Developer Relations Programs 2018

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Developer Program Membership Reaches All-Time High

This comprehensive study of over 500 software developers examines issues and elements of developer programs. This report provides invaluable insight for your developer program, including:

  • Which revenue model do developers prefer?
  • What are the most important features of a developer program?
  • For which elements of a program are developers willing to pay?
  • What motivates developers to share knowledge and experience on developer community websites?

Get answers to these questions and more in this survey report. Consider this a key resource to help you build and maintain a successful developer program, community website, and training sessions.

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Objectives of the Survey
Survey Methodology
Research Design
Relative Rankings
The Sample – Software Developers
The EDC Panel
Multi-Client Survey Series
Tactical Survey Reports
Custom Surveys
Targeted Analytics

Program Membership
Program Membership (Trend)
Program Membership (PC Developers)
Program Membership (IoT Developers)
Program Membership (Cloud Developers)
Program Membership (Mobile Developers)
Longest Lasting Developer Program Membership
Familiarity with Developer Programs

Which Companies Provide Great Customer Service? (Top 10)
Which Companies’ Developer Programs Care the Most? (Top 10)
Which Companies’ Developer Programs Are Most Innovative? (Top 10)
Which Companies’ Developer Programs Have the Best Communities? (Top 10)
Which Companies’ Developer Programs Have the Best Tech Support? (Top 10)

Top Reasons to Join a Developer Relations Program
Top Reasons to Join by Program Membership
Top Reasons to Join by Developer Segment
Top Reasons to Stay with a Developer Program
Top Reasons to Stay by Program Membership
Top Reasons to Stay by Developer Segment
Success in Using Developer Programs to Sell Skills and Find Clients
Time Saved by Using Developer Program Resources
Measuring Success of a Developer Program Membership
Measuring Success by Program Membership
Most Challenging Phase of Software Development Process

Cost of Developer Program Membership
Who Pays for Developer for Developer Program Membership?
Who pays by cost of program membership
Can Developer Programs Help Justify Membership Costs?
Reasons Used to Ask Management to Pay for Memberships
Reasons Used to Ask Management to Pay by Company Size
Willingness to Pay for Various Program Resources
Developer Perceptions of Program ROI

Primary Source of Information about New Developer Programs
Most Likely Source for Solutions to Mobile-related Issues
What Makes Information from a Vendor Portal Credible?
What Makes Information Credible by Program Membership

Preferred Method of Communicating with Other Developers
Preferred Method of Communicating by Company Size
Top Methods to Receive Updates from Developer Program
Importance of Social Networks & Media to Program Evaluation
Frequency of Interaction on Social Networks
Most Used Social Network
Developer Response to Social Network Recommendations
Un-liking Developer Programs in Social Networks
Un-liking Developer Programs in Social Networks by Most Used Social Network
Reasons for Un-Liking Developer Programs in Social Networks

Most Compelling Reason to Log into a Development Community
Most compelling reason to log in by Company Size
Most Influential Incentives for Loyalty
Reasons to Participate Actively in a Developer Website
Reasons to Participate by Company Size
Frequency of Visiting Primary Program Website
Length of Time Spent on Developer Program Website
Time Spent Accessing Developer Program with Mobile Devices
Level of Participation in Community Resources
Chat Programs Used for Development Team Communications
How to Make a Developer Feel like a Partner
Most Valuable Topic Areas for Blogs
Participation in Events
Importance of Attending Trade Shows and Conferences
Importance of Attending Trade Shows and Conferences (ISVs)
Importance of Attending Trade Shows and Conferences (SIs, VARs)

Impact of Contacts within a Vendor’s Program
Importance of Various Developer Program Resources
Importance of Resources by PC Developers
Importance of Resources by IoT Developers
Importance of Resources by Cloud Developers
Importance of Resources by Mobile Developers
Use of a Web-based Collaborative Forge for Software Development
Preferred Format for Documentation
Preference for Video or Whitepaper as Media for Information
Download Medium for Software Trials and Development

Importance of APIs & SDKs to Developer Program Evaluation
Measuring the Importance of Aspects of an SDK
Impact of Lack of Developer Programs on API Use
Importance of Technical and Business Information about APIs
Most Important Technical and Business Information
Number of API Providers Used
API Consumption: Free vs. Paid
Expected Means of Payment for API Access
Most Important Criterion for API Provider Selection
Most Important Criterion by Importance of APIs & SDKs

Selling Apps in App Stores
Importance of App Stores for Developer Relations Programs
Importance of App Store Features
Impact of Better Share of App Store Revenues
Annual Revenue Generated from App Stores

Frequency of Tech Support Use
Frequency of Tech Support Use by Company Size
Type of Customer Support Preferred
Type of Customer Support Preferred by Company Size
Expectation of Free Online Support Forums
Expectation that Engineers Monitor Forums
Preference to Pay for Support on an Hourly Basis
Satisfaction with Normal Hours of Support
Importance of Speaking with an Engineer in Support
Sufficiency of Online Chat with Engineer
Preferred Format for Getting Support
Top Developer Support Features from an OEM

Preferred Format for Training
Preferred Format for Training by Company Size
Formal Training Attendance for a New Product
Preferred Format by Formal Training Attendance
Specific Training Attendance for Primary Technology
Experience with Online Education and Training Courses
Familiarity with Online Education and Training Courses
Do Developer Programs Influence Online Academy Attendance?
Elements of a Great Technical Training Session
Percentage of Developers Who Are Certified
Should a Developer Relations Program Provide Certifications?
Specific Online Certifications and Nanodegrees Acquired
Most Sought After Training from Certification Programs
Most Sought-After Training from Own Company

Importance of Incubators to Developer Program Evaluation
Familiarity with Startup Accelerators
How Long Should Accelerators Last?
Best Incentives for Being in Accelerator Programs
Preferred Model for Accelerator Program Participation
Familiarity with Specific Accelerator Programs
Familiarity with City-run Incubators or Accelerators

Involvement in Software Development
Developer Segment
Development Team Size
Company Size
Company Years in Business

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The number of developers who are in a formal developer relations program reached 83%, the highest level to date, according to the this recently released Developer Program 2018 survey report. Rising from just under 50% in 2008, developer program memberships have been steadily climbing. Today, 38% are in a free program, 22% in a paid program and 23% are in both a free and a paid program.

“The rise of app stores and the app store economy gave a huge boost to developer programs starting about 10 years ago,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp, “Since then we’ve seen both free and paid program membership climb, but there’s more to it than app stores. Today companies from every industry are opening up APIs to share with the development community and those APIs need the support of a focused program.”

Two-thirds of developers in programs are relatively new to them, having been in their programs five years or less, while 15% have been in their programs for 2 or fewer years. Less than 5% have been in a program for 16 or more years.

The new Developer Programs 2018 survey has a margin of error of 4.5% and is exclusively focused on developers’ perceptions of and receptivity to various elements of developer programs.

The 156 page reference covers topics such as; Industry perceptions, Program membership, Participating in Communities, Developer Outreach and Social Media, Training, Technical Support, Accelerators and Incubators, APIs and SDKs, Program resources, and much more.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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