voice Commerce Group
- VoiceCash
- Voxeo
- Yulong
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown