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Sports Player Tracking and Analytics: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide 2017 - 2023

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  • Wintergreen Research, Inc
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Sports Analytics Market Size at $764.3 Million in 2016 is Anticipated to Reach $15.5 Billion by 2023


  • Advanced Sports Analytics
  • Bulz
  • Fox
  • Oracle
  • Ramp Holdings
  • Sportvision
  • MORE

The 2017 study Sports Analytics: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide 2017 - 2023 has 557 pages and 213 figures. Worldwide sports analytics markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the coaches and players leverage information collected from sensors. Teams can realize significant competitive advantage by utilizing analytics capability effectively. All teams use analytics.

Tablets and smart phone communications systems make training information more cogent and more available, remaking all sport management everywhere. Video capability has been extended with analytics that provide automated capture of noteworthy player and team play events. Information services leverage automated process to make analytics more useful for fan sports enjoyment enhancement and to provide more useful information for fantasy players.

The value of sports analytics relates to the predictive capabilities provided. The best sports teams are the ones using the power of real-time information to their advantage. All teams use analytics, some are more able to integrate analytics into the decision-making process in a way that wins games. Real time information is a world of its own, some teams and players are able to integrate real time information.

The gamblers are prevented from gaming the analytics systems. Fraud is more easily detected and prevented.

Fantasy sports players use the analytics systems. Sports analytics are used for creating fantasy leagues, giving sports fantasy players access to statistics that enhances their play of the game. It is used to improve scouting, to detect new player unusual talent and evaluate players competitive capability. Using the system, the agent gains competitive advantage with teams when they present analysis about the players they represent Sports analytics has become the model for predictive sports business decision making. The sports business has been reorganized among teams, inspired by sports analytics. Analytics are finding innovative use in sports, leading to models for organizing and managing teams.

Sports analytics market driving forces relate to the ability to improve winning percentages and decrease the cost of paying players. By implementing metrics functions that describe how to put together a winning team without a very high payroll, sports analytics provide a winning edge to team management. Analytics are used to figure out how a team can improve fan appeal.

In hockey, analytics has been adopted big time, the trend this summer of 2015 has been for NHL clubs to hire bloggers and website operators so their content is proprietary. Shift charts represent an image of changing data. In the chart above, the numbers along the top represent the shifts played during the game. The black lines represent goals scored and show what line was on the ice offensively and defensively for each goal scored in each period, period one, period two, and period three.

Sports analytics are about patterns, detecting patterns and attaching value to them by being able to predict better what players will succeed and what players will do well in a certain system. The patterns apply to teams, to players and to fans.

The data about the sport is relevant in a lot of different ways, some teams are more able than others to harness the patterns to their benefit. Does it make a difference? Do the teams with better analytics win? Apparently so. The MIT sports analytics conference is a testament to the value of technology in sports.

Play of the Game is what makes sports entertainment, and the players entertainers. Hockey is a particularly appealing sport because it has so much player contact. It is a contact sport. Some of the better plyers play with finesse. Ovechkin for example, who had 27 even-strength goals this season (fifth in the league) and who scored a league-leading 24 power play goals is fun to watch. He is a premier player because of style and this makes him a fan favorite.

According to the principal author of the market research study: “Sports teams have discovered that with intelligent use of sports analytics they can dominate a league. As the early adopters prove that analytics make the difference between winning and losing, all teams, mangers, and fantasy sports players have adopted use of the solutions creating market growth opportunities.”

Sports analytics market size at $764.3 million in 2016 is anticipated to reach $15.5 billion by 2023. Significant growth is driven by the ability to improve coaching, provide players with specific strategies for improving performance, preventing fraud in wagering situations, and leveraging smart phone and social media to process information about performance improvement. Fans thrive on having more information about a game they are watching. Mega data center cloud computing market penetration is building a base for process improvemenets. With smart phones and tablets beginning to get significant uptake all over the world sports analytics play into that market expansion.

Key Topics:

  • Application Service Levels
  • Architecture
  • Baseball Swing Analysis Software
  • Cloud Computing
  • Flexible Applications
  • Flexible Response to Changing Market Conditions
  • Football Analysis Software
  • Golf Swing Analysis Software
  • Innovation for Leagues
  • Innovation for Sports Software Localization
  • Innovation for Team Sports Management
  • Middleware
  • Motion Analysis Software
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Smart Analytics Products
  • SOA
  • SOA Advances in Technology
  • SOA Directory
  • SOA Governance
  • SOA Repository
  • Soccer Analysis Software
  • Sports
  • Sports Analysis Forecasts
  • Sports Analysis Market Shares
  • Sports Analysis Mobile
  • Sports Analysis Software
  • Sports Analysis Web Services
  • Sports Analytics
  • Sports Application
  • Sports Betting
  • Sports Cloud Architecture
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Fantasy Games
  • Sports Health Consultant
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Planning
  • Sports Player Selection
  • Sports Software
  • Sports Training
  • Sports Video Analysis Software
  • Sports Winning
  • Video Analysis Software
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  • Advanced Sports Analytics
  • Bulz
  • Fox
  • Oracle
  • Ramp Holdings
  • Sportvision
  • MORE

1. Sports Analytics Market Description and Market Dynamics
1.1 All Teams Crunch Numbers
1.2 Sports Analytics That Appeal to the Fan Base
1.2.1 Hockey Analyses Take Into Account Situations (Even-Strength, Power Play, Shorthanded)
1.2.2 Analytics Change the Outcome of the Games
1.2.3 Seriously Flawed Sports Analytics
1.3 Team Sports Analytics
1.3.1 Red Sox Sports Analytics Information Services
1.3.2 Red Sox Win the World Series Three Times
1.3.3 Red Sox Value Patient Hitters
1.3.4 New York Yankees
1.3.5 Moneyball Is Alive And Well in Oakland
1.3.6 Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane Moneyball
1.3.7 MLB Tampa Bay Rays
1.4 Hockey Analytics
1.5 Soccer Sports Analytics
1.5.1 Liverpool And The Director Of Football
1.5.2 Global Football Has Fundamental Shift Going On
1.6 NFL Football Analytics
1.7 Media Sports Analytics
1.8 Auto Racing Stats and Analytics
1.9 National Basketball Association NBA Champion Golden State Warriors
1.9.1 NBA Corner Shot For Three Points
1.9.2 Resting Aging Stars For Deep Playoff Runs
1.9.3 NBA Team Investment in Analytics
1.9.4 Defensive Shifts In Baseball vs. Defensive Shifts in Hockey
1.10 MLB Tampa Bay Rays
1.11 Dallas Mavericks Basketball Team
1.12 NHL Hockey Los Angeles LA Kings
1.13 Professional Golfers
1.14 Road Cycling
1.15 Sports Data Visualization
1.15.1 Data Visualization
1.15.2 Sports Analytics for Fans
1.16 Sports Team Ownership

2. Sports Analytics Market Shares and Market Forecasts
2.1 Sports Analytics Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Football Challenged By Deleterious Effects Of Concussions
2.1.2 Games and Training Produce Sample Of Data To Analyze
2.1.2 Sports Analytics Organizational Market Driving Forces
2.1.3 Play of the Game
2.1.4 NHL Shift Charts
2.2 Sports Analytics Market Shares
2.2.1 Companies and Media Focused on Sports Analytics
2.2.2 Sportradar
2.2.3 Sportradar Supports Bookmakers
2.1.3 Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban Are Betting That Sportradar Will Triumph
2.2.4 Stats Lost the NFL Deal to Sportradar
2.2.5 Losing the NFL, Stats Focuses On Player-Tracking, Fantasy
2.2.6 Stats Fantasy
2.2.7 Stats / Prozone Describes Performance
2.2.8 Perform / Opta
2.2.9 Perform / OptaPro Portal
2.2.10 TruMedia
2.2.11 Catapult Team
2.2.12 Catapult: National Hockey League NHL
2.2.13 Catapult Total Revenue
2.2.14 Sportvision
2.2.15 Fox NFL Predictions
2.2.16 Synergy Basketball Designed for Coaches By Coaches
2.1.4 Sports Analytics Market Segments, High End, Mid Range, and Low End
2.3 Sports Analytics Market Forecasts
2.3.1 Sports Analytics Market Shares, Units, Worldwide, 2016
2.3.2 Sports Analytics Market Segments
2.3.3 Personal Analytics
2.3.4 Player Performance
2.3.5 Revenue by Sports League
2.3.6 Fantasy Sports: A $1.7B Industry By 2017
2.3.7 Sports Analytics Branding
2.3.8 Sports Analytics Betting Tools
2.4 Youth Sports Analytics Market Trends
2.4.1 Data Center Fabric, The Next-Generation Facebook Data Center Network
2.4.2 AWS Improving Continuity Replication Between Regions
2.4.3 Amazon AWS Step Functions Software
2.4.4 AWS Network Scale
2.4.5 Youth Team Sports Software Analytics
2.4.6 Video Analytics Are Key To Growth On Youth Team Sports Market
2.4.7 Youth Sports Development Programs
2.4.8 Youth Team Sports Software Company Acquisitions
2.4.9 Protecting the Money Collected for a Youth Sports League
2.4.10 Team Sports Financial Reporting
2.4.11 Youth Team, League, and Tournament Sports Software Number Employees vs. Revenue Analysis, Number Employees, Dollars per Employee
2.5 Sports Analytics Pass Pricing
2.5.1 Stats Sports Analytics Pass Pricing
2.5.2 Sportradar AG Regular Season Pricing
2.6 Sports Analytics Regional Market Analysis
2.6.1 US
2.6.2 China

3. Sports Analytics Product Description
3.1 Sportradar AG
3.1.1 Sportradar US Subsidiary
3.1.2 Sportradar Partnership with German Football Association
3.1.3 Sportradar Fraud Prevention Service (FPS)
3.1.4 Organized Crime And Match-Fixing Have A Detrimental Effect On Sport
3.1.5 Sportradar Official Data Collector / Distributor Of NBA
3.1.6 Sportradar Million-Dollar NBA Deal
3.1.7 Sportradar OTT platform
3.2.1 Stats Focus On Player-Tracking, Fantasy
3.2.2 Stats Focus On Player-Tracking, Fantasy
3.2.3 Stats Attract And Engage Sports Fans With Stats Solutions
3.2.4 Stats Fantasy Baseball
3.2.5 Stats Fantasy Sports
3.2.6 Stats Fantasy Games
3.2.7 Stats Pick / Predictor Fantasy
3.2.8 Stats Salary Cap Fantasy
3.2.9 Stats Leagure Stype Fantasy
3.2.10 Stats Commissioner Fantasy
3.2.11 Stats Bracket Fantasy
3.2.12 Stats Brand Activation and Custom Development
3.2.13 Stats’ SportVU Technology
3.2.14 Stats ICE - Basketball Operations Solutions
3.2.15 Stats' Sports Solutions Group
3.2.16 Stats Player Tracking
3.2.17 Stats Player Tracking Metrics
3.2.18 Stats MatchCast
3.2.19 Stats Prozone
3.2.20 Prozone World Cup 2014
3.2.21 Stats Historical Sports Data
3.2.22 Stats Prozone Data, Information, Insights.
3.2.23 Prozone Describes Performance
3.2.24 Prozone Opposition Scouting
3.2.25 Prozone Team Analysis
3.2.26 Prozone Physiological Monitoring
3.2.27 Prozone Player Recruitment
3.2.28 Stats Global Network
3.2.29 Stats Strategic Support
3.2.30 Stats Case Studies
3.2.31 Stats Football
3.2.32 Stats Rugby Union
3.2.33 Stats Rugby League
3.3 Perform / OptaPro
3.3.1 OptaPro VideoHub Elite
3.3.2 Opta VideoHub Elite Data-Led Video Analysis
3.3.3 OptaPro VideoHub Elite Competitions Covered
3.3.4 OptaPro Portal
3.3.5 Opta
3.3.6 Opta Sports Data
3.3.7 Opta Sportsbook Predictive Analytics & Data Modelling
3.3.8 Opta Analytics In Action
3.4 TruMedia Networks Sports Analytics
3.4.1 TruMedia's MLB Analytics Platform
3.4.2 TruMedia MiLB Minor League Analytics
3.4.3 TruMedia Soccer Analytics
3.4.4 TruMedia Crossing Pattern Football Analytics Platform / ESPN
3.5 SMT / Sportvision
3.5.1 SMT Sportvision
3.5.2 Sportvision Motorsports, Golf, and Hockey Products
3.5.3 Sportvision Baseball
3.5.4 SMT Development Deals with NBA, NHL, PGA Tour
3.5.5 Sportvision Motorsports Driving Innovation
3.5.6 ESPN Commits to Sportvision K-Zone Live on Every Pitch for MLB Coverage
3.5.7 SmartSports, Boston-Based Parent Company of SmartKage, and Sportvision
3.5.8 NHL, Sportvision Progress in Chip-Based Player Tracking
3.5.9 NHL Website Advanced Statistics
3.6 Sports Vision Technologies P3ProSwing Professional Golfers
3.7 Cognitive Computing Real Time Sports Analytics
3.8 Pro Football Focus
3.8.1 SportVU Football Solutions
3.9 IBM Watson Cognitive IoT Sports Analytics
3.9.1 IBM Golf TryTracker
3.9.2 IBM Grand Slam Tennis
3.10 82games
3.11 Catapult
3.11.1 Catapult Team Customer Base
3.11.2 Catapult Monitoring Elite Athletes
3.12 Real Sports Analytics
3.12.1 Real Sports Analytics Player Performance Scorecards
3.13 Sports Business Intelligence
3.14 SAS
3.14.1 SAS Sports Analytics
3.14.2 SAS Customer Intelligence Analytics
3.15 SAP
3.16 Hawk-eye
3.17 QSTC
3.18 Synergy Sports
3.19 CSA - Competitive Sports Analysis
3.20 Oracle
3.21 Google Analytics
3.21.1 Google Analytics Used In Loyalty Program
3.22 Second Spectrum
3.22.1 Second Spectrum Video
3.22.2 Second Spectrum Reports
3.22.3 Second Spectrum Insights
3.22.4 Second Spectrum Tracking
3.23 Zebra
3.23.1 Zebra Athlete Performance Tracking
3.23.2 Zebra Sports Coaching and Training
3.23.3 Zebra Sports Fan Enhancement
3.23.4 Zebra Sports NFL Partnership Kinduct Athlete Management System
3.24 Kinduct Athlete Management System

4. Sports Analytics Technology
4.1 Sports Analytics Technology and Elite Player Performance
4.1.1 Legislation: UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP), Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP)
4.1.2 UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP)
4.1.3 Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP)
4.1.4 Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) Focus on Youth Development
4.2 Major League Baseball MLB Analytics
4.3 US National Football League NFL
4.4 John Henry Owner of Boston Red Sox Uses Sports Analytics to Win World Series
4.5 Stats Technology
4.5.1 Statsports MAPPS (Multiple Augmented Performance Positional System) Technology
4.5.2 Apex Indoor Positioning
4.5.3 STATS Data Center Technology
4.5.4 STATS Servers
4.5.6 STATS Interactive
4.6 Sports Analytics Dynamic Architecture
4.6.1 Google Search Engine Dynamic Architecture
4.6.2 BigFiles
4.6.3 Repository
4.6.4 Microsoft .Net Defines Reusable Modules Dynamically
4.6.5 Microsoft Combines Managed Modules into Assemblies
4.6.6 Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
4.6.7 IBM SOA Architecture is Dynamic for the Transport Layer
4.7 IBM WebSphere MQ Dynamic Architecture is Base for SOA
4.8 IBM Software Enterprise Service Bus
4.8.1 IBM ESB and SOA
4.9 Data Center Fabric, The Next-Generation Facebook Data Center Network
4.9.1 Cloud 2.0 Mega Data Centers
4.10 Electromagnetic 12 Sensor 6 DOF Golf System
4.10.1 Golf Electromagnetic Flexible Screen
4.10.2 Experts Can Note Needed Improvements, Create Database Of A Person’s Own Swings
4.11 Motion Measurement Analysis Functions

5. Sports Analytics Company Profiles
5.1 Advanced Sports Analytics
5.2 Analytics Educational
5.3 Associated Press
5.3.1 AP Positioning
5.3.2 Associated Press Not-For-Profit Cooperative
5.4 Bodybuilding.com
5.5 Bulz
5.6 Catapult: NHL Technology Reduces Injuries
5.6.1 Catapult Sports GPS Sports Data In Demand
5.6.2 Catapult Focused on US College Sports System
5.6.3 Catapult Data Collection
5.6.4 Catapult Regional Revenue
5.6.5 Catapult Player Tracking in Australian Rules Football
5.6.6 Catapult Hockey Player Tracking
5.6.7 Catapult Device
5.6.8 Catapult in the NFL
5.6.9 Catapult Can Help Trainers Understand How Much Stress Of The Game
5.6.10 Catapult Measuring Intense Play
5.6.11 Big Wave Surfers Use Catapult to Ready for Event
5.7 CBS Sports Analytics
5.7.1 St. Louis Blues Coach Ken Hitchcock Uses Analytics To Help Make Better Line Combinations
5.7.2 NHL Shot Location Data
5.8 Competitive Sports Analysis
5.9 Formula One
5.10 Fox What If Embraces Technology as It Redefines Sports Competition
5.10.1 Fox What If Sports Simulations
5.10.2 Fox Sports Analytics
5.10.3 Stats LLC Global Sports Statistics
5.10.4 Stats Quarterbacks
5.10.5 Stats Running Backs
5.10.6 Stats Tackle
5.10.7 FoxSports.com
5.10.8 Foxsports.com / Whatifsports.com
5.10.9 FoxSports.com WhatIfSports.com: Positioned As Sports Simulation Destination
5.10.10 Foxsports NFL Prediction Widgets
5.10.11 Foxsports CFB Predictions
5.10.12 Foxsports SimMatchup
5.10.13 Foxsports MLB Power Rankings
5.11 Google Analytics
5.11.1 Google Analytics Used In Loyalty Program
5.12 Kinduct Athlete Management System
5.13 Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams
5.13.1 MLB.com Digital Academy Instructional Center
5.13.2 MLB Coaches Corner
5.13.3 Youth Baseball Leagues
5.13.4 MLB my Hits®
5.13.5 MLB myPitch
5.13.6 Baseball Swing Analysis
5.13.7 MLB myHits 6 Key Hitting Stages
5.13.8 MLB League Tools and Services
5.14 Motor Sports Analytics
5.15 National Football League (NFL)
5.15.1 AFC-North
5.15.2 AFC-South
5.15.3 AFC-East
5.15.4 AFC-West
5.15.5 NFC-North
5.15.6 NFC-South
5.15.7 NFC-East
5.15.8 NFC-West
5.15.9 NFL Stats
5.16 Nike+
5.16.1 Nike Personal Analytics
5.17 Oracle
5.18 Perform / Opta Pro
5.18.1 Perform Group Revenue
5.18.2 Opta
5.18.3 Opta Partner Clients
5.18.4 Opta Partners for Betting
5.18.5 Opta Partners for Broadcast
5.18.6 Opta Partners for Online and Mobil
5.18.7 Opta Partners for Print
5.18.8 Perform Revenue
5.18.9 Perform Acquires Opta
5.19 QSTC
5.20 Ramp Holdings
5.20.1 RAMP Holdings ROI
5.20.2 RAMP Holdings Capital Investment and Revenue
5.20.3 RAMP Holdings Partners
5.21 Second Spectrum
5.22 SmartSports
5.22.1 SmartSports / Sportvision
5.22.2 Sportvision
5.22.3 MLS Teams Seek Edge With Player-Tracking Technology
5.23 Sports Analytics Institute
5.23.1 Sports Analytics Institute Player Evaluation System
5.23.2 Sports Analytics Institute Growing an Organization's Sports Analytics Competency
5.23.3 Sports Analytics Institute: Hockey
5.24 Sportradar AG
5.25 Sports Media Technology (SMT) / Sportvision
5.25.1 SMT's Credentials
5.26 Sports Vision Technologies
5.27 Statistical Sports Consulting
5.28 Synergy Sports
5.28.1 Synergy Basketball Designed for Coaches By Coaches
5.28.2 Synergy Changes The Game
5.29 Vista Equity Partners
5.29.1 Vista Equity Partners Stats
5.29.2 Stats
5.29.3 Stats Was Part of News Corporation (the parent of FOXSports.com) and the Associated Press
5.29.4 Stats Companies
5.29.5 Stats Customers
5.29.6 Stats / Prozone
5.29.7 Prozone Software Tracks In-Game Player Performance
5.29.8 Stats Revenue
5.29.9 Stats Locations Worldwide
5.29.10 Stats Sports Public Relations
5.29.11 Stats Data And Content Company
5.29.12 Stats Data Centers
5.29.13 Stats Acquisitions
5.29.14 Stats / Sportz Interactive
5.29.15 Stats Projections for Daily Fantasy Sports
5.29.16 Vista Equity Partners And Stats Acquire Automated Insights
5.29.17 Stats Acquires The Sports Network
5.29.18 Stats Acquires TVTI
5.29.19 Stats Acquires Bloomberg Sports
5.29.20 Stats / Automated Insights
5.30 TruMedia Networks
5.30.1 Tony Khan Acquires Sports Analytics Firm TruMedia Networks
5.30.2 TruMedia Networks / Detroit Tigers Long Term Licensing Agreement
5.30.3 TruMedia Partners with Harvard Sports Analysis Collective
5.30.4 Jacksonville Jaguars Executive Tony Khan makes Strategic Investment in TruMedia Networks
5.30.5 TruMedia Networks Baseball Analytics Site In Partnership With Journalist Peter Gammons
5.30.6 TruMedia Networks and ESPN Power NFL Crossing Pattern Analytics Product
5.31 Zebra Technologies Sports Solutions
5.31.1 Zebra / NFL Partnership
5.32 Sports Analytics Companies
5.32.1 Sports Analytics Vendors
5.32.2 Print Media
5.32.3 Digital Media
5.32.4 Television/Video 533

List of Figures
Figure 1. Types of Organizations Using Sports Analytics
Figure 2. Sports Analytics Market Driving Forces
Figure 3. Sports Analytics Market Driving Factors for Player’s Agents
Figure 4. Sports Analytics Market Aspects
Figure 5. Sports Analytics Market Forces
Figure 6. Sports Video Analytics Market Driving Forces
Figure 7. Sports Analytics Fantasy Game Market Driving Forces
Figure 8. Sports Analytics Uses
Figure 9. Sidney Crosby #87 Of The Pittsburgh Penguins Celebrates A Second Period Goal With Teammate
Figure 10. NHL Shift Chart Player Statistics
Figure 11. NHL Shift Chart Goals Scored Line Statistics
Figure 12. NHL Entire Game Shift Chart
Figure 13. Sports Analytics Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 14. Sports Analytics Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2017-2023
Figure 15. Hockey Goal Scoring
Figure 16. Owner John Henry and the Red Sox Leverage Sports Analytics
Figure 17. Red Sox Sports Analytics Positioning
Figure 18. Red Sox Value Patient Hitters
Figure 19. Sports Analytics in the Context of Physicality
Figure 20. Major League Baseball Average Roster Cost Per Win
Figure 21. Web Sites Dedicated To Hockey Analytics
Figure 22. Steph Curry Stats
Figure 23. Rockets Lowest Percentage Of Midrange Shots
Figure 24. Major League Baseball Average Roster Cost Per Win
Figure 25. NHL Hockey Los Angeles LA Kings
Figure 26. Cycling Computer Output
Figure 27. Factors that Impact Ownership Use of Analytics for Sports Management
Figure 28. Types of Organizations Using Sports Analytics
Figure 29. Sports Analytics Market Driving Forces
Figure 30. Sports Analytics Market Driving Factors for Player’s Agents
Figure 31. Sports Analytics Market Aspects
Figure 32. Sports Analytics Market Forces
Figure 33. Sports Video Analytics Market Driving Forces
Figure 34. Sports Analytics Fantasy Game Market Driving Forces
Figure 35. Sports Analytics Uses
Figure 36. Sidney Crosby #87 Of The Pittsburgh Penguins Celebrates A Second Period Goal With Teammate
Figure 37. NHL Shift Chart Player Statistics
Figure 38. NHL Shift Chart Goals Scored Line Statistics
Figure 39. NHL Entire Game Shift Chart
Figure 40. Sports Analytics Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 41. Sports Analytics Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 42. MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Attendees
Figure 43. MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Attendees
Figure 44. Selected Media Using Sports Analytics
Figure 45. Digital Media Using Sports Analytics
Figure 46. Television / Video Media Using Sports Analytics
Figure 47. Sportradar AG Services
Figure 48. Sports Analytics Market Segments, High End, Mid Range, and Low End, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 49. Sports Analytics Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 50. Sports Analytics Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2017-2023
Figure 51. Sports Analytics Market Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2017-2023
Figure 52. Sports Analytics Market Shares, Units, Worldwide, 2016
Figure 53. Sports Analytics Market Segments Worldwide, Fantasy Sports / Media / Fans, Wagering, Player Development, Coaching, Teams and Leagues, Market Forecasts, Dollars, 2017-2023
Figure 54. Sports Analytics Market Segments Worldwide, Fantasy Sports / Media / Fans, Wagering, Player Development, Coaching, Teams and Leagues, Market Forecasts, Percent, 2017-2023
Figure 55. Sports Analytics Segments
Figure 56. Sports Analytics Technology Target Markets
Figure 57. Top Sports Leagues In Revenue
Figure 58. Revenue by Sports League
Figure 59. Digitization of Sports Market Trends
Figure 60. Youth League Sports Software Revenue Model Market Factors
Figure 61. Youth League Sports Software Market Demands
Figure 62. Team Sports HQ Reporting Functions
Figure 63. Team Sports Payments and Order Tracking Functions
Figure 64. Efficiency Of The Various Software Providers, Revenue per Employee
Figure 65. Sportradar AG Fantasy Data
Figure 66. Sports Analytics Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2016
Figure 67. Sports Analytics Regional Market Segments, 2016
Figure 68. Sportradar Positioned To Support Efforts To Grow And Transform Sports
Figure 69. Sportradar Target Markets
Figure 70. Sportradar Sports-Tech Market in the U.S
Figure 71. Stats Solutions to Attract and Engage Sports Fans
Figure 72. Stats’ SportVU Technology Target Markets
Figure 73. Stats Fan Experience
Figure 74. Stats Portable Beacons for Player Tracking
Figure 75. Stats Player Tracking Metrics
Figure 76. Stats Leveraging The Timeline
Figure 77. Stats Teams and Leagues Sports Tracked
Figure 78. Stats Historical Sports Data
Figure 79. Stats Sports Data Feeds Trusted Content Modes
Figure 80. Opta Sport Analytics Advanced Layer, Next Level Of Data Provision
Figure 81. Opta Pro Using Data And Analytics To Support On-Field Performance
Figure 82. Opta VideoHub’s Key Strengths
Figure 83. OptaPro VideoHub Elite Competitions Covered
Figure 84. OptaPro Portal
Figure 85. Opta Cricket Wagon Wheel Graphic, Created Using Data For BBC Sport
Figure 86. Opta Analytics Charting Success, Unsuccessful, and Assists
Figure 87. Investec Leveraging Opta Data Analytics
Figure 88. TruMedia's MLB Analytics Platform
Figure 89. TruMedia Networks Albert Pujols Batting Pattern
Figure 90. TruMedia Analytics Platform Positioning
Figure 91. TruMedia Heat Zone Analytics
Figure 92. TruMedia Soccer
Figure 93. TruMedia's Soccer Analytics Platform League Coverage
Figure 94. ESPN Uses TruMedia's Soccer Analytics Platform
Figure 95. TruMedia / ESPN Crossing Pattern NCAA Conferences Covered:
Figure 96. Sportvision Sports Tracked
Figure 97. Sportvision NHL Puck Tracking System
Figure 98. Sportvision NHL Game Tracking System
Figure 99. Sports Vision Technologies P3ProSwing In-depth Golf Swing Analysis
Figure 100. Golf Courses Available on P3ProSwing Golf Analytics Simulator
Figure 101. Cognitive Computing Real Time Sports Analytics
Figure 102. Cognitive Computing Sports Analytics Functions
Figure 103. IBM Watson Cognitive IoT Sports Sensor Communication Pathways
Figure 104. IBM Watson Cognitive IoT Sports Analytics Functions
Figure 105. IBM Augusta National Golf Try Tracker
Figure 106. IBM Predictive Analytics Technology Used In Rugby
Figure 107. IBM Sports Analytics Tennis Slam Tracker
Figure 108. IBM Sports Analytics Player Tracker
Figure 109. IBM Sports Analytics Tennis Stats Comparisons
Figure 110. IBM Sports Analytics Tennis Set Comparisons
Figure 111. IBM Sports Analytics Tennis Keys to the Match Tracker
Figure 112. 82games Types of Basketball Numbers
Figure 113. 82games Stats Collected on Each Player in a Game
Figure 114. Catapult for Coaches Providing Scientifically-Validated Metrics on Athlete Performance
Figure 115. Real Sports Analytics Player Performance Scorecard
Figure 116. Real Sports Analytics Player Detail View
Figure 117. Real Sports Analytics Player Weekly Performance Scorecard
Figure 118. Real Sports Analytics Game Metric Player Measure
Figure 119. SAS Sports Analytics Functions
Figure 120. Hawk-eye Sports Analytics Features
Figure 121. Google Analytics Used In Loyalty Program
Figure 122. Second Spectrum Video Analytics
Figure 123. Second Spectrum Video Platform Functions
Figure 124. Second Spectrum Functions: Player Profile, Offense, Defense, Picks
Figure 125. Second Spectrum Use Case Example
Figure 126. Second Spectrum Tracking Graphics
Figure 127. Second Spectrum Optical Tracking Provider of NBA
Figure 128. Second Spectrum Player Tracking Benefits
Figure 129. Kinduct Athlete Management System Graphics
Figure 130. Kinduct Athlete Management System Functions
Figure 131. UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP)
Figure 132. Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) Fundamental Principles:
Figure 133. Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) Focus Areas
Figure 134. Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) Grading Factors
Figure 135. Key Areas of EPPP Focus
Figure 136. Major League Baseball MLB Streaming Media Analytics Functions
Figure 137. Stats Data Center Technology
Figure 138. Stats Data Delivery Protocols:
Figure 139. Stats Servers Modules
Figure 140. Stats Content Delivery
Figure 141. Oracle Powers Stats Databases
Figure 142. Stats Secure Connection
Figure 143. Stats Information Provided
Figure 144. Stats Sports Covered
Figure 145. Stats Sports Leagues Covered
Figure 146. Stats Interactive Functionality
Figure 147. Google Dynamic Architecture
Figure 148. Microsoft .Net Dynamic Definition of Reusable Modules
Figure 149. Microsoft .NET Compiling Source Code into Managed Assemblies
Figure 150. Microsoft Architecture Dynamic Modular Processing
Figure 151. Process Of SOA Implementation Depends On N-Dimensional Interaction Of Layers That Can Be Modeled by Business Analyst
Figure 152. IBM SOA Business I Services Layers
Figure 153. IBM Smart SOA Continuum
Figure 154. SOA Foundation Reference Architecture
Figure 155. IBM WebSphere MQ WMQ Providing a Universal Messaging Backbone
Figure 156. Golf Swing Analyzer
Figure 157. Golf Biomechanics Report Features:
Figure 158. Motion Measurement Analysis Functions
Figure 159. AP Global Reach Statistics
Figure 160. AP Image Statistics
Figure 161. AP Revenue By Customer and Format
Figure 162. AP Download Statistics
Figure 163. AP Growth in Sales
Figure 164. AP Newsroom Profile
Figure 165. Catapult System Device Description and Components
Figure 166. Catapult System Device Positioning
Figure 167. Catapult System Device Functions
Figure 168. Catapult Trending on The Daily Cut
Figure 169. Catapult Trending on The MLB Stress
Figure 170. Hockey Analytics To Help Make Better Line Combinations
Figure 171. Analytics Use as a Coaching Tool
Figure 172. NHL Team Activities That Depend On Analytics
Figure 173. Fox Sports Analytics Types of Simulations
Figure 174. Foxsports Dream Team SimMatchup
Figure 175. Foxsports Whatifsports.com
Figure 176. Google Analytics Used In Loyalty Program
Figure 177. Kinduct Athlete Management System Customer Base
Figure 178. Major League Baseball MLB Baseball Swing Analysis
Figure 179. 6 Key Hitting Stages
Figure 180. Baseball Key Hitting Stages
Figure 181. Teaching Young Players Analytics
Figure 182. MLB Hitting Analytics for Young Players, Comparison to Big League Hitting Stars
Figure 183. Online Sports Management Analytics Features and Benefits
Figure 184. MLB.com Digital Academy Youth League Management Tools And Instructional Resources
Figure 185. Motor Sports Analytics Features
Figure 186. Dazn Live Sports Service Rights Selected Portfolio
Figure 187. Opta Partners for Betting
Figure 188. Opta Partners for Broadcast
Figure 189. Opta Partners for Online and Mobil
Figure 190. Opta Partners for Clubs and Governing Bodies
Figure 191. Opta Partners for Clubs and Governing Bodies
Figure 192. Opta Partners for Print
Figure 193. Opta Sponsors and Brands
Figure 194. Opta Partners
Figure 195. RAMP Holdings Integration Partners
Figure 196. RAMP Holdings Technology Partners
Figure 197. Second Spectrum Investors
Figure 198. Sportvision Credentials: Sports Broadcasting Technology
Figure 199. Sports Analytics Institute Player Evaluation System Features
Figure 200. Sports Analytics Institute Player Evaluation System Functions
Figure 201. Sportradar Sports Tracked
Figure 202. Sportradar Comprehensive Coverage
Figure 203. Sportradar Regions
Figure 204. Stats Sports Partners
Figure 205. Stats Sports Technology Target Markets
Figure 206. Stats Customers
Figure 207. Prozone Cameras
Figure 208. Prozone Optical Player Tracking
Figure 209. TruMedia Networks Platform Components
Figure 210. Trumedia Networks Analytics Solutions Target Markets
Figure 211. Zebra Technologies Global Market Positioning
Figure 212. Zebra Technologies RFID Sports Positioning
Figure 213. Catapult Team Customer Base

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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