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Archaeology (UK) - Industry Report

  • Report
  • 210 Pages
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Physics Daily News

  • Newsletter
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Introduction to Plasma Physics

  • Book
  • 236 Pages
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International Futures

  • Book
  • 330 Pages
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Postmortem Toxicology

  • Book
  • 266 Pages
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Whether it is computer programming, molecular biology or chemical engineering, science feeds business growth in the modern economy. Innovation, research & development and sustainability are all scientific objectives, but they are just as important for business success as practically all industries are nowadays driven by technology. That is why more and more young people worldwide opt for scientific studies, and the most motivated of them pursue a career in the competitive but highly rewarding field of research.

The distinguished publications listed under Research and Markets’ Science cater for the needs of both students learning the basics of a discipline to worldwide renewed researchers and academics who want to keep track of the latest scientific findings. The focus in this book is academic, although practical applications are covered as well as theories. If you are willing to explore business opportunities in scientific fields please browse more specific categories such as Telecommunications and Computing (which also includes Nanotechnology) Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare (which includes Biotechnology), Energy and Transport, and more. Show Less
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